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Welcome to the Belfast Bar website, your trusted hub for all things related to the bustling nightlife scene in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Established in 2005, we pride ourselves on being the go-to destination for discovering the pulse of the city's bars, pubs, and clubs directly from the public themselves. Our platform serves as a comprehensive resource where locals and visitors alike can access firsthand insights and reviews, offering invaluable guidance on where to socialize, unwind, and indulge in Belfast's vibrant nightlife.

For nearly two decades, we've been committed to providing a transparent and informative space for patrons to share their experiences and opinions, helping others make informed decisions about where to spend their evenings. Whether you're in search of a cozy pub for a pint with friends, a lively nightclub for dancing the night away, or a trendy cocktail bar for a sophisticated evening out, you'll find everything you need right here.

Join our community of nightlife enthusiasts and tap into a wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of exploring Belfast's diverse drinking establishments. From hidden gems to well-known favorites, our platform offers a comprehensive overview of the city's bar scene, ensuring that you'll always find the perfect spot to suit your mood and preferences.

So, whether you're a seasoned local or a curious traveler, let the Belfast Bar website be your trusted companion as you navigate the exciting and dynamic world of Belfast's bars, pubs, and clubs. Cheers to unforgettable nights and memorable experiences in the heart of Northern Ireland's vibrant capital!

There are currently 212 bars and 4562 user comments featured on the website.

The Aims Are

  • Allow you to write their own reviews without login or signup
  • Allow you to see the reviews of other people on each venue
  • Show the location of each venue.on a map
  • Rate all the bars and clubs to allow rough comparisons to be made between each.

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Big Fish Belfast

There are no strict boundaries to the scope of this website, although a rough limit of 10 miles radius from Belfast City Hall can be assumed. Read on to find out about some of the features this website has to offer...

Earth View
See It in Google Earth

You can now see the location of the venues in Belfast Bar inside Google Earth. To see a map, go to the review of a venue and then scroll down the the Location section.

Map of Belfast
Map of Belfast

Visit the Map of Belfast to see for yourself where bars in Belfast are located. Using this tool is the best way to plan a bar crawl or pub crawl. You can zoom and drag the map to allow easy use.

Cranes From Victoria Square
List of Venues

If you know the name of the pub, bar or club that you wish to read more about then go to the A to Z Listing of all the venues held on the Belfast Bar system.

Remember! If you can't find a venue you are looking for, then add it yourself using the Add a new bar page. Only the name of a venue is required to start. Any extra details can be added later by other visitors to Belfast Bar.

Rate a Listing
Rate a Listing

There is a facility to allow everyone a chance to give there own rating for each venue. Hopefully this will allow a fair comparison to be made between them. To vote, visit the details page for the venue and you will find its vote tool near the bottom of the page.

Recent User Reviews


"Worst place I’ve ever been come all the way from wales to not be let in because I don’t look like I’m apart of the community! "

Cosgroves Bar
Cosgroves Bar

"Been here a while as a tourist, and this is the first pub/bar that I truly felt welcomed. Connor and Brennan were genuine, honest, and open people who made both the regulars and the tourists feel welcome. This is a go-to bar, and as long as people like them are serving, there's optimism for the future of Ireland."

The Longfellow Bar
The Longfellow Bar

"Exceptional friendly pub

Amazing staff

Amazing welcoming customers

Cheers for a great weekend


The Rex Bar
The Rex Bar

"Great wee Bar on Shankhill Road with great staff and customers alike!.Cracking friendly place with a cracking welcome aswell!"