The Lifeboat Bar (CLOSED)

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The Lifeboat Bar

The Lifeboat Bar is found close to the Lagan Weir and is not too far from McHughs. Custom house square is just across the way. Inside is a step back in time in terms of decor, but this adds to the atmosphere.
If a bar could go for a drink, it would probably go to the Lifeboat.

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The Lifeboat Bar
39-43 Queens Square
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Customer Comments and Reviews of The Lifeboat Bar

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I moved to Belfast from England in 1994 and The Lifeboat was the first bar I drank in, I can't really say anything bad about it, the bar was very basic, but prices were cheap and service was friendly and cheerful, the customers were of mixed religion and everyone got on fine. It was the kind of bar you went to if you just fancied a good drink without anyone bothering you. I will miss the old place. LIFEBOAT BAR RIP

Submitted by John H on 18th November 2008

time to knock this place down. Went to hell since the McSorleys moved out. Now full of half wits who think they are being retro

Submitted by mickey c on 30th June 2008

Yes it closes its doors for the last time on Sunday 29th June, it is being re-developed by the same outfit that are building the monstrosity next to it, a real shame!

Submitted by Neill on 28th June 2008

Was in it last night and the barman said yes - it is getting knocked down next weekend.

Submitted on 22nd June 2008

is it really getting knocked down?

Submitted on 22nd June 2008

This place has changed over the last couple of years. Not that it's a bad place now but it defiantly has a unique atmosphere when it was the "old Lifeboat".

Submitted by John S on 1st June 2008

is it true the bar is being knocked down in the summer

Submitted on 12th May 2008

What can say about the Lifeboat. Cool bar and Fergal you are a total legend.....well done mate!

Submitted on 15th April 2008

maureen in the bar with the blond hair is a lovely woman and brings alot of atmoshphere to the bar great bar frank is a brilliant bar man full of life

Submitted by pauline on 27th February 2008

Cant believe the number of people who say this place needs work and they wouldnt use the toilets etc...its bars like this that make belfast, too many bars are being re-invented to suit the POSERS of this town, leave the bars as they are, the character is what adds to the charm!!! If you dont like it....go back to the bloody POTTHOUSE or wherever you you came from

Submitted on 22nd February 2008

this used to be a great bar. full of locals. now its full of idiots who constantly move to "the next cool place". they should sod off and leave working mens bars as they were.

Another good pub bites the dust

Submitted on 5th February 2008

Heaven On Earth...............

Please dont knock this bar down, Fergal you're a LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted on 3rd January 2008

not sure what we did before we discovered this place!

Submitted on 3rd January 2008

Best New Years Ever! Enough said

Submitted on 2nd January 2008

There seems to be a few very negitive and unfair comments on this review of what can only be described as the best bar in Belfast at present by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lifeboat is PACKED every weekend in life so they must be doing something right. The management and staff are lovely, and as for the toilets, so what, it is an old bar (1921). A very small price to pay for an amazing nights craic!!

Submitted on 26th December 2007

Great craic, great bar. Belfast has needed this type of bar for a long time. I am now a regular on Fridays and Sundays. Great tunes both nights!!!!!

Submitted on 26th December 2007

lovely little hidden bar in Belfast - maybe too croweded at the weekend and some updated toilets wouldnt go a miss - that and some of the staff could be a bit friendlier but the atmosphere fromt he regulars is electric - really enjoyed myself here.

Submitted on 21st December 2007

The best bar is Belfast and has been for a while. Fergal has preformed a miracle in there, with live music and great DJ's, David Holmes.....etc.

Love it Ferg......... XO

Submitted on 29th November 2007

is there a manager in the place cos it does need alot of work done. would not use the toilets if i completely desperate to go. friendly enough staff but could be better.

Submitted on 24th October 2007

has went down hill badly. sad sight

Submitted on 18th July 2007

Great craic, great stout, great service!

Submitted on 26th February 2007

A Brilliant wee spot! It must be Belfast's most well kept secret!! The best pint in Belfast by far and sooo cheap!! A must!!

Submitted on 26th February 2007

The best pint of stount I have had in a long time. A must to see when in Belfast.

Submitted by Aileen McShane on 24th July 2006

The bar man with the ginger hair is sooooo hot. The atmosphere is'different' to say the least!The booze is cheap and goes down well especially when accompanied with such sweet singing from the locals. The lady behind the bar is also very pleasant and full of grat stories!

Submitted on 3rd March 2006

Small pub. Doesnt do food, but it was the best pint of stout i've ever tasted in Belfast

Submitted by JOE on 2nd March 2006

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