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It's a nice place, for Belfast. The crowd are generally nice and the atmosphere is quite calm, the alternative gay bar, union st, is just too rough around the edges for non Belfast natives, all straight girls are legless and screaming by 20:00, so Maverick is a nice alternative. It's just a pity that there's only about 2 dozen people in there on a Saturday evening, way too quiet. The straight bars of Belfast would be a better shout.

Submitted by Alex on 13th November 2018

Have been here a few times now, door staff very dead on with a good attitude. Really good atmosphere in the club upstairs too. If your looking a good night's craic, this place is well advised.

Submitted by Connor on 8th October 2017

Had no plans to go to the Mavrick last wk, but passing, we went in just to look but ended up staying long time. Loved the drag show (beautiful people) Was a bit quiet but much better than the Union, where the music is so loud i would hear it in Derry.

Submitted by MARION on 27th July 2016

Not the best. Place needs a facelift. The same old boring décor for the last 2.5 years. Terrible DJ on a Saturday night who cant play anything better than Whitney Houston. Crowd doesn't get going until 11pm most nights so can be boring watching the inadequate barstaff making cocktails.

Full of pretentious people who reserve their seats but wont get up to dance. Only good if your in there with a group of people. At least some of the gay crowd still go to Maverick, which I cant say about the crowd who go to the upstairs club The Boombox

Better off trying across the road for a good night at Union street they put on good entertainment.

Rating 2/5

Submitted by Richard 3809 on 4th July 2016

I was at Mavericks for the first time at the weekend..good atmosphere and really lovely staff, one of the group that I was in was feeling really ill, she had a migraine and had to cut her night short..the door staff were extremely helpful with water and an ice pack,..a lot of places wouldn't have been bothered..thank you to the 2 lovely ladies on the door..we will definitely be back again xo

Submitted by Gill on 28th July 2015

Not a review of Maverick so sorry for a slight hi-jack but I notice on a lot of posts people complaining about paying Â�£3.80 for p8nts. Is this not just standard price eveywhere apart from somewhere horrible like Wetherspoons?

Submitted by cedric on 1st August 2014

Boombox is a different venue to maverick, I don't know why the guy below put that comment on here! Anyway I love maverick and I find it's full of guys all the time! I struggle to find a straight or gay girl in it some nights and I go every week! Service can be a bit slow at the weekends, but it's always so busy, it's to be expected.

100/100 for me :-)

Submitted by Carl on 16th July 2014

Another typical belfast Gay bar where straight women come for a night out. As for boom box, their club upstairs, I was in it saturday past and it was 75% women! Poor to say the least! if I wanted to get hit on by women I'd go to a straight bar! Slow bar service and expensive drinks! When this lace first opened I was excited about the possibility of a good bar other than the kremlin or union Street. Different building … different name … but still the same.

Submitted by Ricky on 30th June 2014

Gorgeous drinks selection, the cocktails are simply delicious!

Submitted on 13th June 2014

Anyone who says the Maverick doesn't look good is either an envious competitor, really backward, or just has terrible taste! I work for a design company and I must say it's one of the most interesting new places I've been to in a while. From the subtle pop art references to daring colour blocking it just works so well. A few of my colleges and I were actually asked by our boss to go and take photos of it for him, hence how I discovered it.

As for service or anything else I'm not entirely sure what it's like.

Submitted by Lisa Mc C on 22nd March 2014

I agree with William Orr's posting regarding the Maverick Pub.

I also agree with Stuart's posting regarding the same Pub.

I am a gay man and I can observe things for myself.

It is not difficult for anyone to see that the interior of the Marerick is tacky to say the least. The back wall of the Bar is decorated with twenty white plastic hands which appear to reach out a black painted wall. They reminded me of someone grasping at the customers hard earned cash. A cheap framed print hangs at an angle for another wall. A display of retro telephones decorate yet another wall, while two plastic figures covered with splashes of paint and wearing crash helmits stand sentinal at each side of the Bar counter. I thought that this was a rather childish attempt at being artistic.

I am a keen traveller, i love the arts and music and have drank in Pubs as far apart as London, Dublin, Budapest, Sofia and Prague. The Maverick Pub is attempting to create an exclusive drinking Den atmosphere by being selective regarding whom they allow into the premises. I afterwards regarded my visit to the Maverick as being rather unfortunate and reminded me that I was indeed back in Belfast.

Submitted by Kevin Fitzpatrick on 5th March 2014

I drink in the Maverick regularly and consider it my second home. I don't normally write reviews but I do really love and appreciate the way I'm treated, and the great experience I receive night after night.

