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In this section you can find a List of all Venues held on the Belfast Bar website. Click on a venue name to go to the review. The list is ordered alphabetically.

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Santeria Belfast   Santeria Belfast
Shu   Shu
Sixty6   Sixty6
South Belfast N I Football Supporters Club   South Belfast N I Football Supporters Club
Speranza   Speranza
Spring And Airbrake   Spring And Airbrake
Sweet Afton   Sweet Afton
The Sipster   The Sipster
The Sitting Room   The Sitting Room
The Sliabh Dubh Bar   The Sliabh Dubh Bar
The Spaniard   The Spaniard
The Stadium Bar   The Stadium Bar
The Stokers Halt   The Stokers Halt
The Stormont Inn   The Stormont Inn
The Strand Bar   The Strand Bar
The Suffolk Inn   The Suffolk Inn
The Sunflower Pub   The Sunflower Pub

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