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  • Pavilion Bar

The ground floor offers a large traditional long bar with a number of boxes for social gatherings. Large screen TVs ensure that our patrons with a sporting interest are well catered for. Regular entertainment includes a free disco every Saturday night.

The middle (Boutique) bar features regular live gigs and club events and is available for private functions and charity fundraisers.

The top floor (Loft) operates as a pool room throughout the week with regular club nights every Saturday.

Excellent food served 12-9pm daily.

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Good food, decent entertainment. Definitely improved over the years.

Submitted by Davey on 27 July 2013

Best Bar on the Ormeau.

Submitted on 27 May 2013

greatly improved bar! beter weekend music and... flashy dance floor lights!!

Submitted on 18 November 2012

New nightspot opening on the top floor at beginning of August - Contenental - give it a try!! ;)

Submitted by karney on 26 July 2012

hope it's a decent place i hear a awesome local hip hop venue on 3rd february 2012...ILL MINDS

Submitted by deni on 15 January 2012

Been in this bar quite a few times :0) Good is great!!(price wise too) Roll on Halloween party in there on the 29th Oct.. cant wait !!

Submitted by Dizzy on 28 October 2011

Defo too many tv screens. I was in on Friday night and the DJ was blasting crap songs while 6 tv screens glared with golf on them.. rock n roll!!

Submitted on 11 July 2011

Never had a problem getting served at the bar, usually its just the nod for same again. Pool room on the top floor is great and the food has always been good anytime I've tried it. I'd particularly recommend the 2nd floor on a Sunday afternoon.

Submitted by Ryan on 28 June 2011

I prefer the pavillion to the neighbouring errigle as its full of real people and not the poncey crowd the other bar attracts. Have to agree with the comments about the staff, too busy chatting and pretending not to see you as you patiently wait dehydrating under the glare of the many, many tv screens all showing different sports matches. Nice beer and food though, so it aint all bad!

Submitted on 30 March 2011

garlic potatoes mmmmmmmmm

Submitted by saz on 19 February 2011

would be a great bar with decent staff, less televisions and a better dj..!

Submitted on 09 July 2010

If you have an IQ over 50 you will be disappointed. Seriously the bar is packed with saddo 40-50 years olds having school boy conversations about football. The staff are the worst I have ever experienced in any bar and the food terrible!! But I would recommend it to the type of person who thinks his opinion on who Man utd should next sign and thinks his opinions matter- knock yourself out there – there plenty to chat to.

Submitted on 21 April 2010

no need for invisibility cloaks in this bar, the staff pretend not to see you anyway!

Submitted on 04 March 2010

never again the men have no manners you think u just stepped into a time warp bad staff food could kill !!!

Submitted on 04 January 2010

Really good job on the renovations - looks great now!

Submitted on 06 February 2009

great bar if u're a fan of the ads on sky football as thats all you can hear when u're in..

Submitted on 03 January 2009

had a blast last night only bar in town 2 let u be u/self if holloween was a blast {as the norm ] CAN.T WAIT 4 XMAS

Submitted by barry on 01 November 2008

I like this bar although the staff on a sunday night need some serious customer service training!!.

Submitted by maz on 20 February 2008

luv dis bar!!! my place away from home!!! the pool room is great crack, is very friendly and does a mean steak!!! kick ass bar best on the road and one of the best in belfast deff!!! big up

Submitted by Dan Moynagh on 02 January 2008

This is the worst bar I have been in in a long time. Grotty, cliquish, with unhelpful staff and customers so freakish you may be forgiven for thinking you had walked into the cantina in Star Wars. Do not even think about taking your girlfriend here as these gentlemen look and act like they have not seen a woman in years. As for the food, just don't.

Submitted by John Martin on 24 July 2007

The owners keep messing with this place being overrun with loud TV's, dodgy disco in he bottom bar etc...A lot of regulars have shifted from here! Used to have best pint on the road but has gone down hill recently however still better than he Errigal a proper pub hopefully it'll be back to its best soon!

Submitted by jp on 15 May 2007

Great bar for food, sport and craic (well priced). The staff are very friendly and efficent.

Submitted by pj on 13 March 2007

Best pints of Guinness on the road. Always a great atmosphere for watching the footie.

Submitted on 05 January 2007

Just had lunch there today - had a baked potato with Chilli & my friend had the enchilladas - yum! Had to wait a while for the food, though it did look busy & was definately worth the wait. Would definately go back.

Submitted on 11 December 2006

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