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The Duke of York is located along the cobbled entry Commercial Court, which is not the easiest place to find, but one of the oldest streets in Belfast.
The easiest way to find it is to walk straight down past the John Hewitt(and by 'down' I mean away from St. Anne's) and look for an entry-way on your left hand side; it'll have "The Duke of York" in big letters painted on the wall with an arrow.
The Duke of York is a great bar for a younger (20's-30's) crowd. The bar staff are friendly, as are the doormen and the selection of drinks is great. It may get really packed at the weekends, but a night of brilliant craic is still assured.

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Visited in 2015. Perfect spot for a drink with lots of good photos taken

Submitted by Jane on 25 March 2016

Walked into Duke of York on St Patricks Day and asked for a pint of Guinness. Was asked to consume it in a plastic glass, very disappointed. Politely declined and gave my custom to The John Hewitt.

Submitted by Roy henderson on 18 March 2014

just reading some of the bad comments about this place!!1 the �£5 entry to the disco only is put in place by the DJ not the bar itself. personally i enjoy the bar, staff and the disco. never any trouble in or outside it and the staff do a 100% job in service as well as ensuring the street outside is kept clean and tidy after a busy night. the council dont tend to this and its very well presented so anyone can have a pleasantevening/day.

Submitted by gerard on 06 October 2012

Used to be one of the best bars in belfast, now on the weekend its rammed and just not fun. Go midweek and it will probably be more chilled, but on the weekend i now walk straight past it and head elsewhere, unfortunately.

Submitted by no boke on 11 April 2012

totaly agree with the last comment charging people to get in a total joke bars are closing down everywere and use charging money isent everything bye bye dick turpins

Submitted by joe on 05 March 2012

a fiver into the disco when bars will do anything to get custume gave it a by ball them days are gone and the drink over priced dont mess people about as long runs the fox respect people not ur pockets

Submitted by sam on 04 March 2012

my god what has happened to the Duke of York???? was there of Saturday night usual crowd downstairs but the disco upstairs had a really dodgy crowd was like some rave with loads of millbags and fellas with tashs even a few fellas off there heads sweating away like mad. honestly it was insane! always loved the crowd upstairs, everyone really friendly just out for a good night. but last night it was quite scary defo wont be back just a shame as i can see what way its going to go they will start letting all kinds of people in and the bar will just go down hill shame they got greedy :(

Submitted on 29 January 2012

extremely busy , so much you cant walk two paces ahead. having to drink out of plastic cups is also a big no no in my book especially when one is paying over the odds for the drink. you will also stand at the bar for an age to get served, and since there is mostly barmaids, they usually serve the boys first...

Submitted on 03 December 2011

went on friday, bar was ok but went upstairs to disco,a fiver in to drink from plastic glasses!disco too small, and when needed toilets had to go downstairs then que up again to get in ridiculous.

Submitted by frank on 26 November 2011

went to this pub to disco on friday night music was great .but was too overcrowded and had to wait forever to get a drink very dissapointed with the venue too small just stayed 15 minutes the queue to the ladies toilets was a disgrace ..dont be tempted to visit the kebab place across the street was disgusting ......

Submitted on 19 November 2011

I used to be an ardent regular and admirer of "THE DUKE",but it has now become everything I hate in a bar.Poor selection of beers,and a pack em in and take their money attitude.Trendy at the minute,but trends change,and hopefully this changes from being the over packed hell-hole it is,back to one of the best bars in Belfast.

Submitted on 09 November 2011

I went with some friends to the upstairs disco last night. The music was good, but the service at the bar was abysmal to say the least, very poorly staffed, with only three bar staff on for a place which was jam packed. After 15 minutes waiting to get served, I gave up and went elsewhere.

Submitted on 02 October 2011

fantastic pub been lots of times will go again

Submitted on 06 July 2011

have to agree with the comment on the bouncers, agressive, ignorant, arrogant! would not recommend this bar

Submitted on 29 May 2011

Sadly I have to agree with "Tyronetim". I wrote a previous review on here praising the staff and customers some time ago. Alas I returned with friends from the States and France and found the once relaxing cool little place down the hidden lane to be completely changed. The staff were rude to point beyond sanity and the atmosphere was horrendous. To say the least I was deeply embarrassed to have brought my friends to such a place.

Deeply disappointed. Ray NJ

Submitted by Ray on 11 December 2010

Death of a great bar. Used to drink here regularly now it is everything bad about a pub. New found popularity, poorly trained bar staff with awful attitudes (kids really). Only one or two bar staff remain from a few years back.Had the misfortune to have a well known member of the thursday night trad. band stop playing to accuse me of shouting. As I had a visiting American Irish music enthusiast with me I wanted to avoid a fuss but the arrogance still grates. Avoid this bar as it resembles nothing good about Belfast nightlife anymore.

