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  • The Sunflower Pub

Opened in December 2012 the Sunflower Public House is a hub of live music in Belfast city centre. Located behind Belfast Central Library it is a 5 minute stroll from the heart of the Cathedral Quarter and a stone's throw from the Hudson Bar and Kremlin Nightclub.
A quirky pub that a tourist or visitor looking for an alternative watering hole will appreciate.

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Awful beer served in plastic glasses - awful service.

In the pub on Saturday 17th March. First drink of the day -pint of pale ale - tasted horrible - asked the barman for something else as a replacement - he took the pint from me, tasted it, said it was ok and handed it back to me! Left the pint on the bar and left the bar never to return!

Submitted by Sean MacCionnaith on 18 March 2018

Off the beaten track. Well worth a visit !

Submitted by Simon on 25 June 2016

I hope it doesn't get knocked down!

Submitted on 04 December 2015

Good atmosphere

Submitted on 13 July 2015

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