Precious (CLOSED)

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Precious in the Odyssey Pavilion.

Open from Thursday till Sunday.

Thursday Night is Total Request. You tell the DJ what to play all drinks �£1.

Friday Night is TFI Friday. All your favorite House & Trance Music with MR & MRS DJ.

Saturday Night is Precious Saturdays. With Resident DJS Jay & Philo with your favorite Anthems / RnB / Commercial / Dance Music.

Sunday Nights is Crazy Sundays. With all drinks �£1. Resident DJS Jay & Philo play your favorite Anthems / RnB / Commercial / Dance Music.

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Odyssey Pavilion

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Closed down now hahahaha! what happens when ur club is full of troublemakers, Now were will the rif raft of east belfast

Submitted by Nicole on 27th January 2012

Horrible place. To many troublemakers about and the door staff are even worse!! STAY AWAY

Submitted on 25th October 2011 they have amazing offers on! Great night out :)would definitely recommend!

Submitted on 5th May 2011

precious is amazing would recommened it to anyone! so cheap 99p thursday and sunday !

Submitted by :) on 28th March 2011

precious is good crack :) few wee chavs knockin round but sure thats expected!! bar staff are pretty friendly...goin on sat nite for a birthday :)

Submitted on 8th March 2011

went to precious before the darts on thur and had a couple of drinks then decided to go back for a drink after darts but to my amazement the bouncer wouldnt let me back in because i was wearing �£85 brand new catterpillar boots,he was also very rude,so would not recomend.

Submitted by keith on 25th February 2011

A good club which deserves more of a crowd, bouncer at the door was completely dead on which is a change as most are p****s. drinks arnt great to be honest and the club is a bit chavy.

Submitted on 21st February 2011

Was here on sunday night and it was awful came out off the club to see to fellas with there shirts off fighting with odysseys bouncers.. didnt like the place full off nasty people !! Wont be back ever again.

Submitted on 9th February 2011

Terrible Club, has taken on the crowd of Bhudda, too many spides running around in trainers etc. No joke, I was charged �£10 for 5 drinks on a Thursday, wtf happened to 99p?! Not only that used vodka ive never heard of, and boost as a substitute for red bull. Even had a rip off version of Smirnoff ice. Awful, had to leave and go to beach!

Submitted by David on 4th February 2011


brilliant people and bouncers are amazin.. good music good prices... the people are realli nice.. its a really good place to go in the odessey, the beachclub is a frikin sweatbox and full of 16 year olds and box is too stuckup there own holes.. love it, and go every week =]

Submitted by =] on 2nd February 2011

was ther a few wkends on a saturday nite for the 1st time was reali plzed had a great nite,music ,bar staff an door staff wer great an very friendly an the prices r very good an reasonable an plan on going bk again on a saturday nite for a friends bday wnt bad reviews wnt keep me away xx

Submitted by sinead duffy on 28th January 2011

Full of trouble makers.. people that cant get in anywhere else in belfast go here,ie wee hoods.. unless it doesnt change wont be open for long, Cheap drink is the only plus sign

Submitted by :( on 16th December 2010

The place is a pathetic attmept its setup wrong, the music does not go with the people in it , bouncers are 100% spot on but the fella at the bar is very cheeky was almost gettin pulled over the bar so he was

! to be honest its nothin but a bunch of hoods

Submitted by :) on 14th December 2010

was pumpin'was wearin my new reeboks and danced the night away. cheap swall always does yee well yano gah a pre-swall in mates gaff and head down late nuff buh was sweet bouncers were biita ball begs like got in in the end lad. crackin night head achin now ffsss. U.T.PRECIOUS

Submitted on 30th November 2010

went with a group of friends for the first time on a sunday night and had a great night, it was 1.50 a drink, music was great and door/bar staff were nice!

Submitted by :) on 15th November 2010

Doesnt get a nice crowd.. Its the new budda so you can guess wat its like then, Shame its nice inside but am sure it wont be for long with that sort off crowd, music is good bar staff / boncers r nice.. AVOID thats all i say

Submitted by Dont like the place on 8th November 2010

Usual odyssey nonsense. Full of idiots and seemingly run by idiots. AVOID

Submitted on 18th October 2010

99p a drink on thurs

Submitted on 15th October 2010

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