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Box has been designed to enable live music performances as well as DJ-based club nights, with a state of the art light and sound system, which is one of the most powerful used in Northern Ireland.

Bob Senior, managing director of Utopian Leisure, said: 'Box is a stunning venue and in a prime position as you come in to the Odyssey. It is only fitting that such a special venue has a few added extras. The fog screen is the first of its kind in Europe and there are lots more things that will surprise and make a night out in Box that little bit more exciting.'

Encompassing a special VIP room for selected guests, a chill out area and even two Classic VW Camper Vans modified for fun, Box promises to provide the best night out in Belfast.

Open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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The Odyssey
Queens Quay
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I've been to box before and it was a great night out, music was good however drinks were a bit pricey but it is really big and clean which I liked and good mixture of people!

The second time I went however, I got turned away, even though I was 18 (believe me I genuinely was!) at the time and offered to show my bank card as well as my driving license,but the bouncer was having none of it which was kinda frustrating!

Bouncers were very rude about it, wouldn't even let me speak, before shoving me out of the way and similar happened to other people who were 18 both in front and behind me in the line.

Kinda disappointing and embarrassing, so doubt I'll be heading there again any time soon until the bouncers learn to treat people with a bit more respect. But In their defense I'd been told by many people, that it was probably the unfriendliest club in Belfast and that the bouncers seemed to get a kick out of turning people away, so shouldn't have expected otherwise. However I know people who love 90s Tuesdays there, apparently its unreal.

Submitted on 29th December 2015

The bouncers are terrible! no respect for people what so ever so rude i would not recommend the box! my opinion!

Submitted by Lewis on 26th December 2015

Lol at the reviews here? All the bad ones are people who've been turned away.

I'm a bit of a regular to box, going usually once a week, occasionally once every two weeks. There have never been any fights or aggressive behaviour inside box or the odyssey. They have a specialist service to help those drunk, sick, etc. (The SoS bus outside the odyssey). The drinks are NOT watered down whoever said that? You can see them break the seal on the Vodka when they run out, and they just out it straight into your glass, if its too watery for your taste drink it before the ice melts or ask for the drink without ice!

The Bouncers have only ever turned away friends of mine who were under 18, all those 18 have always got in. The main VIP area isn't that much better tbf, its Â�£8 instead of the usual Â�£6 (Â�£7 after 11)entry, but My House is supposedly great, it's much more exclusive you need to be a member and literally apply haha, but there are apparently great benefits to doing so!

The Music is the same as any club, it's remixed by the DJs there, don't pretend Ollies, Thompsons, Evissa, MClub, El D or wherever you go isn't. Limelight's much has a variety of genres, but again the dance floor is mixed by the DJs.

Submitted on 2nd March 2014

How much is in on a saturady night? And much is V.I.P?

Submitted on 17th January 2013

Box nightclub is possibly the most unfriendly, unwelcoming and over-rated nightclub in belfast. I am a big fan of the nightlife in belfast and after an evening of getting ready for a well-anticipated night out with my friends from work we headed to the odyssey. I was wearing my favourite denim playsuit matched with red lipstick and heels. We were greeted with a long queue of young boys and girls. After waiting for about 20 minutes, we finally reached the front of the queue. The bouncer who I approached (a bald guy aged about 50) gave me no more than a glance before ushering me sideways and out of the queue with the patronising words "not tonight love". I asked politely if he would like to see my ID. He, without looking at me, said "no." and when I asked for an explanation he said "I don't have one. You are just not getting in". " I had not yet had a drink at this stage so this could not explain his rudeness. He left me feeling pretty be-littled and helpless. I would recommend mandella hall, stiff kitten or ollies where you can always count on receiving a warm and friendly welcome followed by a brilliant night!

Submitted by Jenny on 19th November 2012

Box is the biggest and the best club in Belfast, it accepts individuality no matter what as long as you look respectable, there are no tattoo rules, cheapest place to go on a saturday night but still upholds its venue as a classy, fun all rounded club..does belfast's nightlife proud!!!

Submitted by Joanne on 13th August 2012

I honestly don't understand the big deal is about this place. I have went twice, both on Tuesday nights which I think are the most popular nights for students, and they were the two most single worst nights out I've ever had. So bad, I feel the need to write this review to vent my feelings. Both times I went I had to wait in a line so long that whatever alcohol that was in my system had been broken down before I got anywhere near the doors, in my eyes a complete waste of a carry out. All made worse by 20 people who were behind us cutting in front of us. Inside wasn't much better. After having apparently completely metabolising mu carry out I thought I would take advantage of the 90p drinks offers by treating myself to a shot or six, after an infuriating 20 minute wait at the bar of course. I now see how the drinks can be 90p, a size 10 girl who has already had several vodkas and half a pitcher of long island ice tea should not be fine after six shots. In other words, the drinks are obviously watered down. I then proceeded to the smoking area, an area where, no matter where I am, can always strike up some good-natured shite talk with my fellow night clubbers. However nobody even makes eye contact with you in this smoking area. People, particularly the girls walk around the club like they own the place and probably wouldn't think twice about pushing you off a cliff if it meant they could get to the bar that little bit quicker. All in all, I've never encountered such souless people and a place so devoid of craic in my life.

Submitted by Claire on 6th July 2012

Ive been clubbing in some of the best clubs in Europe and America. Come on "Box", why all the rules and pretention. You are vauxhall conference in the world of clubbing. Get over yourselves and go check out some good venues with good approaches to clients. Im just glad i run my own business with more respect for customers.

All the best.

Submitted by terry tibbs on 20th June 2012

The most pretentious club in Belfast - too good to play the actual versions of chart music, the djs think they have one up with their shit remixes. The door men honestly shouldnt even have SIA licences because they turn people away and kick them out for ridiculous reasons (I've never been turned away or kicked out, so this isn't because I have a vendetta against them). Bar staff are RUDE and the punters are so full of themselves. STAY AWAY FROM BOX IF YOU WANNA HAVE A GOOD NIGHT

Submitted on 20th June 2012

The only time i would go to box is when the people im with drag me, and i hate when the door men turn people away for no good reason, i usually get in but its always packed rude staff, like i had 3 drinks and went up to get another waited for 15-20 mins watching the bar man serve all the girls (even tho i was there before them) then hes says i cant serve you for some strange reason and i refused to go away and he eventually served me with such a dirty look on his face, thank god i left to go to Thompsons the staff there are legends like, Box= terrible!!

Submitted by paddy j on 7th June 2012

avoid this place bouncers are rude an unfair not tonite girls by just looking at you its not very nice travelling 40 miles to get turned away there a joke

Submitted by lucy on 2nd April 2012

By the way, I forgot to mention...

for the people on this who have said stuff like this "you didn't get it, take a hint!" or that "the beach club would love to have you". If you were in the same position as the person who was turned away, you certainly would be singing a different tune.. If you had sense AVOID this place like the plague!

Submitted by Anon on 10th March 2012

Never will I go back to this place again..

My friends and I live about 30 miles away from Belfast and we decided to head down to the box for the first time. When we got into the queue about 9.45pm, two of my friends got in and I was refused entry with the famous saying "not tonight love". I am also 19 and have a real driving licence that I used for my ID, but still no entry. Yes I can understand that they are trying to keep out people like chavs and people who don't make an effort, I personally don't think this is fair, how do they have the right to judge someone based on their appearance?. Its a nightclub in belfast not L.A!! Its seems that if you fit into the stereotype of being stick thin, long blonde/brown hair and dresses like a tart or the guys hollister loving spice boys, then you will be allowed in. Since I was refused entry without no reason, my friend and I were forced to wait around Belfast in the freezing cold for about 4 or 5 hours for our taxi to pick us up. This club really needs to sack their bouncers as they are rude and will look you up and down to see if you fit their "criteria" and escape this ideology about being a posh nightclub. NEVER will I go back to this shamble of a nightclub where bouncers think they have the right to knock your confidence when they are not good looking themselves.. Go out clubbing elsewhere instead of giving your money to these bundle of assholes!

Submitted by Anon on 9th March 2012

Brilliant club, would recommend it to anyone! Personally I've never been turned away but I have seen others been turned away. However anyone I've seen has been rowdy or too drunk which I think is a valid reason to turn people away. In BOX I've never seen people fighting, people falling over embarrassing themselves etc so I think the policy the door staff have is a good one. Easy to get a drink as there are many bars and drinks are quite cheap. Music is good and there's a variety as there are two floors. Two VIP areas, I've been in both and they're both fantastic with very friendly helpful staff. I'd recommend people to go on a thursday night as they have recently launched "Koosday" which is a great night! Overall a brilliant club, my favorite in Belfast!!

Submitted by Anon on 7th March 2012

For my 18th birthday, I tried to attend Box Last night. There was four of us who were all blonde and dressed well, all being 18, we still got turned away, got told 'not tonight ladies' whilst 2 underage people beside us got in (who were not blonde). We then demanded a reason, as we were not drunk, chavvy, rowdy or underage, however they refused to give us a reason and we then asked for the manager which they also refused. They opened up the rope and asked us to leave the queue, this made us feel like idiots and that we weren't good enough, even though we legally have a right to be there. We automatically thought because we were 18 we would get in, however this is not the case. You are not guaranteed to get in as the Bouncers are a joke and just pick and choose whoever they like the look of. They didn't realise how much effort we had gone to get there and how much we had paid for taxis. It was an absolute joke. Ruined the night we were looking forward to for ages. Would not recommend Box to anyone as the Doorstaff are ridiculously arrogant and turn you away for no valid reason, this is probably something discriminatory about your appearance which they could get sued for and so do not say. Whenever there is a massive queue, and you're of a legal age, you're still not guaranteed to get in, most probably they will let in the underage ones instead of you. This is made my friends and i think twice about going to Box again. We had been once before and had no problems, however the customer service was to a VERY poor standard last night and i'm sure that is not the only night.

Submitted on 29th January 2012

The door staff at box are so rude and obnoxious! A few of my friends were nearly turned away at the door after the bouncers checked their IDs (which were all valid, because we are 19) and the bouncers said "this is clearly not your ID, looks nothing like you" Even though they had more than one photographic ID! Ridiculous! The club itself plays crap remixes of crap chart music and even though the drinks are a good price, they're obviously watered down.

Submitted on 28th January 2012

-*/**Box is a very enjoyable night once it gets going

most people are friendly and it is a big enough place that you can avoid people if nessasery

Submitted on 20th January 2012


(I get in I still think it's pathetic though)

Submitted on 13th January 2012

Very pretentious place with terrible remixes of terrible chart music, you'll likely hear the same song 3 times that night, the drink promotions are good, the people who go are shit, to be honest every club in the odyssey is terrible. The Box is the best of a bad bunch, I don't know how people get knocked back though, I get in with heavy metal t-shirts and a full grown beard lol

Submitted on 1st January 2012

great on a saturday night but still a really young crowd, like under 18 young. If you're really good looking you can usually bunk the queue, it is unfair that they turn away older and less atrractive people. I've seen it happen to a group of girls and the bouncers then proceeded to let in a group of naked 16 year olds. Still a good night thought!

Submitted on 31st December 2011

Have been to box 6 times and have never had a bad night or been turned away. I can't speak for anyone who has been knocked back because I've never seen it happen, but all I can say is to get in make sure you look the part and try getting there early when it opens at 9 to try guarantee getting in because I've heard Box are known for knocking people back. In my opinion, Box is the best club in Belfast, at least the bouncers stop people who look like trouble from getting in and ruining a night for people.

Submitted by JS on 31st December 2011

AVIOD, AVIOD. This place is horrible, Mangement has no respect for there customers and only see you as a pound sign. Was here on saturday night i see the door staff dump a very drunk girl out the fire doors from the 1st floor and walk straight back into the club not caring about what could happen to her i rised this to there PR manager who hold me i DONT care she shouldnt have got that drunk in the first place. What a disgrace, Box hing you heads in shame.

Submitted by James on 22nd August 2011

Seriously such a terrible club, I put off going to Box for a good while because I'd heard bad things about it, when I finally did give it a go, all the bad things I'd heard were confirmed, it is so packed you can't move and there seemed to be no air conditioning on, there was lots of people who looked about 13/14, running about spilling drinks, screaming and shouting as loud as they can. The majority of people here are pretentious boys and girls, with all the boys dressed in head to toe Holllister. The drinks are overpriced and the staff are just okay at their work. The bouncers also need to get off their high horses and wise up.

