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Maddens bar, found behind Castle Court shopping centre, is a Traditional Irish bar.

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Traditional Bar
Maddens Bar
74 Smithfield
Post Code
Distance From Belfast City Hall
0.5 km

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Customer Comments and Reviews of Maddens

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Proper pub.No tv blaring.Owner serving.Mixture of locals and tourists all enjoying chat and fine pints and that’s at 2pm.

Can’t wait till the music starts again.

Maddens Abu.

Submitted by John on 5th July 2021

not the kind of place to bring your mates to over rated

Submitted by skin on 7th February 2020

Best bar in Belfast, or at least that's my opinion, strengthened over the years. Great cráic shared with nice people, locals and visitors!


Submitted by Xaun from the Basque Country on 27th March 2018

Not a review but a question, please.

I am looking for information about my grandfather James McMahon who lived in Berry Street in the early 1900s. Possivly his father ran a pub.

Would you by any chance have any knowledge of this family.

You can ccontact me at Facebook.

Thank you :)

Submitted by Maureen Gelfer on 27th February 2018

as the last reviewer wrote o.k nothing to right home about not the best atmosphere in the world

Submitted by victor on 27th December 2017

whats the big deal wouldent write home about it over rated bar full of gamblers an insult for a traditional bar the beer is good and for the music i dont think so worth a pint if you have nothing to do with urself

Submitted by joe on 10th March 2012

What's with the buzzer and CCTV on the door to gain entrance and get out? Surely in Belfast we have moved on beyond that sort of thing. A throwback to the dark times of the 70's. If they're trying to make some Policical capital from it ?, its failing. Just a blooody nuisance, especially for smokers. No need for it. No one is going to shoot anyone anymore. Join the 21st Century, Maddens.

Submitted by Steve on 5th December 2011

they bar you for nothing here! my friend made a comment saying the bar was more of a tourist bar than an original irish bar and got chucked out! laughable really, she was only jesting, but door staff would not listen! barred for life seemly!

Submitted on 3rd December 2011

I've been to Belfast in June, coming as a tourist from Germany, looking for a real Irish place to drink my first pinkt of Guinness.... This bar has been may fav one, liked it even better than Kellys. Cannot say any bad word, the doormen were nice, asking where we came from, making a little chitchat... The other staff has been nice, too. Good, cold drinks, cool music....Liked everything there except from the Whiskey :)

Submitted by Kate on 9th November 2011

Went in after the Jools Holland concert and at first it seemed a bit a bit rough but after settling down with a pint and a vino for the missus things began to pick up. Then, Rab and George (I think it was George!?) began to play/sing guitar blues and they were absolutely phenomenal! These boys could play with any blues band in the world and that comes from a Yank born and bred in Sweet Home Chicago who has also spent a lotta time on 6th street in Austin Texas listening to Texas Blues. Brian the owner is an absolute gent who made us feel most welcom and saw us safely on our way home. All in all a stunning 10! Great music, conviviality and a friendly environ. Many thanks to those locals who recommended Maddens to us. Would we come back? Try to stop us!

Submitted by Bob and Helen fae Scotland on 27th October 2011

Spent a couple evenings here two weeks ago! Loved it! Had a great time! Enjoyed the atmosphere, the music and the company.

Upon approaching though, I told the cab driver I thought perhaps I shouldn't go in. It looked a bit fierce. "no, it's a great place; you'll have lot's of fun." he told me. Then he called over the doormen--three very tall men and introduced me to them. He told them my name and told them to take care of me I was an American. I exited the cab and the driver took off!

Next I was informed by the "doormen" that I had to answer their question properly or I wouldn't be buzzed in."wait!" I said. There was no mention of this when the cabbie was at Maddens Bar! They said it's alright, I just had to answer a question properly. (yikes!)"great, ask away!" I said. Their question was "how are you with sarcasm?" I laughed A huge laugh! I had this one I said. My answer? I do well With sarcasm, as a mother of four, it's a service my children provide for free!" They laughed and said I would do fine. They buzzed me in and I had a lovely time for the rest of the evening talking with a widower named Sean and some of his family.

Being from the States sarcasm is actually an art form few are good at, yet those that are--are cherished! Go to Madden's have a great time, order the Carlsberg, listen to the music and laugh lot's! Lovely place! Enjoy it! I did! Even if I am just a daft American. Lol!

Submitted by Normafaye on 10th October 2011

This Bar is to be avoided. The doorman will throw you out for singing (its a music bar). And some of the barstaff are so nasty they will bar you for telling jokes. This used to be a really good bar. Like Kellys around the corner was run into the ground by bad staff and customers( has now redeemed itself once more) This is what is happening to Maddens.

For better craic try Kellys

Submitted by Declan on 13th September 2011

Great Craic,music is terrific and no cover charge, coldest beer in town, regulars are pretty friendly bunch. Bar staff friendly

Submitted by Jim on 4th July 2010

place is tiny like sitting in your living room. Staff are alright and the beer is lovely coldest bottle of beers anywhere in town

Submitted on 5th August 2009

Spent a Sunday night in Maddens. People were unbelievably friendly and the live music was great. Developed into a real session and a fabulous night was had by all. Returned the next day, as well, and were overawed by the calibre of the musicians who were there. Wonderful Monday afternoon session, too! Favourite pub in Belfast :-)

Submitted by Kara and Ellie on 16th January 2009

Great bar with fantastic live music and a good crowd.Can get pretty packed so get in early, let the disco poseurs go elswhere, this is genuine Irish hospitality at its best.

Submitted on 9th July 2007

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