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The MClub

TUESDAY The number one student night in town, with a mix of funky house, dance and chart topping hits. Not forgetting the great classics to get the masses singing along! Nearly forgot, DRINKS ONLY '1, from 9pm Sharp! Door Tax '5

Probably Belfast's longest running student night and definately the most talked about through every campus within a 3o mile radius. With its dance and trance roots you will be taken on an up lifting journey with Reident DJ Cool FMs Gary Myles! Doors 9pm Door Tax '2

Live Show and Games Every Friday Night with the Groovy Train Dancers, relive the Seventies at Groovy Train!! Doors 9pm Door Tax '6 VIP '8

With a Saturday Night like no other its plain to see why. Over 18's welcome! Doors 9pm Door Tax '8 VIP '10

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31 Bradbury Place
County Antrim
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I love the place, always feel comfortable there, music is great, especially the groovy train. Sometimes isn't as many people inside as you would think for a top club in Belfast, they should do more drinks promos and advertise a bit more. Get to mclub people!!

Submitted by cat on 12th July 2013

Great night for our Hen Party. Will definitely be back. Well looked after by all the staff. Thanks

Submitted by Sinead on 11th September 2012

Looking through these reviews I feel I need to chime in.

Look at the reviews here and noticed the people who can and cannot spell. Those who cannot spell are probably retards. It's these retards that insist the bouncers are out to get them, calling them scum because they got turned away for being 17 with no ID or because they "only had one drink", yet they stumbled up to the door yelling and screaming. If you only had one drink then act like you only had one drink. The bouncers aren't going to breathalyse to see if you're under the limit and they're certainly not going to let you into their club to get more drunk if they even suspect you of being intoxicated. This does not make them scum.

Sadly, however, it's similar retards that will sing the praises of MClub. These people are the ones that give MClub its current reputation. Loud, dirty, drunk, stupid and ignorant of their fore mentioned traits.

Most well written reviews of MClub will give you the real picture. If you go on a "student" night you probably won't see too many students. You will, however, see quite a few scumbags out for the Â�£1 drinks. You will see some fights. The MClub does attract this type of clientele, unfortunately. That doesn't mean you can't or won't have a good time. It's like anywhere, if you look for trouble you will find it but if you try to avoid it you'll be fine. But you might find it easier to find trouble in the MClub than other places.

Another note on bouncers. Bouncers are thugs. But before you jump in and criticise them, ask yourself what some of the clientele are like if these are the people they must hire for security. If some idiot does try to have a pop at you, you'll be glad that some brute is there to help you rather than some soft-as-shite rugby player. Bouncers need to be intimidating at a place like this.

Submitted on 19th July 2012

Great night had on Saturday by all our party. We went VIP and everyone had an excellent night. Highly recommend. Thanks

Submitted by Phil on 25th June 2012

Just had to write a small review about the lovely time our Hen party had on Saturday night. The whole night was fantastic and the management and staff so professional. One of our party has difficulty with stairs but this was not a problem as the manager took her and another member of our group to VIP in the lift. We were allowed to upgrade to VIP and we could not fault anything. All the staff were so nice including the doorstaff who had a joke with us and said goodbye when we were leaving. A lot of clubs around Belfast could learn from the M-Club about quality of service. All our party will be back again. Thanks M-Club for making our hen night Special.

Submitted by Michelle on 21st May 2012

Was at m club last night with a hen party and i have to say i had the best night, we wher shown to our seats by the lady bouncer who was very polite and explained that there was a show on and games on the dance floor and was very helpful and nice. The dancer where very good and enjoyed watching them. we has booked seats in VIP and it was lovely and clean (bit warm) but all in all very nice, we had an issue with our seats being invaded but another group but we informed the lady bouncer and she sorted it out for us with no drama. All the bar staff where very well presented and very nice, we all joined in the games and a lady in my party even won a bottle of bubbly. We will most certainly be back to enjoy another night on the groovy train. bad points (dj talked to much on the mic) (was a bit warm in VIP) 9/10 all the way.

Submitted on 5th May 2012

I have to say that I had one of the best nights ever on Friday night. We went out as a group of 5 guys and we were pretty aprehensive about going to a 70's night. Need not have worried, it was pure class and unbelievable fun. The people in the club were all having a great time and the atmosphere would be hard to surpass. The staff were brilliant and the doorstaff were informative and even told us on the way in that we were in for a good night. Im from Derry and will be trying to make it up to Belfast as often as poss for the Friday night. Honestly - give it a try. Awesome.

