T Street Warehouse (CLOSED)

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T Street Warehouse

T-Street Warehouse recently opened their doors in May 2014 and is tipped to become Belfast's newest hot spot!

The venue which is situated in Tomb Street, has been stripped bare and brought back to its original glory, boasting a chic, contemporary warehouse environment with classy touches mix matched with local graffiti art scattered around the club by local artist Visual Waste.

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10-14 Tomb Street
County Antrim
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Submitted on 8th October 2014

Truly disgraceful club. Went in one Thursday at around midnight with friends and there were three other people in the place. Stood at the (EMPTY!) bar to order a drink, three barman glanced over at me yet stood and talked amongst themselves for a further 5 min. I was trying to catch their eye and had money in my hand, clearly trying to order. when one of them FINALLY approached I asked what offers they had on. He went to check the til and came back over to say 'Vodka.' When i asked if there was anything else he rolled his eyes and reluctantly went back then said 'sailor jerrys'. Bizarre attitude, need a lesson in customer service.

As for the bouncers, I've been to Rain at least twenty times over the past few years and not ONCE have they been polite, welcoming, helpful - anything. Brought a friend up from the south for a night out and he wasn't allowed in with his Irish ID (???) Absolutely ridiculous.

As for the clientele, can't even comment. Been elbowed out of the way and drink spilt over me more times than I can count.

I genuinely heard the same Rihanna song three times one night. The DJs don't even make an effort, feels like you're listening to the radio. Avoid like the plague if you want a decent night out - coming from a 20yr old female!!!

Submitted on 24th July 2012

Went on a Thursday night, and had a good night. Bouncers really polite let us in straight away with any bother. Drinks were cheap Â�£2.50 for a Vodka and cranberry. Bar staff fast and nice didn't wait to long to get a drink. All in all had a really good night, music was good.

Submitted on 23rd April 2012

Lame ..disappointing? Tragic? All very fitting descriptions for this so called 'Unparalleled ' excuse for a nightclub. Rude, ignorant lazy staff who have no people skills whatsoever. Avoid like the plague as it opposes everything Belfast is about...Good people and great craic. Rain Bouncers should take a trip to other belfast bars like El Divino or Lavery's to learn what exactly manners are and how to run a decent nightclub. Really dirty inside aswell...bring your wellies girls to wade through the wet bog roll on the floor of the girls toilets!! Air freshener would'nt go a miss either.....

Submitted by Anon Blonde on 13th March 2012

Will never go back to this club again. It's a disgrace! I've been to rain numerous times and got in no problem but went again a few days ago and didn't get in. Asked the bouncer for a reason and he said I was too drunk and it was over 21s. I hadn't had anything to drink yet so therefore was not too drunk and I know its only over 18s and I had valid ID. Wouldn't let any of my friends in either as they're clothes weren't in the dress code. Everyone was dressed appropriately, no jewelry on boys, no visible tattoos, no trainers etc. It has the potential to be a decent club but the staff are just too ignorant. For a night out in Belfast I'd suggest BOX or for something more casual Laverys. Both very good spots with very friendly staff.

Submitted by Anon on 7th March 2012

Never will be near the place again - not worth it!

Submitted on 15th February 2012

Bouncers are terrible, no manners and no reasons for refusal of entry. Definitely a no-go for anyone who wants a good end to a night!

Submitted by James on 15th February 2012

Where do I start!? I usually don’t ever write reviews etc.. But this had to be said. I came over to Belfast from London with work, a few ones from the Belfast office invited me on a night out with them and someone recommended Rain. Walked in and the downstairs bar smelt like wet dog! It was disgusting!

Got a drink quick enough and made my way out to the smoking area, it was big enough, but not covered! It was raining so we were getting soaked!

Went upstairs to have a dance and dry off and I must say, for a club that prides its self on being 'Truly unparalleled in the world of premium nightclubs' you're clearly deluded!

There wasn't any good vibes or atmosphere, the music was just OK, the floor was soaking wet with no one around to dry it up, bar was way too busy, coat room - forget that btw, you would be better with your coat on to protect your clothes from drinks being spilled on you every 5 minutes!

I didn't even try and make my way to the gents, I walked by and the smell would put any one off!

