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The Crown Bar, also called The Crown Liqour Saloon is probably the most popular Bar for visitors to Belfast. It is a Victorian Gin Palace owned by the National Trust and managed by Mitchells & Butlers plc.

The Crown Liquor Saloon in Great Victoria Street, Belfast is one of Victorian gin palaces which once flourished in the industrial cities of Britain. Today wonderfully preserved and owned by the National Trust, the Crown is still well used by the people of Belfast.

The Crown dates back to 1826, when the first train ran from Belfast to Lisburn. It was then known as the Railway Tavern and was owned by Felix O'Hanlon; he sold it to Michael Flanagan, but it was Michael's son, Patrick, who was destined to make it famous. A student of architecture, he travelled widely, and was impressed by what he saw. He arrived home with ideas to brighten up the old family bar.

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Traditional Bar
46 Great Victoria Street
County Antrim
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23/09/17. Disappointing experience. entered the packed bar and noticed only 2 overworked barmen serving. Canadian tourists I spoke to were frustrated. eventually got a drink, but received chardonnay instead of the requested Sauvignon blanc. Went upstairs to our booked table. it was obvious this area too was understaffed, Having a son that is a head chef, we had an idea how the kitchen and front of house works. There were only 2 young girls at front of house who played a blinder, trying to satisfy every customer. However, whether a management decision or not, stacks of tourists who hadn't booked were turned away, their annoyance obvious as they seen so many empty tables that weren't used during our 2 hour stint upstairs. Sadly, the food was less than ok. I had been dreaming of the haggis and pork sausages meal only to learn they were Cumberland. (tweak needed on the website)My wife's seabass was over cooked around the edges and my steak was adequate. it hinted at a shortage in the kitchen as well because the garnish of mushroom and tomato was stone cold, hinting that it had been long plated before the steak was cooked. Our hearts went out to the staff who were as amazing as they could have been in such tight circumstances, especially the 2 young girls at front of house. Come on Nicholson's, operating the most iconic bar in Ireland doesn't give you the right to not care for staff.

Submitted by S on 24th September 2017

I went in here one Monday at 1300 because my train was in half an hour so I thought id go in for a pint. The craic was that good I was there 8 pints later and got the last train home.

Submitted by Multitaska on 13th August 2017

The stereotypical tourist bar

Submitted by Graheam on 3rd December 2015

Called in for quick bite to eat on a Wed. evening. Staff were very helpful and our food arrived in good time, but that's the only positive aspect of the experience. A child would have been left feeling hungry, such were the meagre portions. To make matters worse our meals were less than lukewarm and at Â�£32, pretty poor value for money.

Submitted by KG on 9th September 2015

Loved It!

Submitted on 25th October 2014

tartan army footsoldier, try these links for the train and bus...

Submitted by Belfast Bar on 27th January 2011

havent been yet but this bars been recommended to me. going to dudlin next month for the n.ireland v scotland match so hope to call in. am travellin via balfast. could somene give me train or bus times to dublin

Submitted by tartan army footsoldier on 27th January 2011

The toilets are stinking. Why is nothing being done about this? Not even an aplogy from the management, who MUST be aware of the problem. Its been on going for quite a while. No excuses any more.

Submitted on 6th August 2009


Submitted on 27th March 2009

Its not a Belfast bar any more. Just full of tourists and travelling business types nowdays. Hardly hear a local accent in thre place. All the old regulars have left for peace and quiet and more reasonable prices. A shame.

Its resting on its fame a bit too much. The only special effort the staff make now is to try sell overpriced baseball caps to unsuspecting Japanese. Hence the other (true) comments aboot poor overpriced food and dirty toilets.

This place thinks it dosent have to try any more. Such a shame. I've been going there half my life, but I've lost patience.

Submitted on 16th March 2009


Submitted on 10th March 2008

Beautiful bar, but the food was the most awful we have eaten.

My son and I went in for a quick lunch at 1pm. Go have a look but be sure to eat somewhere else

I was told there was no children's portions because "Who would buy the other half" When my son's ham and chips did arrive it was horrible. There was thin ham slices which had been cooked on a dirty griddle and tasted of it.

I ordered Irish stew, although carrots and potatoes soup would have been a more truthful description. There were two small bits of burnt lamb. The soup was stone cold, I had to bring it back - they put it in the microwave. One should have expected better.

This food with 2 soft drinks came to nearly �£16 and unfortunately, I had paid before I ate, as I wanted a quick getaway. I would have only paid for the drinks - never again.

Submitted by Traveller on 24th February 2008

3 Welsh men... We nipped into the Crown Bar yesterday lunch time for some Irish Stew and Guinness at the bar. We didn't want to leave! Such a great atmosphere, Staff were both friendly and attentive. Be sure to ask for the ever smiling Orala "golden lady" to serve you one of her special port drinks with cloves and lemons! We will return!

Submitted by MD on 10th January 2008

The Crown is much cleaner since they brough in the smoking ban.

Submitted by Tom on 27th September 2007

There's a news-story on the renovation (with nice pretty piccies) at

Work should be complete by the end of October, 2007.

Submitted by Malcolm Redfellow on 7th September 2007

Always good craic and plenty of people to offer you a free drink.

Submitted by RC on 19th July 2007

A good hike for me so I have to take a taxi which ups the cost of a bottle of Guiness. I find things dear enough.

Submitted by Richard C on 17th July 2007

we were a hen party and thought we would call in for a drink only to be told we couldn`t stay cos we were a party.

Submitted on 4th July 2007

The place is being heavily restored at the moment. Although still open for business, it's covered with scaffolding and very little light is getting through the stained glass windows.

Just a warning for visitors. Still well worth calling in for a drink, or for curiosity value. You can watch the conservators and cleaners at work while you have a pint in the gloom.

Should be well worth the wait when restored to its former glory. Sometime in Autumn 2007?

Check NI Tourist Board for details

Submitted on 13th June 2007

Have been to the Crown many times and enjoy the buzz about the place. Plenty of tourists visit and photogragh the bar, thankfully they don't go to the smelly dirty male toilets as the pub deserves better. Bar staff good and drink is well priced. I always call in when i'm in town but move on elsewhere after a few pints.

Submitted by Geoff Moira on 8th July 2006

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