The Hill Tavern

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The Hill Tavern is an old bar found in Carnmoney near Glengormley. 5-6 miles from Belfast.

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279 Carnmoney Road
County Antrim
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Grew up spending my money in the Hill. Great place, great craic and everyone knew everyone. I for one am glad it hasn't changed and succumbed to the general updated facilities of a modern bar. To do this it would lose its charm.

The staff were great as were the 5 vodka and limes per person when the panic of closing time came around. Great times and memories.

Submitted by MC on 1st September 2019

Friendliest bar in Glengormley.

Submitted by willy on 22nd July 2018

I don't know where you get the idea a quiz night has been running for 75 years in the Hill Tavern. Let me tell you from personal knowledge tha is a total load of bunkum. I am Carnmoney born and bred 150 yards from the Tavern and there was never any quiz night, they tried a few times in the 80's but the noise made it impossible. The place should be torn down and this is coming from a regular for 50 years.

Submitted by Very old local on 25th August 2015

the hill tavern is the finest bar in the world i have watched many of scousers cry in that bar! i also have a man utd season ticket for the caarnmoney road end of the bar!!

Submitted by Rosie on 27th October 2010

'Big Barney' was my great uncle I'm so proud he is still remembered as a big character lol I miss him so much. I have never stepped foot in 'the Hill' and have lived in the area my whole life. Maybe I will take a trip up one afternoon now and just sit and remember in a bar that has such a long and colourful history.

Submitted on 25th October 2010

These reviews did make me laugh! I've cleaned those toilets many a time and they used to make me gag. Clearly they haven't was a case of get in and out as quick as possible...we used to throw the bleach in first and hope for the best. Even Stuartie, Noel and Seamus rarely ventured in there. As for food - in my day it was Big D nuts and a pkt of salt n shake- that was your lot. And a function room...don't you mean the lounge bar upstairs? Having said all that it was great craic and the plasmas should never have been allowed through the door. We used to make our own fun - and no one was safe from the sharp tongued locals and staff. And we laughed and laughed and laughed. I don't miss those days but I sometimes think of those big characters long since gone - Big Barney, Sam the Postman, Wee Albert and many more with the greatest respect and fondness.

Submitted by Anonymous on 4th March 2010

Serioiusly where are you people drinking because it isnt the Hill. It is a dump, the toilets are awful, the beer is bad, the craic can be good but the bar itself is awful!!

Submitted by ND on 28th July 2009

I have been a patron of this remarkable tavern for over thirty years,the staff are excellent as for the interior on ground floor what can i say,amazing only for the introduction of modern plasma tv's it's like stepping back in time.As for the heating system sitting against the wall where i love to sit is an old potbelly stove that heats the whole tavern.The walls have dark mahogany panels with portraits of some locals painted by local artist P Wilson.The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the crac is great.There has been abit of money splashed out recently with the introduction of a heated canopy in the carpark where you can have a relaxing smoke.Refreshments are great with a good selection, the blackstuff's like cream iam told as i prefer a glass of cider on the rocks, cheers.

Submitted by POT BELLY SHEARER on 4th May 2009

King of the Hill wasn't in the Hill. For a start he commends the toilets. The gas chambers of Belsen were more welcoming than the toilets in the Hill. There's a hole in the roof of the toliets where people tried to break in - they took one look at the shambolic germfest below them and decided against coming any further. He goes on to say the bar doesn't have a TV. It has six. He was clearly in a different bar. Just a little footnote - how stupid are the people of Carnmoney? The same pub quiz has been running for 75 years. Surely they should have got all the answers by now.

Submitted by Graeme Cousins on 18th September 2008

I don't know what bar King of the Hill was in but it sure as hell wasnt the Hill.

Submitted by JC on 26th August 2008


Submitted by JOHN SHEARER on 28th March 2008

This is one of the greatest bars in Northern Ireland. I was travelling through Carnmoney village when I stopped to go into the Hill Tavern for a quick drink and something to eat. The place is magical from the moment I stepped inside. There are paintings on the wall of famous local celebraties and a few pieces of local history too. I noticed the bar rules for the quiz night also on the wall, a night highly recommended to me by a local, a quiz that had been running for over 75 years !!!! The staff were friendly and chatty while I waiting for my drink to be served and when it arrived i was not disappointed. It was one of the best pints of black stuff I have ever had. I asked to see the bar menu, which is slightly limited, but none the less I ordered a savoury pork snack which was delightful. The bathroom is clean and has all the facilities you need, even a table of fine gentlemens aftershave to use for free. I was unable to see the ballroom/function room upstairs but I was told it seats over 100 people for weddings, birthdays etc. This bar is a must for those who like local food and drink and a quite pint. I would recommend going any Saturday or Sunday afternoon when it is least busy as it does not show sport or have a TV. Enjoy

Submitted by King of the Hill on 30th December 2007

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