I'll keep it short, but Maverick is a very fashionable mixed, gay bar, which targets a cool 20/30/40 something crowd. Not everyone gets it and as far as I can see Maverick are happy enough with that. So basically if you like to travel, experience new things, like fashion, art and music, you will love this place!

If your not into any of those things, then stay well clear as you won't have a clue what it's about. Different strokes for different folks. There's loads of other nice run of the mill bars in Belfast for all to enjoy.

Submitted by Stuart on 1st March 2014

The Maverick Pub is a typical Belfast gay ripoff joint, targeting a younger gay clientele who would need lots of money to pay the fancy drinks prices ( �£3.80 a pint ) and bottles of spirits priced from �£60 upwards.

On The evening of my visit the Pub was almost empty. A glitter ball reflected polka dots of light around the interior and reminded me of an Irish counry Dance Hall in the 1950s. The barman had no personality and some other staff looked liked they needed to be on antidepressants.

The toilets are clostrophobic and have changed little from the previous ownership. The posters lining its walls were just bad taste ( In my opinion )

The are more cheaper Pubs in Belfast city centre and with more atmosphere and a whole lot less damaging on the weekly pay cheque.

I would give this Pub a no star rating.

Submitted by William Orr on 28th February 2014

Really warm and friendly bar, staff seem to really value your custom which is nice. They also seem to take great pride in the place and genuinely love working there! Drinks are averagely priced with monthly offers which are good. Once you vist here it's warm atomosoehere and cool vibe will keep you coming back for more. There's nothing to fault with this bar, I would suspect any negative comments made would be by union street staff who seem to take any opportunity to slag it off, which is really sad. It's 10 out of 10 from me

Submitted by Joanne on 4th February 2014

Staff are great. Drink selection is extensive and well thought out and I always feel welcome here. Great decor and atmosphere. Clientele are classy aswell love it

Submitted by C.D on 1st February 2014

Seems like an ok place, bar staff in my opinion were complete crap, slow and unorganised, at one point I seen a bar man clean up crap off the flooor behind the bar and then proceeding to empty a dishwasher without washing his hands. Very expensive bar also. I wont be going back, union is much friendlier and staff are much better also.

Submitted by paul on 1st February 2014

I'm sick of everyone saying this place is good cause it not. They don't even sell any alchopops and it's to deer and every time we go to go in they say it's full or not tonight even tho it's not full? I'll just keep going to union cause the drinks are cheap and they have karaoke every night which is a geg. I don't care what the talents like it's no craic and union is better

Submitted by Dermy on 28th January 2014

You really don't get any better than the Maverick at the minute. It looks amazing, sounds amazing and has the best of the Belfast scene queuing to go each weekend. There are no bars in Belfast that come close to being so original. Well done team Maverick.

Submitted by Thomas on 26th January 2014

Brill.class awesome place great music

Submitted by dave from rainbow project on 19th January 2014

Great place . class..friendlyness

.great every.10 out off 10.

Submitted by dave from.rainbow project on 19th January 2014

The first night I went here I was a bit shocked, it was very different to what I expected. Took me a while but I really love it, we'll worth a visit

Submitted by Tony on 14th December 2013

At last I've found a bar that I'm not embarrassed to bring my straight mates to. Top marks Maverick, very cool indeed :-)

Submitted by Tony on 18th November 2013

The Maverick Bar is the newest gar bar on Union Street and will certainly in the future give the Union/Kremlin bars a run for its money.

Have went a few times now during the week and also on a Saturday nite. Nothing really to fault - the refurb of the place looks amazing and also comes across very stylish and funky retro at the same time.

The saturday i went with some mates, we had a ball but the one thing i would say is the door staff seemed intimidating that night but still welcoming as well. Bar staff are also very friendly and the clientele are

not posers as i was expecting

Just last Thursday called in with some girls from work and they had Lady Porche up from Dublin with her posse, and have to say it was the best drag show have seen in a while - very funny and entertaining lol.

Overall i would give Maverick 9.5/10 across the board - a great place to go for a quick drink after work or on a Saturday night for a dance out in the back lounge.

Cant wait until they open up the club upstairs

Submitted by Barry on 16th November 2013

Went for my first time tonight and all the reviews are true. Love, love, love it! G x

Submitted by Gemma on 13th November 2013

Definitely the coolest bar in Belfast at the minute hands down.

Submitted by Chris on 11th November 2013

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