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Welcome to the Belfast Bar website. Running since 2005, this is the place to find out what the public thinks about the numerous bars, pubs and clubs in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There are currently 257 venues and 4480 reviews featured on the website.

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    • Allow visitors to write their own reviews without login or signup.
    • Allow you to see the reviews of other people on each venue.
    • Illustrate as clearly as possible the location of each venue.
    • Rate all the bars and clubs to allow rough comparisons to be made between each.

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    There are no strict boundaries to the scope of this website, although a rough limit of 10 miles radius from Belfast City Hall can be assumed. Read on to find out about some of the features this website has to offer...

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    You can now see the location of the venues in Belfast Bar inside Google Earth. To see a map, go to the review of a venue and then scroll down the the Location section.

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    Visit the Map of Belfast to see for yourself where bars in Belfast are located. Using this tool is the best way to plan a bar crawl or pub crawl. You can zoom and drag the map to allow easy use.

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    If you know the name of the pub, bar or club that you wish to read more about then go to the A to Z Listing of all the venues held on the Belfast Bar system.

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Recent User Reviews

Whites Tavern

24 reviews Whites Tavern

Visit Whites very often, usually during the day for lunch and a wee vino and food and and service is always amazing! Staff always real helpful and lotsa craic going on.........love it x

The Crown Bar

19 reviews The Crown Bar

I went in here one Monday at 1300 because my train was in half an hour so I thought id go in for a pint. The craic was that good I was there 8 pints later and got the last train home.

The Glenowen

30 reviews The Glenowen

Haven't been to the Glenown in a few years went today with my husband for Sunday dinner and such a surprise i got we hadn't booked but got a table no bother the restaurant was very busy but we were made welcome the staff were very helpful and friendly very hard working we ordered our meal including starters the service was very good food was beautiful and grest value for money i will go back and also recommend it to family and friends

Granny Annies

11 reviews Granny Annies

Very slow service ordered a starter that

never came but was on the bill, complained but all i got was a "sorry" food was cold, will not be back £59. 00 for 2 people really not good value for money