Bellevue Arms

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The Bellevue Arms is situated on the Antrim Road in Newtownabbey near Belfast Zoo. Its dominant position overlooking Belfast and beyond makes it one of North Belfast's most famous Bars and Restaurants.

Information and Contact Details

129 Antrim Road
County Antrim
Post Code
BT36 7QS
Distance From Belfast City Hall
7.6 km

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Called in to the restaurant for dinner on Monday evening as it was near to where I was staying. I wondered why it was called the Belle Vue, I soon found out, what an amazing vista of Belfast Lough and city from the windows! The food was very good, fresh veg, not frozen and at a very reasonable cost. All the staff were attentive and helpful and the service was quick.

Submitted by Sue on 17th January 2013

Went in the downstairs bar Wednesday 19th sept 2012 early evening .Very quick and attentive service.lovely

old fashioned bar, very busy with locals. 2 guys on next table had burger and chips and we were amazed at the size of the massive burgers, but the men cleared their plates in good time so i"m sure they enjoyed them.We will be back !!!!.

Submitted by allan kirby on 20th September 2012

Not a bad wee place

Submitted by Marko on 29th June 2012

Love the Bellevue have bin goin 4 over 10 years don't have ne complaints staff always chatty

Submitted by Aimee on 2nd January 2012

Some people are very hard to please, the food is very good at a great price,(check out the daily specials) if you can get the same value for money in belfast take it. Went with my sister and her friend from Austraila and they both loved it.

Submitted by John on 18th October 2011

You can certainly tell that Bellevue has under went a few changes past few months with all promotions etc. It had been going down hill past few years esp the bar. The older Gentleman (Barman)seemed to care more about the bar than the managers did. In all though I think its now done a whole turnaround and bar is looking really well so well done to new management

Submitted on 20th July 2011

p.s sorry for the spelling mistakes! the NHS and their sticky keyboards! LOL

Submitted by Emily on 25th January 2011

I have been going to the Bellevue for a number of years from I was a little girl with my Dad and Uncle. And i have to say I still LOVE it! Their Steaks are amazing, the chicken enchiladas are amazing and there inion and garlic potaoes are beaut! Alays satisfied and Stuffed to the brim i have to unbutton my trousers! Reccommend the Bellevue to everyone, and have had many family meals, birthday dinner's attended by about 20 friends and im going there again in March for a friends baby shower. Always an enjoyable experience, down to eath restaurant with helpful and attentive staff! Fpr the Popel who arent satisfied, go crawl under your rock or back up the Malone Road. The Bellevue is the best restaurant in the area (and even better than some in belfast!)

Submitted on 25th January 2011

Will not be going back to this restaurant again - had brought friends from Canada to it - what a big mistake - our waitress was more interested in talking to other members of staff than taking our order and was annoyed at us for interrupting her to take our drink order - so we had our drink and took our food order to another restaurant - defintely would not recommend this restaurant to anyone - and judging by other reviews alot of others wont be returning

Submitted by Enya on 5th December 2010

Ate up in the restuarant and wasnt very impressed at all, waitresses all had faces on them and food wasnt great. Ended up going downstairs for a few drinks and felt like I was in a totally different place, staff were really friendly and chatty and took time to make you feel welcome esp the wee barmaid, dont know her name but she looked like katie perry lol. So they turned our experience around. Wont be going to the restaurant again though.

Submitted by Martin on 5th October 2010

luv the belv luv mr d kelly xxx

Submitted by hello boys!! on 21st September 2010

Love the bellevue arms, staff are hott esp the small black haired girl behind the bar

Submitted by Kevo on 10th September 2010

Drpped into my old regular watering hole after a 25 year interval living in the States. Food was great and the girl serving was very friendly and quick. Prices were decent also. Much changed but still a good experience.

Submitted by Frank on 2nd August 2010

i lv the belview but it is rather expensive agree the manager is rude.

Submitted by snoby biatch on 2nd March 2010

i love going to the Bellevue Arms and playing pool with my mate big kev .we always have a riot.think the manager a bit rude

Submitted by paul ma cormac on 25th February 2010

the bar manager is a hunni.....woowooooooooo.....

Submitted on 20th January 2010

The bar manager is very rude. I wouldn't go back there ever again!!!

Submitted on 27th November 2009

I have always found both the food and service at the Bellevue to be excellent. However they do need to get a lift installed for disabled people. My brother is disabled and although we were offered seats downstairs, (not much fun sitting on bar seats or in an empty function room) this means you are excluded from the main restaurant and treated as a second class citizen.

