Rangers Supporters Club

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Rangers Supporters Club on the Shankill Road.

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Shankill Road
County Antrim
Distance From Belfast City Hall
1.8 km

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Customer Comments and Reviews of Rangers Supporters Club

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As always called into the Rangers while over for the weekend 04-02-11.....very impressed! ...... place looks great its spotless clean, all redecorated, new seating, 50" lcd tv's on walls.The friendly bar staff all in full uniform were great they couldn't do enough for us

Submitted by scotty on 7th February 2011

we had a ball with Billy, Big Matt and wee Dickie, made to feel very welcome! cant wait to visit again!!

Submitted by raji and taji on 11th July 2010

loved the place the drink is good and so is the 'crack' got a young fellow behind the bar thats been there 4 a few years he georgeous and is a good laugh he made my stay thankyou.....

Submitted by hayley mcdonald on 22nd May 2010

loved the place in my younger days, excellent place 2 start off on a fri nyt then head on up 2 hell st... cheap drink, good atmosphere and decent girls, everything a fella needs

Submitted by Dee McAllister on 12th February 2010

not a freindly place to go if your not local ,found the clubs clientel very intimidating ,all tats and and sports wear

Submitted by lilian baxter on 6th June 2009

Totally crap club full of little airheads you know the type (aye oright mate) < big men before their time sort with their little baseball caps to keep the **** warm in their heads.

If your the sorta person who brings their holster in rather than hang it in the hall then this is the place for you , other than that give it a miss its dirty filthy , unwashed glasses , and chances are you'll get the kicking of your life before closing time

Submitted by winky dodds on 11th November 2008

brilliant place lovely girls had a great time especially the big riot was over from scotland 26 july

Submitted by david robertson on 28th July 2008

great club plenty of singing and noise.

also we were made to feel very welcome .

would definatly go again

best wishes to all the people we met.

Submitted by iainsky on 17th July 2008

does any1 know if thers anythin on in the club on the 12th nte?

Submitted by hendo on 7th July 2008

love the gers its my watering hole love rickys karoke or billy and keith ya always sure of a good laugh keep up the good work folks c yas tonight lol

Submitted by . on 10th April 2008

need to change their groups same people every week gets boring after a while.

Submitted on 10th April 2008

if young darren and his wife, who plays in the spb ,and stayed at the hotel market in barcelona drinks here, sorry my wife and myself never said goodbye as we were late for breakfast on the thursday morn,due to a hangover,,if you want to get in touch mate my email is [email protected],,,,,watp

Submitted by jimmy stranraer on 16th November 2007

liked it very much,,,good people, good staff, and good beer,,,

Submitted by jimmy stranraer on 16th November 2007

Great place to spend a few hours, and the girls are gorgeous!

Submitted by John Knox on 12th May 2007

great club very friendly would visit again

Submitted on 12th April 2007

It is a dirty dump! Very unimpressed with the skanky looking staff, it felt like we were in a chavvy bar fit for Vicky Pollard!

Submitted on 23rd February 2007

It is a while since I have been. Very clean and well decorated. Limited food menu but there is a chippy just around the corner if you are really hungry.

Submitted on 24th November 2006

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