Submitted by Jim on 24th April 2012

After reading the reviews yesterday i have to say i was not looking forward to going to the m club last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But can i just say it was one of the most fantastic nights out i have had in a long time!!!!!groovy train a must see it was fab and the music was brill!!!!!! I dont know how all you people can say the bouncers are rude i found them very approachable and very friendly and helpful!!!!! and the bar staff were lovely!!!!!! A big thumbs up M club I will def be back!!!!!!

Submitted by jackie on 21st April 2012

brill night had by all in our girls only night out. lovely place, clean inside and music was pumping. staff very friendly esp the girl cashier at front door- well mannered and very good knowledge of place, also cute :) first person u meet coming into club so is important. inside staff,drinks, music all up to standard :) will see you all again soon. thanks for a great night mclub :) x

Submitted by steph on 12th March 2012

Went on Saturday night, brilliant. We were out as a group of 4 couples and decided to go for an early drink in the V-Bar first. The girls and even one of the guys loved the half price cocktials. The atomsphere was good and the DJ had a lot of people dancing from early on. About 10pm we went outside to go upstairs to join the queue but were allowed in at the front as the manager recognised us for the downstairs bar.

The friendly cashier recommended VIP for our party and when we went upstairs it was beautiful (very clean). They had vodka on promotion and the staff made us aware of it when we ordered our drinks. The music was great all night and everyone in the party had a great time. We will be back.

I have been to most nightclubs in Belfast and this easily surpasses them all. I work in sales and customer service is very important, obviously the M-club has taken this on board. Would recommend to everyone.

Submitted by Michael on 6th March 2012

This place has turned into one of the worst night clubs in belfast they let so many scumbags in they get the drink in them all they wanna do is fight with people. I went on Tuesday night and seen about 4 fights in the place and they have a cheek to say no tattoos allowed start lookin at how rugh your crowd looks with bowl cut haircuts and in general mostly chavs who wouldn't get in anywhere else in belfast

Submitted by Ando on 15th February 2012

The m club is a brill night out if u don't moan and stick to the rules, the bouncers are friendly and only give ya warnings if u are behaving like an idiot, i always have a brill night when i am there, the toilets are always clean and tidy and drinks are slightly over priced but u are in the center of town what do u expect, bar staff are always on the ball at the bar and if u don't leave it to the last minute like 12 o'clock you will get your pick at seats. the bad reviews on here are clearly from those who get drunk and act like fools and are asked to leave as there are others there who have also paid trying to enjoy them selves with out being annoyed by stupid people. Female bouncer always helpful and is always friendly and when we go on a Saturday u are always meeted and greeted by club manger at the main door. A good night out all round and any problems we have ever had we have notified the bouncer and it has been sorted out straight away with minimum fuss. Thanks m club see ya soon ! ! !

Submitted on 21st January 2012

Great place, have been here absolutely plastered before still got in, love it.

Submitted on 13th January 2012

the bouncers wont take any shit if your too drunk so be aware. i think it provides a pretty decent night, nice decor inside and decent drinks prices however if you smoke, i wouldnt go- because them damn stairs are a pain everytime you want a smoke, and your plagued by the foreign beggers outside, who wont leave no matter how much you give them for a damn rose, or to play guitar. seriously.

Submitted on 2nd January 2012

went to the m club the other week and must say it was one of the best nights out ive had. There was a big group of us around 8-10 and we were in late 20s early 30s. we went for a meal first and then headed down to the mclub at around 10. as it was a saturday night we knew that it would be dear, it was Â�£8 which we thought was reasonable :) the girl at the counter at the front desk was lovely and very well mannered, she was able to tell us the differences in vip and middle for future visits, and drink offers- good start to the night, the bouncers were fine had no problem with them all night and if we needed help they were friendly to chat too- bar staff were well mannered, took drink orders quickly and greeted us with a smile- glasses and decor inside was lovely, plenty of seats and tables to stand aroubd and dj box is funky were it is- toilets were spotless definitely thumbs up to toilet attendants. crowd was friendly too and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as was very good atmosphere in the place.

overall a brilliant night was had by everyone in our group and we will all be back again.

thank you to all the staff :)

Submitted by marie on 13th December 2011

Just discovered this website, so I thought I'd be a decent person and let everyone know about my mClub experience and what I think of the place;

The place is a hole. I mean it. My cousin always said it was amazing, but I was truly disappointed. It was my first, and most likely last, time at mClub. I went on Saturday June 25th 2011. I remember the date very well as the day before, I had my last A-Level exam at school so this was supposed to be a good night out for me and my friends to celebrate finishing education. I really wish we hadn't have bothered. Obviously, it wasn't our first choice. We got the dreaded "not tonight" from BOX in the Odyssey so one of my friends suggested coming here.

