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The 1st and 2nd floors have been created into Scratch, a modern smooth stylish nightclub bringing a new dimension to clubbing in belfast open wednesday to sunday night from 9pm til late.
The club upstairs is called Scratch.

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5 - 6 Lower Crescent
County Antrim
Post Code
Distance From Belfast City Hall
1 km

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went to scratch last night for my 21st bday had a gd nite music was gd they dnt play the same song twice which is a brilliant thing wasn't busy at all but i hada good night.

Submitted by joanne on 27th May 2012

went to Taphouse for my ???birthday

had a ball wish I was 20 again

would go there at least twice a week

funds permitting-no problem if I had stayed a student.will go again soon

and bring my friends.would let them see what nightlife is like in Belfast.

By the way enjoyed the grub.

Submitted by wills on 21st April 2012

nothing beats a monday night in scratch ;D

Submitted by james on 8th December 2011

good venue food cheap and delicious could do with more bar staff but they do their best to please will definetly be back

Submitted by sean on 5th November 2011

great night out liked the decor loved the food bar staff friendly without being overbearing loved the crowd nice to have a bar thats not unruly see you there im the goodlooking one ignore the rest

Submitted by paul on 27th September 2011

big club big fun great night out staff friendly and efficient grub very tasty loved it will definetly be back have recommended it to my friends go early and smile at the bouncers -they are only human-if you are drunk you wont get in-wish more bars enforced this policy

Submitted by gloria on 8th September 2011

great night out at the taphouse if you are prepared to wait about twenty minutes at the bar to get served

Submitted on 3rd April 2011

Was in scratch just before christmas on a works do - what happened????

The place was full of undesirables, i don't pretend to be a metrosexual or otherwise but these people were proper scum. The decor is getting dated and could do with a renewal, cleanliness and standards ain't great.

Finally.... door staff were muppets. small fat guy with black hair and an attitude on the door - you're clearly not capable of doing your job based on whats inside so why the attitude?

When i think back there were a group of guys worked there for years, spoke to you every time you arrived and kept a good crowd in the bar..... where are you now????

Submitted by Alan on 2nd January 2011

Went to scratch for a hen night (we were over from glasgow), management were great with free cocktails etc but night ended on a low with the bride to be's hand bag being stolen. Good music and atmosphere (guys are a bit too forward) but would keep belongings and drinks close!!

Submitted on 31st May 2010

great night out go early worth the queues will be back soon liked the ambiance so much i have told all my friends see ye there im the handsome one with the beard say hello im unattached could be your lucky night

Submitted by pete on 13th March 2010

great bar friendly staff good atmosphere loved it

Submitted by barbara on 13th March 2010

went in to scratch on new years, door staff were fine, as were the bar staff apart from one guy who took our order then buggered off to get pint glasses for 15 mins, then came back to ask us what we orderd again, twat, apart from that had a good nite, will be back again at some stage

Submitted by tall one on 2nd January 2010

This is the place to be on a monday night i love it!!

Plus the paydesk girl is way hot

Submitted by Liam on 30th September 2009

This place must have drastically changed since the majority of these reviews were written. On several recent occasions i have found SCRATCH to be a great venue for a night out. The doorstaff have been friendly and professional and the dancefloor, as i remarked to friends, was completely devoid of ice/glass/spilt drinks. Some problems still exist in the form of inept barstaff and crowd numbers however the barstaff will improve with time and why go clubbing if you want to be alone?

Submitted on 28th September 2009

the door staff are well out of line wit ppl, then when you get into the club the staff at the door could do wit smlie. the wait at the bar is way to long. the music is good but i don`t think i would tel any1 about it, but sure thats wat i think other ppl can find out 4 them self.

Submitted by philip on 6th September 2009

worst club iv ever been to, the dj repeated songs about 4 times and getting served at the bar was a joke. wont be back

Submitted by G on 24th August 2009

had a disasterous day at the tall ships, crowds too big cudnt move for ppl trying to push you out of the way. was so glad to come across the taphouse, fabulous place, brilliant music, friendly bar staff, quick to serve

Submitted by pat n lin on 17th August 2009

Scratch is a good night if you dont mind standing about for 3/4 of an hour for a drink when blatently you have been standing longer than others then get abuse for asking to be next for instance my boyfriend stood waiting for a drink patiently then asked to be next after people that just walked up to the end of the bar got served before him to which the girl replied do you really think your going to tell me who to serve stood for another while then asked girl on the other side of the bar for a drink to which she replied your not on my side the other girl will deal with it so again he waited when i walked up the original girl said yes what would you like i said to serve him and only then did she get him a drink with attitude and cheek with it, another instance i had asked a guy at the bar for two drinks he had alot of attitude and was just down righ ignorant when i apologised and asked for another drink before he had even finished my order and swore as he was doing it the staff need proper customer service training because as a paying customer i am truely disgusted and dont even get me started on the ice one the dance floor real health and safety issue going on there. thats just two occasions i have been there and both were truely disappointing i wont waste my money in there again which is a shame as the coctails were actually really nice

Submitted by irate customer on 9th June 2009

Scrath on a monday amazin still no karma tho :(

Submitted on 8th December 2008

went a few saturday nights ago for the first time and was very very annoyed i did, first off the doorstaff were rude and overly fussy with dress code considering that when we got in other punters were wearing exactly what they were knocking others back for outside, next off very bad service at the bar, either the staff are new or rubbish as i stood for 30 minutes for a drink in a quiet enough bar. music was crap downstairs and this "Bald DJ" was nasty to one of the girls in the group when she asked for a request, whats that all about? We went upstairs and it was more of the same crap service and the place is tiny. Some "manager" i assumed with spikey hair thought it more entertaining to mess about with the staff rather than serve us. As for the music "planet love Anyone" if that is PK of cool Fm you can guess who i won't be listening to again. we stayed for about half an hour and decided to go elsewhere. Do yourself a favour and don't waste your night on this dump.

