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Kashmir bar on the Springfield Road (previously Kashmir Road).

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  • CategoryBar
    Address234 240 Springfield Road
      BT13 2SA
    Phone Number+4428 9022 2050


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It was about 6 PM and everything else seemed to be closing for the night. We slipped into the Kashmir bar to get out of the rain... and sat on the bench. We order Bushmills and Baileys and listened to the melodic songs and raucous chiding of the few men at the bar. One of them was the owner, a distinctly charisnmatic man and the others very much individuals in their own right. Soon enough they spoke to us and we told them we were Canadians on vacation, and soon enough one of them bought us a drink. Such kindness. They welcomed us into their world. Invited me to sing a song and offered yet another drink to get me un-tongue-tied. What a fine time... I took a couple photos of Pat with the guys at the bar...and then the moment came to depart... and we did so, promising to email the photos and to return to the Kashmir again when once again we visit Belfast. Lovely city, and memorable experience with the men of the Kash.


Submitted by Rick Kotowich on 26 May 2011

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