The Royal Bar

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The Royal Bar is found on the corner of Donegall Road and Sandy Row.

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33 Donegall Road
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BT12 5JJ

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Had a great time on The 12th in The Royal. Staff were exceptional and patrons second to none.

See you all on 03rd September 2022. RESPECT!!!

Submitted by Iain Cochrane on 16th July 2022

as usual The Royal never disappoints great for sport wonderful people who don't care where you are from. Do yourself a favour and visit it once I would bet you will return

Submitted by Jon on 28th October 2020

Just had a couple of pints in the pub, lovely friendly people, great atmosphere.

Submitted by Jill and Bernard Keeley on 13th May 2019

feeling thirsty,entered the royal for a refreshment,noticed a person wearing a fendora hat.only one person that I know wears a fendora.introduced myself bearing a gift,a pint of guiness to mr Higgins,had photo taken with him,and also bar made a gift of a nice pint of lager to myself,nice touch.made so welcome.will be back.

Submitted by t (govanite 1) gracey. on 15th October 2017

I visited Royal Bar on Sat August 1st on visit from Dublin during Republic's Bank Holiday. I had a very pleasant experience and was quite made to feel welcome. I was particularly chuffed to have been given the story by two kind gentlemen of Alex Higgins' association with the Royal as I had met Alex when he was in declining health.

I really appreciated the atmosphere of welcome friendliness shown to me particularly by the lady collecting for the Dog's Trust.


Submitted by Paul on 9th August 2015

Thank u for such a good welcome to belfast. Very friendly pub.

Submitted by Lisa Cavanagh on 20th November 2014

many thanks to sandra and the local crew for making me feel welcome. especially to jean and paul for accepting my gift to the late,great alex higgins. do hope it is seen as fitting of my respect to genius. see you all again someday i hope. andy. hull. east yorks.

Submitted by andy on 18th October 2012

great bar, staff all good and the big singer with specs was diff.class. cheers andy

Submitted by andy from glasgow on 11th October 2012

This top picture is of SANDY ROW RANGERS SUPPORTERS CLUB (The Old Clock Bar)! Royal is the smaller one across the street!

Submitted by > on 10th October 2012

my local many years ago. mrs hamilton was the owner always a great bar good drink the people the salt of the earth

Submitted by long gone on 8th May 2012


Submitted by dodsytbay on 29th March 2012

The Welsh boys just spent a lo of time there for the rugby - Great welcome and a good time had by all - Thank you

Submitted by Jason on 11th February 2012

if you havnt been in then how do you know you wouldnt feel safe, all reveiws are good so dont know how you wouldnt feel safe you really dont make sence!!! well iv been in it lots of times very good friendly bar, Cooper makes it worth while being there. 12th in Royal is the place to be, best bar iv been in yet!:)

Submitted on 10th January 2012

Never been in and probably never will. Wouldn't feel safe

Submitted by Anon on 25th November 2011

Called in by chance last sunday and what a day!!! the best bar in the world.staff really friendly.And the the guy singing all night(think his name was gary) could win x factor!!!really made my holiday, will be back soon.thanks john.

Submitted by big john (sunderland) on 24th August 2011

Visit the Royal every year mid august always made welcome meet alex higgins in person in the royal sometime ago pub had a great refurbishment (mural to alex higgins covered the wall outside when last over well done)will be over in November this time can,t wait to hear "the Crack"

Submitted by murrayman Len on 8th June 2011

Just been to the Royal on a visit to Belfast .. What a fantastic friendly bar everyone makes you feel very welcome .. Cooper and his team make the bar work with all the usual regulars .. will definately be back .. thanks again xx

Submitted on 6th December 2010

went in the royal after alex higgins' funeral as i knew it was his local.Fantastic bar, brilliant atmosphere

Submitted by deano, leyland, lancs on 4th October 2010

i was over visting billy betty only been in pub couple times ,baldy guy bought me drink thanks from me and my sisterinlaw lynn .

Submitted by jessie on 4th October 2010

Yes- we too visited the Royal with Paul

Submitted by Alli on 1st September 2010

Had a great time in the Royal staff and locals very frendly and welcoming a real pub with real people a must visit on any trip to belfast

Submitted by paul Blackburn on 31st August 2010

Very nice place, really local. The owner was extremely friendly and helpful. A good place to just hangout.

Thanks for the good Whiskey! Cheers/Skål! ;)

Submitted by Cathrine on 23rd August 2010

I visited the Royal Bar in Sandy Row one night last week. It was such a great experience, I ended up going back the following night instead of hunting out other pubs. The locals are the friendliest people I've met in a long time - maybe ever. It's a real gem of a place. I didn't want to catch my flight home on Monday - all because of the good time I was having with the locals. I'll definitely be going back to Belfast - just to visit the Royal Bar.