Got a taxi quick enough outside to drive me back to my hotel. I mentioned to the receptionist I had been to Rain and she rolled her eyes, and told me the next time I was planning on going out in Belfast NOT to go to Rain!

Needless to say I won’t be back in Rain again....

Submitted on 6th February 2012

Its really that bad i cant put it in to word,You really have to go to see for yourself.Thats if you get in!

Submitted by Mr orange on 1st February 2012

What a backward dump!!! Went once will never go again. Some toilet roll in the toilets and a good clean wouldn't go a miss.

Submitted on 20th January 2012

Doormen are there to make you night better....apparently. Terrible spiteful older men who have went out that night to make your night misery. Have just seen them be a disgrace too many times! Also horrible club with an awful crowd in my opinion. Get some proper music to Belfast!

Submitted on 10th January 2012

Door staff are an absolute disgrace, really cheeky and ignorant.

We were out for my mates 18th birthday last night, got a taxi over to rain, and were walking down to the door, we weren't drunk, shouting or falling all over the place.

There was 4 guy's went ahead of us, didn't get asked for I.D and got let straight in.

Bouncer just looked down his nose at us and goes not tonight. I goes why and he snarled I don't have to give you a reason.

Another 4 guy's walked up after us, didn't get asked for I.D and got let straight in.

Really pissed me off and was an absolute joke.

Submitted by Reece on 5th January 2012

Been to Rain twice. First time was rather uneventful and full of locals thinking they were Snoop Dogg. Second time, Mr Five Pounds Seventy Three an hour at the door foreseen a problem. "You can't get in here with those boots, son", he snarled. Pulled my trouser leg up to reveal that they were indeed ankle height shoes. "Doesn't matter, they're not dress code. Not tonight". Was a bit confused as they were the same shoes as I had been wearing the first time I visited. Explained this to the doorman and he wasn't too happy, told me I was telling lies. Was a blessing in disguise, I suppose.

Submitted by Terry on 2nd January 2012

Great night on a Thursday, bouncers are lovely if you're pleasant and reasonably sober. One of the better clubs in belfast if you wanna avoid a rowdy and chav ridden crowd.

Submitted on 31st December 2011

Rain is not my ideal club to go to but then I'm not the market age group (I'm 25, I went once it was an ok night but I felt too old for the place.) Never had a problem with Rain until one night I was at Whites and got a phone call from my cousin who was freaking out. They let her younger sister who was 15 and her best mate who is 16 in but wouldn't let my other cousin or any of her friends that were 18 in. So I had to call around and see if the bouncers would let me in to get her. Granted I wasn't dressed for a club, but it took 20 mintues for me to convince one out of the 4 bouncers to go up and get her out. Most bouncers in Belfast are dead on and are understanding, but I never met anyone as rude in my life. I am shocked that they allowed my 15 year old cousin who has no id and looks as if she is 12 in just because she was wearing hotpants and a vest top, she is too young to go to a club and too young to be left for over 30 mintues without her older sister to look out for her.

Submitted by Hanners on 23rd December 2011

I don't understand why anyone would want to go somewhere where you have to be judged worthy or not to get in by some bouncer who has clearly made all the right choices in his life.

Submitted by DAN on 22nd December 2011

ONE OF THE BEST CLUBS IN BELFAST!!! it gets alot of stick by people who dont get in but if you do its a great experince welcoming staff excellent vip area fast bar service great cocktails. an if you dont get in then u didt make enough of a effort!! its a exclusive club. also best nite tues and thursdays. an the new monday nite filthy is excellent.

Submitted by PMA on 13th December 2011

rain,rain go away...plz close ur doors... thats all i gotta say!

Submitted by anomnibus! on 3rd December 2011

AVOID AVOID AVOID!! This place is a disgrace. The door staff are a joke, they never let anyone in, was turned away twice for no apparent reason! It is SO expensive, Â�£3.50 for ONE shot, Â�£12 something for 2 vodkas and red bull, it is ridiculous. It is also way too crowded all of the time, it gets to the stage where it is just unbearable. Staff inside the club are also very rude and ignorant! This is such a bad club, there are honestly so many better places to go!