Submitted on 13th November 2009

The food awesome and service is 1st class also staff very friendly. Would go everyday if we could afford it.

Submitted by Todd on 5th October 2009

Food average and over priced. Service very poor and to the point of being rude. Had to ask repeatedly for another drink (tea) and felt as if asking for something for the baby put the staff out. Won't be back!

Submitted by Frankie on 1st October 2009

Absolutely gr8 food, real good valu and plenty on your plate. Nice homely atmosphere. Known by a lot of people so this speaks for itself, Not tried it? YUM

Submitted by codey1 on 19th May 2009

Majik so it is. Mate.

Submitted by Micky Larkin on 9th January 2009

Here, tell ye wa, that place is a dump so it is big man. Seriously like, I had the pie and chips one night, I said no veg and extra chips, sure didn't they bring me veg!! Terrible altogether so it is mate.

Submitted by herebesme on 8th January 2009

They do specials between 12 and 6

Submitted by Dumb-ass on 1st January 2009

i think the bellevue has got really expensive they charge city centre prices for a bar restaurant on the antrim road i have been alot of times for different occasions and usually the food has been lovely,but the price of a steak in the bellevue is wild.and a bottle of wkd is �£3.20 wats that all about you would think they would even do specials to draw people in there is a credit crunch on!

Submitted by clare on 6th November 2008

i went on the 12th there were lots of people but the staff was amazing and so was the food most people give it bad reports to slabber and only do it when they have nothing to do ya borers and im goin there tomorrow

Submitted by Shannon on 3rd November 2008

can you tell me if they use instant potatoes or mix them with the real spuds. Last time I visited I thought they had that powdery taste . My guests gave me a hard time like this was not normal in restaurants and I know lots of places do.

Submitted by missy on 25th October 2008

i love going 2 the bellevue arms myself, 2 all bad comments below i would disagree. the food is lovely n the staff are as helpful as they can be. its alwas busy so thats obviously a good thing

Submitted by regular customer on 13th October 2008

disgusting place, dirty plates and rough people. we came from balmoral on the way back from portrush, very uncomfortable place, i would honestly go to mcdonalds up the road!!

Submitted on 30th September 2008

Visiting from Devon, we went to Mc Ginty's and Belle Vue Arms on consecutive nights and enjoyed the meals in both, especially the garlic sautee potatoes. As the name suggests, Belle Vue had the advantage of view over the city but Mc Ginty's had the edge totally when it came to service. The Mc Ginty's manageress was attentive and had total command of events in the restaurant, the staff were mature, warm and professional, the ambience was great - the adjoining bar was also lovely! By contrast, the Belle Vue staff were young, disinterested and apparently unsupervised, they brought the food but there was no interaction whatsoever. Nevertheless, both meals were good experiences and we will go to each pub on our next visit, cheers guys, Gerri and John Clay

Submitted on 24th August 2008

i work there, the birds on the bar are great!

Submitted by Joe on 12th August 2008

I wonder if anyone can tell me if a couple of guys still play there at the weekends. They play Irish songs, with a couple of John Prine songs thrown in. They also play "Flower of Scotland". They used to play in Whites Tavern on Saturday afternoons. I'd love to see them again!

Submitted on 1st July 2008

i love it n i love gettin steamin there all the time. im going there tonight

great for a carry out aswell

Submitted by jack courtney on 2nd May 2008

I was in the Bellevue on Mothers Day myself, it was also my 40th wedding anniversary. I definately do not have any complaints, both the food and staff were excellent. My meal was fantastic and the day was made even more memorable by the pleasent waiting staff, who were obviously under alot of pressure. One bad experience there would not dissillusion a regular customer like myself, i can honestly say every time i have gone there to eat it has been glorious.

Submitted by wilma on 8th April 2008

To Carrie

I would go back if I was you. Give them a break as you know mother's day is usually madness wherever you end up going for a meal. It is the case at Christmas as I am sure you will know. Try going again for a meal sometime when it is less busy. Mother's Day cannot be treated as a normal day as all the restaurants are bunged. Good luck!

