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The Roost

The Roost Bar, Church Lane, Belfast has become one of Northern Ireland's most popular live music and club night venues, as well as boosting delicious homemade cuisine. The Roost, with its opulent decor, cosy atmosphere and Lounge suite is also a popular hub for private parties and corporate entertainment. Opening seven days a week, there certainly is something for everyone with the eclectic mix of entertainment, club nights and mouth-watering meals at reasonable prices.

Our Lounge suite can be hired for private parties or corporate events and seats can be reserved for Friday and Saturday's nightclub.

Call in for a meal, join us for an evening drink or dance the night away at our weekend won't be disappointed!!!!

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Traditional Bar
46 Church Lane
County Antrim
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Not a bad places to stop of for a beer before heading onto a nightclub, They do have a good selection of beer altho not many seats to relax and enjoy your drink. But worth a try

Submitted by James on 8th June 2012

Had a pint here as part of a pub crawl and I must say I was impressed.Spacious though with not too many seats,I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere on a Friday afternoon and a good selection of beers too.

Submitted by Man About Town on 7th May 2012

good bar for food could do with a few light bulbs very dreary drink just o'k

Submitted by jimmy on 13th March 2012

The comment below is complete nonsense! The Roost bar has regulars in their 60's who feel well looked after by the management

Submitted on 28th February 2012

Stay away from this bar if your 40ish. Treat u soo bad. Used to go here for a drink and abit of craic but not so good anymore.

Submitted on 27th February 2012

Roost bar rocked tonight! It was like a saturday night! Best bar in Belfast by far!

Submitted on 17th February 2012

Well done Fergal for having the guts to get rid of them animals that call themselves doormen! Although I've never been at the receiving end of they're antics I have seen them in action a few times and to be honest they were getting the Roost a bad reputation! Love the new steak meal deal on Fridays btw.

Submitted by Gary on 6th February 2012

Spent new years night in the roost and had a blast great atmosphere great live music followed by hilarious karoke the owner , ferghal even bought us a drink for my birthday. The staff friendly even though they were run off their feet and door staff even opened the door for my wife when she was going in and out for a smoke all in all i couldnt recommend it highly enough.

Submitted by fergie on 2nd January 2012

Have been a few times. It's ok, above average for sure.

Submitted by Pistol Pete on 25th November 2011

The doormen need a bit of training in customer service. Think I have been in every bar in Belfast (give or take a couple), but I have never experienced doormen as rude, agressive and unprofessional as those working friday nights in the roost. Probably no point writing this as the management wont do anything but felt compelled to get it off my chest.

Submitted by Ridiculous on 17th October 2011

Why would you stay for 2 hours in a place so bad Mr Thin White Duke? Obviously wasn't that bad

Submitted by John on 11th October 2011

Was at the Roost last night had a fantastic time with all the girls, only downside is the toilets too small.

Submitted by Orla on 2nd October 2011

Worst 2 hours EVER at the roost bar. Had some guests with us who were starring in a show at the local theatre. I am mortified at the way they were treated, the lack of care they got from all the staff, the non existent atmos and generally the dip this place has taken into complete dives-ville. Thank god for Muriels.

Submitted by the thin white duke on 24th September 2011

Was looking forward to going but it was a massive let-down. My friends girlfried was being insulted by a group of guys in the VIP area upstairs, he intervened and told them to get lost. The bouncer (small bald guy who just looks like a typical thug) grabbed him round the neck and dragged him down the stairs, knocking over peoples drinks as they went. I went to the bouncer and said that his actions didnt warrant that response. He replied in usual articulate manner, 'f**k off'. I went to a memeber of staff and told them what happened and they replied, 'go home, you are boring me'. I have never experienced staff like this before. I am not a prude in any which way but to be treated like that, as a paying customer, was a disgrace. Will never be back and will soon be writing an extended review for an unnamed free local magazine.

