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The Bureau Bar has good atmosphere and good music at weekends. A Great place for an after work tipple or a mid morning coffee break.Good food downstairs and restaurant upstairs with great views over Belfast Lough. Decked area outside with heating.

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637 Shore Road
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BT37 0ST

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I had a lovely meal recently in the bureau, excellent meal and drinks, everything served reasonably quickly (people forget that a meal has to b e prepared), got exactly what I ordered, served by friendly and competent staff in pleasant surroundings.

Submitted by bmc on 26th November 2012

went to the bureau last week was a good nite until i went outside for a cig..the doorman was cheeky and wudnt let me back in ? i had been in the place all nite?

Submitted by mike on 25th February 2012

My son had his wedding reception and evening party here and I know that i have never been to a better wedding in my life- the food was fantastic restaurant standard - the decor was fab and the staff very friendly- my son and his fiance had wonderfull support from Hayley the wedding co-ordinator- could not have been a happier day- thankyou to all the staff

Submitted by Edith Campbell on 24th January 2012

another lovely meal tonight staff lovely

as usual no complaints from any of my company views great atmosphere great what more could you ask for !

Submitted by edith on 8th January 2012

I sooo want to see this place doing well. The refurbishment looks great. The food really is amazingly excellent (by that I mean up to par with any of the top restaurants in Belfast). The location is fab. I would really like the following to be taken as a recommendation to the owner rather then a review... Your bar and waiting staff really let the place down, particularly the waiting staff in the bar. Have to say it generally doesn't put me off totally as I am there at LEAST 3 times a week but that's becuase I'm quite a busy person and generally just popping in for a quick bite/drink with friends where I don't really care for who brings me my order as long as I get it.. The service puts me off however, coming for a relaxing/romantic meal/drink with my partner for this reason. He has also stopped coming full stop for that reason. Which is a shame becuase it has so much potential and could be a great little business if this area was reviewed. My recommendations - a smile, looking busy even if they're not, hands out of pockets, less talking at bar and more checking on people, and more attention paid when taking orders (wrong a LOT of the time). Best wishes

Submitted by Local Lady on 6th January 2012

Can't understand some of the reviews on here. My wife an I went last weekend and had a great evening with couple of drinks downstairs and dinner upstairs. Meal was fantastic. They have revamped the place now and it is really nice. Would definately recommend it.

Submitted by Francis on 6th December 2011

Went to bureau last week with a friend..downstairs the bar was empty.We ordered drinks and requested a menu which came 10 mins later...ordered our food which came 30 mins later???food was good but service was very poor...i would have looked over it if they had been busy,but they werent.i wont be back.

Submitted by coolgirl on 14th September 2011

Was in the other day and it's a lovely coffee shop/creche;

you can even get a drink in it if you wait to be served long enough!

Submitted by jackie B on 13th September 2011

Was in for bureau on Saturday evening and had a fanstastic night as usual. Had brought a few friends with me (their first visit). They loved the place. The staff are so friendly and really go out of their way to accommodate. They are professional and are a real credit to bar/restaurant. Oh and the food was absolutely amazing!! Can't wait for our Christmas do there this year again. Excellent!

Submitted on 15th August 2011

Great for food but service is extremely slow and disappointing. One particular waiter is just rude.

Submitted on 29th June 2011

Was in it a few weeks ago! if your not a local the bar staff dont want to know you! 25 minutes to get served!

Submitted on 20th February 2011

Been in for lunch a number of times recently. Very good quality food at reasonable prices - �£10 for the 2 course set menu - can't fault it.

Submitted by Whiteabbey guy on 14th February 2011

We go to the Bureau pretty regularly for food and a few drinks....food is always really good, really quite reasonable and the staff friendly. Even when we haven't booked they go out of their way to fit us in.

Submitted by Emma on 4th November 2010

poor bar staff 15 mins for a drink!!