Got the taxi from the Odyssey to mClub. I'll admit, the place looks very beautiful on the outside. Wish the inside was just as beautiful. The photos on the club's website are nice and do match, however it does look a wee bit run down since then. Had no problem with the bouncers. They seemed decent, but reading the comments here, they sound terrible. I guess we got lucky.

Went inside; girl behind the counter said Â�£7 for normal, Â�£10 for VIP (What?!) so we decided to go VIP since we were just paying Â�£3 extra. Got the whole way up to VIP and found it empty. Granted, it had passed 21:00. All the booths were closed off with barriers. I mean all of them. There were no seats apart from a few low (and I mean not-even-two-feet-of-the-ground low) were down the back so we all went there with our very expensive, over-priced drinks.

Decided it was smoking time, and as mClub have no special smoking area inside the club, we had to go all the way back down the stairs and stand outside the front door. We were plagued with a large number of foreign women coming up to us and asking did we want to buy roses or bracelets. We constantly told them no, but they wouldn't go away. Eventually, my friend got fed up and give her money for a bracelet hoping she'd go away. She didn't and more of them kept coming over after they seen money being handed over. Absolutely annoying and ridiculous! This happened throughout the whole night when we went out for a cigarette or whenever we went outside to try and get signal on our mobile phones. The club had absolutely no signal!

Went back into the club, seen one of the bouncers beat the absolute s**t out of some man who wanted to get into the club. After the fight broke out, more of the bouncers jumped on him. Couldn't believe my eyes! I've never seen anything like that happen before on a night out! Stayed out of it and just went back inside. Maybe he was drunk and was starting trouble, I don't know. Either way, it's certainly not how I would expect a bouncer to confront a problem.

VIP didn't get any better, so we just went downstairs to the normal Â�£7 entry floor. Seemed to be people there and a few seats so we sat down at a reasonable seating height. Got a few more expensive, over-priced drinks and tried to have a good time. These boys in their early 20's came over and tried to chat-up my girlfriends. They sat with us and really couldn't take the hint that they weren't wanted. Before leaving, they spilt someone's drink. Don't know who owned it, but they didn't even offer to buy us another. They were very rude. Many of the other people in the club seemed to be a wee bit older. Balding men were doing their "dad dancing" as you would probably call it. Certainly not a pretty sight.

Midnight came and we still weren't really enjoying ourselves so we took off and went to another club.

Pros: Looks quite nice, toilets were clean and the glasses could fit all of whatever you were drinking inside them.

Cons: VIP is bad, smoking is a terrible experience, no mobile phone signal (none for O2 anyway), expensive admission, over-priced drinks, unfriendly people, quite a lot of older people (which I personally haven't a problem with, they just stood out more in mClub than they do in any other club).

Submitted on 8th December 2011

planning a xmas night out this weekend headin to m club but after reading all the bad reviews about the bouncers dont think we will chance going the long drive down to get turned away!!

Submitted on 6th December 2011

Went Sat, 3rd Sept to VIP area with a large group of friends for my 30th birthday. Very helpful staff when getting VIP tickets

Submitted on 8th September 2011

i was there on Friday night they need to sort the carpets out....very smelly and sticky uck:( Apart for that i had a brillant night:)

Submitted on 9th August 2011

I recently attended the M Club for the first time as a member of a hen party.

I had rang a few weeks ahead to book VIP tickets and the guy I spoke to over the phone seemed a really nice guy and said there would be no problem collecting tickets at the door on the sat night, he gave me his name and told me he would be at the door and I was to ask for him. However when we arrived, no problem in speaking to the same guy i'd spoken to on the phone, however now although on the VIP list we where told that he didn't have room now and so we would not be getting entry to VIP section, he recognisable as the same friendly voice I had spoken to on the phone. He was sharp,rude and ignorant! After entry I spoke to 2 other members of staff, who checked the VIP list they had in their pockets and couldn't understand why we had been refused entry. They where very polite and civil unlike the head bouncer/manager at the door and apologised on his behalf. 1 of which kindly showed us 2 a seating area that the party could all stay together.

Having said that we all add a good night, there was a good mix of music and it was good fun.

It seems that senior door staff don't have much time for groups such as hen party' if you happen to read this and are organising a party take heed and strongly consider somewhere else.

