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In this section you can find a List of all Venues held on the Belfast Bar website. Click on a venue name to go to the review. The list is ordered alphabetically.

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Listings Beginning with H

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H & W Welders FSC   H & W Welders FSC
Haymarket   Haymarket
HellCat Maggies   HellCat Maggies
Henrys   Henrys
Hercules   Hercules
Hilton Hotel   Hilton Hotel
Hoppy Dobbins   Hoppy Dobbins
Horatio Todd's   Horatio Todd's
The Harp Bar   The Harp Bar
The Hatfield House   The Hatfield House
The Hedgehog and Bucket   The Hedgehog and Bucket
The Hideout   The Hideout
The Hill Tavern   The Hill Tavern
The Hole in the Wall   The Hole in the Wall
The House   The House
The Hunting Lodge   The Hunting Lodge

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