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The Harp Bar

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The Harp Bar, located in the cathedral quarter is a traditional style bar with live music.

Information and Contact Details

Category Bar
Address 35 Hill Street
  County Antrim
  BT1 2LB
Phone Number 028 9032 9923

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Customer Comments and Reviews of The Harp Bar

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I didn't know the Harp was still there. It wasn't the last time I was in Hill St about 2 years ago. When I was at school in the 60's, my mates Da was the manager there and we used to go and help him 'bottle up'. I'll have to go there the next time I am in town.

Submitted by Tony Wood on 11/05/2014

Went for a night out on a Friday night recently with friends and family and what can I say. Fantastic night out. Great bar, great atmosphere, great service. I cannot fault it. The staff were friendly, service was quick, the live music was great, I would definitely recommend a night out here and I hope to get another night out soon.

Submitted on 20/01/2014

Nice place but the service is SHOCKING. called in for a quiet, pre-concert Pint and sat at the Bar for at least 5 minutes. Place was about 1/5 full with a Band playing in the corner. Eventually had to get up and wave my arms about at the staff in the other bar to get served.

Ordered another Pint and proffered my Debit card to pay. Was told that they didn't accept it as my order was less than £10! I can understand their reluctance to accept credit cards for small transactions because they are charged a percentage for each transaction. However, as far as I know there's no charge for debit cards.

Great shame because its a nice place. Just needs someone who cares a bit behind the Bar.

Oh and while I was halfway through my first (and only as it turned out) they came round with plates of sandwiches. Wasn't offered one

Submitted on 18/11/2013

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