The Elephant Room (CLOSED)

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The Elephant Room

The Elephant Room (formerly Paradise Lost) is found in Glengall Street, behind the Europa Hotel.

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Europa Hotel
Great Victoria Street
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oh my god i cant believe the e rooms arent there anymore i loveddddddddddddddd that place it was amazin need get it bk again

Submitted by belfast chick on 27th May 2009

no no no no, this place has went way downhill!!

i went to paradise lost every friday and saturday... loved it... davy cash and all that but e rooms come on peeps what the f**k??

paradise lost reunion thats what i say!!!

Submitted on 10th March 2009

In this place twice sine it changed from paradise lost and, wot a smick hole it turned into, fred perry eat your heart out.This place was far better when it was paradise lost but doesnt matter now cus the europa has closed it down.

Submitted by ??? on 22nd February 2008

aye its sweet enuf lik part 4m a few eejits hu go bt sur dnt ya luv da dirty glares n all bap it clean outa ye n sickn da fk outa da cunts lol beats b pumpn bout time da gat sumbady gd lik alex k er suffin bk on cuz der losin d crowd!!!

Submitted by yeoooo on 26th January 2008

been going 2 the elephant rooms for years!! lets face belfast is going to the dogs when it comes to good clubs im living in the great land of oz at the min and have never been refused entry to a club the choice of clubs is unreal there r no decent clubs left in belfast and the ones that r left they keep turning them into spicer clubs the beach club WHAAAAAAAAT!! da fxxk is that a club .

Submitted by ginger !! xx on 17th January 2008

e-rooms has defo the best tunes in town by far. only 1 problem..... bring back the network!!!

Submitted by lee c/fergus on 3rd November 2007



Submitted by rob on 30th June 2007

OMG its amazin!!! i had sooo much fun nd i'll defo go back lik cuz its a ticket!!!

i agree bout th door price though it cud b lower!


Submitted by ~x~Jordan~x~ on 25th June 2007

all u weirdos who say this isnt a bangin club are f*****g freaks this club is powerfull and if u havent went to the e rooms u havent lived

Submitted by janty on 18th June 2007

E rooms like. Class wee place. Alex Kidd was amazin I have never seen the likes of it. True, everyone is trippin out in the place like, but THAT IS WHY WE LOVE IT!!!YAAAAHHH! Needs the carpet cleaned fs and a bit a proper management like, fights everywhere. If the place got a bit of a better reputation, instead of being known for fights itd b the best club in Belfast. BRING ALEX KIDD BACK, HES A GOD!! YEHAAA!!

Submitted by rachy baby on 13th June 2007

aye da e-rooms is a gd wee spot lyk but da price n 2 da place is mad lyk cut it dwn a bit ffs but ders a few mad 1's n it lyk but its sweet enuff

Submitted on 12th June 2007

pumpin place, with jordan x and gleave how can it not be!! yeoo

Submitted by ryze on 9th May 2007

havent got a bad thing to say about the e.rooms

i go every week without a fail and love it ..ppl in it r wipeouts.yeha c;'monnnn...

price is a we bit steap but we still love it ....bring on alex kid in june yeha

u no we love it

Submitted by westie on 9th May 2007

aye the e rooms no a bad wee spot when someone gds doin it!tryin da get a drink in the place is a joke

Submitted by bob the builder on 30th April 2007

Dont go seriously. My friends nd I were so excited for lik a month and we went thinking it would be amazing but it wasn' badly needs a clean, the place is full of spids (no nice boys) and the music is, if anything annoying! Really didn't have a good time dissapointed and the price isn't worth it.

Submitted by Francis on 14th April 2007

Music in this place is outstandin cnt w8 to easter monday project! altho its a good venue possibly a more organised entrance system and maybe not so many chavs n children runnin round!! amazing place but definitly in need of a more organised queing system!!!

