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Beehive Bar and Restaurant. Check facebook for entertainment and our food menu. further details of the future development of the bar shall follow soon. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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  • CategoryMixture
    Address193 Falls Road
      County Antrim


  • Current Rating : 53% (34 Votes)

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was here in 1998 and 2005 great place locals are sound plus lovely women

Submitted by ivan black dublin on 14 October 2011

The sooner the new management transform our local bar and incorporate the local community the better we off this area will be!!

Submitted by Anna on 10 May 2010

The sooner this bar is taken over the better. Family were regulars over three generations. Now bar is cold and unwelcoming. Staff not much better

Submitted on 26 February 2010

concept in da behive was parful

Submitted on 05 March 2009

was in beehive last sunday nite sum great looking guys there , girls if your looking a man hit the beehive

Submitted by patrica on 24 February 2009

Disappointing house keeping and questionable cleanliness, in what would have been a beautiful old style building. Everyone looked like a glue sniffer.

Submitted by Marc le Baptiste on 31 August 2008

the beehive aint what it used to be when it was cafferys! its lost it crwds, if it had enterment on during the week, and extended there food menu

Submitted by the muffin man on 21 April 2008

I have been a patron of this bar since 1986. It has seen many transformations but this latest is the worst. Staff are busy finding other things to do (e.g. programming the jukebox, checking racing/football results) when they should be tending customers.

The discos at night are patrolled (yes patrolled) by burly macho-men bouncers who look ready for a fight, I doubt if they have the eloqeunce or wherewithall to calm situations down without further violence. Stay away from this place especially if you value your teeth.

Submitted by Reluctant regular on 30 December 2007

A very friendly and welcoming bar, came all the way from canada. Staff were very accomadating and quite good looking. Will be going back no doubt.

Submitted by michelle on 07 December 2007

not very friendly to english visitors wont be back

Submitted on 12 April 2007

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