Submitted on 31st July 2011

Ive been too box a good few times and never been turned away.. I wouldnt say im stuck up either as people always claim people are who go to box.. I go to box beach m club parlour stiff kitten kremlin.. I go to a whole mix of clubs and i think box is one of the best .. I think the bouncers are reasonably fair, of course they are going to look you up and down to see how you look and most clubs let you in based on what your wearing.. You have to be well dressed to go to any club! .. So overall i think box is great.. There fruit boxes are great! .. Box saturdays Beach sundays! x

Submitted on 25th July 2011

Amazing nights out here every weekend. Anyone saying the Beach club is better is talking bull it's really not.

Submitted on 27th May 2011

I can see why a lot of people don't like Box Nightclub as it does knock back a lot of people and bouncers can be rude. The reason for this is so that it upholds its persona as a great nightclub and nobody wants to be a bouncers best friend on a night out. Anytime I have been to Box I have had a great night. I love their cocktails for only �£3 and the music is great if your into RnB or chart. Downstairs is great and you even sometimes see a few dance offs between customers. The toilets can be messy at times but there is floor staff that try to clean up the mess. It is a busy club so I would advise people to be there around 10pm and to dress to impress. For girls they shouldn't cake on tan or make up and for guys they tend not to let large crowds in so spread yourself out. Overall I recommend box to anyone who wants a night out in belfast with good music and tasty drinks.

Submitted by Sophie on 23rd May 2011

went a couple of weeks ago , got in ok but found the bouncers very rude , one spilled over half my drink over me as he was rushin past and as i pointed it out he was going to ask me to leave when it was clearly his fault .... other than that it was a good nite

Submitted by annoymous on 18th May 2011

and i also think that everygirl they let in looks more or les th same , and th fellas are practically identical .. so if ya dont wanta see th same bores out everynight dont go there .. and th bouncers themselves have absaloutely no right to look anyone up in dwn after considerin themselves, because yeez arent much to be lookin at yersels

Submitted by annoymous on 4th April 2011

I agree with the comment below sometimes the bouncers do look u up and down like your not even worth there time which is a horrible thing to do, Unless ur daddys little girl out spending his money its NOT your sort off place.

Submitted on 21st March 2011

definetly would not reccomend this nightclub , as me a friends went lastnight and got refused fo no reason , and they look you up and down looking discusted .. THE BEACH was the best , very fiendly !

Submitted by annonamous on 20th March 2011

Great spot for a good nite out. Been countless times, never turned, even when I was a bit worse for wear. Only downside is that on big nights(Halloween, NYE etc.) the line to get in is right out the back doors of the odyssey.

Long island ice teas and fruit box's for the win !!

Submitted on 3rd March 2011

Been here a few times, and it's always been a great night out. Door staff were nice, which i wasnt expecting as so many people had said they turn you away without any reason. Music was good and the staff were lovely. as for the layout and style... Top Quality. have to admit. was pretty impressed!

Submitted by :) on 28th February 2011

Box is brilliant for a night out, and ive never seen anybody knocked back without good reason.

Submitted by Andrew on 17th February 2011

been here a few tyms and i neva got refused but i must say that i am not a big fan myself but its still a gud place for a girlie nyt out

Submitted by sarah on 7th February 2011

Went to the box for my 21st i had V.I.P for 7 of my friends 8 including me. We went up they told 2 of my friends they werent getting in becasue they were drunk. Might i add that these two friends were 23 years old and wearing dresses really looked well apart from they are a bit on the heavy side. this place is a disgrace oh and the people who go that arnt even 18 is unreal!

Submitted by Why even go to the box? on 19th January 2011

Used to love the BOX. Howvever, spent ages getting ready on Saturday night, was wearing a nice mini dress and all of my mates looked presentable. Stood in the queue for ages only to be told 'sorry not tonight' when we asked why all he could say was 'you do know ive the right to refuse admission' and wouldn't give us a proper reason and then he tried to tell us they do not accept driving licences as a appropriate form of I.D .. what a joke!

Submitted by Mel on 11th January 2011

Box is definitely the best club in Belfast. I think their no effort, no entry policy is excellent. I dont want to spend along time getting ready to end up looking at someone who has just rolled out of bed. The bouncers do an excellent job, and no one will get turned away for no reason. Yes Box do typically let in a good looking crowd, but that is one of the reasons why it the best club. They can afford to turn away as many people as they want. So if your a chav, or a milly or you just havent bothered making an effort.. try beach club. They take anyone :)

Submitted by Nat on 29th December 2010

My mates and i used to love it as we went nearly every week over the summer, but were hardly ever there now as theres far too high a risk of getting turned away for nothing. Also theres a lot of underage school kids on a saturday night, so in truth somewhere closer to the centre of town is a better bet for a decent night out.

Submitted on 17th December 2010

Yeah i agree the red coats inside r great.. one with the spikie hair was lovely to me and my friend when we got kicked out of the box for bein a bit to drunk.. So i think there fab

Submitted by michelle on 10th December 2010


My girlfriend and i are gay and sometimes would get abuse just because of the way i look...We have been to Box several times, LOVE it!

We can have a HASSLE FREE night...which is SO RARE.

The bouncers are obviously doin a really good job at keeping ignorant people no one has even given us a second glance let alone say anything abusive or intrusive.

So for the mean time im so glad to say that box is really the best club in Belfast!!!! :D :D

I cant stress enough how rare it is for us to have a hassle free night....someone is doing a great job!!!!

Submitted by char ;) on 2nd December 2010

Box is the best place in Belfast, if you dont get in, i doubt its for no reason, bouncers are trained to see trouble makers or people who have had to much to drink, there just doing there job! every night in BOX is an amaing night!!!

Submitted by Chris Bishop on 26th November 2010

Went on halloween night, I Absolutely Love Box, it is the bestest club everrrr,,, I will definately be goin more often:d its sooo sooo good:D Bouncers are awesome especially the tall tan dark haired one at the door, he helped me from getting beat up...thankyou:D

Submitted by Adam Newberry on 4th November 2010

The box might look sophisticated and stylish from the outside, as well as the decor inside. But thats the only positive I can think of, I like the way Box takes their strict stance on ID, but jeez they should recognise within an instant whether its real or not. Stood with 20 people waiting outside with Passport, then showed them my bak card, then ran to car for drivers liscense, got inside to be greeted by the most rudest floor staff ever, i ddnt know where the cloak room was, and got told rather bluntly, up the stairs, you 'l find it yourself" then bar staff ddnt even know the price of their own drinks, usin wrong measurements, jeez not going again!!!

Submitted by Fresher 2010 on 29th October 2010

yeah i like the red coats, they get the hardest job.bouncers shove ppl out who are drunk and fighting and those poor ppl have to deal with it.

Submitted on 28th October 2010

I've only ever been to the Box 3 times, have to say i was very impressed with it. The decor is amazing, music is good, and the bar staff are really friendly! The door staff on the other hand, aren't so friendly, they do seem to turn quite alot of people away and i'm not sure why exactly. Was very lucky to get in the last time i went there, as the bouncer didn't seem to believe my ID even though it is 100% real (passport) and i'm 19. Luckily enough i had my driving licence too and a few bank cards so i got in ok. Be warned though, do not come to it without ID, my 26 year old cousin didn't get in because of it! And they do seem to have a dress code, just don't wear any hoodies, trainers, chavvy clothes and you should be fine.

Submitted by Sarah on 23rd October 2010

Does anyone else like the red coats from the odyssey?

Submitted on 15th October 2010

thanx God for new club "Precious" on ground floor beside Box. Much more welcoming. Box was good but now always problems with getting in with no reason... Don't like it any more

Submitted by marita on 8th October 2010

went box with my uni class night out on monday! The new downstairs is wow! cool as! great night out for a change!boogied all nite xo

Submitted by Boxette on 8th October 2010

To the person how wrote about not allowed to wear cat/timberland boots theres know nightclub in belfast that would let you in with boots on unless its a dump and cant turn people away.

Submitted on 6th October 2010

The Box needs to be careful with young people,letting them queque up then turning them away like scum. Do they not relaise they are damaging there self esteem? Would they like there families to be treated this way? If anyone is planning a special night out, be careful your night could be totally ruined, and you could end up feeling like you are not good enough to get into The Box if you are turned away by the heartless bouncers.

Submitted by angry on 3rd October 2010

I have been going to Box with the same friends since it opened and have literally been hundreds of times. So last night we headed to BOX again, we qued up and got told "not tonight ladies " by the same two bouncers that always ask for our I.D and always let us in. They opened the rope and told us to get out of the que. It was so embarassing. Since the club got done up again it seems that the customers who used to pay in nearly every Thursday and Saturday aren't welcome anymore unless you are a stick thin blonde with a short dress or skirt on. I think the BOX really needs to rethink their door policy. They are obviously just letting people in based on their appearanc since they refuse to give a reason. It's funny because the bouncers on the door look like they've been ran over by a bus then the bus reversed over them again!!! I wont be letting this go and really think this new door policy will be the downfall of BOX's reputation.

Submitted on 3rd October 2010

look if you dont put in an effort you wont get in best club in belfasr imo easy

Submitted on 28th September 2010

Complete disappointment. Got turned down for no reason. Wont ever be going back

Submitted by anonymous on 5th September 2010

The box was a disappointment, got turned away lastnite, reason was too casual, watever,!!!!all females wearing skirts/dresses, no males allowed cat/timberland boots, but allowed others in the queue wearing the same in. bouncers are a joke!!!!!

Submitted on 8th August 2010

I love the place. Never had any issues with the door staff apart from one moron who had apparently never seen an electoral role card before, he was corrected by the head bouncer though and the problem was sorted. Drinks are cheap, music is okay, pretty sure the dj's play the same songs about 5 times though, also it's nicely decorated and isn't too warm. Had one barman who was awesome, we asked him his favourite mixes and we sat there for about 2 hours with him making his favourite drinks for us, really cool. If you moan about not getting in, chances are you look like a chav, i.e really short hair, wearing anything branded with lacoste and henley's or have some kind of jewellery on display. Obviously that applies to guys, I've never seen a girl being turned away before, apart from Hen parties.

Submitted by Alex on 4th August 2010

Bouncers are great if u wearin next 2 nothin r ur skirts up ur arse. Whole place is a dive! Good nite if u go with the right people

Submitted on 4th August 2010

I haven't had a problem with Box allowing me in or rude members of staff. Every time I go, the reason for leaving is nothing to do with the club; its the long drive home.

My only complaint is that you can't get through to them on the phone and that I had emailed about VIP for my birthday and never received one back.

Submitted by J K on 22nd July 2010

The box is a massive disappointment. the bouncers are a joke. they treated me and everyone of my friends as if we were thugs or crimminals. just to clarify - we were all dressed well, wearing suits etc. as to why they did not let us in I will never know - The bouncers simply said to each of us that they did not have to give any of us a reason as to why they refused us entry. It was very disappointing as it was for a friends 25th birthday. all of us were over 18. I have heard alot of people making similar complaints to myself and will not be attempting to attend again to this dive. After taking a look at each of our I.D's they imediately refused us entry. what a joke!

Submitted by Bass man on 1st July 2010

Went for a friends 18th birthday, as we were told it was the best place to go. I was the eldest in our group, with a difference of two years between me and the youngest (I was 20 at the time)...and of course I was the only one they were'nt going to let in. And the reason they were not going to let me in was because supposidly my ID was fake, so I spent 5 minutes trying to find another form of ID thankfully this worked. At the bar, the barmen were quite rude, and they gave us the wrong drinks about 5 times. Almost all the people in the place were girls (who resembled prostitutes) trying to find people to get off with. The guy in the toilet handling out the paper towels was probably the best part of the night cause because he was funny and you were able to have a laugh with him. Don't think I would be rushing there anytime soon, unless I feel like having good service in the toilet.

Submitted by J on 1st July 2010

I go to BOX bout 4 times each month normally a Saturday or Thursday night

Submitted by Tasha on 12th June 2010

Box was the worst night out I could have had. Doormen were rude as hell, refusing to let my friend in and left her standing on her own for a good 20 mins until eventually we convinced them. Bar was okay, i wasn't drinking but the guy who served my friends was nice and friendly. The boys are completely sleazy and I don't think we got left alone for 10 mins the whole night. VIP was okay, but everyone thought they were something. Got bored about 12.30 and decided to go home. Asked the doormen if there were any pay phones about and they told me I was too blocked and they weren't going to help me (again, I wasn't even drinking), so ended up having to walk into town to order a taxi on my own. Was not impressed at all with Box and I don't understand all the hype surrounding it.