Submitted on 7th August 2011

The MClub is a joke - our hotel phoned in advance and booked us a VIP but when we got there the bouncers were their usual charming self and wont let one of our group in - despite us only having one drink in the hotel before leaving - but hey you know what take my advise and walk down the street to Benedicts - class nite was had by all and funny how the bouncers in there didnt have a problem with us - we did hear later that the MClub was empty - no queues to get in either - so at the end of the day it would have been a waste of money - Benedicts is much better place

Submitted on 28th June 2011

Great Club, had a great night on Saturday!! Will definitely be back!

Submitted by John on 23rd May 2011

i went for the 1st time the other nite and i have to say i had such a nite they played music from my childhood the drinks were cheap n the staff were dead on

Submitted by Ashley on 17th March 2011

Been once and that's enough for me. Was a Tuesday night and was quite excited for the Â�£1 drinks however trying to get to the bar was a major problem as it was blocked my obese millies that I was more concerned for my own safety! Queued for about 10 minutes to go to the toiliet, where I was given dirty looks by gOrJiz CHiiCks reapplying their layers of bake. Music consists of some Vengaboys and top 40 hits. I'd give it a miss there's far better places in town!

Submitted on 21st February 2011

went to the mclub other week and we really enjoyed it. music was great and the drink price was great. bar staff served us quick. theres good talent in it too especially the wee girl on the cloakroom! will definately be back again soon.

Submitted by leanne on 18th February 2011

have to say i have never been here myself but luk at these awful reviews why wuld i want to???

Submitted by sarah on 7th February 2011

being twice to the mclub first time i went i forgot my wallet at door while paying in and came back and they had it under the counter for me which was nice, second time i was refused entry as it was 11:01 and they stop letting people in at 11:00 lol

Submitted on 30th December 2010

I've been to the M club a few times I am a student and go on thursday nights mainly I havent been thrown out or been refused entry however I find that some of the staff can be very aggressive and have seen women be manhandled however the price of drink is really good and the music is amazing with a good crowd you would have a fantastic night I dont know why people are complaining of the hygeine as it is alot cleaner than stiff kitten and parlour however customer service does not entail rudeness therefore I hope that KARMA exsists and that the staff/bouncers get a taste of there own medicine as pay is a bitch if you like m club you will love shine and yello

Submitted on 14th November 2010

Bouncers here are a disgrace, went on a pre booked pre organised Hen night and bouncers accused one of the girls as being drunk - (she wasn't!!)and they refused her entry Bouncers then said thatshe was refused entry because she was part of a Hen Party and they spoke to all other members of the group like rubbish. Upon booking the MCLUB were aware that it was a Hen Party. Bouncers agressive and Bully boy wouldnt go here now if you paid me due the way in which we were all spoken to by the doorstaff

Submitted on 8th November 2010

I loved the craic at the M Club - but its one dirty hole. Dirty glasses at the bar and an awful smell where we were sitting - like boke. Would need to bring scented candle next time!

Submitted on 15th October 2010

am sorry 2 say some bouncers r bully boys. u see if they were on there own they would not say anything to u but in a group they think they are hard feel sorry 4 them kind of people wanting 2 b something they are not. if they think they r tat hard they should join the armey tat wud open their eyes. any how when i went 2 m club bouncers were ok with me and even watched my drink 4 me as i went 4 a smoke

Submitted on 9th October 2010

excellent night on Saturday. Music spot on and the staff cheerful. Anyone saying rain or stiff is cleaner than this place must be off their heads.

Submitted by michelle on 9th August 2010

I was really annoyed with the bouncers myself last night. they were so rude on the door. I brought my cousin out for his first night out in belfast to M club to be turned away as he was wearing trainers. Not that i phoned the club earlier that day to be told there was no dress code. The club management might want to communicate with there door staff.

Submitted by lulu on 4th August 2010

I've been here once, and that was enough for me. It was student night and the bouncer almost didn't allow me and my friend (both 18) in because it was student card only and passport or driving licence were'nt acceptable!!? Inside the club was packed full of millies, queued for about 10 mins for the toilet and couldn't even get near the bar! Will definitely stick to box, rain or stiff!!