Submitted on 6th September 2011

Weird heros was never replaced by Lawerence John it just didnt pull any customers in. We actually decided to close at 7pm Monday

Submitted by Management on 16th August 2011

what happened to tuesday nights? been to that weirdos night a few times. but now it seems to be finished? did the dj's go elsewere?

Submitted by pondering on 05/01/2010

As a friend of the guys that ran weird heroes they were let go so that "Energy 106 boss" laurence john could have the evening instead. The guys didnt move on anywere else

Submitted by WHFAN on 16th August 2011

Went here with a group of girls last weekend and we had a fantastic time. The doormen were very friendly and not intimidating. The music was great and we danced most of the night. Only down point would be the toilets quite small but we are already planning our next trip back to Belfast and will definitely head to Roost.

Submitted by Orla on 20th May 2011

Was there @ weekend and It was fantastic! The music was great and the talent was even better :-) Yeoooo

Submitted by Aine on 17th March 2011

His name is Robert and actually he left of his own accord! From memory the guy from Copenhagen wasn't exactly X factor material and therefore not missed at all.

Submitted by ALL THE REGULARS on 22nd February 2011

Just so you all know! I'm from Copenhagen and I was there at least 2 years ago! I sang Somebody To Love. the guy who did the karaoke was called Rodney, or Ronny, or Robert! But he was at least professional and a bloody good entertainer! How do you people let the good ones go? ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by swivelonit on 7th January 2011

Just been here for food and its a nice place to eat, If your in city centre and looking for food and a drink this is the right stop !!

Submitted by Nice food on 11th November 2010

... and thank goodness for the over-23 age policy.

No students or youngsters here! Mature crowd, but not over the hill. :)

Submitted by Hairybiker on 28th September 2010

had an excellent night three weeks in a row!

The bar staff are excellent, the door staff are excellent, and if some bird falls on her face while pole-dancing at the stairs, they'll pick her up and laugh it off instead of throwing her out in the street! good times. :)

Submitted by Hairybiker on 28th September 2010

Alway's a great night in the Roost and staff are fantastic including the doormen. Well treated great atmosphere and food is great too. I'm a big fan as you can tell and really urge to you check it out.

Submitted by STEVO C on 23rd September 2010

Come join the Launch Party of LoCoMotion Mondays at Roost 20th September. A great Student Party is to be had with drink promos and prizes on offer checkout our facebook Mmotion Mondays for further details

Submitted by Motion Mondays on 7th September 2010

Friday night showed why the Roost is the best bar in Belfast. Thankyou Fergal and all your staff for the best night out me and my friends have had in ages! Roll on the 3rd birthday.

Submitted on 16th August 2010

Well done to the Roost for reaching it's second birthday on Friday night and proving that it is one of the best bars in Belfast. The music at the party was INCREDIBLE!!! Angie Brown and Stevie Simpson...Legends. I've been there a few times now and always have a blast... To anyone who is considering a night out here, dress up well (it's a trendy spot after all) get glamorous and prepare for an epic night. Thursday night karaokes here will keep me hungover on a friday for the rest of my life!!! haha

Submitted by :-) on 15th August 2010

Was here recently. Had a great night. granted there was a que for the loo's but expect that. Service quick, staff pleasant, was not packed. Found the crowd level comfortable and everybnody was out for a good nights fun. Only comment would be that the music is the same as everywhere else, did not stop me dancing...will be back.

Submitted by Shaker on 5th June 2010

The Roost does hire out the VIP lounge if numbers are large enough, please contact the Bar for further information on the number above! :)

Submitted on 18th May 2010

Does the Roost hire out it's VIP lounge and if so how much and how do you go about it?

Submitted on 17th May 2010

I am so angry I wasted a night in this place. Paid �£7 in and it was packed. Then was told that we couldn't drink beer after 12.30. When I asked to speak to a manager we were treated appallingly eventually a door was shut in the face of my friend who had remained calm throughout the conversation. The door staff were oh so friendly on the way in but so rude when we wished to discuss their policy. Are they allowed to have this rule in place if they have failed to advertise it on the way in? I will be telling all my friends to stay away from this pub. It is such a rip off.

