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I know it's gone now but does anyone remember Vico's just off Shaftesbury Avenue beside where Irene and Nan's is now. When you got out of the limelight etc on a Saturday night about 1am if you were still up for drinking Vico's was the place. A bar on the ground floor that only served beer or red bull and Vodka and slices of Pizza,and three floors of music above with three different styles. I think it was open until about four in the morning and more times than not it was easy to get in. Have no idea why it shut as the music was great and it even had film nights downstairs. It was open most of the night (probably illegally at the time) but never had any eeijits in it (due to good bouncers who could see them coming a mile off). If you have any memories of this place please post a review or was it all a figment of my drunken imagination???

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I worked there for a couple of years

Submitted by Tommyk on 1st October 2014

Favourite venue by far in belfast never be another club like vico's great atmosphere real music loving fun people. Miss it so much always went to the reunion nights to catch up with old friends all settled down now but good memories from vico's.

Submitted by caz on 30th October 2012

vicos brilliant place hip hop downstairs techno in the middle and progressive house upstairs what a place to go pity its gone bring back vicos

Submitted by cheesy on 7th March 2012

I frequented Vico's a lot around 1999 to 2001,all the comments above I would agree with totally.The Techno on the third floor was my usual spot but it was great to be able to go to the other levels for a different buzz.My most memorable night was seeing Marco Carola play the Techno room.Gone but not forgotten!!

Submitted by Marcus on 5th September 2011

love to see the photos you are taking about did you find them anywhere on line loved the place and the peps in it met some very nice girls in there

Submitted on 17th October 2010

I liked the acid jazz band and the free pizza downstairs. This place had a great vibe with four floors of cutting edge music, and a decent friendly crowd. I have very fond memories, pity it's gone!

Submitted on 16th October 2010

Gosh I miss this place. Does anyone know were the photos are online? They used to takes loads of photos, would be good to go down memory lane!

Submitted on 15th October 2010

o what a place am past partying all nite now but when i was upo for it vicos was the place all ways remember chilling on the stairs or in the chill room all ways a good nite a few bits of troble but the bouncers were all ways there didnt do much drinking in it but

Submitted by jesss on 28th September 2010

this place was great. never any trouble, so many different folk and people were always chilled out and happy :) when it was running this was the best place in town for music and vibe

Submitted by Fiend on 14th July 2010

was a good place to drink and meet loads a different people..had some good laffs here and managed a few nites work in it,enzo was the owner,dead now god rest his sole...

Submitted by ema on 7th May 2010

What a place it was, chilled relaxed people and great music

Submitted by tom on 24th February 2010

Bring back Vicos - misspent a good chunk of my youth in there!! Much better than the pathetic "style" bars which are everywhere now...

Submitted on 7th August 2009

it got shut down after the police got tired of their complete disregard to licensing laws by selling alcohol to 3 in the morning. shame as it was my favorite venue in belfast. such a chilled relaxed crowd

Submitted on 8th March 2009

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