My Ladys Inn

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My Ladys Inn is found on a road of the same name.

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  • CategoryBar
    Address36 My Ladys Road
      BT6 8FB
    Phone Number+4428 9045 7166


  • Current Rating : 57% (28 Votes)

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Customer Comments and Reviews of My Ladys Inn

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Awesome pub great people great Craic !!

I live in Australia now and really miss going there on a Saturday.

Great memories of My Ladys though we used to call it by "The Wee Inn"

Cheers Lads !!!!

Submitted by Neale McKelvey on 06 January 2012

As one of the reviews states "great bar for outsiders"... Says it all really, steer clear. The flags outside rarely indicate anything positive. I'm sure there are good people that drink there, good luck finding them...

Submitted by Pedro on 25 November 2011

the best dart team in the land, ftc

Submitted by ftc on 22 November 2011

All I can say about this bar is it's ok, It's not good and it's not bad. Give it a try and draw your own conclusions.

Submitted by Paul Hoey (Bloop) on 16 September 2010

great dart team

Submitted by me on 20 July 2010

i love it ........great bar for outsiders.............

Submitted by east belfast on 06 May 2010

great bar

Submitted by sean on 08 January 2010

a great bar overall.great crack,,,and nearly caused me and my girl to split up on more than one occassion.

Submitted by me on 21 May 2009

great bar,,,,staff are really friendly and the crowd is buzzing,,,head down about 10 pm for loads of talent and late drink

Submitted by marty strachan on 17 January 2009

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