Submitted by B on 6th June 2010

Lets just say I'll be lodging a complaint !! Went out for my birthday and the box was recommended a good place to go. Huh they were VERY wrong on that. We were dressed as sailors, arrived at 9pm and were made to form a que to get in. Whilst we were waiting we explained to the bouncers we had more people coming (did I mention they need to learn how to smile). After paying �£5 in when my other friends arrived and the door man knew they were with us they still didn't get in (not as if the place was packed, it was empty giving it was only 9:45pm. If your not a poser you won't fit in !! I won't be back EVER!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Laura Dickson on 6th June 2010

To Stephen Le Mar, grow up. Jus cuz a girl is overweight doesnt mean she cant go out and have a good night out too. Box is amazing, apart from when idiots like him are there.

Submitted by R on 3rd June 2010

the place is a hole, filled with Kids a friend was turned away coz he had a shaved head. The clubs in the Odyssey are poor only one place worth going to is the sports bar. I'm only 23 I shouldn't feel like this in a bar!

Submitted on 8th May 2010

i went to the box for the first tym for my friends birthday and it was amazing loved every minute of it the prices are reasonable, your not cramed into a small space as it really big inside unlike the beach club, the staff are really friendly, the bouncers are really nice. overall it made my nite loved it.

Submitted by Sarah on 29th April 2010

ive been a few times lve the music tho gona go on sat with a hen nite hope we all get in, wat u think??

Submitted by gg on 26th April 2010

hi i really wana go to box 4 my bday but lotsa my mates r more like limelight n all people.. im worried il go and the boucners will say no to the people i most want there??

Submitted on 26th April 2010

Went for the first time on my friends birthday. Beforehand i was nervous about getting in and also about the kind of people that go there because they reject a lot of people from what i heard from people, but it was a really good night, all of my friends got in and the bouncers were dead on. The barmen were a bit grumpy but the bargirls were really dead on. Loved Box going back at the end of the month again.

Submitted by P.S. on 9th April 2010

Go to box all the time - absolutely love it! Bouncers are really friendly, and drinks a fair price! Best place to go in town in my opinion!

Submitted on 7th April 2010

Went to the box on thurs night and loved it. Bouncers were all dead on and i found most of the bar staff were lovely. My three friends got in no problem and one of them is a size fourteen, the only people I saw turned away looked underage. Great Night! Il defo go again x

Submitted by emma on 2nd April 2010

The box is a good nightclub however the girls are predominantly scummy tarts who really should slap of the fake tan and really should cut down on the burger as many of them are fat and why do they think they are good looking.(only smarties have the answer) The guys can be 50 50 skummy or to indie for somes taste. Drink prices are rocken though and to really enjoy yourself you need to be proper wrote of

Submitted by Stephen Le Mar on 31st March 2010

zajebiscie bylo ;DD we had in belfast really nice time, but box was of the best things there ;D awsome boys, nice music. i love u zilvinas hahahah

Submitted by Nataliax2 Lincoln on 19th March 2010

Never had a bad night in box, went on the opening night have been going ever since, despite minor changes in crowd which is bound to happen.

Drinks are some of the cheapest around especially on a saturday night, music is hit and miss occasionally but the djs hit a good tune more than often.

I go out to enjoy a night with my friends and that is what i do, dont spend time checking out the club n inspecting every detail.

Never been turned away but as with all licensed premises, management reserve the right to refuse admission and is at their discretion that they provide a reason, so dont give of if you dont get in, better luck next time.


Submitted by CC on 5th March 2010

Absolutely love the place! Especially on a Sat night! The bouncers can be abit intimidating sometimes and can refuse people for stupid reasons but they're normally quite nice and alot better than the bouncers at Beach who only ever perv over girls :( The prices and service are alot better than most places too and the friendliness of people make it an even better place to be :)

Submitted by Dude :) on 5th March 2010

too jjb i have tired 9 times since ive been 18 an only got in once and as you said dress well still don,t get in. :(

Submitted by Pg on 27th February 2010

I've been into the Box on a number of occasions. The place is really good and the music is fairly acceptable too. The one thing I dont get is that when I went last week, I had dressed the part and for no reason I wasnt allowed in. The bouncers said "The management have the right to refuse admission." Terrible service that night, Put me off the place entirely.

Submitted by JJB on 17th February 2010

Box is touch and go and it is redic the way the bouncers treat people. I am 22 and have been going to the box since it opened and have never been turned away..I went a couple of weeks back with my sister and it was a black and white party. Two of my friends both 18 where already in the box but when me and my sister both well dressed tried to get in we were turned away. my sister is 27 but looks young. We walked away quitely to try and contact our friends inside, the bouncers stood wispering. I was sober and could not justify the bouncers reasons for turning us away. I then asked one of the bouncers why we had been turned away, he simply answered we do not have to provide you with a reason for not letting you into the premises!!! it was like talking to a police man!! Just think this is hectic. I wouldnt be in a hurry back to the box after this incident as it was degrading and after spending 2.5 hours getting ready to go out and 15pounds later on taxis i ended up back in the house because i was in a humour and could not have been bothered going anywhere else!! total let down as this club gets bigged up to be best club in chance

Submitted by Dee on 15th February 2010

box is awsome DJ's are great and i recomend it to every one peace!!!

jon boi is my idol

Submitted by anto on 7th February 2010

If there was any justice in the world the Box would be closed down for crimes against music! You can set your watch by the DJ's music - same old rubbish every week!

Submitted on 6th February 2010

Toilets were VERY dirty, drink overpriced, and bouncers keep you waiting over an hour to get in! Not a good place for a nite out. Take your money elsewhere!

Submitted by Michael on 31st January 2010

BOX ROX :D love it here always have a good night out no matter what :) drinks are cheap and although its busy all the time its a good atmosphere :) bouncers are nice and would have a wee chat with you just some of the people who work there think they're brilliant but as for that its amazingg :) going tomo night and cant wait :D love itttt!

Submitted by nikki on 27th January 2010

I actually love this place it is Awsome....More slipknot would go down well though.. I have to keep tellin everyone that it is wick, because i thought that before i even went to it, but i was wrong, but cant go back on my word. Yous guys are all doin great work at BOX and i love yas all ...lyl box rox peace.

Submitted by Nathan Mcdowel on 27th January 2010

i used to hate box because it was too full of posers and pretentious twats but, thankfully, most of them have gone to rain now... toilets werent great to be honest but the queue moved pretty quickly and the bouncers werent bad at all... i was 16 in my id picture and had short hair and now im 19 with an afro but they still let me in lol... have to say as well, the afro works wonders with the girls lol... would certainly go back and the bar staff are friendly and quick enough too

Submitted by kev on 19th January 2010

The staff think they are something from the hill's or major celebritys loooooooooooooooooooooool!!!! You are just working for a nightclub people behave and calm down!!

Submitted by English Kelly on 19th January 2010

I love box, its a great night out, really like going out with the wee WCB crew, yehaaaaaaaaa, you know who you all are! Love yas all da bits! Really love the bouncers on the door, great craic with them and they always let us in, never a problem, they even let my mum in one night even tho she is the worlds tallest woman

Submitted by Amy Gray on 8th January 2010

I can't wait to party here tomorrow. yay! i love partying with my friend. we always try to pull girls, and never get any! :- ( sad times... cya'll there tomorrow guys!!

Submitted by Viktor Crothers on 8th January 2010

Going here tomorrow for my 18th, absoloutely cant wait as i love a good night out and i hear box is the best in town. Roll on tomorrow night see you all there :)

Submitted by Aaron Brunt on 8th January 2010

Box Rox :)

LOVE it! Bouncers are always lovely, there at least twice a week, drink promos are good!

Great night out!

Submitted by Jemma on 2nd January 2010

Limited number still available from Box reception until 5pm today.

Gonna be the biggest party in Belfast :)

Submitted by Ella on 31st December 2009

Anyone know if new years eve tickets are still available for tomorrow night at the box?? if so where do i purchase them from?

Cheers !

Submitted by Cazaa on 30th December 2009

people that come on here and bash box are obviously ugly or didnt get in. ive never gotten turned away and every night i have there is amazing :) never been bad mouthed by a bouncer and as long as youre as cocky as they are youll be sweet :) love box...they give the best nights out.

Submitted by Jay on 30th December 2009

great nightclub if you love your cheesy chart music, spice boys and barbie girls! although the door staff are a nasty peice of work, bouncers are so rude and aggressive and pass remarkable and the front of the house girls... wel lets just say they didnt get there jobs for personalities never mind looks!

Submitted on 28th December 2009

The Boxs' etiquette, if your between 18-24, wear fake tan, both guys and girls, wear heavy make-up, both guys and girls, think you're a fashionista and are so into your looks you can't pass a mirror, then this is the club for you. You know the type, they look down their nose at everyone, selfish, spoilt and pass remarkable. I preferred when it was Precious, it was a much more welcoming club and darn sight easier to get in, instead you have 4-500 clones bouncing about like a bunch of unruly school kids. They need to remember this is Belfast and not L.A., i certainly didn't vote highly for this club and i doubt the thousands of others that the bouncers and staff have alienated will either, the old phrase 'don't sh*t on your own doorstep' springs to mind.

Submitted by Paddy on 27th December 2009

i feel sorry for you girls who get turned away! im 20 and a size 18! i have NEVER been turned away. and no i dont go half naked! been there on all different nights and occasions and have had a great time! the ouncers are always nice and friendly and i always get served reasonably fast. absolutely great night! is a good night out anytime! love box! goin this friday woop woop! lol

Submitted by kitty from rathcoole! on 16th December 2009

club of the year my ass .. the doormen r always grumps the bar staffs r grumps especially in the bar downstairs! The reception girls are probably the only alrigh people who can manage a smile!! Drinks r cheap and the people who go look cheap!! But the plus side is the music its probably the only good thing i think there drinks are watered down aswell liik. A decent night out but i would never dream of calling it club of the year!! So theyl have no luck for winning that!

Submitted by Moe on 8th December 2009

went on sat night for first time.. had a really good night.. music is like loads of top 40, good to dance to. drinks are good prices too.

Submitted by anja on 7th December 2009

I went for the first time last night and to be honest, it was nowhere near as bad as I expected(I didn't think I'd get in but they took a look at my ID and handed it back). It was a headphone disco on the bottom floor which was actually class because you had half the room singing to somethin really cheesy and the other half singing somethin else. I was driving, so I wasn't drinkin, but the queue at the bar was mad! Went upstairs for a wee bit and thought it was MASSIVE, SO many different bits to it. I think I'd go back but for a proper night out, not a dry night out lol

Submitted on 8th October 2009

The door staff really ruin the night. Never been kicked out but they're never decent, especially the blonde and the dark hair girls with the clipboards. Thought front of house girls are meant to be at least eye candy if not pleasant? lol. But insides nice is what it is.

But seriously yes I'd rather just go to Rain now..

Submitted by Rich on 30th September 2009

I go to the BOX every Saturday. Usually have no problems with a queue as long as you get there around 9ish but this week was quite a queue due to it being freshers week. Some of the door staff can be very intimidating and rude and will reject sometimes, usually if your in a group over 4 or your some girls with guys. More likely to be rejected if your a rough looking guy. Atm the prices are decent as they got �£5 entry fee into the club but all the drinks are �£2.50 which is pretty decent. Music is excellent, never heard a song i didnt like in it. As for the toliets, they are clean and decent just some have no doors lol! And the bar staff try andserve you as quick and they are nice people. lastly the people in it there are usually no problems with but it is sorta full of girls who think they are sumthin that they arent lmao or boys who are full posers! other than that its a great night out!

Submitted on 29th September 2009

went to the Box on Saturday night, what a disappointment

full of underagers jumping about like idiots, where we were sat a fight broke out between two guys who knocked a girl over our table, all our drinks went flying and glass smashed all over - the girl was lucky she wasn't cut. the women's toilets were quite literally stinking, there were cubicles without any doors on them and they hadn't been cleaned, there was loo roll all over the floor and none in the toilets......please avoid if you have any sense

Submitted by kaz on 28th September 2009

How do you get VIP in the box??looking a chilled out night just..thank's.

