The Apartment (CLOSED)

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The Apartment

The Apartment is a trendy, stylish bar right in the center of Belfast with leather sofas and great views of the city hall.
Open every day of the week until 1am Monday to Saturday and midnight on Sunday playing laid back grooves throughout the week with DJs livening the place up from 10pm on Friday and Saturday.
The Apartment has two large glassy rooms within its location in the Scottish Provident Building that overlook Donegal Square, one of the the busiest areas of Belfast City.

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The Apartment
2 Donegall Square West
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Had lunch sunday 12th feb.wings starter and ribs and chicken wonderful.staff very good and service great.will call again.thank you

Submitted by Martin on 12th February 2017

Went after work on Thursday for the first time which is strange as I only work around the corner. Totally free of any atmosphere, music was a monotonous mix of "nothingness" (I know it's not a word), overpriced and staff were particularly rude. I wouldn't ever go back for a second visit.

Submitted on 12th February 2012

Went there once with a friend for coffee. The bouncer accused of drinking beforehand. This was at like 6pm on a work day and I never drink before going into Belfast. I like to have my wits about me because there are alot of nutters around the town. I went there again around three months later and the same bouncer said exactly the same thing. I can only assume it's was because of my appearance. I'm short and due to my chondromalacia patella (knee problems) I walk with a slight limp. It's nice when you get in and the coffees and cocktails are pretty good, but I think that bouncer needs to be more polite in dealing with customers rather than making false accusations based on their physical appearance.

Submitted on 31st October 2011

My Fiance and I waited about 10 mins to be seated, a waitress came to us then, as she was quite busy, other staff clearly seen us standing but ignored us, the waitress gave us a table but we asked for one by the window, she said certainly, I'll be with you in a minute. Once saeted the ASSISTANT MANAGER came over to clean table, he didnt bother to ask us if we were in for a meal, he stated this 'this table is for diners only'! we told him we were there to dine and he replied 'well theres a waiting list for diners to be seated' I told him the waitress had sent us there and he made another comment, we decided to just leave as he was so rude and obnoxious to which he said arrogantly 'GOODBYE'! and as we walked off he mumbled, 'because I know you werent sent to this table' I said excuse me, got the waitress, who may I add was lovely to tell the ponce that she had seated us there! We got no apology from him, we were greated with sheer ignorance. We phoned and manageress apologised offering us a free meal but to be honest that so called ASSISTANT MANAGER has put me off ever going back! I will be taking it further, Ive never been so insulted in my life and I wont let someone who thinks he is someone talk to me like that. He gave the place a bad name, he was so unprofessional and the service he offered was a joke!

Submitted by Pauline on 14th February 2011

Wont be headin back to this place in a hurry. Wanted to go for pre-drinks before heading to Box and we had a beer on the way up, getting a lift. Got out of the car, put beers in the bin and went up to the entrance. Apparently they dont like people drinking in the street so they wouldnt let us in, even though it was obvious we werent. It was for my mates 18th and we explained this. Turns out it was over 21's but to be honest, they could have god damn told us this at the start. And they have also let me in no problems, and I aint 21.

Stuff it. If they didnt want our money, we can spend it else where.

Submitted by Ryan on 15th June 2010

Got to say wont be back read the other reviews I have a lot of money dont mind spending it but it seemed that I didnt look like the regulars in the bar so bar staff ignored me they served the "good looking people " how fake is this place I think management should take a long hard look at themselves and their staff or maybe they only want what they feel look good for their image.I feel sorry for their tiny minds. Note no replys for the management speaks volumes.

Submitted by Tony on 10th February 2010

food is great but not good place for night out

Submitted by rory on 29th December 2009

Was in the Apartment last week. Great place and food apart from the outrageous price of Magners ( �£4.20 )

On the plus side was the tables where you could pour your own beer. Made our night. We will be back.

Submitted by Barbara on 17th December 2009

Coolest place

Submitted by jimboy on 17th December 2009

The review below is sooo true..cant stand the place. People are so up thmeselves no atmosphere and full of millies..u dont need lighting in there everyone is so orange it lights up the walls..

Submitted by lisa on 15th December 2009

The cocktail menu is unbeaten in Belfast but it can be a little posery

Submitted by girlabouttown on 28th April 2009

if like me ur a 39yrold singleton this is not the place to go. full of sados who think they are gods gift to the human race. service very poor at the bar

Submitted by monty on 2nd September 2008

Was in The Apartment last Saturday with some friends who were up from Portadown and ended up leaving in foul form. A certain wait at the bar is to be expected in a busy place but the Apartment takes it to new heights! I personally stood for 35 minutes at a four deep upstairs bar before walking away in disgust to try the bottom bar which was another wait of 20 minutes before we decided that enough was enough and left to go elsewhere. Everyone in the place seemed to be having the same experience. Why can't a separate bar be kept for cocktails so that the whole place isn't slowed to a crawl while the bar staff slice strawberries and crush leaves into a glass? The Apartment must be losing half it's potential income through this nonsense. I'm very disapointed as I like the Apartment and am a regular patron but if things don't change radically I won't be back and I certainly couldn't recommend it to anyone unless they're tee total!