Submitted on 31st March 2008

Donno which side im on now lol mum dad had their wedding reception in the bellevue years ago (before my day lol) im 24 an still goin i love it i go bout 5 times a month but an it is a big but motherdays was a disaster havnt been back since had 2 ask a diff waiter than ours for steak knives and our pepper sauce we were squashed in the bradley room (i usually dont mind this bu sardines have more room) frozen (really need 2 fix that window) when said absent waitdress returned 2 clear table we placed plates out of babys (10months) reach an what did the smart cookie do moved them back an the full uneaten veg side dish went round baby she jus walked away not even an offer of help i complained an said i would not be back to which i was told there have been a few comlaints today. HAvnt been back should i try again ppl?... ps any1 rem paul used 2 manage the resturant down stairs? app he has his own bar now which is nice.. any1 no where??.. lol thanks

Submitted by Carrie on 29th March 2008

Good food great atmosphere and lovely friendly staff. Don't believe everything you read here. Excellent value for money too - I always leave totally stuffed!

Submitted by CLARE on 28th March 2008

I have To Say I Think Some People Make This Stuff Up Because When I went To The Bellevue It was Beautiful I Really Enjoyed It I Think Some Of The People Who Hae Wrote Reviews Are Maybe Lieing Because Maybe The Work or Own Some where which Isnt Doin as Well So They Thought The Would sayBad Things About The Bellevue I Really enjoyed It And I Will Be Telling All My Friends About It to and I Will Be Going Back

Submitted on 17th March 2008

Hi annon,I dont cook, my maid does it for me. Just had a glorious meal in the Bellevue last night. A new menu has been introduced and much to my husbands delight, the t-bone is back on. The meal was out of this world. Maybe you should give it a try, u might leave with your tail between your legs!

Submitted by wee betty on 13th March 2008

hi wee betty, u ever ask yourself y the t-bone was taken off the menu, and u musnt b a very good cook if ur husband loves that omg and how often do u go? do u cook?

Submitted by annon on 28th February 2008

To ANNON, dude learn to spell. Maybe your taste is as bad as your spelling, ever thought about that?? The food in the Bellevue Arms is excellent, the t bone is a favourite with my husband and we have been disappointed for several weeks as it hasnt been available due to a chance in their menu. Why didnt you complain on the night as i find the staff are always polite and helpful. Hopefully the enchiladas werent the only balls she got that night.

Submitted by wee betty on 21st February 2008

went to the bellevue for a romantic meal with my girlfriend, the food took ages to come out ant my T-bone was revolting. It was soooo bad I could not eat it, even looking at it made me want to be sick, my partner had chicken enchalatas (cannot spell) and she could have used them as bouncy balls. The bill was over �£60 for slob we both could not eat. We do not like complaining, however we left so much on our plates we some how assumed the staff might have asked us why we did not finish our very expensive meal. Well the did not, they simpley scooped our plates sayn - yas finshd wt tat, then rushed us out . crap and i went for a green castle curry after and a bottle of wine.

Submitted by annon on 14th February 2008

planing a special nite 4 my girlfriend for valentines day hope my effort to the bellevue arms will be worth it

Submitted by kevin on 22nd January 2008

I thought the Bellevue Arms was a great night out on Thursdays when they had the Dj a guy called Stuart. The staff were friendly and the food was great. Keep up the good work guys.

Submitted by Emma from Australia on 7th November 2007

Enjoyed Lunch at the Bellvue looking over the sea, lovley garlic potatoes and the chicken and stuffing was beautfiul and also well presented, staff freindly and nice environment. def go back.

Submitted by anon on 18th October 2007

ask yourself,why the staff changed? because they needed to, i would never go back after my experience!!!! maybe you were at the zoo!!

Submitted on 17th October 2007

Are some of the past people who have posted comments sure they were actually in the bellevue arms? Maybe they went to the zoo?? Or are just very hard to please!! I eat in the bellevue religiously every week, the food is beautifully presented and it is excellent value for money. The service is excellent, the staff have changed recently and always try to accomodate the needs of the customer. It is understandable mishaps occuring when taking large orders. I would say some of the people that have left comments have never had the "pleasure" of dealing with the public. Enough said. the bellevue is great you couldnt beat it with a big stick!!

Submitted by louie louie louie on 17th October 2007

well i go to the bellevue every weekend i think it is really good! the music is really good as well the food is lovely very well priced i will say as well... the staff r friendly towards u i will def be back it like my second home :D:D

Submitted by charmaine on 23rd September 2007

Visited the Bellevue on saturday night and was worried having read a couple of the reviews below. They must have been unlucky, had a wonderful meal, very well priced and very yummy!!! Its the only place i have ever had mashed potatoes without lumps!!!!!!! Great value for money, will def be back!

