The Botanic Inn

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The Botanic Inn , also known as the Bot is situated on the Malone Road, approximately 1/2 mile from Queens University.
The Bot is a popular venue for both students and Belfast locals. It is also a place to see many sporting events on T.V. as there are ample projection screens inside. Prices for drink can be regarded as average. Food is served during the day.

There is decent music downstairs but can get crowded very quickly at night.
Upstairs is also usually packed, but a cracking night can be had if you're in the right mood.

If your awake, it's probably open! If your into traditional bars then try the bar at the front for a pint. Here you can find a more old fashioned bar and this is also where the regulars are.

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23-27 Malone Road
County Antrim
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I used to go here during my Uni days. Probably spent too much time here to be honest!

Submitted on 5th May 2016

Good for watching football or rugby

Submitted by JB on 2nd February 2016


Submitted on 5th October 2014

Been to the Bot a few times and defiantly not my sort of place, have to agree with some off the comments below its full off students from outside the belfast area ie culchies [Country people], who are very loud get very drunk and fall over themselves. If you a culchie you will love it if your not AVIOD

Submitted by Tony on 2nd April 2012

great spot! good drink offers and great music. the talent is beaut to lol. No skanks like you would get in the box. Proper WIFES! haha

Submitted by mark on 22nd November 2011

Went on st patricks night and it was pumpin love the bot ! Music is really good !! Be there on Saturday !! xxx

Submitted by Steph and Jo and Sammie on 19th May 2011

Its just off loud culchies who go to uni in the big smoke that cant handle there drink, plus bar staff r sooooo slow at serving.

Submitted by Dont like the place on 18th March 2011

I have no idea why there are negative comments on here about the bot. I have been the last 2 fridays now. Venue has a great crowd, the live music (last man standing)was fantastic and everyone was there for the craic. I saw people in suits, rugby shirts and yes farmers. Brillianr spot.

Submitted by valerie on 24th October 2010

I'm going tonight for the first time on a friday - i'm a bit nervous now, after those reviews. lol

Submitted by Valerie - Armagh farmer on 15th October 2010

Bot probably the best place to go in Belfast if you are 30 and under; three main reasons being: 1. The doorstaff aren't complete w@nkers like pretty much every other establishment in the city. 2. The music is good. 3. There are few, if any, Belfast natives and therefore less posers/stuck up millies/fights etc.

Always guaranteed a good night... also just because someone is not from Belfast does not automatically mean they are a farmer - there are actually towns and cities outside Belfast ya know!

Submitted on 7th October 2010

Just full off famers and the music is just for them too.. the djs doint know good music, If ur from the sticks and living in the big smoke for uni its ur place, fellas all wear gaa tops tucked into there jeans so weird.

Submitted on 8th September 2010

great bar 10/10

Submitted on 28th June 2010

They may be farmers but there are some hotties in there. Was in on Friday last. Packed with talent and the band were just fantastic. Bring on this weekend!!!!

Submitted by Kelly G on 22nd April 2010

Its a decent spot to watch the sport but its full of culchies who have come to the big smoke for a few years and cant hack their drink. Its a beacon that attracts all the farmers in Belfast to one place.

Submitted on 20th April 2010

Following on from last review- I must remember to put on an American accent to get good service from the staff at this bar and hopefully if really lucky they might oblige a peg for my nose!!!

Submitted on 8th April 2010

A friend and myself were doing the grand tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland last week for St. Patricks Day (we're both American), and on our day in Belfast we stopped into this bar (last monday). We had just made it into town off the train station, and were told head down Malone Rd. to find some pubs. As soon as we walked in we were seated, and the bartender started chatting with us about America, and he even gave us a detailed map of the city, and showed us where to mark to see the main Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods. He was super friendly, and our server was as well. I would definitely reccomend this place, espeically for foreigners. This was our first glimpse into the unbelievable kindness we found all over Northern Ireland, be the people Catholic or Protestant.

Submitted by Dustin on 21st March 2010

Walked into The Bot on Friday night, it smelled so bad, couldn't even stay in the place for one drink!