Submitted by Kim Sillitoe on 10th August 2010

Being a regular visiter to belfast the Royal is always a "Must Visit" during our weekend good drink good chat

Cheers 2 all

Submitted by Murraymen of Liverpool on 3rd August 2010

went to belfast march 2010 was ther for the rugby and stayed in the hostel opp, went in to the royal on the sunday morning(10am) and was given the best welcome ever the owner, staff and locals are so welcoming, came back in the evening for the karoke and got to say had the best laugh ever, will go back 2moz if i could felt like my local..

Submitted by diane ponting (s wales) on 2nd August 2010

came across this boozer while walking down the sandy row early saturday morning with 8 mates from grangemouth on lads beano top class pub and staff cheers to all at the royal.will be back soon.

Submitted by son of stainrod on 28th July 2010

just a wee note to let boys of this fantastic wee bar il be back over for the twelth.

Submitted by jimmy nik nik on 30th June 2010

I just want to say thank you to everyone at the royal for being so nice and looking after me. I came over from South Dakota in the USA for a funeral in Liverpool and was on my way back to the states when the ash clouds closed down all travel. I ended up staying at the hostel across the street from the Royal for what I thought would be a day but ended up being alot longer that I could have afforded. I went to the Royal and was made to feel welcome the minute I walked in. The proprietors, staff and local people were all beyond nice to a stranded "yank" as they all called me. By the third day I was out of money and had no idea what I was going to do but the folks at the Royal made sure I meals and even chipped in so I could stay at the hostel during my ordeal. I can never say thank you enough to everyone for your kindness and hospitality that you all showed to a stranger. I find it amazing that I had no plans of ever coming to this city and it ended being such a joyful experience through such a hard ordeal. Ya'll really showed me what irish hospitality really is. Im now lucky to have a bunch of new friends and hopefully ill be able to get back some time soon. Thanks again.

Submitted by Randy Steensma on 16th June 2010

moved here to belfast in december 2008 from quiet country town, bit scary at first, but have to say the royal bar is the bestplace to be welcomed and have a great laugh, everyone is great..check out steveo on a sunday kareoke or cooper singing with night of your life, still live here and proud to call it my local..people are great in there...

Submitted by shaz -c on 27th May 2010

Came all the way from Berlin for a tour of Northern Ireland and I ended up in South Belfast on my 4th day and just happened to wander into the Royal. What a cracker of a joint. The Owners took care of me like I was long lost family and I even got inducted into the Sandy Row wine team. By the way Lawrence your a great captain for the team. The staff if beyond spot on and the locals treat you like you grew up in the district. The women were lookers so fellas head on over Sunday for karaoke and maybe the big nosed fella will do a tune. Thanks to everyone at the Royal and hopefully I get back over soon. Cheers Mates.

Submitted by Albert Z on 16th March 2010

I have to agree with comments. I went into this bar and found everyone extremely friendly. I am a catholic from Donegal and was a bit concerned about being in there but one of the regulars got up and played 'The Boys of Killybegs come rolling home' on the juke box. I have to say some of the women looked a bit intimidating but I am sure they were as nice as the men.

Submitted by Aoife on 7th February 2010

I was in belfast from 21 jan / 24th jan, stayed in the days inn just around the corner,just happened to go in for a pint with my girlfriend and managed to get out a day and a half later,fantastic pub cos thats what it is, nothing more nothing less, the guy who owns it and his regulars are all top notch blokes, friendly and a pleasure to have a drink with. alex higgins was in for the day and borrowed �£20 notes of me, you couldnt buy that sort of story, So if your reading this anyone who was in there,Thankyou very much for your 10 out of 10 hospitality, I will be back cheers Phil and Kim

Submitted by Phil (monkey hanger) on 25th January 2010

My husband and I were visiting Dublin a year and a holf on vacation and a friend of ours from Minnesota told we had to make the trip to Belfast to get a couple of pints at the Royal. Let me say that it was worth the train ride just to experience the wonderful atmosphere that the Royal and its patrons had to offer. The owner Cooper took great care of us and told us about all the history of the city and of Northern Ireland. The staff was very friendly and helpful and I have never felt so welcome at any bar in all my life. I hope everyone who has the chance to step into a Belfast bar chooses the Royal over any other.

Submitted by Joy on 8th January 2010

Just fantastic. The Karoke on Sunday afternoons is a HOOT.! Only popped in to watch a bit of live football, but could hardly leave the craic was so mighty. Started straight after the match, so there was no escape. As if I wanted to.

Noisey, rough, basic, but the people are diamonds. Will be back - and may even give a wee tune next time...

