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Their catchline "A polysexual shindig where beats and bleeps blossom in a vespertine wonderland of house and electronica" pretty much sums it up this 3 roomed mecca.

It's based in Mynt, generally considered to occupy 2nd place in Belfast's gay scene, it's after-hour venue beats Event Horizon hands down in my opinion.

The punters certainly keep on coming and you should prepare yourself for a queue before entering a brilliant venue with "proper" dance music, something refreshing on the Belfast club scene.

By no means exclusively gay, Yello again refreshes by being truly mixed - all divisions are thankfully left at the door and you can find everyone dancing madly until 6am, blissfully unaware of what sometimes separates our little society.

Don't even think about going if the idea of 2 guys/girls kissing or touching offends your sensibilities.

Definitely think of going if you like to dance a bit longer and want to take part in what's become Belfast's best club.

Some nights it has live percussion, always has top class DJs. Brilliant club, lovely people, great atmosphere.

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2-16 Dunbar Street
Cathedral Quarter
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Went to this dive at the weekend and was shocked at the pack of animals that we came across, short ugly men who hunt in packs, agressive knobs and daft little council estate girls who think they are it, would be funny if it wasnt so dam sad. If this ranks among the top 40 clubs in the world (according to DJ mag) then I think I will avoid the other 39!!

Submitted by neveragain on 30th May 2011

Hasn't moved with the times....

Submitted on 4th February 2011

Used to be a great club, but in dire need of a face lift. Too many other "cool" clubs to go to in Belfast now....its not all about the music anymore, people want nice surroundings, especially considering that every other club in Belfast has been refurbished in the last 1 or 2 years.......tired....tired.....tired....

Submitted on 4th February 2011

Im from scotland and went to belfast with a few mates, a few people recommended that we go to yello as it was brill. we went,thought it was very over priced to get in and pain 17.80 for 2 double vodkas!! was very shocked to say the least...but apart from the ridiculously priced drinks...the music was banging and had a really good night,everyone was very friendly and even met some new friends there too! will defo be going back but will make sure iv had a bit to drink first as really grudge paying that much for 2 drinks! its a bit of a joke.

Submitted on 16th January 2011

When I arrived at Yello, I was refused entry as i was informed by a bouncer on the door "You are not a local". This happened last year and when I turned up again last week I was greeted with the same response, The bouncer was very arrogant and I would never attempt to go there again. So please be warned, if you are not local to Belfast you are likely to be refused entry.

Submitted on 16th December 2010

this place is alrite!its no too cheap,but then again where is these days???went with my girlfriend,we went clubbin in ollies before we hit yello at 2 o clock.the bouncers were sound.genuinely.if you like house music its your spot.the people are friendly aswell.downstairs is a bit seedy but upstairs more than makes up for that.we came up from cork for the weekend and i can honestly say next time im in belfast ill go there again,when we were leaving this blonde bouncer opened the gate for us and said goodnight guys,hope you enjoyed your nite....ive only been there once but still cant understand some of the bouncer reviews above.

Submitted by aidan on 16th November 2010

absolutely disgraceful place.... Â�£10 entry and when we got to the bar we were told all you could buy was vodka and 'burn' despite having a fully stocked bar! when my friend questioned the barman she was given the finger as a reply! so we requested to see the 'manager' who told us she was too 'busy' to come down to speak to us. never experienced anything like it, such a kip. if youre thinking about going DONT!!!

Submitted by shaz on 30th May 2010

I think its good. loads of fit girls all dressed up to the max, bought drink right up til 5am, nice chilled out smoking area and full on loud dancing area too. def will be back for the craic !

Submitted by Doc on 11th April 2010

I have to say I have only been once and found it a very hostile place. Over priced and over rated..........wont be back :(

Submitted by Deano on 2nd April 2010

all i can say is at YELLO is the best club in belfast rad music doorstaff and bar staff r VERY friendly

Submitted by Chole on 5th March 2010

Went here last night and thought it was absolutely dire. Completely overpriced. The guys sorting out the cloakroom were really friendly but the woman upstairs dressed in the suit was very unhelpful. Apparently there are "rules" to get in certain parts of the club but they didn't seem to be following them very carefully, only as far as we were concerned! I'd never go here again - dreadful place.

Submitted on 15th November 2009

Went here last week and by God has it gone down hill? Ever since the bust it's lost it's vibe. Place is empty nowadays and the crowd that is there is rough. Also you can't geta late drink anymore. Sadly looks like the Yello days are over.... Next...

Submitted by Smickster on 26th May 2009

What a disappointment! Came down from portrush as heard was the place to be in Belfast. Drink was over priced and served in plastic glasses. 2 bit fights broke out and bouncers would run over you trying to get to them. Music was ok but not much an an atnosphere place was full of zombies and does not rate in my opinion. From now on wll stick to lush!

Submitted by Gazza on 20th May 2009

Tuk da bird to Yellophonic last night as she loves Groove Aramda. What a disaster. Place wuz open from 3pm and wuz still empty at 11pm. One of da roomz closed and still empty. Dey also let loads of drunk peeps in 4 a tenner which wuz annoying as i paid �£55 for two tix. Loads of fights. Bouncer laughed when i asked for refund. Def won't be back now.

Submitted by Grahamers on 4th May 2009

Went last night and the place was hiving with cops and they closed the bar. Ended up leaving a bit disappointed.