Submitted on 1st August 2010

excellent night on Sat. Music was spot on and the staff were class. My girlfriend felt light headed and we went to the front door. Unlike most clubs the doormen were very approachable and got her a glass of water and did not look at us as if we were a burden. Thanks

Submitted by Phil on 26th July 2010

I first went 2 m club 4 my friends 18th n i was onli 17 at the time n got in no prob! the bouncer i got was dead on n the desk staff are pleasent! reali nice atshompere in the club n iv been back again n ders never been any trouble! But i did c one guy bein dragged out of the club by the bouncer buy god no's what hes done :)

Submitted on 13th July 2010

m club rocks!! get over it! if you wernt let in..... go home and look in the mirror.... and thats prob the reason, sorry for being so blunt but cooome on!! been goin there twice a week for the past few years and it ALWAYS ends up a brill night!! well... every one is entitled to their own views but i do like it :)

Submitted on 1st July 2010

In my personal opinion, this is the best club to go to on a Friday or Saturday night. I first went here 8 years ago and I still love going. Friday night is Groovy Train (70's night) and it's the best night out you could ever have, always a great crowd. Saturday nights are mostly dance music, and it's great too. I've never had any probs with the doormen when getting in and I've never experienced any trouble when there. Just fantastic.

Submitted by Miss Jane on 19th June 2010

Excellent night last Sat on a Hen. Went VIP, queue jumped. Music was pumping and the Hen had a great night. Friendly staff and bouncers were really nice. We'll be back

Submitted by Elaine on 17th June 2010

Went to Mclub for a friends birthday a while ago. We didn't have any bother ourselves, but by the end of the night i saw a girl being grabbed and dragged down the stairs by two bouncers! pretty scary! other than that, VIP floor is very good and had a great night, shame about the bouncers' attitude problems!

Submitted by Sarah M on 26th May 2010

Class night last night.........�£1 a drink who could ask for anything more

Submitted by Josie on 26th May 2010

Look, I go the M-club once or twice a week. Never have a problem with the doormen or management, all friendly. Maybe you should have a look at yourself if your not getting in. see you this week.

Submitted by Gerard on 25th May 2010

Almost never went to here because of some of the reviews. We were a hen party who booked a booth into groovy train about 3 months ago from Glasgow.We could not get over to buy tickets before but the manager said we could come early that day and buy the tickets. Our flight was delayed so could not get the tickets. Phoned and was told not to worry that we could pay at the door. when we arrived the manager knew our details allowed us to pay and we went to the booth. Brilliant night, do not miss. Even went to the bar the next night. The manager recognised us and gave us a free upgrade to the top floor. Staff were excellent and bouncers were good fun. dont let anyone put you off this place,

Submitted by Michelle on 24th May 2010

Went on friday nite. couldnt argree more the manager is very nasty why would you want to work with the public when you are clearly not a people person!!!!!!! Bar staff and DJ were pleasant thumbs up for their service but manager a definate no no.

Submitted by Sarah on 16th May 2010

Absolutely horrendous, went to the m club last night with a friend and definately wont be back the reviews about the bouncers and management are spot on. My friend and I decided to go out for a cigarette and asked the bouncer where we could leave our drinks we were told they would be ok behind the door upstairs but then a very nasty manager grabbed my friend as she went to set the drink down and told her to get back inside when she told him not to manhandle her he took an extremely nasty attitude and had my friend and I thrown out. This place should be ashamed of itself that two women cant enjoy a drink in their club without experiencing some nasty, grumpy manager on a power trip. Absolutely awful and I wont even get started on the rough clientele!!!

Submitted by Joanne on 17th April 2010

Was going to go to the m club as we are going to stay in Belfast, but after reading the reviews we certainly wont be going anywhere near it. The bouncers seem like a pack of wolves and have no respect for the paying customer!! They should be ashamed of themselves, the have given belfast a bad name!!

Submitted on 13th April 2010

the small bouncer i hink is the manager. not a nice person at all.

Submitted on 13th April 2010

went on sat nite. we didnt get in they refussed 7 girls and it was my birthday. then the bouncers laughed in are faces. i will never return to this bar. wors bar and bouncers in town of belfast..

Submitted on 13th April 2010

This bar is completely the wrong place to go in Belfast the bouncers are very aggressive and refuse entry for the most stupid reasons. I have been a few times and on every occasion I have heard the bouncers being very rude and they curse all the time. I defiantly will not be returning.

Submitted on 10th April 2010

Asked the bouncers why the m club was closed and received agressive reply from idiot bouncers and told to go away - obviously on a power trip!! Won't be returning!

Submitted on 7th April 2010

Tried to go to the M Club on Saturday Night for a mates birthday... Bouncers turned me and my fella away cause our password was out of date yet was able to get in everywhere else with our id's. My mate had her id but the bouncer wanted to see a bankcard?? The bouncer was being a bully to my friends an never again will i be trying to go to the M Club, they think they are better than any1 else... My boyfriend was at the M CLub one night an asked the bouncer could he go out for a smoke, when he tried to get back in they wouldnt let him. Think you's need to get your bouncers sorted out!!

