Kellys Cellars

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Kellys Cellars one of Belfast oldest pubs. Nestling in what used to be an alley way off Royal Avenue it has quietly served its Guinness to local punters.

They've knocked down a few buildings and now Kellys sits in a square beside Castlecourt, Belfast main shopping arcade.

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Traditional Bar
30 Bank Street
County Antrim
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a proper bar good didely dee music drink is supurb

Submitted by ken on 14th November 2021

I've been at the Kelly's many a times through the years since my first visit to Ireland, back in 1995. Nice place to have a pint with friends and share stories. I even had the luck to be invited to a wedding party held upstairs, back in 1997 or 1998, an intimate place where Theobald Wolfe Tone, Samuel Neilson, Henry Joy McCracken and other United Irishmen used to meet and plan their rebellion back in 1798ish.

The building gives you an idea of how old Belfast looked like.

Submitted by Xaun from the Basque Country on 27th March 2018

a good spot to drink in this part of Belfast is starting to come alive

Submitted by mary on 8th January 2017

a gem of a pub just of castle street hard to come by now a days

Submitted by davy on 29th November 2015


Submitted by PADDY----NORTH STAR DUBLIN on 3rd November 2013

Went into Kellys Cellars after seeing ad in street for 2-course lunch for �£6.95. Seemed a good deal for the outside. Asked what was on lunch menu, was told stew. Or sandwiches. Two courses? Nope! Stew was ok. Couldn't get coffee with meal in bar .... had to get that from the "coffee shop" at the end of the room. Weird. Bar staff were sour - too busy having "great craic" with their mates. Had to pay for stew at bar, coffee at coffee shop. Weird. Will I go back? Nope. Not even to show overseas visitors what a quaint Irish pub looks like. Would sooner find another one - any other one.

Submitted by Deirdre on 9th November 2012

Best pub in the Antrim!!! The people are friendly, the pints are cold and yummy. Definitely agree its a must when in Belfast.

Submitted by Nikki on 11th October 2012

Love Kelly's. Best pint in Belfast. Plus my favorite crime writer, Sam Millar, worked there as a young lad. Great place.

Submitted by Joe Murray on 16th August 2012

best guiness in town. still the best pub in belfast besides madden's.

Submitted by paul dm on 16th May 2012

a must when in belfast one of the best bars around

Submitted by danny boy on 19th April 2012

we went to belfast to see an aging aunt,stayed at paddys palace and frequented kellys bar every day whilst we were there (2 weeks).great pub to me the staff all were very friendly the music was realy injoyable.lovely old pub compared to our pubs in australia.I loved the smithswick beer liked to know if I can get anywhere in aust?.anyway we will see you again not to far away for another great beer and guinness allthe best to kellys and the staff.

Submitted by wayne and anne on 23rd March 2012

now ur talking this is what u call a bar guinness first class funny looking people enjoying themselves whats wrong with bar staff do they not want to work its not the end of the world

Submitted by sam on 16th March 2012

now thats what i call a proper pub no messing about barmen could do with a smile or 2

Submitted by ann on 10th March 2012

where in belfast would u get diddly dee music 7 days a week walking into kellys the people sit and stair at u some have long noses and sticky out ears others have beards as if they were stuck in a worp zone witch makes it even more appealing to be there ps ile be back happy drinking

Submitted by james mc on 27th February 2012

Best pub in Belfast. Siné!

Submitted by Seán on 25th February 2012

we were made very welcome in kellys and visited over three nights while visiting friends in belfast. great beer,great people,good music,good prices. will be back in june 2012.

Submitted by kevin, mag, and gemma and kelly,liverpool. on 25th December 2011

We visited Kellys Cellars on Saturday 15th October 2011. We were attracted by the traditional aspect, the irish stew and the reasonable priced beer. We left however after a while due to the aggressiveness of one of the bar men. There were 3 occasions in the 2 hours which we were there where he was overly aggressive and rude to customers which made us feel distinctly uncomfortable. A real shame for such a nice bar.