Submitted by Sean McCann on 8th November 2008

SCRATCH is right, cause you'll feel like you have to by the time you get out!! Especially if you have the misfortune of having to use the ladies!!!! The place is a dump, unless you'd like to experience life as a sardine. To be avoided at all costs!

Submitted on 14th October 2008

Was at the taphouse for an evening, music was great and had a fab table and seats for friends, the bad side was the bar staff, it would be hard to explain just how bad they were. One barman forgot your order several times, after having waited 30/45mins to be served. Not only that he also bypassed you to serve other people who only arrived at the bar 2,3 and 4 times! Many people there that night were very pissed of!! BAD TIMES!! :(

Submitted on 7th September 2008


Submitted by andy on 31st August 2008

who was the photographer in there last nite (6-6-08)?

Submitted by kat on 8th June 2008

Was there on sat with a couple of friends and thought the club was Superb, really busy....good atmosphere, also thought the bar staff where really friendly and the dancers were Ace....

Good night for all highly recommended

Submitted on 27th May 2008

love it!!!! me and my mates will definately be back always have a good nite and the bar staff are friendly nice place

Submitted by emma on 27th May 2008

class club!! a big step forward compared to the old fly!! i liked the age group, no teenies!! friday night was cool not jam packed and pretty easy to get served at the bar!

Submitted by pete26 on 30th January 2008

2nd time there on sat. so much better than the first!! waiting about 10mins 4 a drink, not bad on a sat night i suppose. very nice crowd no hassel. friendly enough staff! great music a lot more grown up. i will def be back!! cheers guys

Submitted by floppy on 30th January 2008

Great place to go for a few drinks. I preferred the way it was done up before but the new style is growing on me. Have to disagree with people who say the bar staff are useless, I found they were more than helpful and the cocktails we tasted were delicious! Keep up the good work!

Submitted by Michelle on 29th January 2008

This place (Scratch) is a disgrace for getting served drinks at the bar, they only serve the prettiest MEN first!!!!! YOu could wait a good half hour on a drink, and in the meantime have a fight with people at the bar who say they were there before you, its very badly staffed and they are very poorly trained......

But if you wanted to be treated badly this is the place to go.

PK the DJ very good tho!

Submitted by Tiffany on 28th January 2008

At 28 years old, i felt old and out of place... the place was "SWARMING" (excuse the pun!!) with 18 year old "wigga's"... all being cool while listening to Jay Z and Akon. Not my cup'o tea!

I was forced to endure a whole night in there due to friends not being bothered to find a new spot (seeing as we'd SOMEHOW got seats) Even so, i spent the entire night in the bar que.. once served, i'd LITERALLY re-join the que.. and id STILL be out of drink before getting served again!


Toilets: If you could get in there?? not bad.

Note: Charged to get in too for the privalidge of all the above.

Submitted by Tomski on 21st December 2007

This is a Review of the New Fly - Tap House or whatever you call it! Absolutly terrible! Nothing has changed, still let in far too many people and to charge a �£5 in for that on a saturday night is a disgrace! 2 people at the top bar serving who where so slow it was unbelievable! Waited 30 min to get a drink the first time, was waiting about the same length again and couldnt get a drink anywhere in the place! Far too busy! Full of pretentious woman sipping cocktails who thought they where something special!

Avoid this place like the plague, absolutly awful! Ill not be back!

Submitted by Paul on 9th December 2007

Went there with my best friend. A bouncer with an ear ring decided to play the hard lad by not letting me back up to were I was after returning from the bathroom. He was very rude, despite telling him that my friends are up there. The bouncer was very, very rude. I guess decent people can't be allowed to have fun in his eyes. I will not be back there and really hope they get better bouncers who actually give a damn about those punters in those nightclubs, because it is the people who come from their homes and spend at least 40 to 80 pounds on drink and have a good time. It pays their wages, keeps them a job and puts food in their mouths. People who act like that makes the bussiness look very bad. I go out to have a good time not to be treated with the most disrespect. I'd advise people to advoid this place.

The place is too small, it should really be re-designed. The floors are sticky and the toliets are more like it was still under construction and really needs to have the pipes checked. Really, that would put them out of bussiness if the heath and safty people walked in.

Submitted on 3rd September 2007

There always seems to be a mixture of people at the Fly so I agree with the comments below. There isn't a dancefloor as such but decent night out on Saturdays. Needs a cloakroom permanently

Submitted by Blacky on 1st March 2007

How they can justify charging ?3.00 admission on a Saturday night beats me. Most of the other bars in the City Centre have djs and are free entry.

No wonder the downstairs bar was practically empty on the night we went.

Submitted on 15th January 2007

A bit of an odd crowd... mixes in ages however mainly older crowd... a good set up with a mix of music

Submitted by Marty on 11th April 2006

theyre new thursday nights are ok....

Submitted by Paul on 29th March 2006

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