Submitted by Lisa on 26th November 2011

Avoid this venue. Got in no problem but after 20 minutes we wished we hadn't. All four of us went home after two hours because it was rubbish. The entry fee is way too high for what it is, the drinks are overpriced and the place was full of unhappy looking people. It's very grim inside and very cramped, not because there are too many people there, but because the place is too small (like many 'clubs' in Belfast). The toilets were disgusting and the clientèle is chavish at best. The music is so loud that you can't even have a conversation with your friends. Wont be going back there any time soon.

Submitted by JohnM on 31st October 2011

This place has seen better days I'm afraid! It's boring, dull and unbelievably TACKY! It's badly run, dirty and full of first year students who don't know any better. Rant over

Submitted by Jake on 5th September 2011

Slowest BAR STAFF in belfast, waited 20 mins to get served each time i went to the bar, the staff would rather sit and talk to one another than do there job. Nightmare

Submitted by Macca on 31st August 2011

The owners of rain need to remember the first thing people see when they approch your club is their door staff and they are the last thing they see on the way out. The door staff in rain are a disgrace, they are thugs. They give the club a bad name and therefore attract the wrong crowd. I was totally mistreated by the door staff and when i asked for the manager she laughed in my face. I think I'll be writting to the owners to complain. Advice sack all your staff and make the place a bit more classy. There are Rain clubs all over the world including Las Vegas, so why shouldn't the one in belfast be up to their standards..its a disgrace. However it has the potential to be a classy, socialible hot spot.

Submitted by Christina on 10th August 2011

They need to sort there drink prices out to be honest. if you order a red wkd they charge an extra 50p like what the hell?where as with any other wkd they dont..

Submitted by Anonymous on 3rd August 2011

Ever since Rain re-opened after being shut down for a few months it has just gone to the dogs. We first ordered vodka and whites and almost were short changed a tenner. Then as we took out first sip we nearly gagged. It literally tasted like water, nasty water. My other mate's coke tasted like the cheap stuff you get for 20p in Tesco. We took it back to complain and they admitted it wasn't lemonade, but sugar water. How the hell do they think they can get away with that? Mental!

Then there's this new one way system they implemented (probably at the request of the council) meaning you have to first queue to get into the club, then queue again for a while at the foot of the stairs to get to the upper dance floor. Which is great fun when you just have to go for a slash.

But the absolute worst of it all, was when we got shots. The shot glasses they gave us had blatantly not been washed and still had the remains of the last persons aftershock still in it.

I honestly never liked it before, but I rubbed my hands in glee after all my mates (who use to love Rain) finally admitted it just wasn't the same. We haven't went back since. And judging by a lot of status' on facebook, many people feel the same.

Submitted by Issac on 2nd August 2011

bouncers seem to be ok sometimes and having there time of the month at other times.

good night club crap staff.

looking late night partying go to thompsons.

Submitted by weekly clubber on 26th July 2011

(on below comment) I'd also like to add that I was wearing a knee-length dress and heels (quite sensible, yet they were letting tipsy, skimpy-dressed girls in after we walked away). I can honestly say that we hadn't drank (we had been to a few bars before but never went in because they were either dead, full or closed, so Rain would have been our first club of the night). The bouncer looked at my ID and it was fine; it was only when he asked my male friend if he had a student ID that he wouldn't let ANY of us in. I don't see why a provisional isn't as good as a student ID. We don't even start uni until September! It's discrimination against people who don't go to university. Afterwards I saw the bouncer send a small group of guys away; all clearly older than me, all sensibly dressed and well behaved. They just walked across the street calmly and called a taxi. No stumbling, swearing or arguing, and I saw the whole thing, so there's no real explanation.

Submitted on 20th July 2011

I am disgusted by the way I was treated by the bouncers outside Rain last night. Although my ID was totally legit and I was allowed into Rain with it before, they wouldn't let me in solely because THE MAN BEHIND ME DIDN'T HAVE A STUDENT ID. He didn't even check my friends' IDs after that. We were urged away without reason, totally humiliated. The bouncers will let any tall, skinny women in without even glancing at their ID (which I saw after they told us to leave the line) and yet if they don't like the look of someone you're with, you're totally excluded from the club. I would never return to a club that endorses such discrimination and disgustingly rude bouncers. Also, the last time I was in Rain it was awful. The staff step all over you, half the toilets had no door bolts, the drinks are over-priced rip-offs and you're not allowed to vomit in the bathroom. Total waste of a night. Will NEVER return. Absolutely horrified.

