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In this section you can find a List of Venues held on the Belfast Bar website, separated into Categories. Often there is now clear boundary between what a bar, pub club or wine bar is, therefore categories must be taken with a pinch of salt.

Category Definitions

Bar - An establishment where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter

Traditional Bar - An old bar without the frills, usually more business during daylight hours

Club - Usually pay a fee to enter and the opening hours will be later than others

Wine Bar - Food and drink under the same roof

Mixture - A bit of everything

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Alibi Alibi
Beehive Beehive
Bellevue Arms Bellevue Arms
Benedicts Benedicts
Black Box Black Box
Brownes Bar & Grill Brownes Bar & Grill
Citigolf Belfast Citigolf Belfast
Corrs Corner Corrs Corner
Crescent Arts Centre Crescent Arts Centre
Cutters Wharf Cutters Wharf
East East
Event Horizon Event Horizon
Horatio Todd's Horatio Todd's
Lansdowne Court Hotel Lansdowne Court Hotel
Laverys Laverys
Love And Death Love And Death
Madisons Madisons
McElhattons McElhattons
Mertons Mertons
Molly McGuires Molly McGuires
Northern Whig Northern Whig
Oasis Oasis
Oxford Exchange Oxford Exchange
Platform Platform
Pommeroys Pommeroys
Radisson SAS Hotel Radisson SAS Hotel
Renshaws Renshaws
Robinsons Robinsons
Santeria Belfast Santeria Belfast
Speranza Speranza
The Barking Dog The Barking Dog
The Chester Bar The Chester Bar
The Chimney Corner The Chimney Corner
The Dirty Duck The Dirty Duck
The Elk The Elk
The Fiddlers Inn The Fiddlers Inn
The Francis The Francis
The Great Eastern The Great Eastern
The Grove Tavern The Grove Tavern
The Jailhouse The Jailhouse
The Kings Head The Kings Head
The Menagerie The Menagerie
The Motte 'n' Bailey The Motte 'n' Bailey
The Old Mill The Old Mill
The Park Inn The Park Inn
The Point Bar Newtownards The Point Bar Newtownards
The Queens Inn The Queens Inn
The Rose & Crown The Rose & Crown
The Roughfort Inn The Roughfort Inn
The Spaniard The Spaniard
The Stokers Halt The Stokers Halt
The Suffolk Inn The Suffolk Inn
The Whitefort Bar and Restaurant The Whitefort Bar and Restaurant
Ulster Hall Ulster Hall
Ulster Sports Club Ulster Sports Club
Wellington Park Wellington Park

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