Submitted by Tony H on 12th August 2008

friendly barstaff, friendly bouncers, although it's very annoying that thety have no cider on tap. Its time people realised that not all cider drinkers are teenage spides standing in the park on a friday night!

Submitted by Gareth Dowden on 2nd July 2008

the staff are very friendly good service good food good drinks

Submitted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on 7th May 2008

bloody awful

Submitted on 4th March 2008

Full of posers who need to get a real life. Only go to be seen. Took ages to get served only to discover they had no pernod!! Customer service nil. Music too loud for a conversation. Definitely won't be back.

Submitted by Sandra B on 4th February 2008

Totally boring, takes ages to get served and full of poncey wannabies out spending daddies money (male and female!) do yourself a favour and go elsewhere.

Submitted by a.m.murphy on 31st January 2008

Not a bad spot... Seemed to be fairly busy, but not "over packed". Had a Strawberry Margarita after seeing the girl next to me at the bar being served one.. the bar staff we're entertaining and efficient. Service was generally good, but the music was a bit on the loud side for the type of bar that it is... Not easy to have a conversation.

Food being served around us looked and smelled great! But then again... at that point of the evening, i'd have eaten a scabby dog!

Submitted by Tomski on 21st December 2007

Full of prentious wannabes who shop in the replay store and think they are the hight of hind end fashion.

Good if you are a) one of these people and b) nearing 50 and want to reclaim some youth by thinking you are in one of belfast's "Cool bars", though sorry to break it to you, you are not.

Submitted by Alfie on 5th September 2007

Cocktails are fantastic but we weren't too delighted to be told we couldn't sit at any of the tables in the bar until 3.30 unless we were having lunch. We had to perch on bar stools even though there were some empty tables. Not acceptable in a bar which has a separate dining area.

Submitted by Heather on 11th August 2007

Cocktails are fantastic.....its the apartments only attraction and its saving grace! Best cocktails in Belfast. Great for pr-club drinks. Im rating the cocktails....not the place!!!!!

Submitted on 9th August 2007

Rubbish. Utter waste of a good space. Packed with pretentious posers and totally useless and incompetant staff. Visitors to Belfast should avoid like the plague. Most locals (with any taste or sense) already know this is a poxy dive.

I could go on - but might sound like a "ranter". Try it once. If you can get served at all, have one drink and escape.

Submitted on 12th June 2007

Rubbish. Utter waste of a good space. Packed with pretentious posers and totally useless and incompetant staff. Visitors to Belfast should avoid like the plague. Most locals (with any taste or sense) already know this is a poxy dive.

I could go on - but might sound like a "ranter". Try it once. If you can get served at all, have one drink and escape.

Submitted on 12th June 2007

Love this place!! Great bar, good cocktails, good to go for a warm up drink and look :)

Submitted on 26th April 2007

terrible place, was in last night and the bouncer/ thug was one of the rudest men i have ever had the misfortune to meet. stood over us and tried to intimidate us into leaving. when this didnt work he stuck his fingers into my friends drink as she was taking a sip and told us to get out (this was at 1.15, so much for half an hours drinking up time)we wwere 4 girls and one guy who were not even that drunk. also food is poor and service is not much better

Submitted by Lesley, belfast on 20th April 2007

Wanted to come here for something to eat last Friday night for my hen night. My mate called in advance to book a table, as soon as she mentioned it was a hen party she was refused!!!

What is Belfast coming to that a group of 7 girls cant go somewhere for something to eat... It wasnt the only place refused us!!!

Submitted on 27th March 2007

does the best stir fry in belfast. pity the clientele are platinum blondes with fake tans etc etc; and that's just the 'men.'

Submitted by hugh cee on 23rd January 2007

Great for a spot of lunch and cocktail after a hard afternoons shopping with the girlies. Great service and a buzzing atmosphere.

Submitted on 8th December 2006

rubbish rubbish rubbish. How many fake goods can you spot in one bar. The PSNI should raid this place for counterfeit goods. Cocktails are quite good when you get served. Well past its sell by date.

Submitted by wotadump on 25th November 2006

The cocktails made the trip to The Apartment worth it and the atmosphere was great, but there was nothing really special about the food.

Submitted on 30th September 2006

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