Submitted by Danielle on 22nd March 2010

Bouncers are unnecessarily aggressive. Got turned away one night for no apparent reason too.

Submitted on 17th March 2010

go down all the time the r great and the place is great best club in town

Submitted on 13th March 2010

I love the MClub on a Friday Night "Groovy Train" been 4times and Ive nothing bad to say about the bouncers like actually think their sound asa quid people just cause trouble and thats why theyve got started on the bouncers are there fora reason like remember that lol as for the drinks I think their an ok price like must be tight if you think 3.55 dear Bacardi Breeers stinking anyways lol

Submitted by Ashleigh on 10th February 2010

The bouncers are losers there like a pack of wolves if you have a girl friend

don't take her there

Limelight is a better nite the bouncers are much more professional

Mclub catch a grip someone is going to get hurt by your idiot bouncers!!!!!!!!!!

I will not be back

Submitted on 27th January 2010

m club is a good club but the bouncers are to agressive the female bouncers would have to be the worst. management would need to get that sorted. it honestly puts me of going back.

Submitted on 22nd January 2010

Ive only been to the M club twice, me or my friends have never had any problems with the bouncers, but i have seen them turn people away for no reason what so ever which is unfair! Music is very very loud!! They also dont serve the drink i normally drink which is disappointing! Personally i wouldnt go out of my way just in case you would get turned away for no reason!!

Submitted by Robyn on 26th November 2009

I really like the m club love it on 70s nite. Its a pity they've stopped serving pints of beer upstairs tho. The bottles far too expensive!!

Submitted by paul g on 12th November 2009

the door staff are very rude they would not let me in when i was standing with my girlfriend ! the reason was my hair was to short !!!!

Submitted by big joe on 5th November 2009

I went to Mclub usually on Saturdays and I really like it, but the music is definitely too loud.

It starts ok and then after 11 or so it becomes earpainingly loud. All my friends say the same. Nice place but far too loud.

Submitted on 21st October 2009

Was in MClub on 18.09.09 - completely disgusted at the bouncers. Was sitting near the door - so had a perrfect view at the bullying and manhandling that was going on (from one small bouncer in particular who was on a power trip). Uncalled for and I wouldn't go back or recommend it to anyone. Was first time there at weekends (would have went years ago during the week when a student). There are so many other great places to go in Belfast.

Submitted on 7th October 2009

ive only been to the mclub once and it was on a saturday night! had no problems with bouncers. �£8 in or �£10 for vip which i thinks a bit steep.. drinks are normal priced, easy enough to get served. music is awful really but thats just my taste and they dont even do the drink i order. decent enough but not on a saturday

Submitted on 29th September 2009

I go to the mclub most sat nites and thurs if i can, its diff da place to be. i jst read pervious reviews that its a bad place etc and the bouncers are aggressive. ive been going there for over 5yrs now and have no complaints, the door man are fair and are there for our own saftey. no matter wat nite club u go to there can always be trouble so its not fair to blame the bouncers for being careful! as for not being allowed chewing gum, u can understand dat, wld u like to b a cleaning da gum of da floor da nxt day lol..(didnt fink so!). da music and atmosphere at da mclub is amazin and i wld diff say its da place to be lol! totally luv mclub :)

Submitted on 18th September 2009

V bar is gr8, staff and service was very friendly, gets busy but is still a great night out, went to m culb after it was gd aswell but prefer v bars music

Submitted by Sarah on 16th August 2009

This place is a riot. Some nights are better than others. Very cheap drinks compared to the rest of the bars. Music is alright, and its not too busy. Full of STEEKS/CHAVS/MILLIES! Most of them are 16 and under. Bouncers are knobends. Its pathetic the way they treat people. Boys get it harder than girls i think. Funny for fights. Chav 1 vs Chav 2. lmao!

Submitted by Katie on 25th July 2009

Most expensive bar ever! �£2 to leave ur coat in WTF??!! and �£3.55 for a Bacardi Breezier farrrr to expensive but part from that its good the music is good and its nice inside love the mirrored toilets!

Submitted by Nikki on 22nd July 2009

best nite club in belfast love love my thursday nites in m club love the cheap drink and the door staff and barr staff are very friendly go every week love it xxx

Submitted on 30th June 2009

went for a birthday..good night apart from when i cut my foot on glass and sat down to remove it then a bouncer came over and told me to get my foot off the seat!! i was like foot is leaking with blood and theres glass init..cut me some slack!! didnt even offer a plaster the ****..butttt apart from that good night!

