The King Richard Tavern

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Quite a quaint place. Very basic.

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    Address10 Castlereagh Road
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I'm a Catholic married to a Protestant from the area. Her father has drunk in this pub since forever, but I was always scared sh*tless as I'd heard it was full of sectarianism. Eventually upon being asked for a pint with my father-in-law I gave in and chanced it - and it was magic! Even though I have an Irish name when I was asked it the punters didn't care and made me feel very welcome. Bit of banter, but of craic! I go at least once a month now - never had any bother other than a bit of ribbing during Celtic matches lol. Friendly staff, decent beer. Very traditional.

Submitted by Local on 15 September 2014

Whenever I visit Belfast I always pop in for a pint or two. I've always been made welcome. A great traditional inn.

Submitted by Rachael Armstrong on 08 April 2014

super place,friendly staff,prices were right on,good selection of draft beer,and rum...what more could you ask for

Submitted by cal on 09 May 2012

Excellent bar, give it a try.

Submitted by Jim Lowry on 29 September 2011

i found the king richard a nice tavern to spend an evening,people and staff were friendly .i enjoyed my evening and like mc arthur i will return

Submitted by tourist from n.a. on 13 June 2011

I've been drinking in this bar for almost 30 years and it's never changed but I think that's what the customers want - a traditional Belfast bar which serves the community.

Submitted by Paul Hoey (Bloop) on 16 September 2010

i found the bar very friendly,nice people in bar and staff was tops,must have been good as i went back for a few more drinks the next day...and i shall return

Submitted by vernon on 20 May 2010

Don't knock this Bar, it's not that bad.

Submitted by Big Abbey on 28 September 2009

This is a horrible place, it has a nasty atmosphere, I couldn't wait to leave - no thank you !

Submitted by Derek on 19 May 2009

An untidy and unclean bar, it was full of over-weight men with huge beer-bellies, the atmosphere was crude and coarse, with a touch of menace. The pint of lager I bought was served in a dirty glass and it tasted flat, bad language was being used openly, I also heard some sectarian opinions being expressed by male and female drinkers. MY ADVICE WOULD BE TO STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS BAR.

Submitted by John H on 13 November 2008

This place had filthy toilets, dirty glasses and tables. The staff didnt seem to care and service was poor. There were also at least six under age drinkers in the bar two of whom were very drunk.I would avoid this place like the plague.

Submitted by Brian Maguire on 13 June 2007

Quite a quaint place. Very basic. Good atmosphere here. the locals sitting around the bar having a good bit of banter with the barman, I liked it here and the band played during the afternoon and the karaoke later that nite. I am a visitor from OZ and my friend who lives near by took me here. I really enjoyed myself!

Submitted on 08 January 2006

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