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The John Hewitt Bar & Restaurant is not only a place to imbibe, dine and socialize, although it is that too, it is a place of cultural and artistic expression. It is a place where the socialist and artistic ideals of the late Belfast poet John Hewitt are nurtured and cherished. The attraction of The John Hewitt is its atmosphere; it is a pub where you can go for some conversation. There is no intrusive background music, no television, no juke box and no gaming machines.
The John Hewitt is located beside St. Annes Cathedral, on Donegall St. and is a goo place to find live traditional music.

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    AddressThe John Hewitt
      51 Donegall Street
      BT1 2FH
    Phone Number028 9023 3768


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the german beer they sell wud blow the head off ya strong stuff

Submitted by beer monster on 12 February 2013

I used to be a big fan of the hewitt,as the gigs can be excellent, but lately ive found the staff rude which has put me of going there as much as i used to. its a shame really. i dont know whats happened why its just turned like this. Maybe new staff i dont know, although one of the managers can be extremely rude to.

Submitted on 21 November 2011

Awful bloody place.

Me and a mate sat down at a table and were asked to move because we weren't ordering food - and bizarrely this pub likes to flaunt its real ale credentials.

Submitted by Aghadowey on 06 November 2010

just seen the best band ever in the hewitt, the wee weirdes

Submitted by michael smyth on 30 March 2010

Visited the John Hewitt in early August, a great pub with a wonderful atmosphere. The staff and other customers were very friendly. No TV’s, Gaming Machines, or Juke Box’s , made a very pleasant change from other bars I had visited in the City. The Manager had a brilliant knowledge of the city and was incredibly helpful, he also had a great passion for the Beers the bar sold, the best choice I have ever witnessed in a pub. Beers from local brewery’s and from different places around the world. I wish I had ask his name, but look out for the gent with the glasses. The food served in the bar was fresh, extremely well cooked and presented. As far as I am aware food is only served during lunchtimes. I recommend this venue to anyone visiting the City of Belfast and to everyone already living there.

Submitted by Beer Lover on 26 August 2009

`THEE BAR` in downtown Belfast simply because the profits don`t go into a greedy persons pocket!

It is uniquely owned by the Belfast unemployed centre where the profits go to better usage than someones bank balance.

Frequented by poets, trade-unionists, socialists, communists, playwrights, musicians, artists, one-eyed DJs, hippies, goths, neo-punks, politicos (well they have to drink somewhere), workers, unemployed, jazz-heads, folk-heads, actors, reporters, directors, writers, architechs, doctors, neer-do-wells, teachers, pupils, paramilitarists, ex- paramilitarists, victims of both

Submitted by brianboru on 13 August 2009

one of the few bars in Belfast where local ale is available also have a range of European beers. Good atmosphere although does get a bit packed at weekend. Highly recommended

Submitted by jim on 15 July 2009

It was pretty packed when I was there and although there ws a nice atmosphere, they didn't sell drinks that I liked. I loved the traditional but there wasn't much room to stand let alone sit down so I went to the Duke of York instead.

Submitted by Kyle G on 21 January 2008

Great Food, Good choice of beers (European and Local), Excellent Atmosphere, Friendly Staff and Live Music Every Night

What more do you want for a night out? I have no choice but to go back!!

Submitted by Dave on 28 November 2007

Great pub with the best choice of beer's in the city with out any doubt. Great music and the ever changing art exibits make it a real pleasure to visit. Fantastic friendly crowd, and out of this world food at lunchtime (Great for seafood lovers)

Submitted by belfast Punter on 11 October 2007

They dont sell Coca Cola either...

But a GREAT Bar none the less. Really cant find anything to fault with the way its run, the quality of the food, beer or entertainment.

The ever changing displays of work by local artists is interesting as well. Makes the place seem "different" each time you go in.

But, yes I agree, the Staff should keep their politics to themselves.

Submitted on 23 July 2007

"Bar staff with attitude.

I asked for a Miller. I got the following reply from the barman - "We don't sell American beer. It funds the war machine. You should be ashamed of yourself."

If it hadn't been a friend's party I would have left.

Keep your politics to yourself.

For a bar that promotes 'traditional music' etc. you're not going to attract tourists with that attitude."

Submitted by Teegee on 29 June 2007

A wee bit 'Artsy' and 'hippie' for me but some people like that. It had nice bar staff and I think the overall feel is a warm local with most people knowing eachother.

Submitted by JohnJo on 16 June 2007

Loved the music and atmosphere, attended The Old Flattop Music Club, wonderful!!

Submitted by Seamus on 01 June 2007

Excellent bar great choice of drinks! Gets stuffed at the weekends which is a good sign. One of the few real good bars left in this city!

Submitted by jp on 15 May 2007

thought this place is very disappointing!! will NEVER return

Submitted by pete on 21 March 2007

Absolutely love this bar - great atmosphere and love the live jazz sets. Great choice of drinks too - love the beer choice on tap. Also the food is excellent - check out the cheese board...amazing

Submitted on 02 March 2007

Smashing bar, with a social consience too! Great beers. Great service. Great food.

Submitted by ConMan on 11 October 2006

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