Submitted by Aisling on 16th May 2010

unfortunately the roost has now an over 23 door policy.

Submitted on 6th May 2010

Can anyone say does this place ID cause i am attending a party here and my passport is sent away at the moment and my provisional licence is in scotland. I only turned 18 in january so i would be asked if they do?

Submitted on 4th May 2010

only recntly started going and its a top mark frome me! love the music the crowd and the bar staff and bouncers are hot!

Submitted on 25th April 2010

Stop serving beer shortly after midnight serving soft drinks from 2 Litre bottle and charging the price of a small bottle for it = ripoff

Submitted on 22nd March 2010

If the Roost is too packed it indicates that it has an offering that appeals to lots of upmarket, trendy people week in, week out! None of the negitive comments below will change the fact that the Roost has become one of the most popular night spots in Belfast City Centre!Keep up the good work Roost!

Submitted on 16th March 2010

Was in the Roost on saturday night and it was a disgrace the number of people that had been let in. We paid in and only stayed for 10 mins. Two ladies toilets is definately not sufficent for normal a capacity of this bar, never mind when they let in way too many people. I think it is safe to say i will not be back

Submitted by Claire on 8th March 2010

The roost is a fab place for a night out, great bar staff...couldn't say a bad word against them, keep up the good work guys!

Submitted by Kate on 21st February 2010

seriously what happened to the tuesday heroes night? granted there was way to much acoustic music. some guy long hair and his mate played way to long last time i was there. but other than that it was a pretty good.

Submitted by pondering on 9th February 2010

took friends to the roost for a random fri night and had one of the best nights out. place was full with great music and fantastic atmosphere. really enjoyed ourselves. will be back. The doormen and all staff were great. Thank you roost

Submitted by rushie on 1st February 2010

I had an absolutely terrible nite in this sad excuse of a nite club. Why they stop serving beer at 12.30 is a mystery and, quite frankly ludicrous. The bar staff are totally useless- i understand they may be under pressure, but why take it out on the customers? I endured the misery that is 'roost' totally sober as i cudn't get served at the bar- i was there all evening and only had 3 drinks, because the service is CRAP (I wud have left if i'd had a choice, but as it was a friend's birthday., it was out of my hands). It really is awful.

Submitted by not impressed on 29th January 2010

i must say,i had a ball in the roost,16.01.2010, the music was played johnny (i think) and he was brillant, the talent was even better, the only down side is, u do wait 4 ages at the bar, but wat can ya do when the plc is packed, tho we all went up stairs and u got served much faster, will def b back again, p.s how do we the vip wristbands again?

Submitted by Elaine B on 22nd January 2010

With regards to the comment below that it is always empty Friday night is one of the busiest nights in Belfast and Saturdays are full house week in week out. Thursday is now becoming very popular as well with the Karaoke

Submitted by Employee on 18th January 2010

Every time I am persuaded by friends to go to the Roost I end up having a terrible night. Its always Empty and for some reason the 'management' seem to employ the money grabbing tactic of 'spirits only', this rounded off with terrible customer service and Rude doormen have made me decide to spend my hard earned cash somewhere else...

Submitted by Pissed off punter on 7th January 2010

what happened to tuesday nights? been to that weirdos night a few times. but now it seems to be finished? did the dj's go elsewere?

Submitted by pondering on 5th January 2010

This place has so much potential to be class. Had a great night until my friend went to meet her sister. These doormen are the biggest wankers I've ever met! Talk about a power trip! These guys are by far the biggest assholes I've ever met! Have never in my life felt compelled to write on one of these things but I will never be back in this place again!

