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McEnaney's bar

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Category Bar
Address 1-3 Glen Road
Phone Number +44 90 613951
Disabled Facilities yes

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Customer Comments and Reviews of McEnaney's

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food was very good. served well and good portions. prices were good too. service was sound and the staff were were very friendly.

gents toilets were absolutely disgusting and belonged in the 50's.

would go back and made a point to staff on loos.

Submitted by joe on 25/09/2011

its good to see that your actually human and do have feelings john c lol. Is there any wine imparticular you wud prefer or is mcguigans spot on lol. see ya soon john c hahaha

Submitted by staff on 13/09/2011

I am glad to see a marked improvement since my last visit. Food top class at unbeatable prices. Vast selection of wine and the staffing issues most importantly seem to be resolved. Well done Manuel and management team.

Submitted by John C. on 07/07/2011

was completly shocked at the standard of food and service in macs restaurant, what a gem i have foundshouldnt even be writing this as more people will go and take our seats,great stuff and time had by all

Submitted by padraig on 12/06/2011

brill brill brill, what can i say sunday lunch is fantastic and for a tenner 3 courses wow, see u next week

Submitted by Gillian and Frank on 01/03/2011

Was at a family beravement in macs on monday and got a very warm reception from all the staff thanks very much for that. had a lovely buffet and then later on had a few bites to eat with my sisters, we were all very impressed by both the quality of the food and the service,just wished we lived a bit closer we would definatly be regulars. thank you again. sandra

Submitted by sandra p on 01/03/2011

wise up paul its always has soap and the toilets are never dirty. its the best bar in the west.

Submitted by bug on 19/02/2011

I read all these great reviews but must say I experienced quite the opposite the other evening. The food was average and the attitude of the waitress didnt help. Worst of all was the state of the toilet areas. Not only do they need cleaned, they need basics like soap, hot water and toilet paper!

Submitted by Paul Mc S. on 06/01/2011

again i have been left disappointed at the fact that there was no red wine last night. How do u run a bar/restaurant without the basics. sort it out lads.

Submitted by john c on 09/11/2010

Brilliant Bar! Great Staff which I think need a pay rise! Though! Tooooo Many staff on when NOT bissy and 1 bar staff on when packed!!! Not fare on the bar staff! WHO ever manages that place should wake up and get it right. Nobody wants to go into the bar and wait FOREVER on a drink! The more ther merrier and that means staff too. See ya's Sunday

Submitted on 31/10/2010

Was at a christening party at mceaneys on sunday was ab fab. Me and my sis cudnt wait for the buffet and snook down for a quick bite to eat and im glad we did. Wot a hidden gem we found, friendly staff prompt food that was of a very high quality and for only ten pound per head for three courses, could not fault it maybe smaller portions ha ha. all in all well done and will see you soon

Submitted by aine g on 19/10/2010

Went to Sunday lunch with my fiance. I wasn't expecting much but got 3 (half decent) courses for £10 each! The ribs to start were a bit stringy. The garlic mushrooms were average (very watery after first bite). The two chicken main courses were good value. Deserts weren't bad.

Food on the set menu was average / good value.

All in all not a bad wee place.

Submitted by Damian on 12/10/2010

was in macenaneys for party on saturday night and had a great time, prices were excellent and the bar man on (Junior) was fantastic, very efficient, deserves a raise.

Submitted by one very happy lady on 19/07/2010

i had that same steak deal and was blown away couldnt believe it when we got bill, hats off to the chef and waitress 10 outta 10

Submitted by ciara on 07/07/2010

was in macs on thursday last and got two steaks and two beers for 20 quid it cant be beat the other people with me had pork and mushroom sauce top drawer was abit quiet but i dont think so for long going by the meal we had, keep up the good work ,will defo be back

Submitted by micheal on 07/07/2010

went in for a nice bottle of red wine. very shocked to hear that there was none in stock and horrified to learn my alternative of gin and tonic was also not available.

Submitted by John C. on 09/05/2010

top class pub, friendly staff, cold pints (big advantage) food top notch at a very reasonable price. a little secret in the heart of the west.

good work

Submitted by BOOTRUS on 08/03/2010

top class

Submitted by jb on 05/09/2008

first class

Submitted on 05/02/2008

went to mcenaneys for a few pints last weekend.

the craic was great as was the service by staff and the stout was going down like nobodies business.

traditional band played that night, didnt catch their name was they were very good.

didnt try the food but will do next time. will deffo be back in this bar.

Submitted by tony on 09/10/2007

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