Submitted by claire on 29th June 2009

I went there for a wee while last night. The doorman checked my ID and then said he was going to search me. And he did and then said "Ok sir, that's fine, go on ahead" so I thought he was dead polite. There was a woman who came to get our empty glasses with long her and glasses who was class, she was dead nice. I liked the inside of the place, especially the big bar the colour of smirnoff ice. Only thing that put me off was the crowd and the music, I felt really out of place. We ended up goin to Sketchy instead, but the MClub wasn't half as bad as I expected, I thought it was goin to be a real chav hole. The thing in the toilets with the guy with the shades and headphones was class as well. Not bad club at all, shame about the music tho.

Submitted on 19th June 2009

Mclub is the best in belfast.. dont care what anyone says.. bouncers dont pick on anyone for just any reason.. ive been goin to the mclub for about 2 years n never had any trouble with the bouncers.. its full of people who love good music and a good night out.. mclub is def the place to be

Submitted by heyyy on 10th May 2009

dont know why peoples saying bouncers are aggressive i love the place and the bouncers cant beat a sat nyt or thursday maybe peoples doing things to be thrown out

Submitted by janine on 18th April 2009


Check out

Submitted by Ivor Biggun (Former Groovy Train DJ) on 13th April 2009

i think the mclub is a great club the music is brillant the staff is very polliete when u enter and when u leave. cant understand were all the bad comments are made best club in the town. luv tue

Submitted by mick on 12th April 2009

The M club isnt too bad a club...i will ever darken its doors again after an encounter with their bouncers, rude, agressive and abusive to say the least-complete thugs. After standing outside for up to 20mins stating my case to be told many tims to f**k off in no uncertain terms it became apparent it was a case of mistakn identity-no apology, no nuthin...i was tld to get back in or p**s was my birthday night out-wont forget it for a while...assh***s.

Submitted by Claire on 26th March 2009

what is the age limit in the mclub on saturday nites 18 or 20?

Submitted on 24th March 2009

Groovy train is class.J J Jackson and the dancers class, although one friday in a limbo competition I hadnt realised I was out and went for another turn and just as I was nearing the pole I was trailed out by two bouncers, I was treated as if i had cracked one of the bouncers. They trailed me down the stairs and I ended up with a few bad bruises. I asked what I had done and their only reply was f*#K up.UNBELIEVABLE. Next day I called management to complain about the situation and was told bluntly they had to protect their staff, not even an apology. The bouncers are Idiots. They have the authority to ruin peoples nights

Submitted by male 25 BELFAST on 12th February 2009

m club is class love it went on new years eve and had a ball best place to go in belfast by far!!

defo going bk again no question about it!

Submitted by party groover on 3rd January 2009

Really love the m-club, especially the young man with the long hair. He is sooooo cute, I hope hes single. Have been going every Friday night and have moved from cosmos to LIIT's. If hes wondering who I am, I have got a scar on my left cheek.

Submitted by big billy on 13th December 2008

mclub bouncers need to wise up. we are human beings and don't needa be picked out of a crowd and thrown down stairs. maybe some fresher bouncers who actually know what a DUTY OF CARE is would help this place!!!!

complete joke.....WOULD NOT RECCOMMEND!!!!!!

Submitted on 3rd December 2008

Really dont know what people are talking about. The M-Club is the cleanest and best run club in Belfast by a long way. Okay they are strict with their dress code and drinking on the dancefloor but it makes it safer. Also anyone put out by the bouncers are done so for a reason. I have been well over 10 times on tue and thursday and every time they say goodbye.

Submitted by Seamus on 21st October 2008

The M Club in Belfast is a bit of a dump, not somewhere to go if you want a good night out in the city.

The music isn't too bad but the smell of urine ruins the vibe. I've been a few times now and can honestly say nothing has changed, the club still stinks.

Drinks aren't expensive and they do have some great promotions running.

My main concern is the M Club Bouncers (Doormen) - They are aggressive and unprofessional, if its closing time you might notice them pushing a few people about, they wouldn't be so tough if they were on their own. They also harass women and I've witnessed first hand an assault on a young girl so be very careful if you are going here.

Their are plenty of good nightclubs around Belfast so don't let this one spoil your night

I'll not be back.

Submitted by Claire on 8th October 2008

70s nites r brill

Submitted on 3rd October 2008

The Mclub is having a beach party fundraiser on wednesday 24th September to raise money for a wee boy with Autism ( - tickets are �£4 beforehand or �£6 in at the door - all of which will go towards Roan's aba therapy. Drinks will be �£2 all night and everyone (including the staff) will be dressed in their beach gear. We would really appreciate your support!

