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Welcome to the Belfast Bar website. Running since 2005, this is the place to find out what the public thinks about the numerous bars, pubs and clubs in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There are currently 256 venues and 4552 reviews featured on the website.

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    • Allow visitors to write their own reviews without login or signup.
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    • Illustrate as clearly as possible the location of each venue.
    • Rate all the bars and clubs to allow rough comparisons to be made between each.

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    There are no strict boundaries to the scope of this website, although a rough limit of 10 miles radius from Belfast City Hall can be assumed. Read on to find out about some of the features this website has to offer...

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    Visit the Map of Belfast to see for yourself where bars in Belfast are located. Using this tool is the best way to plan a bar crawl or pub crawl. You can zoom and drag the map to allow easy use.

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Recent User Reviews

The Royal Bar

53 reviews The Royal Bar

Had a great time on The 12th in The Royal. Staff were exceptional and patrons second to none.

See you all on 03rd September 2022. RESPECT!!!


47 reviews Hercules

have to say what a pub has to be the best pub in BELFAST the staff are first class food and drink superb and very good value not expensive would love to get GUINNESS GURU to visit i would say he would give it 10 out of 10 top marks

The Spaniard

88 reviews The Spaniard

Just noticed that most of the adverse reviews are around 10 years old. So on the basis that things may well have improved, will be giving it a go for old times sake. We can always leave. (or be told to as some of the reviewers have!)

The Spaniard

88 reviews The Spaniard

I worked in Belfast for over 4 years and loved the Spaniard and it's great atmosphere. 10 years on we're returning to Belfast this weekend for a "nostalgia" trip. I had planned to visit the Spaniard as an old haunt, but having read the reviews, I've decided it's a risk not worth taking.

Cutters Wharf

47 reviews Cutters Wharf

Very disappointed with our recent visit, service was awful waitress ask what you would like to order and continue walking away at the same time before you’ve finished speaking absolutely no customer care. Excess wait time on drink and food orders and when food did arrive it was cold obviously sitting before being bought to the table. Food sat on the table not asked would you like anything else when I ask if sauce it sure came across as a task.