Submitted on 26th October 2009

I visited Belfast in July as part of a 3 month trip to europe from Australia. Over the 3 months I did a lot of drinking, in a lot of countries, but The Royal is the most amazing place ever! My best friend and I were both made to feel so welcome by the amazing regulars, some of which I'm still in contact with. We stayed at the hostel across the road and every time our new friends in the royal saw us coming they would make sure our drink was ready for us as we walked in the door. Our 2 nights in Belfast quickly extended to 4, before we quickly rushed around the rest of Ireland so that we could head back to the royal for another 3 nights! Wish i was there right now :)

Submitted by Nicole on 19th October 2009

just back from NI for sec time brill atmosphere good crack and great regulars.Stroll on nxt time, thanks all , welsh lads 06/10/09

Submitted by Mike Petty on 9th October 2009

Gem of a Bar. soo friendly you wouldn believe it. all the locals come up to shake your hand. very welcoming. 1st time in it yesturday for the northern ireland game, Were kindly givin a free drink. 1 of the best bars about. No Doubt il be going back when i get the chance. legends in that bar:D see you soon

Submitted by Number1Fan on 13th August 2009

Just had a brilliant weekend in Belfast, The royal is the friendliet and funniest pub I have ever been in. Top staff and locals who cant do enough for you.


Submitted by On The Wall on 3rd August 2009

just been to belfast to watch stockport play linfield spent a good proportion of my time in the bar quality service and a fair few laughs cheers gents see u soon

Submitted by chesirefella on 3rd August 2009


walk in and you will be welcome no matter where your from. Friendliest pub in all of Belfast!!

Submitted on 3rd August 2009

I saw this bar and it looked interesting from the outside. I would love to go in and meet some of the locals but would be afraid I might not be made feel welcome because of where I'm from.

Submitted by Conor on 2nd August 2009

just been to belfast for leeds game met up with over 100 fans in the royal great pub made to feel very welcome by all

Submitted by lufcme on 19th July 2009

Hidden gem of Belfast Bars.

Submitted on 13th June 2009

Visited The Royal after I read the comments on this site. Got curious. I have to say they are ALL TRUE!

Never would have believed a wee bar in Randy Sow could be such fun. Never dreamt of going there before - and I live not far away.

Good craic on Football nights. Women seem to be teated with respect.

Submitted by Dong Pass Man on 20th May 2009

best pub ever

Submitted on 27th April 2009

Customer Service at tha Royal is Tops. Great people and cheap drinks. Mates and I were over for match and stumbled into the royal and spent the whole weekend there. Newly remodeled bar and funny blokes. Stop in here for some laughs.

Submitted by Alan Johnson on 25th February 2009

Friendliest place you could ever walk into. The customer service is out of this world, would come back anytime

Submitted by sara t on 28th December 2008

I was over during the Summer with my Wife and 3 Daughters, and we were treated like Royalty, its a fabulous place to have a few beers and a blether with real Belfast people. We'll be stopping by the next time we're over in Belfast.

Do yourself a favour and visit the Royal you wont be disappointed.

cheers Stevie

Submitted by Stevie on 26th December 2008

Absolutely lovely people. I, accidentally, got stuck in the bathroom for five minutes and ended up getting free drink becuase of it! Unfortunately, it was the last place we came across before having to get back to the airport - otherwise, I know we would have ended up spending all night in there!

Submitted by Susan on 11th November 2008

came over 4 my m8 billy's stag do from kilwinning,with a friend telling me to try the royal and man were we all taken in with gr8 warmth and made so welcome !!!!!!!! watch out the kilwinning lads will b back . p.s and the buffs(kilwinning rangers)scarf will be there to put on the wall

Submitted by eddie cockburn on 27th June 2008

Just stumbled upon this wee bar whilst doing the tourist trip of Sandy Row, ended up in there for the whole weekend! All the locals were so friendly we really didn't want to come home, but no worries - Be Back Soon. If you get the chance to visit this is a MUST. Then you'll realise what Ireland is really about. X

Submitted by Carolanne Logue on 27th May 2008

This is a very friendly bar. Good prices. A great place to meet real local people. Eight rugby middle aged men from Wales had a fun time in this pukka bar

Submitted by David Rees on 17th December 2007

The Royal Bar in Sandy Row has to be the friendliest bar that I have ever had the chance to drink in. Each time I come to Belfast from the states I am treated like family and never leave unhappy or sober. Cooper and Ronnie run a great bar and Collin is one hell of a bartender. It even has a celebrity clientel. Thanks guys for treating me so well. Your Friend Tomm

[email protected]

Submitted by Tomm theYank on 4th December 2007

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