Submitted on 3rd October 2010

I have to say that the bureau bar is a lovely little wine bar and as far as food is concerned, it has a great choice on there menu and the food is excellent and you get what you pay for. Every time i have been it has been very welcoming and have never had any problems with it at all. I have recommended the bureau to friends and they all agree it is a fantastic place to have good food and good nite out.

Submitted by belfast girl on 25th August 2010

purchased a hi life diner card this place was on list of accepting restaurants. waiter was rude saying he would check if we booked after saying to him we had. after ten mins he came back saying go ahead then. placed our order, food was good, unfortunately staff spoiled the occasion. when paying bill the waiter pointed out he had stamped card so we could not use it again. such a pity food was good, waiter awful.

Submitted by glengormley lady 13/12/10 on 14th July 2010

Agree with the other comments on this page that the Bureau seems to think its a wine bar in some upmarket end of New York or London, as opposed to a run down student village in Newtownabbey. Have been in a couple of times recently,and was the same each time, we were asked for last orders at 10.45, and had to hurrilly drink it in 15 minutes, while the waitress mopped the floor around us, before being asked to leave at 11.00, basically a case of get them in, take their money then tell them to **** off. If you"re going to run a pub, then at least have a bit of courtesy towards your customers, have a normal closing time, and allow patrons drinking up time. no wonder its always empty. Avoid!

Submitted by Greenisland guy on 13th January 2010

Further to my earlier review I would say that the staff are very friendly and why shouldn't it be 'up market'. Jordanstown is not just for students. The food is good and the wine is good. It is damm near perfect but it lets babies in when it shouldn't so you can't get a quiet drink! (for that reason I will go somewhere else at night-time or stay home).

Submitted by Adult drinker on 15th September 2009

Went in at 7 after a day from **** and just wanted a quiet drink was annoyed to see babe in arms being carried in who wailed for the length of time it took me to leave my drink and go home. Bar staff agreed 7 was too late for a baby but seemed unable to do anything. I texted a few friends who said they NEVER go there as there is always an annoying toddler most nights. Sadly it is not the smoking ban that keeps me or my friends drinking at home or elsewhere - it's small kids in bars when we want to relax.

Submitted by Adult drinker on 15th September 2009

My wife and I were in the Bureau for a meal last night. The meal was excellent, as was the service. Except for two tables for two all tables were used. There was a nice crowd in both the reataurant and the bar.

If you want a really first class meal and good service in nice surroundings, pay the Bureau a visit.

Submitted by Moira Man on 30th August 2009

I am really surprised at some of the negative comments I have read. My wife and I eat here regularly and it has to be at least two years ago since we were last disappointed. We do know the experience of good food and service before anyone assumes we don't. The staff are friendly and courteous and I prefer to wait a little longer on my food and enjoy it when it comes.

Submitted by Newtownabbey resident. on 12th August 2009

used to call in here for a few pints on my way home from work and it seemed pretty good.

decided to call down at the weekend with a group of friends (4 couples) spent all day ordering food and wine and enjoying some craic only to be asked to leave by the doormen for apparently being drunk! this place is very prentenious considering were it is situated, Mhiteabey isnt Manhattan you know!!

Submitted by monkstown londoner on 10th May 2009

What a massive disappointment. Had to wait 45 minutes for a (booked) table ... a little bread basket would have been a nice touch. Had to ask for a fingerbowl with my chicken wings. The pepper sauce with the pork fillet was WAY too overpowering (perhaps intentionally so??) and nothing else could be tasted. The place is LOUD (impossible to speak to table partner at normal voice level) and the music got turned way up too at some stage! Will SO NOT go back there or recommend it.

Submitted by Wilma visiting from Switzerland on 3rd April 2009

pretentious.....pricey......staffed by persons who seemingly feel they would be more at home in a more up market venue, as they seem to think that they are working in some exclusive New York eatery (Staff- a smile wouldn't go amiss-at the risk of cracking snooty faces!) ....management, do us a favour and let this bar be what it is....a bar in a small village outside Belfast.....and not what it isn't, some exclusive wine bar for the rich and famous....its in the middle of a largely student populated village...embrace the ordinary people....their money is the same colour!!