Submitted by Not happy in belfast on 1st January 2010

Just a wee comment to show the Roost mananagement and staff our gratitude for the wonderful christmas dinner

Submitted on 12th December 2009

The roost is a fantastic bar/club, which also serves food daily until 6pm. With entertainment 7 days a week, theres always something happening. Classy bar with classy interior, you will most certainly enjoy your experience.

Submitted by Lee R on 8th December 2009

whats on tuesday nights?

Submitted on 24th November 2009

I used to drink in the Roost I hear RBG is a good spot to go, Or try Muriels or Duke of York.

Roost is old news. negative place in the world

Submitted on 19th November 2009

Loving the thursday nite group such a change and the players are fantastic love it good work

Submitted on 11th November 2009

The friendliness of the bar staff was nonexistent if not touchy when we indicated we weren't given the right drink. The options all of sudden changed at quarter past midnight when only spirits were on offer 'management decision' was what we were told. When we said that one of us couldn't drink spirits (due to a bad effect) we got a shrug of the shoulders. Lastly, expensive!!

Will definitely not be back.

Submitted on 2nd November 2009

Was in on saturday night was a good night just took long getting served at the bar, would have been the only down point, but decent spot first time i have been down

Submitted on 30th September 2009

Hear they have this very cool new barman ! An Aussie with a great sense of hmour. Good Work.

Submitted on 29th September 2009

Went there Saturday night, queued for 15 minutes, bouncers letting lots of people in ahead of us, presumably a guest list or something. Left in frustration, will not be back.

Submitted on 28th September 2009

I was in Roost last night and left out of frustration. Music was too loud, place was packed and it took FOREVER to get served at the bar. Mainly because there were two members of bar staff serving the same person who was trying to pay by card and for some reason it wasn't working. I stood and watched them for 15 minutes while the 2 staff just did nothing while looking at a machine, ignoring customers who would happily have paid by cash.

Submitted on 26th September 2009

I always thought this website was a customer comment/review site and not a chat forum for the egos of Fergal and Jonny from the Roost. The comment on 07/07/09 is so laughable its sad!!

Submitted on 31st August 2009

Just copy link in address bar and the page should come up!

Submitted by Suzie on 24th August 2009

Great night out. what's the link to the facebook page? I can't find it.

Submitted on 24th August 2009

Have been to roost a few times now, good place to go. was there last night at roosts 1st bday party, and the music def wasnt as good as the last few times, was bit slow but got better as the night went on.

Â�£3 in so that was great and you dont have to wait too long at bar.

The biggest issue I have is the toilets, the ladies is far too small and there's always a queue!

overall, its a good place, just make sure you head to the toilets before your really desperate to go!! :)

Submitted by newbie on 22nd August 2009

Roost 1st Birthday Party - Friday 21st August 09 - doors 7pm - 2am get down early for what promises to be a great night. Drink Promotion (check with Bar) and Special Guests - Djs Robert Brown and Jonny Barr taking you through the Night with one of Belfast's best Friday nights Back to The Future.

check our facebook The Roost Bar for event details

Submitted by Jonny on 12th August 2009

Another incredible night in the Roost. The guy playing the guitar is amazing followed by the DJ's who were fantanstic. The talent was!

Submitted on 8th August 2009

roost is a great spot and one of those bars that u never fail to bump into someone you know, despite its small size. Music is great on a friday night and the live bands are usually good to go see aswell during the week. I'd definately recommend this spot to anyone who asks

Submitted on 30th July 2009

Muisc Policy is Nu Disco Indie and Soul with the odd 80's and funk tune thrown in - doors are till 2am

Submitted by Jonny on 18th July 2009

Have heard some great reviews so going to head there next sat for the big 25th. can you tell me what type of music is played and what time the bar opens 2 please.

Submitted by kel on 17th July 2009

I am back in 2 weeks off on my hols

Submitted by Jonny on 11th July 2009

I was at Roost last night for the fourth time on a friday but whats happened? Where is the younger dj with the dark hair who played great music? The music got pretty "spidey" last night. I loved it there up until last night, it was my new place to go, is the other dj going to be back???