Submitted by Lauren on 22nd September 2009

its kind of one of those clubs you have to go to cos all your mates wanna go to it cos its easy to pull the 16 yr olds that go to it. Avoid at all costs if youve any seems you have to be gay to get a job in this place as it seems to employ quite a lot of lesbians and gay people.not really my ideal night out but as I said people only go there cos their mates want an easy pull,otherwise id avoid

Submitted by dave on 18th September 2009

been to the box a few times...yea it maybe full of wanna-be indie rock stars and over baked girls but who really cares about that!..your out to get drunk with your mates after a gruelling week of work or watever it is that you do..bouncers do let you in..well thats their job really and if you dont get in maybe its a sign that your not supposed to be there at all or your just not the right age..i used to have my negativitys about the place but if you go expecting a crap night then dont go! simple as! 22 i used to go to the b"iatch" club...just lost my vibe for that playground..really! the box has its bad and good times like most places in town..anyways..its a great place the girls are fit and some of the fellas are dead on.."Seemple!"

Submitted by themac on 5th September 2009

To be quite honest, 5 girls travelled from Enniskillen 4 a 24th bday. Went to get in to the Box (first pub so no we were not full), the bouncers asked were we are from and we said Fermanagh, they wouldn't let us in just because were we are from. Total bloody disgrace!!!!

It'll be to the papers next

Submitted by Lisa on 2nd September 2009

It's an ok club, on a good night there is a worthwhile amount of craic to be had. However don't try getting in without I.D or with I.D that looks nothing like you, the door staff are really good at spotting the underage. I got knocked back nearly everytime I went before I turned 18.

Submitted by Averageguy on 6th July 2009

Crap music and full of people that think they're something they're not and whats the deal with all the spice boi's with Quiggy cuts?? You look gay!! lol cmon honestly whats the deal guys liven it up a bit give us something Belfast hasn't already got! It has enough bars full of pretentious twats

Submitted by Gaz on 16th June 2009

Have to say I actually do like the Box. Im not a regular customer because I get sick of it if i go too often but once in a while its a good place to go. Nice atmosphere, nice decor, nice toiletslol. But the bouncers can be a bit extreme sometimes....i went last year and was 19 at the time, gve them my id. and got told that it wasnt me. Like what the was mny id. ad lik it was clearly me in the pic. altho i did get in in the end as another bouncer stepped in and told him to wise up!! never been turned away personally but have been with others that have been turned away. Box bouncers can be a bit choosy and unfair to some people. But in general, i like the BOX!

Submitted by Lizzy on 9th June 2009

The box is a funny place, sometimes its good others its not. The bouncers are a bit dodgey, never been knocked back, got in no botherwhen i was 17 with a 24 year olds id, but when 19 and using my own id, get questioned, and told it is not me..nevertheless still get in :S

the club is really nice, toilets are quite clean. to all those who big up the box for being full of upper rich people..this is true, butwho cares if you wanna count outchange for a drink, it makes ur bag heavy lol, and why strut around like you own it? with onedrink all night, pretending that urhard to get when believe it ornot, if someone gives u chat ull beon ur back please..just stay in the toilets and look in themirror or dyeurhair. the guys..dont make melaugh...ok..dont get mewrong, some spice boys are relatively good looking, but their arrogance, hair, clothes lookgay, there really scared and should not pretend they are hard. they just lookpoofy which isnot that hot!

it is not just, full of poshpeople, although you snootyppl would like to think it! behind those fancyoutfits ull find some of the millyest people from norn ironin the place. its quiteexpensive though,

but, itsnot where you are its who you are with that makes the night, but to summarise, the majority of the place is too proud to speak to anyone apart from their mirror and friends, and on nights outpart of the fun ischatting and dancing away with randoms! and this has only happened to me once! when it first opened and a rugby team was there!!

Submitted by Vicky on 12th May 2009

not worth going to a over crowded bar with unfriendly people.

Toilets ok, bouncers ok, prices ok, it's only problem are the people.

-to the comment below- lol gurl [too scared to typre her real name or it's the actual bar people writing it] stereotype much?, you probly think your all that, which is what most of the negative comments are about

Submitted by Jordan mcintyre on 10th May 2009

Petty bitching from bitter people. Box has never turned away any of my friends or me in the past 2 1/2 years. If you want to get in, dress like it. If you get knocked back its probably because you really should be somewhere else anyway... im sure beach-club, mclub or rain would love you, u can drink blue wkd all night till your hearts content. If you have an attitude theres no way youre gonna get it. The doormen have done their job well since the club opened, what other club has had such a long lifespan under 1 owner and retained the crowd it aims for!!??

Politeness goes along way with the barstaff too, after all theyre trying to serve the 1000 customers in the club, nobody wants to listen to the drunk slurring guy/girl counting out their pennies for a Â�£2 vodka

Submitted by * on 4th May 2009

"Those who say it is full of posers need to wise up and get a life!!!!"

Great reply [not]

"Hate the place.......Rain is the place to be:D" soo agreed

Submitted by s on 25th April 2009

Looks like there's not many votes on the customer service side of things :O!!

Submitted on 19th April 2009

Was there last night, bouncers are actually spot on, had no problems, didn't see any unfair decisions - if your underage don't complain if you get denied.

Submitted on 17th April 2009

Hate the place.......Rain is the place to be:D

Submitted by Lullabell on 16th April 2009

went to the box every thurs religiously...loved the hip hop room...must add the bouncers were nice but not really gd at lookin out 4 fake ids went there when 16 lol x

Submitted by party bitch on 23rd March 2009

Went to rain last night for st.paddys...pretty grim so left and went to the box. Thurs

Submitted by Box Rox on 18th March 2009

Meant to be going on Thursday. Anyone have size 9 shoes I can lend? I've only got Sketchers, probably won't get me in like.

Submitted by Kyle on 13th March 2009

Box is amazin especially on thursdays and sundays!!!! Those who say it is full of posers need to wise up and get a life!!!!

Submitted by on 3rd March 2009

box is by far the best club in northern ireland, who else averages 6000 people a week easy and can say that they have the biggest and best bar team! I go every week at least 3 times and the music is amazing especially on a wednesday wit dj jonboi and mc daz! Those guys are amazing! The bar staff great and take no time serve you a really amazing cocktail or a really great cocktail or a really cheap vodka redbull! Long live box! It will always be the best belfast has ever seen!

Submitted by who needs rain, we love box on 23rd February 2009

i always hav a gr8 nite @ the box. LUV SAT NITES not as crowded as it used 2 b but still fantastic!! best place in belfast by far!!

Submitted by luv-da-bax on 5th February 2009

This club is terrible! i went on my 18th and have only been back once! my mate wants to go for his 20th on thursday and im dreading it! there all posers in there

UP THE M CLUB!!! �£3 in �£1 a drink and some super tunes!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Phil on 12th January 2009

pah!! my mates left the comments bel ow but its q true - bar service is keek amd music is keek, but sure. i find the language below most offensive. there is no need for such a foul tongue and i would like to remove my name from such filth.regards., that would be most good newlannd, most good!!

Submitted by brett also on 28th December 2008

The box is a great night club. The doormen are great and to be honest people on this site can't argue becasue they can't see from both sides here. I work in the Odyssey with the doormen and to be fair they have a crowd profile that they want and that totally respectable. If you get turned away they walk away with no fuss thats the best way but when you stand and argue you aren't making it better. The doormen are good set of lads and do the job well as for any doormen in the Odyssey.

Submitted by Darren on 21st December 2008

Gud nyt if you gt in

gt knocked back on my 18th (fully sobber) i dont know what it is had ID but never asked for it just rude rerfusl.

but if you gt in its a real gud nyt!

Submitted on 18th December 2008

was here lst wed gd nyt and it was open til' 2!! heard some pendulum aswelll amazing!!!

Submitted by claire on 17th December 2008

the boix is amazinG! keep up the good work :)

Submitted on 5th December 2008

went to the box two months for my friends 18th and thought it was a really good night. in my opinion the bouncers were sound as a pound. they let me and my friend in without id and even when they rightfully turned away my drunken friend who was soobing uncontrollably and not really in any fit state 2 be clubbing, one of the managers came and helped us out, gave her a glass of water and let us in free of charge. freemasons was playin that night too so i thought the music was brilliant!

Submitted by nicole on 18th November 2008

this nightclub is a complete joke! i was expecting sumthin alot better because of the hype surrounding the club..the vip area didnt impress me atal and the bar maid took ages to get our drinks order..and as 4 the snotty bi**hes monitoring 'tumbles in the toilets' what a joke, me and a few others got kicked out for stumbling in the toilets after paying to get in, after explaining my situation to the bouncers they still woldnt let me in..also the music was very poor i wouldnt exactly call urselves a hip-cutting edge club..full of barbies and gayboys...ill be sticking to good old lush frm now on, best djs, best atmosphere and best crowd, it will never be beat as the most popular nite club in the north ;)

Submitted on 17th November 2008

To be fair, the girl WAS still 17, and knowing this there was no way the door staff could allow her in. Not the bouncers fault she wasn't yet of age to enter at the time!

Submitted on 14th November 2008

My advice to the owner... GET SOME NEW BOUNCERS!!! cant believe that comment below either about the girl havin to stand outside until 12am!! she should of went to the beach club theyve nice bouncers :)

Submitted on 12th November 2008

i must say hlk the people on this is right...... i loved the box it wer a quality night out but there is this one bouncer who just doesnt give me a chance.... every time he isnt der i get in fine and the other bouncers r quality but wen he is der e just comes over to me and says not 2nyt and wen i asked why e just says da same which is ridiculous. da dude is a complete ****er.

Submitted by randomer on 10th November 2008

The is my honest advise for anyone looking to try the box nightclub AVOID IT!!!! The bouncers are the worst I have come acoss in Belfast. I know bouncers are the for a reason and I totally respect that, but when they start making up their own door policy and not the clubs thats when the acroos the line. I was going to box about 2 months ago and I heard a bouncer tell a girl that she wasnt allowed in cause she was wearing a yellow top and he didnt like colour yellow. THATS HOW PETTY THEY ARE!! So the girl after standing in the que for 20 mins was told to leave the que and her freinds who all had id had to follow.

Submitted by Peter on 7th November 2008

i went up for my 18th birthday during the summer..

my birthday was on the sunday...

the bouncer made me stand outside untill 12am!

i wasn't happy!

there's being strict and then there's being a ****er!

Submitted on 26th October 2008

wat a nice club u,s have made there. I used to work in soda joes when it first opened and the box wasent even thought of niether was precious it was just concrete. was at the box the other nyt and myt i justs say i have to go with 90% of these guys and say wat a waste of my nyt had to bribe bouncers to get in and if that wasent enough i went out for a smoke and they wouldnt let me back in please dont have doormen follow you in your club.

Submitted by Ian............belfast on 25th October 2008

Good enough atmosphere although I preferred it when it was Precious. Bar staff can be ok but BE POLITE. Bar staff refused to serve me because when I ordered my drink I didn't say please. Funny since every time he had served me before I never received a thank you for my custom and paying his wage...

Submitted by brendy on 24th October 2008

was at box last night and once you got past the disgustly rude boucners at the door it was a good night that was until i relised i was too hot and me and a few friends went out to the smokers area were the bouncers proceeded to start taking peoples id's off them! including a friends valid passprt in which she needed to travel back to university today! she has to go down today at some stage which could be a problem considering her flight back to glasgow is at 2! i agree with the comments the men are either gay or camp! and most of the girls need to go and buy some clothes that covers them up! so in box itself its good when ur with ur friends having a dance on the stage bit downstairs but if i dont want to not get back it i wudnt leave the inside of the club!

Submitted by . . . on 12th October 2008

3.30 for a bottle of warm beer? patronising scummy bouncers? wee girls running about spending daddys money asking how much money u earn? groups of 6 fellas with their pints of sex n the beach who think they are king dick? na ur alright, complete waste of time and money!!!!!!!

Submitted by scotty on 10th October 2008

Was at the box over the weekend.. and i have to say i loved it.

First time i'd ever been and it really was class inside it. Wasn't too busy so only part of it was open, but never had to even as much as queue at the bar...

I dont understand what people have agaisnt the door man.. the one that we encountered was one off if not thee most friendly one ive ever come across.

People that don't get in arn't getting in for a reason. I had a good few drinks in me and still got in sooo.. They do seem choosey hu the let in but i like that. People they do let it fit the bill and arn't 12 year old girls like a certain other club in the odyssey!!!

So my advice give it a go but relli take into consideration what to wear!

