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In this section you can find a List of all Venues held on the Belfast Bar website. Click on a venue name to go to the review. The list is ordered alphabetically.

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Listings Beginning with B

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Baltic   Baltic
Bankers Club   Bankers Club
Beechill Inns   Beechill Inns
Beehive   Beehive
Bellevue Arms   Bellevue Arms
Ben Madigans   Ben Madigans
Benedicts   Benedicts
Bergmans   Bergmans
Bert's Jazz Bar   Bert's Jazz Bar
Biddy Duffys   Biddy Duffys
Bittles Bar   Bittles Bar
Black Box   Black Box
Black's Bar   Black's Bar
Boombox   Boombox
Bootleggers   Bootleggers
Brennans Bar   Brennans Bar
Brewbot Belfast   Brewbot Belfast
Broken Shaker   Broken Shaker
Brownes Bar & Grill   Brownes Bar & Grill
Bureau Bar   Bureau Bar
The bar with no name   The bar with no name
The Barking Dog   The Barking Dog
The Bear and The Doll   The Bear and The Doll
The Belvoir   The Belvoir
The Berlin Arms   The Berlin Arms

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