Submitted on 16th October 2011

Lovely bar with quality Guinness. Out of all the bars I visted in Belfast the staff in here are the funniest and friendliest anywhere!Special mention must go to Twin and Daniel who are a great team :)

Submitted by Kerry on 5th July 2011

Regulars up themselves

Submitted by barnyard on 27th May 2011

went back home for christmas. tje only truly irish bar in belfast were the waiters say howr'a anD throw the last minutes drunks out for pi**ng iin the ladies.I love that, a little bit of craic " ach sure its leaking out there anyway" The barmans face was a geg, but even he laughed. also never mind your old fasioned suedo irish stews. seemed thay put a bit of chili into the mix so that it adapts to the south koreans, i thout that was forbidden!!!! what a great place, give it a go and the manager who looks like a healthy Lemmy is super friendly. LONG LIVE KELLYS AND ALL WHO SURVIVED HER.. XXXXXXXXX

Submitted by p wilson on 21st February 2011

i love barney the barman-funniest person in ni.....end of!! xxxxxx

Submitted by cooy on 15th February 2011

I was in Kelly's last month (Been going there for 30 yrs). My vote for best Belfast pub. Bloody cold day, went in for Real fire, Real stew and the place is always friendly. Back in next time in N.I. p.s. Beer was good to.

Submitted by Steve T on 4th December 2010

a great wee place and great music

Submitted by tommythetraveller on 29th September 2010

we both know a good guinness when we sample it and there is no better than at kellys and this is a review over several visits, one thing not mentioned in the reviews is the excellent irish stew which makes it all the better.

to end it must be mentioned the staff were all polite and responsive to all our questions about the history etc.

see you soon kellys, we miss you.

Submitted by the minch and roy on 8th August 2010

love the bar and the staff great bar good drink ect

Submitted by paddy on 16th May 2010

the best bar ever im never out of it.the craic is always ninety and the bar staff are the best ever,the best bar in town by far. id recommend it to anyone!!

Submitted by Roisin on 21st April 2010

wot a place specially the wee girl fionnguala who works behind the bar,always giv this wee lassie a tip or 2,god love her wee cotton socks

Submitted by gazza on 14th April 2010

I was in Kellys in April and it is an excellent pub! Two Guniness taps (which is a first for me to see and I am irish and drink in irish pubs!!) You really could sit in the place all day/night and just look at the walls and bits and pieces around the place. The staff were really friendly and the best thing I liked was the landlady!! Some pubs are money grabbers but this lady is very professional and knows what she is doing i.e knows when someone has had too much to drink. The staff also seem to have a light hearted approach to their work but get the job done and done right. Will be back!

Submitted by Donegal Doll on 11th April 2010

great old pub rich in history and culthure tradisnonial music sessionsare excellent and the people that freqent it and the pints of guinness are great to. not forgetting the bar staff who are very friendly and helpful worth a visit

Submitted by martinflynn on 23rd March 2010

Go to kellys pretty often and to be honest if it wasnt for the great staff behind the bar this place would be in trouble. Last time i was there the manager was shoting at the staff over nothing, dont think she realises how good a job they do!!

Submitted on 8th March 2010

What a fantastic place. First overnight in Belfast and was taken here by a good friend - crowd fabulous, talked away and had the craic; Music fantastic - played requests with no hassle: Owner of the Bar very friendly - A MUST SEE...will defo be back x

Submitted by Pauline from Glasgow/Stranraer on 25th January 2010

Will i am in kellys every week and its very busy. The bar is full off nice people and and the bar men are very nice to talk to. If you are ever in town call in for a drink and u will see how nie it is for yourself's..!!!!

Submitted by Nikki on 30th December 2009

Never been in Kelly's when it's packed but the times I have been in, have been very enjoyable to say the least. Great place to drop in for a quick pint and a chat and the fact that it's steeped in so much history just adds to its charm.

Submitted by Matt on 2nd December 2009

Loved the place! Friendly atmosphere. Great to just sit back and enjoy the conversations. There was a certain warmth and character to the place that makes a must on my next trip!