Please management rota someone in to clean the place!! cos it needs it BIGTIME

Submitted on 9th March 2010

I always have great craic in the Bot. Friday nights are the nights to go. I was there last Friday and they had a band called Last Man Standing who were amazing. They also have a band called the Front who are really good. I think they are the house bands in there each Friday - really great craic.

Submitted by Joanne on 2nd March 2010

i love the BOT, in 6 years since i moved to belfast i have never had a bad night matter what night of the week it is...its a sure fire hit, and it aint full of belfast shafties either!!!

Submitted on 1st February 2010

I go to the bot every Saturday simply for the football,they always have every premiership game, even the 3 o'clock kick offs.

The place does stink and is never cleaned. The bar is leaping! If anywhere else showed the football I would go there. Its ok for a night out, always pretty packed.

The management does treat loyal customers because as soon as Rugby is on it is shown instead of football for the simple FAD of the tournament. You will notice an emptier bar when this happens.

Overall, its not bad but there are nicer places to go with cheaper prices. If it wasnt for the football they would lose half their business.

Submitted by CJ on 22nd December 2009

i hate students....what they do and what they live for fact!!! rods!!! but its good craic in there...and the musics good 50% of the time...

Submitted by tiarnán on 10th November 2009

No problems at the door. cheap in. service was good at bar and drinks were decent prices. good music but only thing is its always packed out so u can hardly move! but a good spot!

Submitted on 29th September 2009

I was in for a drink recently with friends we went to the front bar which I suspect like the rest of the place hasn’t been cleaned in a long time- looks clean however the toilets smells like a pig farm, if you stand at the bar you realise your feet stick to the floor and you pint sticks to the bar, lift your pint and your hand sticks to the glass- lovely. It’s a shame as they make allot of money but don’t have enough respect for their customers to provide a clean place to drink/ eat- stinks of arrogance from the company.

Submitted on 19th August 2009

Smells like boke all the time!!

full of farmers fighting over who can lift the most bales of hey and retarded culchie freshers who cant control themselves!

Awful place

Submitted on 23rd July 2009

i've been drinking here in the bot for some years yes there are red necks and city people together having good ole craic and fun slagging each other, but as in ever thorn bush there is going to be one prick who's going to do your head in. but i just slag them of or tell them to feck away off usually and they do. The management, staff and the door staff are good people who just get on with it and have a laugh into the bargain. Great bar and good craic

Submitted by the regular on 3rd May 2009

Went to The Botanic Inns on a Thursday nite and got refused entry as it was regulars only, although they let in people who had never been before and my friend who lives in scotland who is obviously not a regular was not refused. I dont understand how they know who the regulars are when the doorman is from another bar in belfast city centre. I would not go Back again!!!!!!!!

Submitted on 18th April 2009

The Bot is without a doubt the best place for a night out in belfast if your the right side of 30, dont mind a bit of a crowd, and know how to have fun....perfect for those who are still students or students at heart :-)

dont go here if you are the type that earns �£13K a year but thinks your a millionaire and spend the night turning your nose up at everything and everyone.

dont go here if you think your too good to speak to freindly people.

and please dont go here if you are the type that enjoys the yuppy poser bars in town full of all the other "young profesional - lets pose and act like were better than everyone types!" BORING!

go here if you wann have fun!!

Submitted on 16th April 2009

Loved it went for the first time to watch the rugby. Brill nyt cant wait to go back

Submitted on 19th March 2009

Most dependable bar in Belfast! True Irish style-cosy, friendly, great craic, randomers who will have the banter with you.

There are 2 types of people in belfast/northern ireland: those who are bot people...and those who are not.

If you fall into the latter category then you're most likely pretentious..and shouldn't be! You probably the sort who think the potthouse is the place to be...what you fail to see is the whole atmosphere tries to resemble a london pub/club and all the 'regulars' are simply 'try-hard-VIP's'.

The girls and guys that go to the Bot are usually good looking, friendly folks, well educated, have an interest in sport (also drink) but know how to have a proper laugh. Definitely the best bar in Belfast...and I'm from the other side of the globe!

Submitted on 16th January 2009

Full of the most hideous culchies all standing round male bonding whilst shouting at a tv screen. Also the women are the most unshapely Armagh breeders I've ever seen.

Submitted by John T on 1st January 2009

Random ejections from the place with people throwing pints about the place. If you want trouble from customers or bouncers alike here is for you. Camera's convieniently placed so if anything reportable happen's it can't be proven.