Nail Head with that review

Submitted by green and white army on 13th March 2009

Pretty looking bar and that, I'm afraid, is it. Gone down hill, in my opinion over past while. Have a drink and coffee offer on, 2 for 1, but you aren't allowed to give the second one to a friend, you must have it yourself later. Treated badly on arrival by gentleman that appeared to be the manager, who later enforced the drink offer. Over Â�£3 a pint and food is also very expensive. Friends have had same experience. Very disappointed, such a pity, best to go elsewhere.

Submitted by local GP on 14th December 2008

been to the bureau a few times in the past year, food and service great. We have really enjoyed our night. It may be a bit dear but at least we dont have the added expense of a taxi.

Submitted by a fan of the bureau on 16th November 2008

I have been to Bureau a few times and I can honestly say that it is a fantastic place. The food is amazing and the venue itself is intimate and inviting. It is a great place for a night out. It has something for everyone.

Submitted by Belfast resident on 11th November 2008

bureau is a really terrific venue. We eat out a lot and enjoy trying new places and I can honestly say that the quality of food in bureau is second to none, in Belfast or beyond.

It isn't just good sometimes, it is consistently excellent and we know we can rely on that. They have recently introduced some great meal offers, which are hard to beat. We find ourselves coming back to bureau week after week because we can rely on having a great time.

bureau also serves drinks how they are supposed to be - properly presented and not just thrown at you, which is a problem in so many other places.

It is a safe, clean and comfortable place to be too.

My advice is that if you are after good quality and good value, go to bureau. If you want something 'cheap', there are plenty of horrible venues to choose from!

Submitted by Whiteabbey residents on 13th October 2008

There is an old saying/proverb....Don't bite the hand that feeds you!!!! I think you just did

Submitted by Golfer on 5th October 2008

The price of banofee pie is exorbitant!! And the price even increase further after 6pm!!!

Submitted by Whiteabbey Resident on 28th August 2008

The food is incredibly overpriced and is of poor quality. The staff are unwelcoming. Do them a favour and don't go in the first place.

Submitted by Belfast resident on 28th July 2008

Very pretentious. The owner thinks anyone with a tattoo belongs in a leper colony and has no place in his premises. Called in for a pint (I'm 50 years of age) on a quiet afternoon, four others in attendance, and the barman asked me to cover my tattoo. I decided against his advice, left immediately and will no longer darken his door.

Please give it a miss, there are much more accomodating premises in the vicinity.

Submitted by Jordanstown Resident on 17th July 2008

loved the bureau, went most weeks for 2 years, then doormen changed and if you didn't look right (ie not form jordanstown, you didn't get in.) Stopped going for 8 months, heard doorman had changed so decided to go at weekend, glad to see back to the way it was before everyone enjoying themselves and atmosphere within the place, something that had disappeared

Submitted on 7th April 2008

pretentious.....pricey......staffed by persons who seemingly feel they would be more at home in a more up market venue, as they seem to think that they are working in some exclusive New York eatery (Staff- a smile wouldn't go amiss-at the risk of cracking snooty faces!) ....management, do us a favour and let this bar be what it is....a bar in a small village outside Belfast.....and not what it isn't, some exclusive wine bar for the rich and famous....its in the middle of a largely student populated village...embrace the ordinary people....their money is the same colour!!

Submitted on 25th March 2008

bureau is reasonably priced, great service, excellent food, and very friendly. I would recommend it to anyone

Submitted on 3rd February 2008

your not stuck for choice in whiteabbey your just stuck with one overpriced bar. staff are slow and above them selfs food is never consistant bad then good then bad again .minehost is to busy with other things to keep his staff in line me thinks avoid this pub theres lots better

Submitted on 18th December 2007

In every weekend, i find it the same atmosphere every time. it would be nice if you changed it a little and liven it up, pole dancers maybe ??????

Submitted by you know who i am on 28th June 2007

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