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Thompsons, formerly Thompsons Garage is a late night club that is open usually every night of the week.
Thompsons is found right beside Belfast City Hall, up a narrow alleyway. By day you could miss it easily, but at night simply follow everyone else and you'll end up there.
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3 Pattersons Place
County Antrim
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Nice club if you get it, bouncers don't let everyone in and you need proof of age ...

Submitted by mr ok on 20th May 2016

brilliant club

Submitted on 23rd February 2015

Christ what a dump !

Submitted by Billabong on 26th September 2014

This has to one of the most dirty bars I've ever been in. def a place to avoid. Over priced and really scummy.

Submitted on 21st September 2014

In all honesty? i love thompson they should be proud of this club and anyone who works there should be proud lovely friendly people and staff hate clubs where the bouncers are prevvy and just let wee half nked tarts in but thompsons are very friendly, bouncers are fair and have a resonable policy i was drunk one night and they turned me away, fair play means i couldnt go get even more drunk and end up lost or something. THOMPSONS= Great music, Great staff, Cheap drinks, Great craic, easy to pull 3 Cheers for Thompsons!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Paddy J on 7th June 2012

Like most of the places in Belfast that claim to be a club. It's rubbish. Down a wee pissy alley. Getting near the bar takes half an hour with sweaty ugly people trying to push in. Bouncers are a pack of unintelligent goons, the head bouncer looks like a big fat steriod munchin pensioner. The dancefloors are rotten, they pump dry ice in like there trying to kill you with it. You can't find a seat either. If you looks to meet some not very educated chavvy people this is the perfect spot. A lot of fighting in the wee entrance alley, one time when I was there I saw I drunk baldy bloke punch a girl in her face and the bouncers did nothiing. Wouldnt go there if you paid me...

Submitted on 4th February 2012

i will admit the atmosphere is very lively- ALOT of good dancing. however, there are two toilets- two unisex toilets and when i was there on a wednesday night, the place was absolutely packed you could barely move so can you imagine the toilet que? there were alot of drunk people stumbleing round and falling everywhere. they didnt i.d much girls either- mainly the men who got asked for i.d. however, i lost my purse and somebody was nice enough to hand it in to the bar, and a nice bouncer came with me to look for it- nice staff.

Submitted by lauren on 2nd January 2012

thompsons is worst place ever u would need 2 wipe ur feet leaving the place Â�£10 in and near Â�£6 for a vodka n redbull ive spent less gettin 2 liverpool n having a night out cant believe how bad belfast is

Submitted by belfast sucks 4 nite out on 20th July 2011

almost pull everytime i go there! :)

Submitted by wee-mac on 11th July 2011

full of horney little men if ur gaggin ud def be ther.... rotton sweat pit

Submitted on 19th February 2011

WOW! Thompsons is amazing the roof terrece is class the atmosphere is electric the DJ's are amazing and the staff and prices are to die for! wish i lived ryt next to thompsons cus then i could go all the time<3

Submitted by Thompsons Forever<3 on 19th January 2011

horrible spot, grimey little place with grimey little bouncers, cant even look at a fire extinguisher the wrong way r u'll be tossed out hate it, nearly as bad as rain and jaxx and the rest of belfasts horrible clubs.

Submitted by The Fire extinguisher crowd on 26th October 2010

no good at all

Submitted by gary smith on 4th April 2010

best club ive been in since the old kitchen night club in capped off a great first night out in belfast. some serious talent in belfast.

Submitted by gavin on 23rd November 2009

best place for a thursday nite xx

Submitted by jennifer xx on 21st September 2009

I <3 Thompsons. Music is the best in belfast! Alot of hot girls but some of them are old lyk. Pulled a 24 year old =/ Didnt obv no at the time. Was only 18 hahaa! Love it tho, the girls are gagging for it!

Submitted by Josh on 25th July 2009

To be honest I've only been once and absolutley loved it! belfast seriously lacks decent clubs that play proper club tunes (not crappy RnB or commercial rubbish) cmon what happened Belfast??? Belfast "used" to be a really lively town with lots of great clubs but now they've all been swapped for swanky lounges for pretentious wannabes!

Thompsons has what the rest of Belfast hasn't (asides from rank toilets perhaps lol) but thats forgivable as you should spend most of the night on the dancefloor not in the bathroom!!!

Belfast liven up!!!

Submitted by Gaz on 16th June 2009

although im 19, ilove thompsons, i much prefer the older crowd, the music, and the atmosphere, everyone is really friendly and up for a laugh! been going here regularly for years andnever had a badnight, the only downfall is the price to get in and how busy it is! and downstairs i can never see its so dark and smokey lol

Submitted by vicky:D on 12th May 2009

Had a great night here on Friday 3rd April. Fell in love with a bloke and I never even got his name or number and I was only over in Belfast for the 1 night. I think I am going to have to go back everyweekend so I can try and find him.