Submitted on 13th August 2007

Poor service followed by food poisening - nuff said!

Submitted on 10th July 2007

we took our disabled sonto the bellvue many times of late we are very disappointed put out the back in function room it was blowing a blizzard the back door blowing open and closed another time we were forgotten aboutto get to function room we have to move all the seats through the bar / the way e sit on or own in function room if it is meing used well then look for somewhere else it is 2007

Submitted on 22nd June 2007

I had the misfortune to go there on Mother's day and certainly won't be going again. My meal grew cold waiting for a serving of mash, the staff treated me as if I was a nuisance and the gentleman we addressed our complaint to, just shrugged his shoulders. If my Mom had not been there I would not have let the matter drop so easily. Also main entrance and stairs are really shabby and out of keeping with the rest of the pub and restaurant.

Submitted on 29th May 2007

I'm an Irish ex patriot living in Sydney Australia.I visit my family when I can and when I'm home it's an immediate visit down to the Bellevue for a fantastic meal. Always recommended to my aussie friends.

Submitted by Aggie Daher (Bannon) on 11th May 2007

i would recomend The Bellevue to anyone! the food is excellent with very generous portions... my compliments to the chef!! the service was also fantastic, every waitress was happy to assist which made the meal so much more enjoyable. we then proceded to sit in harrys bar and the service again was excellent. the bars decor was beautiful and was made to feel very welcome. the waiting staff in particular, but also the bar staff, the management and even the door men were so polite which made our night out that bit better. i would definatly recomend the bellevue to anyone and i cant wait to go back!!

Submitted by michelle on 20th April 2007

20 of us went to the Bellevue for my mums birthday in December and the service wasnt very good at all. The food was nice but I though it was a bit over priced. The views were stunning.

I would go back again to give it another chance.

Submitted on 29th January 2007

I always Come out of the bellevue with a smile on my face. as i have a child i find the staff child friendly and always offer colouring books to keep her quiet. the food is great and value for money and the service is quick and helpful. thanks for the non-smoking ban

Submitted by Regular Customers on 21st September 2006

I am always a satisfied customer when i go to Bellevue. The food is fantastic, the service is absolutely excellent, couldnt complain about it! The staff are always smiling which gives the place a happy and enjoyable environment to be in. I would recommend anyone to go to the Bellevue.

Submitted by Regular customer on 20th September 2006

Have been to the bellevue a few times always nice. Unfortunately after goin back on sun the 17th sept i will not be going back. The service was a disgrace the waitress never listened to our order properly and therefore the wrong starters were brought which ended in the unprofessional manager telling us we would be paying for two starters,even though we didnt order the first one. His attitude was very degrading have never been treated this way in a restaurant before,will never be back.

Submitted by sarah on 19th September 2006

On arriving at the Bellevue Arms with my family for a special occasion I thought the restaurant was of good decor and quite spacious as we were accompanined by a child until I came across the service. I have never been treated so badly at an establishment ever. The waitress was unable to do her job of taking our order and after a half hour wait we were brought the wrong starter. When we asked for the starter we had ordered we were told we would have to pay for both. The maitre d' then approached the table and told us it would be added to the bill even though we did not get it and we would have to wait at least another 10 minutes for our meal. When we did order the meal we requested that the child's meal be brought out with the starters. After around 15 minutes we approached the maitre d' again and asked for the child's meal and we were told no it would be served with the main courses as requested which of course we hadn't. We expressed to the matre d' that we felt this was a very unprofessional approach and he told us he felt he had done nothing wrong and believed his waitress had taken the order down correctly and we had changed our minds about the order which did not happen. We told him we would be complaining and he was very rude and told us that he was glad and went on to give his name. We have used the Bellevue Arms on many occasions and have never came across such rude staff in particular a gentleman who is to overlook the running of a busy restaurant. I will not be recommending this to anyone in future, I will be putting this is writing to the manager and I will never be back!!

Submitted on 18th September 2006

I've been to the Bellevue Arms a few times and would certainly recommend it to others! the food is gorgeous(very generous with their portions you get loads!!!) and they have a great selection on their menu to choose from! The service is excellent and our dinner came within 10 minutes. staff were also very friendly and helpful!

Submitted by Chloe on 2nd August 2006

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