Submitted by Mike on 7th October 2009

Visited Kellys both nights we were in Belfast, great traditional pub, loads of "souvenirrs" worth checking out, which were obviously collected during the troubles, could sit and people watch all day and night, some pretty interesting characters to say the least, great live music, great pint, will definately visit again.

Submitted by Stephanie Hansell on 5th September 2009

brillant bar and in my opinion what really makes the place what it is are the staff. all of them are friendly, polite and good crack. excellent bar will be back!!!

Submitted on 5th August 2009

I spent most part of two weeks in Belfast at Kelly's every night. Great place, very friendly and I never once felt threatened even though I'm a tiny and (relatively) pretty girl. I'll definitely go there again!

Submitted by Erika W on 24th July 2009

Would be a great bar if it were not for that tiny guy who throws out anyone who's not in hi click. NEVER go there!!!!

Submitted on 10th July 2009

It' s a great place and it's always full of construction professionals so the chats always good

Submitted by Hilly on 26th May 2009

Not the bar it used to be!

Full of unsavoury characters but the trad music was good, its only saving grace.

Submitted by pinter on 9th April 2009

keyys cellars is a quaint little bar in the heart of belfast with a very deep part in the history of belfast and its troubles. great place to call into both day and nite. U would assuse it was just lifed from a rural part of ireland and dropped rite in the heart of a bustling city. def worth a visit.

recently there has been in installation of a huge big screen projector and draws a big croud for sporting evens.


Submitted by neil on 15th March 2009

kelly's is a great place...the tradtional music makes it even better...makes you feel like your in ireland

Submitted by sean on 1st February 2009

Just dont get better than this must be one of the last Irish bars in Ireland.

Submitted by kieran on 24th January 2009

called in while in belfast to see for myself and was blown away by the aged and rustic look of it, the staff are friendly the punters full of craic and overall i enjoyed it, going back soon.

Submitted by john thornton on 5th December 2008

its what you make it, great place to be for the craic and its usual down to earth punters.

Submitted by boiler on 3rd October 2008

best pub in belfast by far... great music a great crowd and the guiness is amazing.

Submitted by s d on 9th September 2008

Abosolutly the best bar in belfast for craic music and nice beer pleasent staff and custom a must see in belfast

Submitted by twin on 25th August 2008

Very good if you want to meet locals and get a feel of Belfast, would suggest a very good start off Pub!!!!! Ten out of Ten for me!

Submitted on 3rd August 2008

The Guinness is great, the trad sessions are good, the company is a good mix of office crowd, old regulars, crusty types, music lovers and the insightful. Like anywhere else, it cannot be judged on one visit alone. There are also regular reggae, ska and electronic orientated nights upstairs.

Submitted by David Anthony on 20th May 2008

Chav/Spide Central.

Shame - could be a great place. Used to be...

Has gone to the dogs - not safe any more.

Submitted by Old Regular on 3rd April 2008

Great pub

Submitted on 9th March 2008

No reason to linger.

Submitted on 4th March 2008

called in with a mate for a pint and a chat the craic was good and the Guinness was great I will go back time and again for that Guinness and atmosphere.

Submitted by Gerry on 29th February 2008

Great bar, I heard a runour The front are playing too

Submitted by Johnny on 2nd February 2008

Great craic but only for a little while. Going again and again puts you off Ireland for life! I wouldn't risk leaving the place late at night either.

Submitted on 3rd November 2007

One of the best pubs in the world and I've seen a few. Great music, great people and above all great craic. If you're visiting Belfast you have to go to Kelly's. I've barely left the place since I was old enough to buy a pint and talk nonsense about music and saving the

Submitted by Lewis Smith on 24th July 2007

Absolutely brilliant. The best atmosphere, very welcoming, amazing staff, brilliant punters, don't let anyone else say anything bad about it, pure genius. There's nowhere else like it. Step through the door and you'd swear you were down south in a wee village somewhere. Top marks!

Submitted by Marco on 30th March 2007

an absolute dump. nice guinness though. majority of the custom is people just passing through. overall ok for a quick pint

Submitted on 16th April 2006

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