Submitted by Clo-dawg on 7th April 2007

I think da e roosm is powerful da only down fall is da priece wat da hell is it do ppl hink were rich i go out and wrk a minimum wage job den get it robbed of me every week it just isnt dat worth it men lowere ur prices or ill have till go sum were else dnt want to do it but wif da hoildays u no hi it is men

Submitted by Nameless on 14th March 2007

elephant rooms is the bomb

sure dont we love it

music is pumpin atmosphere is amazin

were would ye get ittttttttt

c'mon bring on SCOT PROJECT

were ruff and ready for yeeeee


Submitted by yeha falls road style on 5th March 2007

bangin club! ticket wipe out room! yeooooooooooooooooooooooo

Submitted by the fast and furious is ma name! on 5th March 2007

the erooms is banging plays powerful tunes b er most wkends its one of the only night clubs in belfast that is a proper one not lik all the other ones which play crap tunes if ur in 2 hardstlye or electro then this is the place 2 b since dj devil has stoped doing it the place has been powerful jordan x,lisa lashes,alex kidd were would ya get

Submitted by PODYMC on 2nd March 2007

Honestly do not wish to appear pretentious but the aptly described ?e-rooms? is simply vile!! To call it spidey would be a complete insult to the chav community! To be fair the music is decent but the crowd that frequents it is obnoxious and quite frankly scary, the ?hi-flyers? of society!

Submitted on 28th February 2007

I've been at the elephant room a few times and really enjoyed it as I love pumping trance and hard dance. It's the only club in Belfast that plays music of this genre which is a disgrace really for such a big city, everywhere else plays the same predictable rnb/hiphop, commercial/chart music that you hear time and time again, Shine is another powerful venue for quality electro, house and techno (especially with Dave Clarke). The crowd maybe rough at the e rooms but there are fights inside and outside every single club in Belfast at some point anyway. Roll on Tiesto @ kingshall and then the planet love summer dance festival.

Submitted by Fra Fitzsimmons on 27th February 2007

da e-rooms is p-ful cnt wait til lisa lashes on d 3rd ye-000000000. it d best club in bfast 2 go ta!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by falls rd chick on 8th February 2007

i think this place is an effort to be a club, it shouldnt play as much "banging" music, it should have more of a trance feel to it, trance is amazing music.

Submitted by Chucky on 8th February 2007

the music is excellent and the djs that play are amazin lyk but its slightly too smal! part from that its good!

Submitted by Ryan h on 7th February 2007

the music is excellent and the djs that play are amazin lyk but its slightly too smal! part from that its good!

Submitted by Ryan h on 7th February 2007

Hmmm amazing music great djs and a really nice setup inside. but i agree with the crowd they are spiedy. puts decent folk off going for a good night out - abit of a let down from one of the only clubs in belfast hu's dj's still understand wat good music is ...

Submitted on 10th January 2007

The elephant rooms is just such a shame.. its nice enough inside, plays cracking house music and attracts some top class djs but the scary spidey crowd just completely stops me from going.

Its not fair. The 1 place in Belfast that plays some decent music is way 2 scary 2 b enjoyable

Submitted on 8th December 2006

The spidey-est place in Belfast! Every time ive been ive been in a fight and the place is boggin, needs a clean! AVOID AVOID AVOID.

Submitted by ? on 18th November 2006

Was there last night, good night although my feet were stuck to the filthy floor for a good part of the night. The whole club is disgusting. Someone needs to give the place good clean. Absolutely humming

Submitted on 7th October 2006

Bring back the cage dancers!! they were the best part but its still the bomb diggity!!

Submitted by Laurin McBriarty on 28th April 2006

I go here every week an its parful!!!!-*+

Submitted by Alicia B on 26th April 2006

i think this club is dynamite.. its worth going to and i wud definately return. i was there when scot project and eddie wray was there the cane was pumpin.... x

Submitted by chelsie on 16th March 2006

I would attend the elephant rooms every weekend (very rarely i miss it) and i LOVE IT. The musics brilliant, the bouncers are sound (some sexy) and djs Devil and Frank are absoultely powerfulllllllllllll.Debs

Submitted by Debs on 10th February 2006

The elephant rooms is a great spot have been there the last two weeks 4 lisa lashes and the battle of the bar staff would definitly go back as both nights were brilliant good crowds and full of women that will get the spitting cobra!!

Submitted on 21st November 2005

tha e rooms- wa?!!? anyone who has been here will know what i mean! i had the pleasure of going here a couple of months ago and i swear i will never return. the majority of people are `flyin' off their tree, smackin out n pullin faces that ive never seen the like of before! belfasts entire population of pregnant teenage mothers regularly attend this nightclub.

and what is the craic with the "cage dancers"??


Submitted on 9th November 2005

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