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Robinsons is five venues in one, each very different so whatever you’re looking for you are sure to find it. The saloon bar can be found at street level and is a great meeting place, leading through to Fibber Magees, a spit and sawdust bar, packed to the rafters with old Irish artifacts and traditional musicians performing every night.
The basement floor is home to BT1, which boasts the funkiest unisex loos in the city, cosy curtained booths and stylish seating.
Upstairs you will discover Bistro where Lunch, Early Evening & Evening Menus are served daily. Finally Roxy Nightclub is situated on the top floor there DJs play dance anthems and retro favourites every Friday and Saturday night.

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38-42 Great Victoria Street
County Antrim
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Fantastic place to come for a warm welcome great laughs and entertainment and great food..

Submitted by Alana and Louise on 19th July 2011

The karaoke in BT1 is great.Ellie is a stunner.Shane does an excellent job and Paula knows how to keep the punters liqoured.

Great place for parties every friday

Submitted by Wills on 20th March 2011

myself and my daughter were struggling with suitcases going to the bus station across the road. too early for the bus we decided to have lunch but couldnt carry the cases any further. i left my daughter with cases and asked the doormen for help!one came with me to get cases and then carried them upstairs where we had a lovely inexpensive tasty lunch served by extremely pleasent staff. highly recommend on all counts.

special thanks to the excellent staff for all their help. this was june 2010.

lol i gave the girls 100% I was there!

Submitted by theresa on 2nd January 2011

I visited Robinsons a few times back in the 90's - and it was just a fantastic place - the people were great and I loved it - Go there its unique...Wonderful.

Submitted by Paul Sayce on 5th November 2010

Was in on Firday night at the Karoke in BT1 and had an awesome night. Got a free Conrona for Singing (as if i needed and exscuse) and it has an awesome atmosphere down there, Me and the gals had a briliant time

Submitted by Ellie on 18th October 2010

I used to study at the College of Business Studies which was behind Robinsons Bar back in 1980/1/2 and we were regulars in the old bar we had some fantastic days there unfortunately got into trouble on many occasion for missing classes but it didnt do me any harm as after studying business studies there i went on to work in finance in Guernsey and did very well for myself I now own my own bar, retaurant, pension in Spain thanks for the experience Robinsons

Submitted by Loranne Dean (Kane) on 24th September 2010

I used 2 lov the rock bar they had in the basement. Wen they closed it the management said it wuz because of 2 many fights. Wot a load of c--p if thats the case why is the top floor still open????????

Submitted by Wendy Mc Cay on 14th September 2010

We were there on last Thursday night, 3d of June before leaving Belfast. It was a great evening with live music and irish beer:) Met a nice guy who came from Southern Ireland that day with his brother and friends. They were drinking Jagermeister with RedBull:) and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to say goodbye, as was leaving in a hurry:( very sorry for that...

Submitted by tall girl on 7th June 2010

Whens the beautiful lyns workin again, what a lovely person

Submitted by R on 3rd June 2010

A stage party i was on went here for food on both nights we were in belfast, the food and service were top class and i would recomend the food to anybody a great choice for all tastes

Submitted by mickey on 12th May 2010

Just reading the reviews. My mate and I used to go the night club every Satuarday. It used to be great, great when it was where the resterant is now. Since then it had seemd to become a pisshole, It always seem to be sticky and couldn't bring your drink with you. I understand its incase you put illegals into it or hit someone, what if a bouncer wasn't watching and someone does? The old bouncers were brillant still see three of the old bouncers regularly. I haven't been there but the bouncers now all seem to look a bit like jerks only after looking at the girls not doing the job. The last time I was there there was a guy that should've been shown the door long ago was still there. The Guinness maybe good but the bar has went to hell. Tell me how much is it in now and how much are WKDS? I remember it was 3.00 for a drink of WKD and 5.00 in.

Submitted by Matthew on 7th April 2010

Guinness gorgeous,food fab!

Submitted by GAS on 31st January 2010

we went into the robinson bar on sat 18th july 2009 and it was brillant....there was a leak in the bar roof which caused mighty craic!!!! the craic was staff extremely friendly and efficient....we were part of a hen pary and ate upstairs....beautiful food, excellent service ...couldn't fault the place! well done! :)

Submitted by andrea murray portstewart on 20th July 2009

As I left the Europa hotel I followed a bevy of foxy minxes, after they hollered 'come over here big lad', at me and my buddies.We all headed into Robinson's Bt1 bar. This chic basement was absolutely rockin' with friendly smiley faces all around. The dj fairly had them bouncin' and swingin'.

Submitted on 31st May 2009

Went to Robinsons last Fri with friends from work we had a brilliant night. Guinness fantastic!

music even better,(Hyland Paddy) we danced all night .

Going back this Fri night!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Chris and the Gang on 19th March 2009

It's now an overpriced dump.

They have got rid off all the good staff and the good bands. Friday nights were great, then highland Paddy started. As for Thu and Sat nights, come on Blackstaff suck and are way too loud. Get shot of them please

Submitted by Ex local on 10th March 2009

Great food, friendly staff and good craic especially in Fibbers bar at the back, def be back:)

Submitted on 25th February 2009

Was in there on Saturday night and had a great time, friendly locals and good music means I will def be going back next time I'm over in Belfast just a shame it closed so early!