Submitted by tyronetim on 18 October 2010

Best Bar in Belfast by far!!!!

Submitted on 04 September 2010

One of the worst bars in Belfast staff wise. Doormen are cheeky, arrogant, abusive and intimidating. Bar staff are usually dead on though there are a few bar tenders who are more interested in their own looks than providing customer service. Bar is quite packed on the weekend but you don't have to wait long to be served. toilets are a disgrace as is the general attitude of staff. Very quick to undermine a customer. Punters are better off spending their money on a welcoming bar such as Kelly cellars, the john hewitt, filthy mcnastys or the crown

Submitted by Belfast Review on 07 August 2010

Hate this place now...used to be good with a Laverys Back Bar feel about it but now it is full of pointy shoed, blazer wearing prats with designer glasses who look down their noses at you. Seriously overcrowded at weekends...bar staff are pleasant though and door staff spot on. Clientele let it down.

Submitted by Drewsy on 28 May 2010

Just returned from an evening in the Duke of York, very crowded and terrible beer. The Carlsberg was very doubtful, sharp and bitter - so bad that almost undrinkable - view shared by others. Not like any Carlsberg I've tasted before. ??

Submitted by BigAl on 17 March 2010

really great place for a swall good vibe great decor nice staff mural outside in ally incredable stuff

Submitted by mocara on 13 January 2010

Great place for banter with staff and customers alike, never had a bad night in the bar only the mourning after ;)

Submitted by George on 16 December 2009

THE place for a Thursday night session, some great players, v friendly.

Submitted by Orlaidh on 08 October 2009

Enjoyed a lovely couple of hours last evening. Session music playing - fantastic. However, had a spooky experience at the toliets when I saw a shadow of a person - I was the only one in the loo at the time. Anyone else know anything about this - similar experience perhaps? ps only one drink taken!

Submitted by Suszi on 20 September 2009

I was with my family walking down Commercial Court on Sunday afternoon the 13th of September. My wife sat down on one of the red seats and I walked into the bar with my 4 year old son. I was told very rudely by a person collecting glasses that no children are permitted in the bar. I went back outside and left my son with my wife and went back in. I was refused again at the bar even though my son and wife were not on the pub. I had to stand and argue that Commercial Court was a public right of way and not the property of the Duke of York. I also mentioned that the Duke of York has lots of kids running about outside on Saturday afternoons. It took me 5 min's of complaining before I could get a pint. To be honest The Duke is one of my favourite bars but after being treated like this I will not be back and I would not recommend anyone else goes back either!

Submitted by David on 13 September 2009

Great bar the staff are more than helpfull, I took my grown up kids there and as it was their first visit to NI they were handed a glass of the black stuff to welcome them, they were then given a tour of the two main bars and told of the history of the bar abd the area.Would recommend a visit you will not be disappointed. Live music on Thursdays and bands / disco on Fridays and Saturdays. They show all the major sporting events. Go on try the Duke

Submitted by [email protected] on 31 August 2009

It is one of the best pups in Belfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!And the beer is very very great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by sunny on 02 August 2009

Decent pub although must be one of the dearest pints in Belfast. Gets stuffed at weekends. Worth checking out.

Submitted by paul belfast on 15 July 2009

The best bar in Belfast - Love the Duke of York *****

I was in this bar every week and had a brilliant time as soon as you set foot inside. The atmosphere is great and the staff - What a group, friendly, funny, hard-working and down right gorgeous - Miss you all x x x Kate and Marc

Submitted by Kate Quinn on 02 July 2009

I have been in Belfast for 2 weeks and went to this bar quite often. Real good!!! Friendly bartenders, happy costumers...

Hope to be back in Belfast and certainly back to he duke of york!

Submitted by Luis Filipe from Portugal on 17 June 2009

Friendly staff, no plastic posers and the best DJ anywhere on a Saturday night.

Submitted by Janine Allen on 11 April 2009

Best bar in belfast. FACT. Friendly, jovial staff good knowledge of area and history and where to go for a late night dance (thanks) Happy satisfied customers. All round good atmosphere, amazing staff, amazing pint, good location, made to feel welcome with no snobbery or selection. Its my new favourite bar!

Submitted by Ray on 01 April 2009

If Carsburg did DJs...!!!!!!!!!!!!

The selection of tunes played last Saturday night was unreal! Played everything we asked for! Smiths, Oasis, Stone Roses, Erasure and many more oldies, coupled with newer tunes from the likes of the killers and MGMT!

Submitted by Kev on 27 November 2008

Went here on a Saturday night a few weeks ago with some friends from Liverpool, the music was awesome. The Dj (some big guy) played nearly everything we asked for and managed to mix lots of different styles and keep everyone happy. Staff and locals were very friendly, we'll be back next time we're in Belfast.

