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TENsq also known as Grill Room and Bar is found behind Belfast City Hall.

Free Salsa classes from 9.30pm-10.30pm

DJ Jarlath kicks off the weekend with all your favourite tunes from
10pm - 1am

SUNDAY EVENIGS Acoustic Session
Starting 8.00pm until late

Contact Details

  • Web Sitehttp://www.tensquare.co.uk/
    AddressTen Square
      10 Donegall Square South
      BT1 5JD
    Phone Number028 90241001


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Was there a few weeks ago for a staff xmas do and they over crowded the place, and left one of our group standing and there was no room and did nothing to find he a seat. When the meal was over tables were cleared and groups moved to provide a dance floor which was small. While the foo and wine provided the service and seating destroyed the experience

Submitted by David on 23 December 2010

I felt like a human sardine in this place. One drink was enough for me to know that i will never go back.

DOnt know what the decor was like or the toilets.. because it was SO bust that i couldnt see any walls or toilet signs.

The ONLY place in Belfast where i had any "trouble", when a mid-40's gent pushed past me on his way somewhere (obviously VERY important)... i said to him "An excuse me would be nice mate".. to which he advised me that i was a ***** and that i should stick my pint up my ****.

Charming, i thought.... as i LEFT.

Submitted by Tomski on 21 December 2007

couldn't agree more with the review immediately below. nightmare trying to get a drink and an even bigger one trying not to throw up at the sight of some of the patrons. is this bar sponsored by saga?

Submitted by hugh cee on 13 October 2006

What can I say about this place? clientele consists of middle aged gay men and elderly local "celebs" (ie bbc girlies with faces as leathery as their handbags) oh and the bar staffs' friends-who will get served hours before you will. Over-rated, over-priced and basically just OVER.

Submitted by JB on 28 February 2006

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