Submitted by Claire on 6th April 2009

Really busy and full of people of there heads busy from arounf midnight onwards Bar staff are friendly most of the time Door staff very good controlling the place althought the odd nutter escape throught there net Darren

Submitted by Anon on 30th March 2009

This place is touch and go, not for the snobs thats for sure!

Submitted by Lisa T on 1st March 2009

Went for the first time not long ago really enjoyed it. Kool music and the bar staff were friendly also good doormen very helpful. some very nice girls who arnt afraid to come up and dance with you. BUT there is a few thugs that end up inside. other than that very good place!

Submitted on 9th January 2009

Thomos is the real late nite club- miles better than yello- friendly staff, treat them with respect and they'll do the same!!

Submitted by Mickey Mouse on 8th November 2008

Like Marmite. Dark, stinking, full of nutters off their heads but only place you can get a drink after hours which means they have found their niche in the market. It used to be great back in the day before the network closed down and the spides moved here

Submitted by MarkyG on 3rd October 2008

thompsons... rocks my socks..


Submitted by joanne on 8th July 2008

You got the toilets fixed...Bravo! And they are clean, love it. ur ma will be back son.

Submitted by ur ma on 28th April 2008

went once and never again, vvvvvvvvv dodgy spot!!!!!!!!

Submitted by john on 10th April 2008

Been to Thompsons a few times, out of most of the places I've been I think this is one of the best. It is true what that other person was saying, 'You either hate it or love it'.

The music differs from a range of Electronica, mainly House.

The staff are quite friendly and the prices are fair enough to pay I think. The toilets have proved to be quite disgusting in the past, but for an after hours club its great.

The only thing I can criticise is the place is full of whipe-outs and weirdos but if you dont annoy them they wont annoy you and you can have a swell time, the majority of the people are friendly especially the staff.

I personally really like it because of the music played and I have had good times there.

Submitted by JF on 10th March 2008

Thompsons only opens at 11 - head in then with a card for free and get a seat for a while, chill for a bit and have a laugh while the place fills out.

The music's great, the staff do a good job and you're anyone's mate in there.

The toilets are fairly grim, but it's a small price to pay for a good time.

It's a tenner in, which is fair. But get a card and you're in free if you fancy it.

It's one of those places you iether love or hate. But it's definately better than Yello!

Oh, and dress code means no teddy sherman or desert boots. The bouncers weed out most of the spides and are a friendly bunch. Taz is great craic!

Submitted by ElectRick on 23rd December 2007

Still my favourite club after going there for 5 years. Fab staff and always plenty of eye candy!

Submitted by Claire on 22nd November 2007

Pretty middling place. Completely dead until 12 then packed out. Toilets are the worst I've ever come across in the entire world, tricky holding the door closed with your foot and reaching for the non existant loo roll. Also dance floor seemed to be flooded by the out of commission mens and ruined my shoes!!!! - Sort it out Thompsons!!! Sound system and smoke machine bit rough on the senses. If there were more places open late I'd say they'd be out of business. My advice, if you've a strong bladder and lungs, along with ear plugs and a pair of wellies you're sorted, Thompsons is the place for you!! If not you'll only have a good time if you're too drunk to care! Shame really, wouldn't take much to bring it up a step.

Submitted on 6th July 2007

I went to Thompsons for the first time ever and I will NEVER return!! ?10 entry to listen to a load of extra loud rubbish! My ears were ringing for days. The toilets are disgusting and the crowd was dodgy! NEVER AGAIN!

Submitted by anon on 6th February 2007

Best club in belfast by far! ok the toilets are dodgy but the dj's make up for that by giving a bangin up-front performance that will never fail to impress!

Submitted by adam on 3rd December 2006

I also forgot to add. The men's toilets doesn't have a functioning washbasin. How disgusting is that? Basically every man who goes to the loo there all night long isn't washing their hands. If you don't want to catch a disease don't shake hands with anyone in there unless you have rubber gloves on. Yuk!

Submitted on 9th April 2006

Thompsons is a bit scuzzy really. The music policy is tired and never leads the way really. The resident dj is regularly billed as playing a "six hour set" but puts on a mix cd and sits in the pub next door until about 12 or so becuase the place is always completely deserted until this time. The place has dirty toilets with no loo roll and a huge queue even whe the club isn't busy. The sound system is well below par and will leave your ears rining for days, I can't believe i used to go to this place regularly. Probably becuase there isn't an awful lot happening in Belfast, though there are quite a few much better clubs than this place now no matter what music you like. Try Milk, Skye or the Stiff Kitten instead.

Submitted by Ian B on 2nd April 2006

Love the place

Submitted on 22nd October 2005

love thompsons it is a great place 2 go music is great.

Submitted by helen on 19th August 2005

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