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In this section you can find a List of all Venues held on the Belfast Bar website. Click on a venue name to go to the review. The list is ordered alphabetically.

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Listings Beginning with M

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Maddens   Maddens
Made In Belfast   Made In Belfast
Madisons   Madisons
Malmaison   Malmaison
Malone Lodge Hotel   Malone Lodge Hotel
Margot   Margot
Maverick   Maverick
McElhattons   McElhattons
McEnaney's   McEnaney's
McHughs   McHughs
McKenna's   McKenna's
McKenna's Bar   McKenna's Bar
McNairs Bar   McNairs Bar
Mertons   Mertons
Metro Bar   Metro Bar
Molly McGuires   Molly McGuires
Monico Bars   Monico Bars
Morrisons   Morrisons
Mountainview Tavern   Mountainview Tavern
Muldoons Bar   Muldoons Bar
Muriels   Muriels
My Ladys Inn   My Ladys Inn
The Menagerie   The Menagerie
The Mermaid Inn   The Mermaid Inn
The Morning Star   The Morning Star

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