Submitted by Mark on 28th September 2008

door staff and ther ups and downs in all clubs.

bt if u saying anything wrong at all even the smallest thing door staff seem to think they can handle u wot eva way they like. tho wot pisses me of most is the dj's that cant mix or even play the right songs. the decent dj is jonny

Submitted by beach buggie on 27th September 2008

I was absolutely appalled by the treatment my friend received when we went to Box on a night out in August this year!! A large, male bouncer barged his way through the crowd into the female toilets and proceeded to bang on the cubicle door until my friend was forced to open the door following his aggressive threats. He then physically removed her from the toilets and took her out a fire escape door. He tried to stop the rest of us following them out, God knows what his pervy intentions were with her. And no, he did not remove my friend as a result of any physical violence or mistreatment of staff.. she was merely crying,about something in no way related to our night out, yet he took it upon himself to remove her from the club for this reason.

The bouncers and staff of this venue are complete scum. if this nightclub is aiming to create an upmarket environment and attract higher class clientelle, it would be in their best interest to recruit a completely new workforce who are up to the same standards!

Submitted by LG on 17th September 2008


Submitted by GEM on 17th September 2008

How can you post a comment on a club that no one over a size 6 can actually get into.

The conduct of the staff is disgusting, bar managers attitudes are unbelievable when you actually get to speak to them.

My overall opinion of the Box is to avoid it in all cost its not worth your time standing in cue for unless your a size 6 tall blonde and easy.

The people i feel sorry for is the blokes no matter what they actually wear they cant seem to get in so it feels like you have entered a womans only club.

Submitted by Cathryn on 8th September 2008

box is well the best place to go for a nite out in belfast! every1 seems to be complainin about the door staff but if u go up with a smile and b polite they are polite back and let u in no problem! alot of these comments are saying how its full of stuck up women but its better than being full of millies like the beach club! every1 ive ever spoke to in the box has been good crack and dead on! be nice to people and they will b nice back!

Box is just the place to go! classy decor, plenty of talent, strong crowd, good music, cheap drink ( on student nites)!!! box is the place to go if u want a good nite! BOX ROXXXXXXX

Submitted by michael jackson on 31st August 2008

Went to the box on thursday night! It was the best night of my life!! The place wasa amazing music was class and the drinks all �£2! Def a good night!!

Submitted on 30th August 2008

I work in BOX and I must say its the best place ive ever been too.

Submitted by Natalie on 28th August 2008 the negative comments...why moan about the queues? go early and u wont have that problem. plus i think the fact that people willingly queue for it must mean its good! lol

also..for those who dont get in, take a hint! lol. they are fussy about who they let in, but theres a big mix of people there. i aint exactly model material, im 24 and i go wit my mates and bf. the first time we went, they told my bf he shuda been wearing a shirt but they let him in anyway and told him to adhere to the dress code for future. so....great bouncers! very helpful for tips on future occasions. alwyas very polite!

the box is great for a big nite out. the guys all looks gorgeous in their shirts, the girls all look classy in their tops/dresses etc.

the drinks are great, the cust service is spot-on!

the music is great, 2 floors wit diff music to suit a wide range of tastes.

love the layout...perfect places for a group of friends to mingle, perfect dancefloor wit lights, and loads of areas for setting drinks so ur not stuck holding them making them warm lol.

Submitted by claire on 21st August 2008

Im suprised about the negative reviews. Box is the best and only place you should go for a night out. The bouncers/door men are always friendly and dead on. Hip Sundays are getting better and better in there also.

PS. Marty is a legend!

Submitted by ... on 20th August 2008


"i only just turned 18 and still look really young and have never been turned away."

That would be why, the bars in the Odyssey love jail bait.

Submitted by Some Guy on 27th July 2008

I think the box is brilliant !! I dont understand all these comments about being turned away. i only just turned 18 and still look really young and have never been turned away. the musics great and i love dancing on the stages :)

Submitted on 16th July 2008

The box is truly amazing .... great music ... great lightining ... huge venue ... expect to wait a while for a drink just order a couple at a time and it's sorted no problems there ... bar staff know there stuff especially Paul ... doorstaff are fine ... big up sanj .... and the ratio of hot ppl is high compared to other places lol and i go all the time never once have i been turned away !!! NOT ONCE !!!

so to all the ppl that get turned away ie : either forgot ID (essential) or are blocked before getting there .... get your act together first then complain and DON'T GO IN LARGE GROUPS you probably won't get in ... Thursdays and Sats are simply mindblowing .... Double VODKA and redbull pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee ...

Submitted by KrazyJoe on 16th July 2008

The Box is just a worse version of the beach club. the box seen everything the beach club did badly, opened the box trying to be different but turned out having the exact same problems as the beach club except with even worse bouncers. only good thing about the box is the fact that the beach club bouncers turned nicer after the box opened.

Submitted on 19th June 2008

well i must say i enjoy box and have never been turned away, neither has any1 ive been with, my honest opinion is all these people with negative comments are the ones who get turned away!

Its a nice place and the girls toilets r amazing!

Submitted by Lynz on 6th June 2008

Anyone going on about these ques then why dont ya just do what i do and go down a bit earlier i.e. on a thursday be there for 9:15/ 9:30 and it will be fine! its a very popular club so expect a que!! and for getting served drinks this is always going to be a problem in a big club like this but is really only noticable on thursday and sat nite! i go wednesdays and sundays usually as hteres less people therefore these time wasted but still great music and great people!!! love the setup of the place and in my opinion the lighting is class!! gd to have a change from the likes of beach/bot where its all the same!!!!

Submitted by E.Belfast on 6th June 2008

Was at The Box on Thurs nite. �£2 in and �£2 a drink is the only thing this club has going for it. Don't see what the fuss is about. Nothing special. Music was rubbish. VIP lounge is too small. Wait at least 30 minutes for a drink. Nasty door staff and grumpy bar staff. I didn't think the club was full of 'beautiful people', just posers wearing alot of makeup, even the men. Had to wait in the que for the cloak room at the end of the night and a bouncer threw my friend out, wudn't let her wait on me, no reason for this. I will not be back. I wudn't spend any more money in this club, just not worth the hassle. All hype no substance.

Submitted on 24th May 2008

Do not like the place at all.. far too packed.. men r sleazes... i will never be back.. all this with the bouncers going ' no not tonite love' what the flip its a freakin niteclub.. bot the RITZ!!!!!! ahh cracks me rite up.. i dont see why people should be refused entry jus becasue of the way they look.. or whatever stupid excuse those bouncers come up with.. i walked up to the door.. never got asked for id.. tho two girls who where behind me - dressed perfectly fine and they got turned away.. wats going on here like?? then stood for a further 30 mins at the bar to get a bloody drink.. and even at that the stupid bar staff didnt get the order right... was too over packed.. then went upstairs to the other bar.. this was even worse.. glass all over the floor.. the place is a health hazard.. 1st time i was there.. and it will deff be the las .. give me the belmont any nite!!

Submitted on 22nd May 2008

The Box is fine i'm suprised at the negative reviews!

Drinks are very reasonable although my one crtisism there would be waiting time on drinks.

It's better to wait until there is less in the queue as chances are you get in better.

Don't stand with someone under 18 you run a risk on being turned down.

Be respectable to the doormen and they treat you the same.

Once again shocked about the reviews!

Submitted on 15th May 2008

This place is absolute rubbish.

I can't see why, apart from the midweek good prices, why anyone would want to spend a night here.

Too busy most of the time, ridiculous queue, crowd packed full of stuck up posers, far too few bar staff meaning too much waiting around for a drink. Add to that the fact that it is too dark, they don't play full tracks only bits of each track, it's so big that you end up losing all your mates and the shocking taxi queue at the end of the night adds up to a big waste of time.

My advice is avoid this place at all costs unless you like wasting time.

Submitted by George on 22nd April 2008

went to the box on saturday night with a mate, and got turned away, when asked what do we have todo to get in next week the doorman replied your not getting in tonight and your not getting in next week because i say so, i wasnt happy about it and cant see myself ever going back, we were wearing shirts etc and were stone cold sober, i would advise the manager to look at these people before they turn all the buissness away!!

Submitted by joe on 14th April 2008

went to the box for the first time the other week and it was empty had a ok time, but ive had far better i got in fine

the next time i went i was in v.i.p we went on a saturday and the place was packed out, to make things worse it took us half a hour to get served for drink at the vip bar, and she even managed to get r order rong, there was barely enough room to move and the staff were nasty, the door men seemed fine though

Submitted by me on 9th April 2008

I'm meant to be goin to the BOX on Saturday night for someone's 18th and I'm shi**in myself about getting in. Can anyone tell me what I should wear to get past the scary doormen? (Who need to be taught a few things about customer service, as I've heard)

Submitted by Kyle G on 8th April 2008

the doormen at the box need an attitude adjustment.they are the rudist bunch of people i have ever came across and damn ugly into the bargain.i hope one by one they get their come-uppence.i do not know where or how they have been brung up,but i am sure their mothers are proud of them!NOT

Submitted on 24th March 2008

we phoned and booked into the Box for a hen nite,only to be told when we arrived sorry not tonight! without an explanation,who do these unattractive door men think they are.they stand about like the bloody mafia,look down their nose at people.DISGRACEFUL.

Submitted on 23rd March 2008

m club tuesday nite far better 3 quid in 1 quid a drink cnt beat it!

Submitted by punjab morton on 21st March 2008

This club is a joke...After having my car on show at the passion 08 event in the Kings Hall Belfast I was invited to attend the afterparty at the Box niteclub in the Odessey complex. Exhibitors and also the public who attended the passion event paying a �£10 entrance fee were told that they would recieve free entry to the Box niteclub. Taking the trouble to go home and get changed into suitable clothing and leave cars home we made the journey to the Odyssey. However after vwaiting approx 20 minutes in the queue I was rudely ushered out and told 'not tonight love'. This also applied to the rest of my group of friends who were all smartly dressed and had relevant identification. I found this very demeaning and offensive and when I explained that I was there for the afterparty was told that it wasnt on. I then asked to speak to the head doorman who then told me that we were not suitable for the club that night and that some of are group were not suitably dressed. As the Box is a privately owned club I am aware that the owners have the right to refuse admission however I think this is more a power trip tool than anything else.

In my opinion to avoid dissappointment dont bother there are plenty more places to go in Belfast without having to be insulted!!!!!!

Submitted on 20th March 2008

Any sat nite tht i have been to the odyssey ive just went to beach club or Budda! cause tht cue to get into the box is mad!!! i dont fancy cueing up for ages then have to get turned away!! its a shame cause i think the box is good!! staff inside are great and there is really good music!!!!

Submitted by krazyd17 on 20th March 2008

the bouncers are the rudest people i have ever met in my life. I actually think that they turn people away just for the laugh!!

I was there for my 19th birthday and they turned me and my boyfriend away because we didnt look 21. we had ids on us so i asked them was it over 21s on a sat and all i got was no.

when i asked them about it they just stood and laughed in my face and told me they could turn away whoever they wanted to if they felt like it.

the times that i have got in, i mean come on its really not worth all the hype!! its just another typical club!! only dif is that its really hyped up and has bouncers who are complete w*nkers. Go to any other club you'l get the same thing cept you'l also get bouncers who'l have a laugh with you and wont turn u away just for the crack!

Submitted on 19th March 2008

been to box few times thought it was jus ok, not the way some people hype about it, i have seen the bouncers being dicks to people more so boys n its purely because of the way they look, not nice like but at the same time it has to have sumthin dif from the other clubs in bfast which are usually full of rough crowds from my experience!!!!!!!!!!yeah trying ti get a drink is a nightmare n the ques pisses me of bigtime.....

Submitted by Kat on 13th March 2008

we love the box its great!! dancin in our wee spot every thurs nite!!

the vw rox!! lol...

hate the q's lik but hey ther worth it!!

only �£2 a drinks its all good!!

an its SPICY!!

Submitted by viks on 6th March 2008

Been in here only the once, out for a bit off stag do.Was a bit nervous before we went in as the bar staff were turning a serious amount of people away from the place ,and being quite rude about it.A friend we where with go us into the VIP area which frankly isnt any speacial,the club looks great inside and music wasnt too bad.�£3 a pint on saturday nite so more expensive than most,and i do agree its full off posers and stuck up pricks!!!!

Submitted by James on 22nd February 2008

I have to disagree with most of the comments on this site, I wouldnt say that I am a regular of the club - I am gay so Kremlin is my usual haunt - but the 5 or 6 times I have been I have had a fantastic night. Thankfully I have never had to queue because I have always been VIP but I find the door staff to be most helpful and plesant contrary to waht anyone else would have you believe! When it comes to the crowd I have always found them to be cool, fun loving and very accepting of gays like me lol!! Also music is always great, very much like the Kremlin long bar in fact!! Only critisism I would have is that management need to get loads more bar staff!!