Submitted by SJ on 11th July 2009

No klm, the bar is not new management. It is still owned by Fergal Mcveigh ( Ex Lifeboat Bar Owner) who by the way has done an incredible job in the transformation of this great must go to bar now. All you critic's please great a life of you're own instead of constancely pouring negitivity on other peoples great achievements. Fergal keep up the great work, and ignore these nobody's. X

Submitted on 7th July 2009

Whats happened to you roost you've changed :(

I hear its now under new management?

Submitted by KIm on 23rd June 2009

Went to the roost on Saturday, had an amazing night! Tunes were great, atmosphere was electric!

Submitted on 14th June 2009

Anyone visiting the Roost the reviews saying trancetastic tunes are completly misleading if you look a couple of posts down you will see a full listing for friday and saturday nights and fergal has now added a touch of blues music to saturdays for your enjoyment. People just cant seem to take that saturdays are now back and better and the enjoyment factor has been installed come see for yourself!

Submitted by Jonny on 12th June 2009

Just to let everyone know that leganedary Blues Musician, Rab McCullough will be appearing in The Roost every Saturday from 3.30pm, starting 13th June '09. This Belfast born musical genuis has performed with aficinonados such as Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy, ACDC, Gary Moore to name but a few, however he's 'Coming Home to Roost' and this is a gig not to be missed! Admission free

Submitted by Fergal McVeigh on 11th June 2009

I am sensing sour grapes here because you must have been dreaming if you heard trance anthems in the Roost, in my opinion Stevie Wonder - superstition is Motown. and as for lawrence its not his new residency he has been there for the past 7 months doing the warm up slot 8-10pm!

Submitted by Jonny on 10th June 2009

All new Saturday Nights now in Roost its time for Yin-Yang a night of Nu disco, Indie and Soul Classics.

Friday is Back to the Future 80's meets electro house, indie past and present.

Unfortunately i cant remember happy hardcore ever being played in Roost i think you might have the wrong place.

Submitted by Jonny on 8th June 2009

Ugh, what a dump, disgustiong, overpriced, and the music was pure and utter rubbish!

Submitted by BelfastJen on 7th June 2009

Really cool venue! I heard so many people talking about it, and everything that was said is so right,. love the place!

Submitted by Paul on 15th May 2009

Fergal the only comment that should take notice of below is "best bar in belfast, enough said" The Roost has been the best bar in belfast since last summer by far. This is the second "old man's bar" that you with your talents have turned into a top city centre nite spot. Keep up the good work and ignore the negitive people who have nothing better to do with their time. New lounge looks fab!!!!!

Submitted by A very satisfied regular customer on 15th May 2009

Fridays open till 1.30am

Submitted on 21st April 2009

Too packed, decor was horrible, drinks were overpriced, toilets were disgusting and way too small, and the smoking area was rubbish, and the music was absolute crap, will definitely not be back.

Submitted by Sal on 13th April 2009

what time is it open to on friday? does anyone know?

Submitted on 6th April 2009

This place is pure weird...looks like the haunted house at Alton Towers, I can see what they want to achieve, but its done badly and on the cheap! Door staff are pure rude as well, but the drinks flow nicely and there's never a queue......

Submitted by LouLou on 12th March 2009

The best bar in Belfast by far..........enough said!

Submitted on 4th February 2009

love this place new top place to be. Fergal you have worked wonders again x

Submitted on 29th January 2009

went on friday night. had a fab time - music was old school brilliance! �£3 in cant complain with that in Belfast - the only this i would say that there were some interesting (dodgy looking) characters!

Brilliant night out - must go!!!

Submitted on 13th January 2009

ended up here on fri night and really enjoyed myself. very packed but worth at least one trip. manager knows what s/he is doing!

Submitted by smallville on 25th November 2008

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