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Whites Tavern has two very different venues under the one roof. Downstairs, the belfast traditional pub, playing traditional Irish music in an old fashioned setting (open fire, vintage wooden floors, etc..)
Upstairs you will find a small intimate venue with very cool music (bit of pop,rock,alternative etc). Decor is very kitsch! Imagine Hilda Ogdens livin room in Coronation Street!

Whites Tavern is a tricky place to find as it is found amongst a number of alleyways in the center of Belfast.

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  • Web Sitehttps://www.whitestavernbelfast.com/
    Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/whitestavernbelfast
    CategoryTraditional Bar
    AddressWhites Tavern
      2-4 Winecellar Entry
      BT1 1QN
    Phone Number 4428 90 243080


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Would like to thank the staff and the man who handed my purse in yesterday thank you all so much

Submitted by Linda mulholland on 09 May 2021

Visit Whites very often, usually during the day for lunch and a wee vino and food and and service is always amazing! Staff always real helpful and lotsa craic going on.........love it x

Submitted by Joanne Henderson on 24 August 2017

Was our regular every Saturday afternoon when Brendan and Richard played as 121 but now they are not there we shall not be returning at all cos that band got the crowd and they pleased everyone one loss to whites tavern they are and a gain for whoever gets them !!,!

Submitted by All the Saturday afternoon girls on 04 March 2014

Was in whites last saturday evening two lads in a band were fantastic made to believe they are there every saturday hope to return St,Patricks day wondering if the same band are on i really hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Submitted by michaela on 16 February 2013

Had a weekend in belfast and had the pleasure of dining in Whites tavern very busy then a two piece band came on very talented and had a fantastic time can,t wait till i return what a day and evening we had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Submitted by Shona Wales on 25 December 2012

We were in this pub first week of june 2012. Great traditional pub, good staff, good beer and live music. Greetings to the old man with the 2 dogs at the corner of the bar. Look out for Jerry's, hahaha.

Submitted by The Swans on 20 June 2012

Having previously been here for lunch we decided to go again. What a mistake! We arrived at 12.50pm and placed our food and drinks order and by 1.20pm we queried where the food was only to be told that it would be 5 minutes. By 1.35 we asked to cancel as we were going to be late for work, but were told that the food was on the way. One of the dishes consisted of cold pie swimming in a pool of gravy and the other had vegetables on it which was accidently poured onto my lap! We were told our pint and glass of cider would be removed from the bill and a discount of �£1.53 given! �£13.72 is quite expensive for a few chips as the rest as inedible. I would never recommend this place again!

Submitted by Jacqueline Burns on 07 March 2012

Was in Belfast for the weekend and visited whites tavern and what a fantastic Saturday evening with a very talented 2piece band played and wat a way to start your Saturday night, thank you

Submitted by Mark on 12 October 2011


Submitted on 09 July 2010

went last night great craic good traditional food none of the usual overpriced attempt at culinary cooking! staff were great yeah toilets are an issue but the friendly bouncer told us they should be re done in August had a great time with great atmosphere no thought of trouble just fun!

Submitted by William on 29 May 2010

had a brilliant saturday afternoon something to eat fantastic staff gr8 then outside the bar a covers band pkyed consisted off two very talented entertainers they were excellent have arranged another weekend bk hop the same lads are playing brilliant

Geordie and the crew from Newcastle UK

Submitted by goerdie newcastle on 14 April 2010

was over twice from liverpool and visited to see the band play 121 they werew fantastic and am returning very shortly lads a brilliant band and place to visit on a saturday evening from 6oclock cant

Submitted by felix on 12 April 2010

went on a saturday afternoon a band with two guys played outside which were fantastic and will return very shortly wat a band and place hopo 2 c u soon

Submitted by bt on 12 April 2010

I ordered nachos with chilli beef and a cajun chicken salad for my wife. A pint of Guinness for me, and a 1/4 bottle of red wine for my wife. What was presented as our meal bore absolutely no resemblance to the description on the menu. The cajun chicken salad had magically been transformed into an idiot's attempt at a Caesar salad. I couldn't find the chilli beef, but the Guinness wasn't bad so we decided to have another drink. The quality of the food was abominable. We tried to order a third drink, but eventually gave up waiting, and asked for the bill. The bill for this travesty was �£36.40. When I questioned this, I was told that I had had three rounds of drinks, although only two had turned up at my table. Never ever again.

Submitted by Frank Richards on 30 July 2008

I visited White's Tavern last night ... a great session and plenty of friendly people. Excellent staff. I'll make another visit soon to try one of their meals.

Submitted by Christopher on 07 July 2008

Far too claustrophobic

Submitted by Gareth Dowden on 02 July 2008

Ludwig's Sunday Night Acoustic Sessions will be taking place in the upstairs bar at White's Tavern starting on Sunday 6th July when the guest artist will be Emer O'Neill. I hope to be there and will post a review of the event and venue on my return on Monday morning. www.myspace.com/ludwigsongs

Submitted by Christopher on 01 July 2008

Wonderful venue. Poor selection of wines, caesar salad with bacon (very strange). Nice service. Difficult to find but worth to visit, only for the ambience not for food.

Submitted by Ewa on 16 April 2008

They made a real effort for St Patricks Day celebrations, which is a lot more than can be said for many other bars in the Cathedral area (eg J. Spewitt). They just raked in the crowds and the cash.

Whites had bands, refreshments, tables and heaters outside. A great party ensued. Well done. The courtyard outside is a bonus in the summer months and takes the pressure off inside. Recommended.

Submitted on 19 March 2008

I went for a friends birthday. It was the worst night out I had ever had!! Downstairs was ok, but when we went upstairs there were too many people, the bar took nearly half an hour to be served at and everytime someone needed to get to the toilet they were sworn at by rude customers. And the entrance is a fire hazard with how many people are there, it was very difficult to get out for fresh air. Will definately NOT be going back!!!!

Submitted on 11 March 2008

went upstairs in white, great cheesy music good fof a boogie, people very friendly!! lack of toilets a probem being the only downside

Submitted on 10 November 2007

visited Whites in June 2007 on a lazy afternoon.

Not crowded at all, staff was eager to

serve us. For an american the history and

decor simplay lovelly. I will return.

Submitted by Paul Revere portland Oregon USA on 07 November 2007

I've been there a few times and it has always been packed to the brim. Takes ages to get a drink and you never get anywhere to sit. But it makes up for that in just having that traditional, Irish, "everyone-havin'-great-craic" atmosphere.

If you want to experience a bit of traditional Ireland, I recommend Whites.

Submitted by Ciarán on 03 November 2007

Whites Tavern is an amazing place! The staff are extremely friendly, and down to earth! It is under rated!

I definitely suggest checkin it out!

Submitted by Chris on 16 September 2007

went to whites last saturday for a friends 21st! it was a brilliant night! bar staff are friendly! great atmosphere and great music! it does take ages to get served at the bar once it gets busy so i suggest getting there early! would definately be back

Submitted on 17 November 2006

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