The Rex Bar

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  • The Rex Bar

One of the oldest bars on the Shankill Road, the Rex bar has been open since 1865.

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  • CategoryBar
    Address215 Shankill Road
      County Antrim
      BT13 1FQ
    Phone Number028 90241698


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Great wee Bar on Shankhill Road with great staff and customers alike!.Cracking friendly place with a cracking welcome aswell!

Submitted by Leigh and Jim on 04 February 2024

only place i drink when i`m in Belfast , started when i was a boy lol in 65 and still have a lot of old friends there, they`ll know who i`m talking about. Long may the rex continue

Submitted by fergie/cambuslang on 11 July 2012

great bar run by a very nice guy and friend. part of the history of the road

Submitted by denis rowan on 16 June 2012

the rex is a super bar staff are easy to talk to as from brompton park i look forword drinking in it on saturday nights you never know who u meet i love having a natter with the locals cause its always interesting subjects we talk about [great bar]

Submitted by jude on 28 April 2012

Great people, intresting history! love the place cant wait to go back! Staff and customers alike were fantastick. Must go if you are in town! I promised on of the customers a gift from Hawaii I must keep!

Submitted by Hawaii Dude! on 19 April 2012

i like going to the rex for a few jars the (strictly no shooting) sign made me laugh the first time i saw it.very friendly staff and locals alike who shared many a tale on my last visit great wee pub be for becoming a local tho i reckon you'd have to earn your stripes lol.

Submitted by bryansy on 01 February 2012

I'm from County Longford and my friend is from Montana,U.S.A.

We recently popped into The Rex for a lunchtime drink. We could not have been given a warmer welcome. The landlord regaled us with all kinds of tales and we hope we didn't bore him in return with ours.Our only regret is not being able to stay longer.

Submitted on 31 January 2012

The guy from Dublin would have no problem whatsoever. In fact he may hardly be noticed. The Rex seems to have visitors from all over the World these days, so the locals now pay little attention to strangers. Which dosent mean you won't be made welcome - far from it. It means you wont be questioned or harrassed. You'll be treated with the same respect as everyone else. And you'll want to come back!

Submitted by Occasional Regular on 08 March 2011

serious question?....i'm from Dublin, would I survive a visit to the Rex, as I'm fascinated by the Shankill

Submitted on 11 September 2010

Think i would find a safer haunt, even drunk.

Submitted by ornum on 06 July 2010

great bar the only place to watch band parades during the summer months me and my neigbour love it roll on to summer get the burgers on

Submitted by rooster 1690 on 04 February 2010

Great wee bar, great atmosphere, the nicest people you'll ever meet, so friendly, ive been in it loads of times and have never heard so much as a cross word, lovely wee spot

Submitted by billy on 02 June 2009

Luv this wee bar - always call in for a pint when i'm down Shankill way - people are the salt of the earth - disappointed to see bar man wearing a Man Utd necklace - only joking LOL - get the bogs sorted out

Submitted by Stephen - magherafelt on 19 May 2009

Met the landlord this weekend while on a tour, what a friendly informative bloke, full of all the stories and with a real positive attitude and how the times have changed. Would love the chance top spend a good session in there, drinking and chatting.

Submitted by Fraser on 02 February 2009

Re visited the Shankill after living away for many years. Took my wife on a wee Pub Crawl to show her around. Have to say I was AMAZED by the Rex. Once you would have been afraid to walk past it, never mind go in. HEAVY spot during the Troubles, Loyalist feuds etc. Now they have espresso machine.. what more need I say? Very friendly and SAFE. Times have changed.


Submitted on 24 September 2008

gr8 pint,and the "no shooting" notice full of bullet holes makes me smile..very friendly people to

Submitted by jimmy mccullough on 29 May 2008

The bar is not bad, the people seam very friendly, its good to see alot of history on the walls as thats what the tourist want to see, unlike other bars on the shankill road, it could do with a touch of paint tho. Ps, very friendly bar staff

Submitted by Andy on 06 May 2008

i predict the rex will be around for another eighty one and a half years

Submitted by nostradamus on 18 April 2008

the rex lets in too many yahoos and too many kids and too many foreigners

Submitted by judas on 14 April 2008

if you want a good pint of porter go to lavereys if you want a good pint of tennants go to the monaco if you want a good meal go to mchughs if you want froze to death as you sit over your pint of cider go to the rex

Submitted by god on 11 April 2008

its a great bar for a bit of crack

Submitted by tommy on 11 April 2008

great little bar very friendly

Submitted by joe on 12 February 2008

great pub ...... like a waiting room for the burn at times but i keep going back ......

Submitted by Mr R Sole on 04 December 2007

best bar in the wee country

Submitted by stretch on 25 May 2007

It is great

Submitted by Rudy on 15 February 2007

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