Submitted by Josh Briers on 05 July 2008

went to this pub on sunday with boyfriend,who is from belfast.really enjoyed it.very friendly staff,and very cozy.

Submitted by karen baxter.newcastle,england. on 03 June 2008

Went to The Duke last night and had a great time. Queueing for the toilet when it gets crowded is a pain, but we persevered because nobody else plays this selection of music. Really friendly crowd.

Submitted by Brenda Hannon on 04 May 2008

Aww, I really wanted to go on Saturday night but 2 of my friends didn't have ID with them (we're all about 18/19) and the bouncers were giving us evil eyes so we didn't bother trying to get in. Also, it was half past 9 and the place was incredibly crowded.

Submitted by Kyle G on 21 April 2008

I concur with all said below by Scott D. Truth well told.

Submitted by Regular on 10 April 2008

Belfast's pubs seem to have strayed toward a more modern, worldly style of furnishings and atmosphere. Thankfully, the Duke is having none of that. Aside from having the biggest selection of Irish whiskeys out of any bar I've seen in Belfast, it's also got an impressive array of memorabilia covering almost every square inch of wall (and ceiling!) space. Fantastic atmosphere. Super friendly service staff, which included the doormen (and doorwoman). It's easy to miss this bar, as the signage isn't obvious. But if you find your way to the little alley where it's located, you're in for a pleasant find. First you'll likely see a large portion of the customers in the alleyway right outside the bar, which has also been decorated and made cozy with plenty of plants and benches. Don't let that put you off, thinking it's a huge queue, or all smokers. It's mostly locals that can be found in the bar, definitely not a tourist destination like the bars on Great Victoria. Thursday night had live Irish music by a band casually sitting near the back bar downstairs. Friday night was a solo guitar/singer. Neither too loud nor too quiet. You can actually have a nice conversation *and* enjoy the music. Lunchtime saw quite a few regulars, enjoying sandwiches and a pint, and all quite happy to trade a few words with a tourist. Out of all the bars I visited while I was in Belfast, this one was my favorite. If only I had discovered it earlier than two days before I was leaving!

Submitted by Scott D on 06 April 2008

The friendliest bar in Belfast, and with Johnny Hero upstairs on a Saturday night, easily the best music. When my friends come over from England they won't go anywhere else! (Could do with more toilets though)

Submitted by Karen Storey on 10 March 2008

I had a great time at this bar last year.

I took my neighbour who was returning back to Australia to this venue and had a great afternoon.The real buried treasure at this bar is its Irish Whiskey range which has its own discreet menu.

Good staff and genuine hospitality experienced. Treat it with the respect it duly deserves.

Submitted by Big Gaz on 05 March 2008

Went there for the first time last Saturday night. Hadn't known about it before but it was class. It was cheap enough, the bar staff were friendly, it was great craic and tryin to get out was really funny because it got so packed-you could tell it was really popular.

Submitted by Kyle G on 21 January 2008

Very cosy real Belfast bar, that gets packed at the weekends. No pretentions, good affordable drink and local craic is 90. Friendly door staff, relaxed atmosphere.

3 of the barmaids are really fit as (10/10), which is pleasing on the eye. Female patrons not as good, but decent enough.

Submitted by top_dag on 04 January 2008

I love this place. No posers, no pointless dress code, just good people letting their hair down. The music upstairs is great as well.

Submitted by angela stewart on 10 May 2007

The disco upstairs has to be the best in town. Johnny Hero plays the best selection of music around as long as you like your classic indie/rock. Gets a bit packed and you need to get there early to get in.

Submitted by siobhan walsh on 09 May 2007

Great bar. Is literally for everyone - leave your pretentions at the door. Have never had a bad experience here (from what I can remember....)

Submitted on 02 March 2007

One of the better bars in Belfast. It tends to get very busy, but gets a nice mix of people.

The disco upstairs plays a decent blend of older indie orientated songs, and again gets a nice, friendly crowd.

One problem they need to get sorted though is the sound system. The sounds tends to come and go, and can suffer from distortion as well, particularly during the louder tracks.

Submitted on 28 January 2007

second best bar in the world - after the front door/o'riada's in galway. good atmosphere, friendly staff and - good god! - the female patrons can actually hold a conversation. great to see it getting more trade now the cathedral quarter is breathing again. here's a prediction... if they get half the entry outside covered against rain, who would bet against this being the best bar for smokers (and therefore smirting) once the ban comes in?

Submitted by hugh cee on 10 March 2006

The best bar in belfast,

good staff, good drink, good mates, good craic

you couldnt beat it

Submitted by Dinger on 06 August 2006

Great disco on a saturday night even if upstairs is a bit small. Good indie/rock vibe for an older crowd - no Vicky Pollards here! Good atmosphere in the cosy downstairs pub. Really worth it even for a just the one...

Submitted on 25 January 2006

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