The Sitting Room

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The Sitting Room

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  • CategoryBar
    AddressCastle Street
      BT1 1HE
    Phone Number02890327252


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Submitted by d j klarkie on 19 August 2011

Excellent bar. Good food, brilliant bar staff (oh the twins, good door staff, brilliant music and excellent ptices on their beer. Always brilliant at the weekend, full off good looking women and men. So, defo 10 out off 10 for me.

Submitted by CM on 21 July 2011

yea great we bar very lively an staff are 100 percent well all bt the door man its da only thing dat makes me go on past an sit in da herk or kellys thoe stil a lively we bar

Submitted by crazy chals on 15 July 2011


Submitted by GERRY CLARKE on 13 June 2011

great spot, great nite out on thus, fri and sat or for a nice pint while the mrs does the shopping.......

Submitted by reguler on 30 March 2011

great spot,

get rid of cheeky face on the door

Submitted on 12 November 2010

the food is great the chefs not bad lookin either lol

Submitted on 22 August 2010

Love the sitting rooms Thursdays and Saturdays the Dj is brilliant always really friendly and remembers your face.. the Majoirty of the staff are brillaint and the food is absolutley gorgeous... just a pity about the head door man... attitude and a face on him, never a friendly word to say... get rid of him and it wud b a 10 ooutta 10... love Mo, Ciaran and Laim and the forgien bouncer there fab xx

Submitted on 23 June 2010

the sitting room its fab, love the food has really good deals. the staff are very nice. the intertainment was amazin loved the music on a sat it was a mixture for all ages. would defo go again , :)

Submitted on 16 March 2010

visited the sitting room every week that I was back in Belfast from Australia and always had a great time maybe "Sour bake" on the door was meant to keep out the likes of "submitted 05/08/2009" They guys on the door were always great as far as I was concerned

Submitted by Aidan on 23 February 2010

The sitting room is really good on a firday.

Submitted by Unkowen on 16 October 2009

crackin wee bar. the staff are all friendly and helpful. only bad point is that sour-baked clown on the door

Submitted on 05 August 2009

really crap - especially saturday afternoon early evening. Been in a few saturdays Who ia that guy he can't even sing (ok he can sing a bit) but the same old songs/crap every week.

Get rid of him. Waste of space, hope they are not payng him, he must be doing it for charity!

Submitted by wasteoftime on 03 August 2009

all right

Submitted on 05 February 2008

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