Submitted by Gareth on 16th February 2008

Ive got in a few times and turned away before aswell. Door staff are proper dicks. Depends whos on tho. They need to wise up someone needs to show them the reviews theyr gettin. It wont be long before nobody bothers with it. Other than that its great inside.

Submitted by Ben on 15th February 2008

Box possible best club i have been into between Belfast and Bangor.Had no problems with bouncers.Nice place inside.Tho trying to get a drink is a bit hard...Not enough bar servers.Good music.Great looking people girls and guys.Over all its a great place...Just need more people on the bars

Submitted by Martin on 4th February 2008

i only have been in coach, mclub, beachclub, bottanic inn and sum pubs and last nite for the first time i was in the box and i think it was good and bouncers r wasnt cheeky 2 me dont know if they r for others but it seems they were the ay im Turkish and like all the clubs ive been n had no problem.

Submitted by T-R on 28th January 2008

I go 2 the box at least 2 times a week, n from i started goin there i've never been turned away!1 There bouncers there are amazing, i get VIP everytime i go!! The barstaff are all soo nice n when it comes to all the glass on the floor, well they do try but the place is busy as hell (give them a break)!!

I love the BOX!!!

Box Rox r Sox!!

Submitted by anon on 21st January 2008

The box is simply this - Full of simpletons and plastics. As for the door staff, if they even deserve such a title, are simply a joke. My evidence to back this up first hand experience, and also the many many identical reviews below. I say boycott them if you want to save your dignity!

Submitted by Steven get them on 16th January 2008

Went into the box for the first time wasnt busy so left it to go to the beach club, returned the next week with the same id and they said it wasn't me even after i produced my national insurance card! Have to agree they are def dicks!

Submitted by Kyla on 13th January 2008

The door men at the box are dicks!! They turned me away the other night after i provided them with a perfectly acceptable id!! They wouldn't even give me a reason!

The club wasn't even busy as i went up about 9pm!!

The box should address there sense of customer service as it is extremely poor!

Submitted by Passer by on 6th January 2008

The box is amazing... My friends and I went on Sunday 23rd with no problems at all,I fell dancing (my own fault) and cut my leg,the doorman (Andy I think) was helpful and gave me first aid,ten minutes later I was back on the dancefloor. Ill definetly be back

Submitted by Amy from Lisburn on 25th December 2007

Well well...

Its been open for around 13/14 months now and it appears the club is still as busy and as strong as ever.

Long live box!

Submitted on 23rd December 2007

never been refused! its brilliant love it.

but year the woman bouncer.. How Jealous!!

Submitted by loraa on 13th December 2007

I love the box .Ppeople are brilliant and the bouncers are only doing there job. As for complaining about broken glass come on its a nightclub and the floorstaff really do work hard its great. I have nwvwe been knocked back and im not a size 8 with blonde hair aither its about peoples attitude not what they look like.

Submitted on 3rd December 2007

peeps get i.d goin any were specially da box lmao ... ,usic brill :p n drinks...

Submitted by Dj on 29th November 2007

Went for my 18th when we all got there the bouncher just looked at us and shook his head. we were all very dissapointed as we had travelled a long way just to go to the box. we kept asking for an explanation but all they said was 'not tonight girls'

however we all then went to the beach club, which i must say was pretty good. we got in there no problem!!!

Submitted by the party girl that was broken hearted!! on 19th November 2007

Box is a good place for a night out that is apart from the doorstaff who are complete planks. a crowd of thugs in shirts is what they are . bouncers tend to be rough but these guys take the hand!

Submitted by George on 2nd November 2007

Don't no why so many people still go to the place, the beach club has clearly died it's death and only a matter of time the box follows suit. Never been turned away and don't think the bouncers r any better or any worse than most places but:

The que takes the piss gettin in and if it's after 9.30, u hav 2 que for another 20 min 2 get a bev!

Then afterwards u hav 2 try and get a taxi from the oddessy which is bloody ridiculous at the weekends!

Too much hype for absolutely bugger all - bring back the RnB room in precious!

Submitted by Jamie on 30th October 2007

^-- See above. All your posts stink. Learn how to spell.

Submitted by Dev123 on 26th October 2007

Went for a friends 21st. My friend had emailed so we were on vip list, when we got there (there was 4 couples in our group) the bouncher just looked at us and shook his head. My friend was really upset as it was her birthday, we kept asking for an explanation apparently they weren't at liberty to say! ??

So we then spoke to the manager who was actually helpful although he thought my boyfriend looked too casual and wanted to see what top he was wearing (??),even though we seen a couple of boys getting in wearing adidas tops (???) my boyfriend was wearing a G-star coat and jeans! Deciding my BF's top passed the box 'test' we were allowed in...

What a disappointment for all the fuss to get in you think it would actually be something special well...IT AIN'T. Most of the girls toilets don't have locks or toilet seats, everywhere I went there was broken glass on the floor and it was full of posers (Men wearing fake tan and waistcoats, nice!!) I can't honestly say I wont be back.

Submitted on 25th October 2007

box n friday nites brill .....

Submitted by claire on 14th October 2007

i was very disapointed in the mannerisms of the other customers in the box and I could not believe the people that were allowed to enter the club. I was harrassed all night and was unable to groove to the music.. also I drank too much

Submitted by aoife mac sherry on 5th October 2007

Don't honestly know what alot of people are talking about! I go to the Box all the time and the staff there are sound as! Easily the best place in Belfast for a night out!

Reasons Why?

1. Club looks the part!

2. Music is awesome any night you go should you be upstairs or down!

3. Staff are all really dead on from the management to the bar staff to the bouncers!

4. Lets be honest the talent is always top notch!

Peolpe keep going on about how they get turned away!!! Me and my mates have not ever been turned away the only people I have seen being turned away are people who are either drunk, look like they should have been drunk to come wearing what they are or other people out to cause trouble!

Much respect to the Box!!

See you Wednesday Night - Great Night!

Shout out to DJ Spunky

Submitted by Shorty on 3rd October 2007

box = paradise lost part 2

Submitted by Schmoke on 2nd October 2007

If anyone knows a girl called Jaqui who goes to the box nightclub regular. She is a teacher with blonde hairage 25 and was in on sat 22nd September please let me know?

Submitted by ? on 28th September 2007

ok well heading to the box tonight with a group of mates. lookin forward to the cheap entry and drinks... after readin these comments completly shiitin myself about wat to wear... like what is too casual? Im not a size 6 not got blonde hair so fingers crossed and wish me luck. x

Submitted by Nikki Mc Gov on 27th September 2007

I have to say i was so disappointed in the box. We went for my friends 21st which was totally ruined on her. we had a bus of about 30 people and only 4 of them got in. If they dont like the look of you thats it. Oh and if you are not a regular, like tell me how do you become one.

Submitted by Aislinn on 18th September 2007

i really like the box on a thursday!i go quite often! however, i do agree with many of the comments-the bouncers can be rude and many ppl are turned away for no reason! i was thrown out at a friends birthday over something tht wasnt even started by me...the disgusting female bouncer didnt even listen to what i had to say even though she could see how upset i was that someone had started a fight with me! and the bar staff....sometimes i thnk the half of them are blind! u would stand there for half an hour and the two ppl either side of u would get served but not u! and it doesnt matter if u r blonde are not! doesnt work for me!

Submitted by natalie on 12th September 2007

never seen anyone turned away. smashin place, great tunes downstairs, good staff, bar is a bit hectic after 9.30 on thursdays. if it is no good then why is it continually packed out. �£2 in �£2 a drink cnt beat that really. BOX ROCKS

Submitted on 28th August 2007

I went 2 box nite after my 18th, got in no problem, all the bouncer said was ahh uv jus made it by 1 day, happy birthday love :) but did c girls infront of me get turned away, think they didnt have i.d! went 2 beach club and box that nite, but box better by far!!!

Submitted by Lynz on 13th August 2007

Doesnt matter how busy or quiet the place is, the barmen ALWAYS serve the wee blonde who has just turned up and waved money as opposed to a guy thats been standing there for ages and all he wants is a few pints!! Drinks are not that dear surprisingly and doormen seem to be friendly enough, surprising considering the reputation the club has. Either hire females to serve the guys or get the barmen to serve a fella once in a blue moon. Was also served off beer too in the place.

Submitted by Big C on 6th August 2007

Awrite place luv the look of the club lik, bt apart frm that im fed up goin out and listenin ta these cheesy chart songs, playin Mika, lik com'on bloody MIKA in a night club lik WISE UP!! Vip seriously nothin special apart frm the girls who get u drinks luv that touch lik, as a say the place looks amazin just sort the music out!!

Submitted by Belfasts No1 on 5th August 2007

I have to say the bouncers r great u get the odd one who doesnt take any crap but u get em everywhere like, Plus this crap u have to be a size 6 to get into the box is a load of crap my mate is a size 22 and had no prob wat so every, and so wat if they want classy lookin people in u hardly want them to let all sorts of chavs and millies in. And everyone forgets about the floor staff who r great plus the bar staff really get into there work. A****

Submitted by Ash on 5th August 2007

I went to the box nearly every thursday up until the summer.was never turned away but i do understand why everyone is sayin that the bouncers are a pack of wallys.i've seen them be rude to a lot of people for no some of the things they have said 2 people is unacceptable.if they are goin to turn people they should maybe do it in a more proffesional way.

and it wouldn't hurt them 2 crack a smile once in a while.

overall the club structure is good. i've had some good nights out an some bad...just really depends on the crowd.

Submitted on 5th August 2007

i have been 2 the box many times and even was there VIP 4 my 18th and i have never had any complaints!! i've never been turned away or seen any1 turned away because of their size! The only thing wrong with it is its very crowded at the bar and i think they turn the heatin up at the end of the night as it gets unbearably warm they could do wit air con but apart from that i have never had any problems wit the staff or bouncers they all seem very nice

Submitted on 4th August 2007

Will NEVER return to the box!!

Thought it was a brilliant club untill i experienced the side of the bouncers that people have been talkin about!

Completely agree with the guy below!! pack of monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!

Refused entry after being booked and confirmed on guestlist! So tell me how that works??

Simply because of the way the two guys with us looked! And ill add the guys were in couples so hardly very threatening!!!

They are rude and and very very patronising!

I was spoke to like a 12 year old rather a 20 yr old woman simply asking for a reason!

I would warn all friends and family away from the place.

The way the staff treat their customers deserves nothin more than for the place to go down the drain!!!!

Submitted on 3rd August 2007

the box is absolutely brilliant!! me and my mate went a few wks ago n all the door staff wer happy 2 help with anythin!! i dont kno what every1s on about! and i did see quite a variety of people there too so trust me the people who arent gettin in cuz of somethin they r wearin... they reali must b wearin somethin awful!the door staff r doin u a favour and take their advice!!

Submitted on 20th July 2007

I am not sure of what the Box itself is like as I have not been there and never will after the way the staff and bouncers of the Box handle my girlfriends unfortunate incedent.

My girlfriend unfortunately got a bad headbutt to the face (purely accedental) from this she got a bleeding nose and lip and her lip swell instantly. however whenever she went to a member of staff (a waitress) to ask for some ice to help the swelling the member of staff kindly told to F**K off. following this she went to the bouncers of the Box and they simple told her the same and through her out of the club.

NOW the question I want to ask is what kinda of bouncers would through a girl who was clearly seriously hurt, who was also crying,out of their nightclub onto the street. I would love to see what their reaction would be if another bouncer did this to their partner... im sure it would not be too good. they clearly are MIDDLESS MONKEYS with no CURTESY OR COMMON DECENCY

Finally I would also love to know what kind of manager runs the box and employees these people

as they are clearly very incapable of doing this job to a sufficient standard...


and i would erge people to stay away

Submitted by R J P on 20th July 2007

was there last night. I don't no what people are talking about. I've only been 2wice but from what i've seen/experienced the box is pretty awesome like.

Submitted on 20th July 2007

Box is crap! Its to dark and full of the supposedly 'beautiful people'! A crowd of us went down for a mates birthday and that checky cow of a female bouncer wouldnt let one of my mates in because of the coat she was wearing. Sort it out!! It's a bloody coat that was getting put in the cloak room til home time!