Submitted by Mark on 19th January 2009

went for a meal and not impressed by staff or management. the rest manager had her hair falling around her and it looked like it really needed a good wash!!!!! maybe she should get paid more. food not even satisfactory. not be back

Submitted by jenny on 15th January 2009

had x mas dinner the food was great. the entertainment was awful packed into the nite club like a herd of cattle couldnt get a drink at the bar couldnt move was a real health hazzard. the bouncers were very rude had to leave early will never be back

Submitted by fiona walsh on 15th December 2008

the lady manager doesnt have a clue at all how to run the restaurant. this place needs new management, new staff and new chefs. get that sorted and it would def be a place to be. Like did i not see the restaurant manager working in the lifeboat???

Submitted by rachael on 2nd December 2008

Been to the Bistro 3 times in the past 6months. At luchtime menu was good and so was service. Unfortunatley menu does not change much for the evening. Twice we went there in the evening food was just average, but the main reason I will not be back is the staff. Both times they have been positively rude and seem to panic if they have more than a few tables occupied time. They dont even give you time to sit down before they demand your drinks order and when taking food order can hardly give you the time of day. Prices are cheap enough but would advise going to one of the many restaurants in the area which may be a bit more expensive but staff more human!

Submitted by Annie on 12th November 2008

This place is brilliant i have been in Belfast twice and went back there both times for food and drinking i would defo recommend in for a brilliant weekend :):)

Submitted by Nicki on 26th May 2008

Has got WAY too expensive for what it provides. Recent comments here are correct. Has gone way down hill, they don't seem to try anymore 'cause they know the place is going to be busy anyhow. (Proximity of Hotels etc.)

Bouncers are out of order, think they own the place. Cause more trouble than they prevent, and are never there when something actually does kick off.

Shame - used to be one of Belfast's best bars.

Submitted by Used to be Regular on 3rd April 2008

need a credit card to have a drink in this bar.not be back,first and last time not be back.

Submitted by victor on 15th February 2008

Put out of the bar because i had a tattoo of my country.I was told it would offend other customers yet a group of people from the uk wearing emblems on there clothes were made more than welcome.It seems to me 1 rule for 1 and 1 for another.PS.I know now no tattoos are there policy but of what country "EIRE".Can"t wait to see how they stick to there policy on SAINT PATRICK"S DAY

Submitted by seamus on 13th February 2008

er who is the manager in the restaurant as this place is going down hill quickly and food was crap. also do the staff work in other bars in town too maybe if they concentrated on one bar they might do their job correctly

Submitted on 2nd February 2008

well i totally agree with tom's comment although i am friendly with the waiter in the bistro and talk to him everytime im in. the food is fantastic and good value, but there has been a change in menu, although i wasnt afraid to ask why, what i found out was that there is another new team of kitchen staff in and theyre now getting on their feet so expect the menu to be changing shortly... the waiting staff know exactly what they are doing and are extremely friendly and get you what you want; in my experiences there they know more than the management do!!!

Submitted by frequent girl visitor on 1st October 2007

Up until recently (say two months ago) the bistro used to serve a fantastic array of delicious and well presented dishes which kept us returning as regular customers. Then something changed, we presume chef/kitchen staff, but I'm now left regretting ever recommending it as an eatery (Ronald McDonald can sleep at night once again). Serious nose dive. Apologies if the kitchen arrangements haven't changed (perhaps theres a flavour/menu fast or something).

Submitted by Tom on 5th September 2007

Not what it used to be. It used to be great with some nice good friendly bouncers. The last time I was in there with friends the place was full of drunks who should've been thrown out by the bouncers. The old bouncers that were there before the current, never let this happen. Plus it should've never been moved to the top floor, that is what made it look and feel less of a place to be. I haven't been back since. Sorry but you can't get these regulars back. It has become a bad nightclub to go to now and it has been ruined by the people who took over the rains from the old bouncers of the old days. I don't blame the bar staff, I don't blame the management I only place the blame theose bouncers who let the druggies and losers in and drive the decent people away.

Submitted by Dave on 2nd September 2007

OMG, I was just charged �£7.30 for a double vodka and redbull...this is no bull! (scuse the pun) I recommend you avoid that particular drink! Unbelievable!

Submitted by Pete on 21st July 2007

nightclub on the top floor on a sat nite is a bit rough and the music extremely cheesy, however I thought that all the staff (bar staff and bouncers) were really friendly and there wasn't too long a wait

Submitted by ... on 17th July 2007

cannot thank the staff doormen and musicians enough for making this one of the most enjoyable places to go any night of the week

Submitted by margaret on 29th January 2007

If you are into rock music,avoid this place. But the beer is great, and that's all that matters!

Submitted by john on 13th December 2006

great place to be for a good nite out and a laugh with the girls, lots of very nice men offering to buy drinks, just go and let your hair down in fibbers and have a good time

Submitted on 25th August 2006

fibbers is the best! you are always sure to meet a handsome foriegner, drinking guinness! best place for a bit o proper slap yer thigh and diddley dee craic! beware of the old men, a tad fresh!

Submitted on 28th May 2006

lots of old weird crazy men in fibber s n a fri afternoon but the food is gd!

Submitted on 22nd November 2005

feels strange to go back thare but always a good place to meey old friends

Submitted by maureenhyland@optusnet,com,au on 3rd September 2005

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