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The House is found in the Stranmillis area of South Belfast. The House bar is a converted house turned into a pub with a food menu avalible. Gastro pub, live music, free wifi

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12 Stranmillis Road
County Antrim
Post Code
Distance From Belfast City Hall
1.7 km

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Great food, relaxed Gastro Pub loved the cozy setting and friendly waitress who attentively described everything on the menu. Chicken wings really tastes as is the Angus burger. Live music on the guitar added great ambience

Submitted on 2nd November 2015

staff are well mannered. Food is decent - has improved over the last few months. BUT - no cocktail sausages at half time anymore!!

Come on guys!!

Submitted by Boyler and Lisa on 15th November 2011

Good bar. Good Craic. Have been going there as a local for a few years now and the staff are always friendly and helpful.


Submitted by JJ on 15th November 2011

Went in with a friend for dinner today, food was great but the service better :) the bar man really cheered us up x

Submitted by Orla on 19th September 2011

We stumbled across this eating establishment on the way to the Ulster Museum and certainly weren't disappointed.There was an extensive menu for lunch-time and it was difficult to choose what to have. As my friend said - she liked everything that was on!!!The young waitress served us was most friendly and polite.There weren't many other customers and the service was quick. The food was lovely. I had the Madras chicken strips with tai curry sauce and rice. The sauce as absolutely scrumptious and my plate has cleared in a short time!I have no criticisms to make of this restaurant and I am so happy to be able to recommend it to others.

Submitted by Karen and Av on 18th September 2011

Was really looking forward to a lovely lunch in this bar yesterday and the food certainly looked great....what put me off was the rudeness of a member of staff, I would have gone here a few times before but don't think I will be back. The manager was really nice about things and couldnt apologise enough but time for new staff I think.

Submitted on 9th May 2011

I used to love this bar. However it has been taken over by new management and the staff have become horribly rude and very unprofessional. I have been at the bar on several occasions and every time the staff have ignored both myself and my friends whiist they texted on their mobile phones and danced up and down the bar. They also need to learn some manners such as learning to say please and thank you. It was a horrible atmosphere to be part of and one member of staff in particular treated both myself and acquaintances terribly. This bar has gone really downhill and I will not go back unless some things change.

Submitted on 14th December 2010

I have given this place a good review in the past and my opinion has not really changed- still a good place- however I agree with comment below there is one member of staff that has a nasty attitude- I wonder if it's the same person that I dealt with a few times. Regardless I have not crossed their doors now in a year and I was a regular.

Submitted on 8th July 2010

the food is nice and the majority of staff are quite pleasant although recently 1 of the staff has developed a nasty attitude,i would be a regular in the house and this is the only blemish on it

Submitted by anthony on 13th May 2010

Excellent bar- food is very well priced and good too. One thing- due to its layout can get packed quickly- however at same time leads for good atmosphere.

Submitted on 15th February 2010

Great bar was at it 18 july the dj was pumping out sum quality house music will def be back . The only thing is its not loud enough. Get the music pumpin!!!!!!!!!

Submitted on 2nd August 2009

Horrid bar, the food is absolutley woeful and the service is what i would call stupid!

Submitted by harry reynolds on 17th May 2009

Hellhole! Bar side of thinks are ok, but the food is woeful and the service is ridiculous.

Submitted by Gerry on 15th March 2009

Good place- staff friendly however they have a chandelier covering half the TV. Nice to look at if your into chandeliers!!

Submitted on 26th February 2009

Was a refreshingly decent place for the first while but alas now it is populated by the ulster drinking team (I mean so called rugby squad) who if they trained as hard as they drank and chatted up pathetic groupies would be in contention for another European cup! Sadly for me the declination of a once nice bar is due to the fact that the type of people who go there because these local celebs go there. If you avoid post match Fridays nights its a pretty nice place with a nice cocktail menu (particularly mojitos) and decent grub

Submitted by MarkyG on 3rd October 2008

excellent food and excellent service. anytime i have visited the house i've had a pleasent time but it's a tad expensive if you're planning an all day session... five or six drinks and a meal before moving on elsewhere is your best bet here! ;)

Submitted by tony on 14th June 2008

we have eaten afew times now at the house and found the meals are very nice

Submitted on 5th April 2008

Absolutely LOVE this place!

Just what the residents of Stranmillis and environs have been waiting for!


I am a regular at least once a week and I cannot rate the staff highly enough.

Its cosy, comfortable and I love the decor.

It will continue to get my business if it keeps up this act!

Submitted on 19th March 2008

I wanted to include the following comments on my visit to House in Stranmillis, but the submit review button does not appear on my screen. I hope the following can be included -

One word - appalling. Quick to serve you a drink, forget about dinner, you'll be waiting a very long time.

The trouble is that you can eat anywhere in the bar and once your meal is finished, there is no reason to move on. You have a seat and the bar is close by!

I know this place is new, but the staff are still unhelpful and cannot give any advice about food or even how long a table may be.

Also, you can't book ahead...unless you are a friend of the owner. The night we went, we were bumped (after an hours wait) for 6 of the owner's friends, who were told they could come in and eat that night at whatever time they wanted.

The owner also told a friend of mine (a consultant) that he and his 'student' friends were not the kind of customer he was after and there were cheaper pints to be had elsewhere. This was based on the fact that one of them was wearing shorts.

Would strongly discourage people to go to this place if they want a comfortable night with food included.

Submitted on 15th August 2007

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