Submitted on 9th July 2007

Well we all ave r own opinions, yeah, well to be honest for those of u who say the bouncers are too rude and turn too many ppl away its cos its their job! if they wer the nicest fluffiest cuddliest ppl evr well lets face wud turn the place into a tramp hole! All the clubs in LA for celebs are the same thts because the Box know wat crowd they want and they take it.And this female bouncer thts gettin a load of grief well its not her fault she works for a top class club n they have standards, if she wrked in beach ya'll wud get in no probs even if u wer 12!!lol I say dress class, wear a grin flash ur nashers(teeth!!) throw in a joke n id say ur in!! Work it baby!!! lol but seriously if u dont get in just say to them well wat shud i wear if i wer to get in next time!!!

Submitted by lynsey on 30th June 2007

The was pretty apprehensive before I went for the first time, had heard a few nasty stories of people getting turned down based on looks and clothes etc, best bet is to wear a shirt or something smart.

Doors open at 8 and your best bet is to arrive around 8.30, no later than 9 unless you fancy joining the back of a long queue. Queue can be deceptive though and does move quickly.

No major complaints about the bouncers, could do with cracking a smile every now and then. Tend to ID absolutely everybody, I'm 19 so it's never been an issue but make sure you bring a passport or driving licence.

�£2 door tax on a Thursday night which is pretty good going, drinks are pretty cheap as well because it's student night.

Whole place is decorated plain black with random shaped chairs dotted around the place, think they've tried to make it classy but it looks a bit dull after a while.

Expect to queue for drinks after about 9ish and queues at bars grow quickly so get your drinks in as soon as you arrive. Bar staff tend only to be nice to good looking girls, same could be said for the bouncers.

Have to go downstairs to get to the outside smoking area, you get given a wristband when you go first time which makes it easier going later on, can't bring drinks out though which is a bit annoying when you've just bought a couple of drinks.

Girls there are pretty good looking, most are too stuck up for their own good. Tends to attract same sort of punter as beach club used to before it turned into a chav hole. Most people in Box are a bit poser-ish and like to prop themselves up against a wall and look good.

Music is good if your in a party mood, probably not so good if you've got a strong taste in music, can be a bit cheesey but theres a few good anthems on towards the end of the night on Thursdays.

From what I've heard the girls toilets are great, but you get what yo

Submitted on 28th June 2007

nice club..pity about the door staff..totally wrong attitude..really rude.they pick and choose who they want in .after u have been queueing for hours! better clubs in belfast..

Submitted by kylie on 19th June 2007

The box has 2 b the best niteclub in belfast by far. roll this sat

Submitted on 11th June 2007

On a Thursday night, is it a DOUBLE vodka and red bull for ?3, or a single vodka and red bull for ?3?

Last night I kept getting single vodkas, but I'm almost sure on another Thursday night it was doubles...

Submitted by Anon. on 8th June 2007

Hey,im headin this saturday nite for my friends birthdays!! Im onli 18 and sounds like its ova 21's r sumit- Hope i get in okay! :(

Wish me luk!! Bit scard of the women bouncer by the sounds of things! Sounds a bit lik a younger pat bucher!!! lol nehow hope it goes okay and she dnt read this before i go lol xxxx

Submitted by **-x-Nikki-x-** on 5th June 2007


Submitted by GARY on 31st May 2007

i was there for the first on sat nite past, we got there shortly b4 10 and there was a big que! everyone got in alrite xcept for my mate who had a different sort of ID (wasnt his passport or driving license)! we were with a bus load of 20 and the bouncer wasnt gna let him in, we thot this was unfair as my mate was 18 and had the correct type of clothing on! one bouncer was really rude but we got speakin to another one and he let us all in!

the bouncers could smile a little more as well!

everything else was amazin, the music upstairs on a sat nite is nothing special but downstairs is class, a bit of hip-hop/r'n'b/chart/old dance and ur classic songs like summer of 69 etc!

def will be back again!

Submitted on 29th May 2007

Absolutely brilliant, was there a few weeks ago, bouncers were very pleasant but i went early as we had a friend without id with us. Id heard all the stories about "not tonight love" but we didnt experience any of this! As for the music, it was cheesy but there was a good mix throughout the night...the sort of music that gets everyone dancing. Drink was good, i was there on a thursday so ?2 a pop isnt bad!

Submitted on 28th May 2007

The box is good night out. but like most people say not a proper night club (more backround music and drinks) i've been going a few times now. personally never bothered by the bouncers, just wip out the old ID -enough said. So they have a dress code, so what its not that demanding. don't think i'd wannabe standing next to a gang of chav's all dressed the same in tracksuit, hand on crotch! more bar staff would be nice and an occassional smile from a bouncer wouldn't be asking much (customer relations)

Submitted on 23rd May 2007

Went a few Saturdays ago.

Been to many great Clubs in Europe, US and afar.

Music- uninspiring. quite cheesy. You'd love it if you were 15 again. Bit of a let down.

Door staff- alright, but let in way to many chavlings.

Crowd- see above, but not as bad somewhere like the witherspoons, wkd steekos in force.

Drinks- quite expensive for what you get.

Decor- blatant rip-off. nice try though.

Staff- carbon copy of beach club muppets. cocktail, you call that a cocktail!

Talent- mostly good from afar, but far from goods/BOBFOCs, but 1 or two wee honeys.

VFM- over-rated and quite pathetically pretensions.

Could see how the typical sheeple of Belfast love this 'nu' place. Strictly aimed at 15-21 ages. Older- then your pervin;)

If your a hair dresser/sales assistant you'll be flatout!

Could have been better.


Submitted by K.M on 22nd May 2007

Been to Box a good few times now and have got in on every visit. Everyone seems to complain about the bouncers, but let me tell you, I staggered down from the Beach Club at about 12 one night and after a quick chat with the bouncer, got let in without even showing my ID (Don't worry, I'm 20). Politeness goes a long way, not like some plonkers I've seen getting turned and start mouthing off. If you go with the right attitude and stylish clothes (leave the hoodies at home), then there's never a problem.

Box it for a good night with your friends.

Submitted by Mr No Name on 19th May 2007

i have been to the box a right few times now and absolutly love it, it has great music great atmosphere and a fantastic crowd. Me and my friends always have it as top of our list for a brilliant night out. I would recommend anyone who has not been to go as soon as possible. I certainly can't wait until saturday when im back boxin it.

Submitted on 17th May 2007

Been to the box a few times, first night i went there it was completely crap! music was awful and took about 45mins to get a drink. Heard a lot of bad reports about the bouncers which i think is a disgrace the way they dont let some people in, gonna refuse people admission? then give them a valid reason instead of this 'not tonight' crap. They really need to start getting good dj's in that play some good dirty electro house/ funky house/ commercial house!! instead of all that pure cheese. bit of advice, goto thompsons, kidnapp steve boyd and make him dj!! one good thing is cheap in on a thursday and drink prices are amazin! have to say the talent is outstanding, some supermodels in that place!

Submitted by Jason on 16th May 2007

Love the club, love the peopel in side, the blonde door women has some cheek to reject anyone since she is not that nice lookin and some of the things she rejects you for she has. love dancing bottom floor upper stage boncers are lame bar staff are class

Submitted by Student Guy on 6th May 2007

what can i say about this place yes its pretty and the lights are great and the place looks amazing but i thought clubbing was meant to be about music and having a good time with your friends. the box is a place for glossy cardboard cut-outs who jus want to stand around and look good. you r judged from the moment you enter the queue. there was a girl further up the queue from myself who got turned away for being too fat!!! going out in belfast used to be exciting and it was an escape now its just a popularity contest in the form of a fashion catwalk. want my advice? dont go... dont give these pathetic image obsessed losers the satisfacton... this club is a elitest sort of place... the manager should consider what kind of experience he wants his clients to have

Submitted by Ian Cobain on 4th May 2007

Its the new beach...only posher lol! Absolutely lve the place! Ther every thursday! youl see me on the stage wer i think i can dance like miss aguilera haha!

Submitted on 4th May 2007

i went to the box on a thurs nite....queue surprisingly wasnt too long 10-15mins and we wer at the front!! every1 i was with got in ok(but always bring ID) inside is amazin(especially the womans toilets),gud that the music is different from that upstairs!! only downfall is that the bar is v.packed takes at least 15mins to get a drink!!

Submitted on 2nd May 2007

Bouncers are cocky; and when you do get inside.. music is repeated all night. Takes ages to get served a drink!!

Submitted on 21st April 2007

oh christ u got a drink spilled on u - would that happen in other places? yes...did u try and get outta the way? clearly no... u paid a fiver? get a life and buy a new one if you're that sad u leave a comment here sayin u would give it 0 cus u got a drink spilled...

i think its class - been every nite o the week it has been opened on and havta say thursdays r the best - good prices and great people! easter monday had some serious tunnnes tho - have always got in and some friends use fake id's and are always accepted - be there and be square lol - classic!

Submitted by g on 18th April 2007

I love Box...the atmosphere is fantastic...! bouncers r great and the manager is also very nice..! If anyone wants to have a good nite in Belfast go to Box.

Submitted by Jenna on 13th April 2007

crap crap crap crap totally crap - worst nite of my life by far. broken glass, no chance of getting served - bar 8 people deep. I am 23 but felt too old! never again

Submitted by megan on 11th April 2007

i did not have a very nice experience at the box the simple reason for this was everyone pushed me and stood on my toes! it hurt! I got soaked as all the rude people pushed past me spilling drink on my nice new muscle top! i was cross i paid a fiver for it in primark!! I can safely say i will not be returning to box again!

Submitted by Robert Duffin on 22nd March 2007

the place def seems 2 hav lightened up on the door policy, tho i dont know if thats a good thing or not!lets jus say there was LOADS of ppl who wouldt hav got in wiv the previous strict policy...

Submitted by Lauren on 21st March 2007

i really think box should ask for student id on a thurs nite since it is student nite after all!


WHAT DOES EVERYONE THINK??stop these damm school kids running around pretending to be a student for the nite!

Submitted by james on 21st March 2007

well i will hand it to them thursdays nites a really good nite but beach club all da way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by gill on 15th March 2007

headin' out to the box on sat nite and I'm in 2 minds about going. What should I wear to get into the club without being told I look 'too' casual. I was thinking of wearing a shirt n jeans. wot does everyone think, I dont wanna spend money getting up to belfast then being turned away

Submitted on 13th March 2007

i went to the box on sat and went early to avoid the queue... we all had no problem gettin in one of my friends didnt have i.d but the bouncer could tell by lookin at her she was over 18 as she was 23. another of my friends came to meet us so i went out side an hour later to meet her and the queue was unreal i got a stamp to let me bk in and after explaining to the bouncer how my friend couldnt not have made it earlier let her in aswell above the whole queue. he asked her for id she explained she was 26 and he let her in. The bouncers seem decent enuf but that was my first time there. recommend goin to early as maybe they mite not be as strict then? nite club is amazin unlike anywere else i have been love it!!! though i spent too much money!!

Submitted on 12th March 2007

I aven't been to the Box yet, but from what I have heard it is very posh and that the bouncers have turned down people simply because of what they wear which is discrimination and also because of some one's size. A night Club shouldn't be like this it should be setting an example that they don't condone people being discrimnated against due to what they wear or their size. I think the Box needs to review its policy of how to treat the public as without the punters coming to their club then they would have no job!!!

Submitted by Rachael on 10th March 2007

went 2 The Box there on Saturday and i hav 2 say i was impressed...the place is amazin, especially the girls toilets (leopard print chairs wiv red heart cushions overlookin the odyssey; ghd straightners etc.was more like a lounge than a toilet!)the 6 of us got in no questions asked- any1 wantin 2 go dont get turned off by all these negative comments!!was an amazin club, v swish n modern, would recommend it 2 any1 lookin 4 a good night out.

Submitted by lauren (20) on 6th March 2007

Love the box..its frickin awesome dudes!! U'll see us there every week maybe even three times a week..we've become addicted..GO THERE!! its off the chain! especially the stage!!

Submitted by Clemz on 6th March 2007

THE BOX is by far one of the best nightclubs in Belfast! It has a much more unique atmosphere than that waste of space the "BeachClub". The surroundings and fittings are all contemporary and modern, with that "kitch" London feel. The best night to head to this club is on a Thursday, but make sure you arrive at the Club doors by 8.30pm or your going to have to queue for ages. The passwords are also a great feature for the club. The only improvements the club needs to make is to mimic the ?1 in and ?1 a drink on a Tuesday night (M-Club) and also to stock up on the alcohol used in making a Fruit Box, as they run out quickly. Other than that, fantastic club!

