The Fort Bar

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The Fort Bar

McCartans Fort Bar in West Belfast.

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25-27 Springfield Road
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BT12 7AB

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see an advert they are looking bar staff 5 years experience a must LOL some spot to be fussy wtf

Submitted by sean on 18th September 2018

the bar has been bought over by 2 gentlemen called paul and chris, it is now renamed as mccartans fort bar, this bar has chaged and the new owners are bringing the old life back into it and getting the crowd/regulars back, finally we have a good family running our best bar in belfast, well cone to the new owners and the new Manger Gerry Clarke! credit to yourselfs! best guiness on the road and good entertainment on sat and sun nights :)

Submitted by jamesy on 19th September 2015

Have drank in this bar for years but it has really gone down hill. Time to find somewhere else.

Submitted by Ballymagarry on 1st July 2013

lovely new modern furnishings upstairs with a really tasty and affordable menu. You can get a great steak for under a tenner! Would defo go back. Hats off to the new chef

Submitted by Falls Gal on 1st August 2012

I had a lot of fond memories in this bar with Paddy Frank Tony and so many good people, the time has gone so quickly but i look back with a smile.

Submitted by Paul Curley on 5th September 2011

Yes new owners think this is a change for the better take a while to build up again but if it hadnt been taken over by somebody else think it wouldve closed down it was on its knees

Submitted by micky on 2nd August 2011

At last! New "owner" (it's leased). Already signs of improvement - for starters it now has drink to sell and it is not from God knows where but from proper suppliers so it actually tastes good. There is even a light in the Men's toilet and a new door. All that's needed now is that the last sorry vestiges of the previous era are removed - especially the more surly variety. It's still not back to the heyday of Gilmartins but at least it's getting there. Well done the new guy.

Submitted by Kennedy Senter on 20th July 2011

I didn't think it was possible but the Fort has got worse! Awful drink (when it hasn't run out which is frequent)filthy toilets with no soap/towels/locking doors or toilet roll in the men's and, apart from a few regular barmen, service from surly staff who wouldn't know a good pint of Guinness if it was handed to them. Awful, just awful!

Submitted by kennedy senter on 30th May 2011

the last two reviews cant be about the fort bar i know

Submitted by micky on 3rd March 2011

My favourite pub in west belfast.The Guinness is second to none and the food is exceptional!I am always made to feel very welcome,excellent

Submitted by Tommy C on 2nd March 2011

Great pub with great staff,the pints are cheaper than most of the clubs on the road an you always get a bit of craic!!eSPECIALLy on a monday an the free grub is great

Submitted by Paddy Mc on 16th February 2011

I fully agree with last comment. This was a family run pub with great atmosphere thats sadly long gone. I dont think it can ever be the same. Its been ruined.

Submitted on 21st July 2010

What a sad shadow of a formerly great pub. According to Belfast City Council this gets 4 stars out of 5. Who are they kidding! If toilet doors hanging off, no toilet roll, no hand towels, no soap and no food is 4 stars what on earth are 1, 2 or 3 like? As for hygiene, see previous sentence. As for the quality of drink and service - awful!

Submitted by Kennedy Senter on 20th July 2010

it's taken longer than expected to return to belfast , but one of the first places to go is the fort pub so i can visit with my friends andy, butchie, phyliss, hillary, oliver, micheal, and all the rest i don't have time to type names of. we'll be back late april 2010., so save linda and i a place in the end snug

Submitted by tommy the little yank on 17th April 2010

Fair play to the big spurs lad (don't know his real name) for saying what we all think, shame no-one listens!

Submitted by observer on 26th February 2010

great modern pub

Submitted by james h on 13th February 2010

i have recently visited the fort bar and they have employed a new chef,

the food was delicous and filled me up also the staff were very helpful and friendly

i would definetly go back!

Submitted by ian on 13th February 2010

Great pub, down to earth

Submitted by brianboru on 13th August 2009

When Frank and Paddy run the pub it was great as well as their staff because they were all very friendly and would have time to chat to you. It was the best pint of guinness on the falls road bar none. I live in Liverpool now but whenever i return home i always make it my business to go round to the bar to have a few guinness and chat to Michael. Anytime i have been in over the past few years the atmosphere is not what it use to be but i will always go in for a pint whenever i'm home!

Submitted by joe gorman on 3rd June 2009

My unlce Francie Gilmartin use to own the fort bar, but he took sick and had to sell it on to his nephew Tony Gilmartin who i think sold it on to someone else, if you ask me he should have kept it in the family.. I dont know what it is like now as i have not been there since my uncle Francie sold it, although i have some very bad reviews

Submitted by alisha mc fadden on 27th March 2009

I have never seen such a change in a bar this place is awful. Terrible atmosphere and so unfriendly

Submitted by michelle on 20th January 2009

some staff very rude. atmosphere rough. nothing like it used to be. it was a family run bar and very friendly but not anymore. this bar would be at an all time low if it were not for the staff that have been there for years.

Submitted by micky on 12th November 2008

I live on the Springfield and my family were regulars of the Fort. It has went downhill from the previous owners I found the staff rude and didnt like the atmosphere I used to be a regular in the old days and now I wouldnt go back. It has changed but not for the better.

Submitted by Mary on 10th November 2008

I agree with the last review. This bar has gone down hill since the last owner sold it. Would not go near it.

Submitted on 17th September 2008

I agree with the last review. This bar has gone down hill since the last owner sold it. Would not go near it.

Submitted on 17th September 2008

a sad shadow of the pub it once was. it can be empty and you still have to wait for some of that lot behind the bar to finish their phone call, fag or whatever is on the tv to serve you, unless you are completely full, then you have no problem getting a drink no matter how many times you fall over drunk or smash glasses!

Submitted by merlin on 8th August 2008

I happened upon this intimate bar while travelling and would not say anything negative at all. It is a pleasant atmosphere, food was tasty and reasonably priced, staff at all times where polite and friendly.

I would go back any time i was in Belfast!!!!

Submitted by Jon Polonski on 10th April 2008

restaurant being run by barmaids there isnt a chef employed

Submitted by ann on 4th December 2007

not very many people visit the bar anymore. when it is busy staff run off their feet and left to multitask on their own only one barman on the bar

Submitted by john on 13th September 2007

I am an American of Irish descent. My grandfather grew up in Clonard Gardens and we went to visit the neighborhood the first week of August. We found The Fort while exploring. Everyone was welcoming to 2 strangers, staff and patrons alike! We returned the second day for dinner. We will be back on our next visit!

Submitted by Susan Anderson McCreary on 6th September 2007

Excellent bar, great pints and tasty food. Staff very friendly in restaurant.

Submitted by Seán on 8th August 2007

not the bar it was when the gilmartins owned it used to be very friendly

Submitted on 31st July 2007

staff have changed some have left. atmosphere not the same and the drinks are cheaper in other local bars

Submitted on 7th July 2007

i've lived in belfast for 11 months while working for habitat for humanity with my wife linda. we were always welcome from the first day we entered the snugs. we've made life long friends with andy, tommy, oliver, phyliss, hilary, john, shawn michael, ben, and dozens more. we will be returning soon for a visit and the fort is first on our list to visit and rekindle the friendships we made there. we miss them all and will never forget how they made us feel at home while living on springfield road. tom

Submitted by tom patrick russell on 4th July 2007

restaurant staff rude and scruffy food cold

Submitted on 3rd July 2007

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