Wanted to go as heard it was decent, experience of it totally changed my mind.

Submitted on 25th November 2008

if you want somewhere without the belfast people DONT GO TO BELFAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted on 22nd October 2008

I have been to the bot a few times now and had an amazing night every time. Music is brilliant although it can get really packed so get down early!

Submitted on 25th July 2008

Thank god for the bot - get away from all the pretentious upper malone w*nkers and the spides.... belfast would be so much better without all the Belfast people.

Submitted on 6th May 2008

great bar, good locals, friendly staff and door men.

and no "i'm a belfaster" yes there are culchies but great tallent.

Submitted by Dee on 12th January 2008

to words - Cattle Market

Submitted by top_dag on 4th January 2008

It smells like a farm in here after 9 o'clock

Submitted on 23rd December 2007

oh how i love the bot!! it saved my life for turmoil, i had return from america for my 4 nights a week fix...thank god for the bot...lets hear it for the culties :) xx

Submitted by decky on 9th November 2007

Full of culchies, gone are the days when the Bot was for Belfast folk! Still one of my favourite places in the city, just make sure you're there early if there's somethin on, or you either won't get in at all or will get mangled in the process.

Bouncers are tough, if they don't like the look of ye they'll hit you with any age (20-23's their favourite) they want and if you aren't over that age, you may go to the Eg.

The girls are great tho. Nice Guinness!

Submitted on 6th November 2007

FULL and i mean FULL of country folk who arrive in Belfast and just don't know how to control themselves!

Ridiculously crowded to the point of no room to move without banging into someone and spilling drink everywhere.

Wear a rubber shirt you'll end up wearing your drink and unless your a pretty girl or leaning over the bar screaming at the barman you'll wait ages on a drink.

Upstairs one night i knew 3 different people waited up to an hour and forty five mins to get served...and they've a cheek to have an entry fee?!

Only good thing is the doormen are pretty good at their job.

Submitted on 7th August 2007

Great place! We go there all the time (and know we're not farmers). It is a great place for students and people who aren't pretentious, but up for a good night out. Great for football and rugby matches. Lots of young professionals too. Live music, and DJ upstairs. If you are looking for a guaranteed good night out go here!

Submitted on 15th April 2007

Full of farmers! Club is complete **** and over crowded but the bar is fine! Couldn't spend my whole night there though.

Submitted on 23rd February 2007

The bot rocks! The best place for a decent night out in Belfast especially for students...and it is not always full of culchies, i'm from Belfast and I always go because the music is fab and the staff are great!

Submitted on 16th January 2007

yes, rub shoulders with a culchie! central gathering point for rednex obsessed with havin' alocka pintz and a kee bab or big feeda chipz after hay. and that's just the wimin! farmer o'brown and his fellow yokels are also obsessed with the above, but also wi wimin wi chil'berrin' hipz. avoid like the plague the big groups in football/rugby uniforms; these uniforms seemingly give them a collective licence to piss/vom/defecate where and when they like; probably a hangover from persistent cave-dwelling! apart from that it's a great bar and i'd recommend it to everyone hay...

Submitted by hugh cee on 3rd October 2006

wanna rub shoulders with a culchie? then this is the place for you.. ok if you aint picky about ugly *****.

Submitted on 16th April 2006

i totally have to agree with that other review! i went with a group of mates on halloween night to the bot and it was terrible! it was full of drunk violent farmers! bouncers had to break up 4 fights before the end of the night! a girl dressed as a human form of candyfloss (why?) attacked my playboy bunny friend with her layers of pink net stuff! now bunny (nichola) is usually not a violent or aggressive person but on this occassion she was driven wild with frustration at this human candyfloss thing. before i could stop bunny she had removed my hardhat which i was wearing as part of my costume as boobs the builder (not bob). she had swiftly headbutted candyfloss and shortly after we had to leave the premises quite quickly.

all in all a night to remember!

big shout out to gerard the bouncer...yo!

Submitted on 9th November 2005

Fine 4 a pint and a football macth downstairs, the club on the other hand is utter *****, farmers packed into a shed with all the smells!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Keith on 5th May 2005

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