Submitted by J Merrick on 12th April 2009

Yello is by far and out the best club in terms of proper music (not just some student the box hav hired to play some cds), regurlarly gettin some of the top djs in the music scene! Fair enuf the doorstaff can be wankers, but with the amount of idiots about Belfast i think that they need to treat them with a bit of respect and theyl do the same.

And with all ppls comments previously, i think yello winning the Fate awards Club of the year 2008 and almost certainly goin to be pickin it up for 2009, i think that says it all really...end of!!

Submitted by reach for the lazers on 27th February 2009

What can I say - Yello is class. Barstaff and doormen are great, you're only going to have problems with them if you do something daft. People in it are great too, it has all sorts which I find class. Best club in Belfast.

Submitted by Sobr on 31st January 2009

Why do people still go to this place. It's a nasty hell hole with the rudest bouncers in Belfast, crap sound and cheesey/boring music depending on what room you're in. I'm amazed that people still go. Was there last night to keep the party going and it was half empty despite being �£5 on NYE. Also tghe crowd that were there were a horrible bunch of chavs. Was a depressing end to what had been a great night.

Submitted by Judge Dred on 1st January 2009

Everybody is complaining about the bouncers but at the end of the day yello is awesome for the music and atmosephere, if you look rough then the bouncers wont let ya in, not there fault your ugly! And if your really concerend about gettin in put your name on the guest list ya plunker via www.this is!

Submitted by George on 23rd December 2008

Went on Saturday night to see Fred Falke, had been looking forward to for ages but were turned away by the most ignornant door staff I have ever encountered, despite being dressed respectably and having had no drink. Friend quesitoned the bouncers reasoning only to be told he would have his face smashed in if he didnt move away; worst club/attitude ever.

Submitted on 21st December 2008

Good club for continuing the party on. I often see people turned away but they can't even walk. The doormen and staff are fine, i find if you give it back you have a bit of a banter back and forth with them you get in no problems, stand there straight faced trying to look sober you've no chance. The reason they don't serve drink between a certain time is down to the law not them. Got to feel sorry for the girls standing in the toilet queue but you do see some dart in and out of the mens.

Submitted by Jim on 18th December 2008

This place is very rough, staff not friendly and the drink to dear. Also a few weeks ago when I was there they closed the bar up until about 4 when they opened it again. �£10 in for no drink????

Submitted by John T on 20th November 2008


Can i totally agree with all comments about this place.

This place is a complete kip with staff who should lear a thing or two about customer service. Get a proper job and the sooner it is closed the better- its full of plonkers

Submitted by Mini Mouse on 8th November 2008

I have to say the bouncer working on Saturday night was one of the most totally ignorant I have ever met in my life. I was refused entry - I was not drunk it was simply because I was carrying a wine glass on the street. i was in a large group and we had all left the previous bar. .. all girls. I never thought it would be a problem. I accept that if the PSNI stopped me and fined me that's a fair cop. I left the queue on my own and walked back to our hotel instead of causing a scene as i did not want to spoil my friends night out - our hotel manager told me guests regularly complain about these bouncers every week. I think it is hilarious that this must be their pathetic way to feel they have some power in their obviously crummy lives. Are they heterophobic?They mistreated my friend too who did complain and my friends were allowed entry for free as the management felt they had to apologise. I would not want to go back in a million years to yello - my friends left after 20 mins saying it was totally crap!! As i read here i am not the only one who has experienced these ignoramuses!! Stay well away from this club if you want a decent night out - worst place ever!!!

Submitted on 6th November 2008

Saturday 25 oct. Four scottish girls looking for a great saturday night!! Yello was recommend by a few people (locals) so we headed there at 1.30am. Major disappointment!!! Qued for 15 minutes for the toilet (only two for girls), when we did finally get to the bar, NO alcohol drinks between 1

Submitted on 5th November 2008

I have to agree with most of the reviews here, me and two of my mates were refused entry because we were "too drunk". Really what do they expect? hold off your drinking until 1am??

No thanks mate

Submitted by JDC on 16th September 2008

went there last night, very polite people, we got in with no problems, prices a little bit high but after 1 am it really gets crowded, a lot of people with good manners having a nice time and most important - you don't have to wait ages to get served at the bar or stay in a cue to go at the toilet.

9 out of 10 !

Submitted by Daniel on 24th August 2008

I got to the Door and the douncer would not let us in maybe we didnt fit in he said we were to drunk but we had only had a few drinks to me if you face fits you will get in if not then you wont

Submitted by sally on 18th August 2008

Turned away regulars only! I'm glad I didn't get in, the clientele looked very young and spidey.

Maybe the fact that I wasn't wearing a gold chain or didn't have a shaved head with earings didn't help matters.

Submitted by Ollies Regular on 31st May 2008

Rudest dorr staff in any place I have ever been. They were obnoxious. �£10 in a not a drink to be had between 1 and 3am. An absolute joke of a place. The female bouncer is a law on to herself.

Submitted on 12th May 2008

The door staff were rude and refused us entry- despite us being 4 respectable women, we were turned away in favour of drunk underage drinkers in front of us in the queue. Glad we never wasted our time.

Submitted by Delta4 on 22nd September 2007

Was there on Saturday, cracking night, great atmosphere. Looking forward to the next DTPM night, loving this place, top marks.

Submitted by Peter on 15th September 2007

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