The Cosy Bar

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The best wee bar in East Belfast. I have lived abroad for 30 years and still look forward to my yearly visit home and my nights in the Cosy with the lads. Alec the barman is a credit to all in the profession

Brian Monaghan

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    Address44 Omeath Street
      County Antrim


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Coming from Canada we love this Bar especially when we are with my nephew Thomp.o ,Colin and Andy

see you when we can travel again🧡

Submitted on 04 July 2020

Great Bar for us from nephew Thompo,s local bar.we are always accepted..thankyou

Submitted on 14 May 2018

super bar the folk nights in the LOUNGE on FRIDAY nights are the best in east belfast

Submitted by paul bruce on 27 October 2012

I cannot recommend this bar highly enough!

A warm and friendly atmosphere and an even warmer welcome. Junior, Alec and the rest of the staff are always friendly and go out of their way to make customers feel at home.

I have visited this bar on a few occasions and always look forward to my next visit.

Submitted by Liz Stephen on 27 March 2012

Great wee bar, great atmosphere.

Submitted by Jim Lowry on 29 September 2011

A small friendly bar. Prices not too bad. Could do with some “up market” wines tho. A good Port is also missing

Submitted on 25 April 2011

I've been to the Cosy on a number of occasions and found it to be very friendly, welcoming and a really good night! I look forward to going again.

Submitted by Maureen Manchester on 16 October 2010

It's not the best bar in East Belfast but it's certainly not the worst either.

Submitted by Paul Hoey (Bloop) on 16 September 2010

first time in it and really enjoyed myself.warm friendly staff and customers. excellent public house and look forward to going back there. would recomend to anyone.

Submitted by jazza on 12 January 2010

No, still amazed at the poor reviews.

Must be someone with a grudge. The Cosy will be one of the biggest things I'll miss when it's time to go home

Submitted by swanny on 08 October 2009

No Thank You, horrific place.

Submitted by Jay on 28 September 2009

Cosy bar is a basically one big family. Everyone knows everyone, always there to help, couldnt ask for anything better.

Have grew up around alec and all the regulars. Its like a second family.

Bad reviews are just people who werent nice enough to be accepted into the family.

Submitted on 25 May 2009

I have been to the bar on a number of occasions found it very welcoming, with very friendly bar staff who are always willing to help.

The other customers of the bar give the traditional welcome by most in NI, friendly, helpful and full of laughter.

Submitted by Miko, Edinburgh on 03 May 2009

Called in last week for a pint seems friendly spoke to alec the barman can't understand reviews will be back

Submitted by jim on 28 March 2009

My favourite local in East Belfast - have only ever been greeted with friendliness by the locals since we moved here only a couple of months ago. Can't understand the poor reviews.


Submitted by swanny on 22 February 2009

I wouldn't drink in here if you paid me, a truely awful bar.

Submitted by Whitey on 17 December 2008

If there was ever a bar with a misleading name, then this is it. A dreadful place.

Submitted by Wolfie on 20 November 2008

This is a small local bar, it is a place where all the customers are regulars, and everyone knows each other, if a stranger walks in - the whole place seems to go silent and look at them, a few years ago the front door was permanantly locked and you had to press a doorbell to be let in, if you were not known you wouldn't even get through the front door, this bar is more like a private drinking club than a public house.

Submitted by John H on 12 November 2008

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