Submitted by BeachSurfer on 3rd March 2007

update from review posted 21-02 - went to box on sat night, queue was huge but moved quick. Seemed to me like the place has changed its tune pretty quick,no bother getting in, didnt c any1 gettin turned away, except for being underage/no. i.d when asked which is fair enough. And lets just say there was def plenty of ppl inside who prob wouldnt of got in before with the 'image' thing. i'm all for no discrimination, just cant believe the turnaround. So just wanted to let anyone know who got turned away before, feel free to give it another go, just to satisfy your doubts if nothin else!

Submitted by Anon, female 22 on 1st March 2007

i went on thursday nyt again and actually had a gd nyt, i like the wee bouncer wit the ginger hair hes dead on so i make sure i always go 2 him, the downfall is the girl bouncer shes never said nething 2 me but wen im in the que i feel myself dodgin her i dont know y im scared incase she says nething 2 me from the reports about her she doesnt seem like a very nice girl. but other than that was quite a gd nyt

Submitted by ciara on 27th February 2007

great,great,great!!! go every weekn get in no problem!! the best place i have been to in a long time!! no fights no trouble friendly staff and the female bouncers are really nice not bitches!!

Submitted by lisa on 26th February 2007

I'm heading to the box next weekened with my friends (will be our first time) have to say I'm a little scared after reading the reviews. The female bouncer sounds scary and if she turns us away I will give her a piece of my mind. I have been told it's wise to go early on a saturday night, can anyone suggest a time? Would 8.30 be too early? Thanks =)

Submitted on 24th February 2007

i was over in belfast from newcastle for the week and got told about the box and went on thursday, i must say it was one of the best nights of my life, superb nightclub and superb girls, i will definitely be visiting again, the only thing i must say they need extra bar staff as it was a nightmare to get served, that aside though what a night!!!

Submitted by kris on 24th February 2007

The female bouncer seems like a complete tramp from what I read and have heard from other friends! It seems she turns away really gorgeous girls like my mates!!! Jealous Biatch! Tho I do agree with keepin out chavvy, cheap lookin tarts

Submitted on 23rd February 2007

I went to the box on sat night and had a great night! One of my friends didn't get in because he was 'drunk' even though he came straight from work! We all got asked for ID which was fine. I had a good night and will be back. There were a few girls in front of us who didn't get in - but at the end of the day, they were complete millbags! So of course they can be refused admission! I wouldn't have let them in even with masks on. And they continued to argue. And believe it or not they still tried to get in! Think before you act girls. Dress to impress and take your ID and you shouldn't have a problem.

Submitted on 23rd February 2007

Def agree with most of the comments posted here re the attitude of the bouncers, in particular the female. Queued on a sat night when it first opened only to be told 'not tonight girls' - the fellas who were quite clearly with us had no problem getting in! Wasn't too embarrassed as seen plenty of people getting turned away, most of them looked pretty smart. Me and my friends never had problems gettin in to other so called 'upmarket' places e.g pothouse, merchant hotel, vaudeville etc. For those trying to say the bouncers are only doing their job, thats fair enough but you only have to read some of these comments to see they can be quite nasty and offensive about peoples appearances and stuff - apart from anything, not a nice impression of belfast for any visitors! Since then I have been a few times on a fri night, seems much easier to get in ,not as busy. The whole bouncer thing is a shame cuz it is a pretty good nightclub when you get in, so unfortunately I don't think their business will be affected too much. Due to lack of decent nightclubs, might brave trying another sat night! Wish me luck!

Submitted by Anon Female - 22 on 21st February 2007

Only been once and to be honest I don't know what all the hassle is about. Yes the female bouncer is a bit scary looking but the male bouncers were grand. Getting in was no problem and the bar staff and bouncers on the inside were quite friendly too. I was amazed at the GHD straighteners on the wall in the toilets as I had never seen this before. Queues at the bar were virtually non existent for a Friday night even though the place was busy. The music was ok but there are better places in Belfast to spend a night out. I would go back but it wouldn't be my favourite place in the world. Actually now after reading these reviews I'm a bit scared to go back. If a socialite from Northern Woman magazine gets turned away what hope is there for the rest of us.

Submitted by Kris on 18th February 2007

will never be back again, i am 22 and my group of friends and i (all 21 and 22) were told "not 2nite love" by the female bouncer, they need 2 get her sorted or else they will lose a lot of business and love, if u read this, u are just jelous because you will never be as pretty as all the girls you turn away! roll on beach!

Submitted by rhiann on 17th February 2007

went to the box a few times, don't know what all the fuzz is about, its not that great. staff ok but the blonde door girl had a bit of a attitude problem knocking back loads of people because of their appearance- even though she's not that great looking herself. I personally think she has a cheek to comment on anyone else. Not all bad though its a nice club inside and bar staff are really friendly.

Submitted on 16th February 2007

I think the square place is a bit of a circle. Its door policy is real life hot r not. I took my misses to it one night and she got turned away by the FEMALE BOUNCER, i knew then she was hot so i married her!!! THANKS BOX u confirmed what i was thinkin. Anyway im away to warm up some soup, il see you in vegas.

Submitted by Barry Kazlett on 16th February 2007

Before Box I went to Precious alot it was fantastic i loved it and when it reopened as Box i had my friends over from England and we went up to be told 'we are full' only to let others in well i have heard from alot of my friends who went to precious and they agree the doormen and women ARENT DOING THEIR JOB PROPERLY. its sad really when you get ready for a good nite out for someone not to like what your wearing or your skin colour or your nationality or the way you walk and ruin your night, stuff them people they dont deserve OUR MONEY!

Submitted by charlene on 13th February 2007

nine of us went to the box on friday nite with the worry that some of us would be turned away as we had heard from others who had been before that the bouncers are very fussy especially the female! we all did get in but believe this was because it was quiet and i have to say the doormen arent the nicest they just glare at u and ure i.d. Club was dead on and bar service was ok , compared with bar 7, but this was on a quiet nite. Would go back but still with the worry of not gettin in!!

Submitted by ruth on 11th February 2007

have never been to Box but was planning to go on saturday nite with a crowd of girls and spend alot of money, but then i heard alot of bad press about the place especially when my cousin who is 21, absalutly gorgeous and had I.D got told 'Not Tonite Love' by the female at the door. if you ever read this love you are so jealous of all them girls that queue for ages to get in just to be knocked back by you... the Manager really needs to sort that girl and the 'Not tonite' thing out or he's gonna have no business.. i'll have to see wat its like for myself, might go dwn on friday (16th feb) im 22 myself and if i get knocked back i'll spread the word about the place that its the biggest waste of time.. to all you's girlies out there that got knocked back you's are all beautiful, that female at the door is soooooo jealous its unreal xx

Submitted by amanda on 11th February 2007

I went to the box a few weeks after it had opened with 4 friends, we queued for quite a while, finally we got the the front of the line only to be told by the very rude female bouncer "not 2nite" we asked y and she said we looked too young even though we wer all 21 and over! i'll never go back and from what ive heard the beach club is run by the same owner, wldnt give them the money in either of them!!

Submitted on 4th February 2007

Ive been to the Box quite a lot since it opened and have always had a great night. i know some of the bouncers and would like to say that they are only doing their job, having worked on the door myself i know how hard it can be dealing the volume of people that try to get in, specialy on a sat. night. They cant let everyone in so stop complaining!!!!!

Submitted by Jacqueline Porter on 4th February 2007

i went the 1st sat nite it was opened and got turned away by the door staff thay z 'not tonight' we asked y and they z doesnt matter and we z no but we want 2 know and they z were werent dressed properly, although they were lettin other ppl in with much the same clothes on as us!! discrimination!! wud like 2 c wot the club is like but with door staff like that, i dunno!! stick 2 the goos old beach club 4 now!! no trouble there!

Submitted on 3rd February 2007

I think that the Box need to get rid of the power tripping female bouncer.

Sounds like she has a problem with any attractive women trying to come into the club.

If you seen her you would know why!!!!

Submitted by Dave on 1st February 2007

I have been to the box almost every thurs nite since it opened, i think it is definatly the best nightclub in belfast!! and as for everyone complaining about the bouncers - personally i think they are all great! maybe if you actually take time to talk to them instead of complaining to them ul c that they are all really decent people and great craic! yes there is a strict door policy - but sure ne club that wants to be recognised as an upstanding place to be needs to have that. The door policy suits the club. you gotta be dressed rite.

love the box and enjoy every night im there. always amazin and recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good night in a classy place!

Submitted by Kate McManus on 30th January 2007

again i would have the same thoughts as most people!!! -- the doorstaff are on "power trips" i have been to most of the big cities around the mainland. no mather what time of the night you approach the door of a club, i have always been spoken to like a customer!!! even if they are full or the doors are closed a polite reason has alway been given. clubs in belfast need to wise up and get with the times and make belfast a friendly and welcoming city!!!doormen/women need to be monitored by club owners as this is what people will talk about and the excitement around a new club will soon faid if people have coments like what filling this message board!! by the way im 23 and always well dressed when approaching any club and the same problems are clear from your door staff!!! they simply talk down to you !!!its not on

Submitted by Aaron on 30th January 2007

Very disappointed with the box. Appalled by the behaviour and attitude of doormen/women and Dee (manager). After being put on Gemma's guestlist, myself and 6 friends were told to come to the door to ask for Gemma. We spoke to doorman (dark skin/suit/black hair/sheet of paper in hand) and everything was fine, was told to gather rest of party. After doing so, went back to him and could not believe his behaviour. Looked everyone of us from head to toe, then went and got a girl (blonde shoulder lenght hair/trouser suit)who approached us and said "not tonight girls". No explaination as to why, we werent even asked for ID. She said we arent suitable for the club while standing with a smirky, sarcastic smile.Dont no what her problem was as we werent drunk and were dressed eg dress,leggings,shoes. When asking for Gemma she was "unavailable" altho she said to ask for her. So blonde haired girl, went and got Dee (manager)who also had attitude problem,said wats the problem girls?you's arent suitable tonight, then had the cheek to say and I quote "every club has a door policy ours is smart and sexy and you's dont meet the criteria". In otherwords, u's arent nice enough to get into club. And that to come from a manager - well that doesnt say much about the management.Do u not get training on treating people with respect? Discrimination - thats what that is. My advice - don't go to the box unless ur size 6, blonde hair, and half naked!

Submitted by Carol on 29th January 2007

I've been to The Box on a number of occasions and found the experience very enjoyable. However, the last few occasions that I have tried to enter this club I have been turned away by the door staff. Their reasons being that I was dressed to casual. What is casual to these people? Both times I was wearing a shirt, trousers and shoes. So what would I need to wear to get into the club, a tuxedo or a three piece suit perhaps.

Submitted on 28th January 2007

Queues too long, and the place is really packed inside. It's roasting hot upstairs and in the women's toilets. More air-conditioning would be a great. On the plus side the music is good with variety. The bar staff are really friendly too and seem to be really enjoying themselves and are enthusiastic at their jobs.

Submitted on 27th January 2007

I have been in the box a few times. As I am 32 and my friends are of similar vintage. I found the door staff to be far to ignorant especially the female one. Why oh why in this day and age do we have to put up with neanderthal door staff. surely there must be a coarse or charm school they could go to. after all we are the customers and you know that old saying about us always being right. a tip go to the bot or the fly and see how it should be done. Apart from that blip we loved the club and will be back defo.

Submitted by Stacy on 25th January 2007

have been to the box twice and it was really good however the queue to get in is a piss take!the bouncers refuse the right of admission soley based on appearance and this is one way to loose a crowd!im only 20 myself and had no real problem getting in but each week somehow the age for entry seemed to increase to 21\'s or 25\'s!

Submitted on 25th January 2007

havta say box is a gd place,had a reali gd nite wen i eventually got in 2nd time round.

1st time i went was a sat nite ther was 3 couples we had all dressed appropiately waited in the queue for ages to be told 'not tonight' the bouncer didnt even look in our direction. personally i thought it was a bit rude.

i can can understand that they want a certain type of person in the club but in my eyes we had not done anything rong and the bouncers are turing away a lot of descent ppl who r jus out 4 a gd nite!!

now im always worried about gettin in to box cus the bouncers r very fussy dnt want to go wif a group of mates n get turned away!!! it totally spoils the nite.

i wud head up again cuz it is different but i fink the bouncers need to sort out ther act and realise the box isnt the b all and end all of clubs in belfast, it may b new but ppl will get annoyed if the bouncers keep their attitude the way it is!

lookin forward to seeing the reviews in the future its still early days for this club!!!

Submitted on 24th January 2007

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