Submitted by Jenni on 7th September 2008

Brill place went recently on saturday night...def be goin back nuttin wrong wi bouncers r nuttin so dnt understand wot everyone sayin that for :S

Submitted on 30th June 2008

stinkin place - avoid

Submitted on 25th June 2008

disgracefully how security staff treat customers, mangement need da get dis problem sorted, but suppose wat do they care when it �£1 a drink student will keep returnin, my advice would b try limelight on tue rather than m club, drink stil cheap and staff 1000000 time better!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by paul on 19th April 2008

club is outstandin.. bouncers are SAD

Submitted by justin on 17th April 2008

been thrown out of this place several times for no reason, staff need to be brought down a peg r 2, female bouncer's is probably the worst of a very bad bunch, but it's obviously nothin goin change bout dis stop, stuck in der ways, cheap drink is da inly reason 1 keep return ta ere!

Submitted by john on 10th April 2008

HOOOOOLLLLAAA!!! This club was crap!! I turned up dressed in my usual trendy attire of women's jeans, a pink women's shirt with a white t-shirt coloured in with highlighter and red permanent marker and the bouncers wouldn't let me in!!!! I mean what the hell!!!!

Submitted by Ryan Madden on 2nd April 2008

door staff pick and choose who they will throw out as some1 else has already said (Bouncers are rough, viscious, and too big for their boots) i also got throw out for nothing will never be back if this club wants to keep there club of the year award they need to sort out there staff and sack most of the picks that work the door!!!!

Submitted on 31st January 2008

after going to belfast for the weekend from liverpool I was looking forward to sampling belfast's club scene. The MCLUB is lightyears away from the clubs in england I had a tie on and was asked to take it off. What the f**k kind of club does not let paying customers wear ties. After seeing everyone else dressed like scruffs it became obvious this club has no class. Also don't bother taking chewing gum as it will be confiscated at the door. This had a direct consequence as the smell of the place reminded me of the zoo. Overall if you are not from belfast and are looking for nightlife in belfast just 'say no' to this place and steer away from the local wiff waff that occupy this place.

Submitted by chris on 20th January 2008

we go most thur nites n its brill staff real gd. Its a gd place for students da music is mixed n so is the people u dnt no wat to expect which makes it a whole lot better. The atmosphere was realy good n i found the bouncers to be helpful. Love da mclub and will be bck !!!

Submitted by theresa on 17th January 2008

Went for a birthday, enjoying the night and was standing at side of dance floor when gripped by lady bouncer, told to leave and refused entry to let my friends know where i was and get my coat. Was visciously trailed down the stairs by male and female and left with bruises- to be told by another bouncer i was allowed back in, as I had done nothing wrong. Bouncers are rough, viscious, and too big for their boots. NEVER will be back. Beware girls theyre willing to throw you out on your own!!

Submitted by CJ on 6th January 2008

Love the M-Club. It's the best place to be on a Friday night - The Groovy Train (70's night). The atmosphere is like nowhere else. I like the Saturday nights too - mostly dance music with some RnB also. The bouncers are okay, the place is always packed and there are usually fit guys around.

Submitted by SJ on 2nd January 2008

Went on a tuesday, was a horrible night. Full of topshop students n jock boys in shirts. Won't be back in a hurry. The drink was cheap (when you got served), so this came in handy when I was trying to black out where I was

Submitted by Young man on 23rd December 2007

mclub... best club in belfast by far... good music, lighting, graphics and atmospere great! Prefer vip and can somtimes get a dodgy crowd downstairs but a brill night out!

Submitted by nichola on 9th November 2007

door staff were rude and aggressive. the prices were eccessive and service poor. the toilets were like a pig sty, altogether a shocking experience

Submitted by fgh on 29th October 2007

loved the mclub. It was the best night i've had out in a long time. The atmosphere was amazing. I would reccomend it to anyone.

Submitted by nicole on 22nd October 2007

I am booking the groovy train night for my hen night as I know everyone would enjoy themselves.

As nothing beats seventies music.

Submitted by debra belfast on 25th February 2007

i've never once had a bad nite at the mclub it always delievers. nice staff, good management, they dont over crowd and the door staff do well to keep the riffraff and teenyboppers out well done

Submitted on 9th February 2007

I love the M-Club. The Friday nite Groovy Train is the best nite out anybody could have - great atmosphere and fantastic music. Saturday nites are great too - mostly dance music with some RnB thrown in too.

Submitted on 4th January 2007

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