Submitted on 20th July 2011

Went to Rain on Sunday evening just passed, What a hole... Im not surprissed it was shut down for overcrowding its still packed. Bouncers where arogant and totally unhelpful. Oh by the way if you leave the top floor to go to the toilets which are located downstairs you have to go all the way round and que at the front to get back upstairs be prepared to wait for 15 mins to get back up. Doesnt matter if you just came down to go to the toilet you have to wait. My advice vote with your feet and go else where, Ollies accross the road is a far superior club to this as is the Box in the odyssey. Its a potentially good club badly run

Submitted by Si on 31st May 2011

This place is absolutely disgusting. Overcrowded and under-ventilated. A ridiculous one-way system and the fact that there are no upstairs toilets means that if you need to go, you have to leave your friends, go down a set of stairs behind the bar, wade through piss and god knows what else to get to a toilet, make your way through the club to the front set of stairs where you will have to stand in a queue before being let up again. If you want to pay to be herded around like a sheep, go to Rain!

Submitted on 28th May 2011

Why did this place get shut down? oh I know, must of been that stupid staircase that's always wet or is it the manky toilets...oh i know, maybe its because they fill it to over capacity all the time! Well done to the city council getting this place shut down, hopefully the place is a bit better now since it reopened....Joke of a place in my opinion, if u have any class, go to somewhere like 21 social or ollies!

Submitted on 6th April 2011

i would love to see the people who are actually complaining in person, timberlands bootcut jeans and a henry lloyd shirt with a barcode to keep their faces warm apparently! Look we all know why you hate the place because you cant get in now build a bridge and get the fook over it, overcrowding was due to the popularity of the premises and all you other nightclubs who go on here and ex staff who write comments complaining yesssss you know who you are it is not rains problem that you are crap and cant gain a decent custom now enjoy rains clients while you can as from what i have heard its reopening with a vengence ;) xox

Submitted by bob on 24th March 2011

closed down, glad to see it and good riddance to the dirt on the door.

Submitted by big paul on 16th March 2011

I've been here many times and have always had a brilliant night! Never had any problems with the bouncers and have always felt welcome. Drinks are a good price and despite the club always being packed, I've always had such a good night (although I don't think I'd say the same if I was sober). Wednesdays and Thursday nights are the best in my opinion :)

Submitted on 21st February 2011

Adding to the zillions of other comments, doormen are ego crazed pricks. Last weekend we decided to try 21 Social the new club opposite Ollies and the difference was astonishing! The doormen were professional, friendly and helpful, as were the staff inside, I genuinely felt welcomed and would definately come back. One example of the friendly staff was when me my girlfriend and her sister were supposed to be allowed into the VIP section and there was a mixup on the guestlist and our names werent there. The doorman said he is sorry he cant let us in, and I understood that, said no problem and turned to go back downstairs, he appreciated my manners and tapped me on the shoulder and let us all in. Now.. would something like that ever happen in that s*hole rain?

Submitted by Andy on 17th February 2011

Never ever to the Rain!!!Bouncers are the worst part of the club...They not

let us in without reason,we was no drunk,well dressed...no idea whats on mind of bouncers...But the Belfast people are amazing,cheers to all Belfast!!!!!

I prefer Thomsons and Box now

Submitted by Belfast guest on 14th February 2011

to add to my comment below, i have been in rain a number of times before so i know it had nothing to do with my dress sense. I have never been turned away from anywhere before so it was very embarrassing! Tthe club wasn't full as they were continuing to let people in. oh and also i was sober. We wasted our time and money on taxis. Never again!

Submitted on 7th February 2011

The bouncers working at Rain are very rude. My friend and I were turned away for no apparent reason and when we asked why, they completely ignored us. I asked to speak to the manager but it made no difference. All he said was that their company policy stated that they didn't have to give a reason.

Submitted on 7th February 2011

Watered down drinks, bouncers are very rude but I think it is because the club attracts a rough clientele.....can't think of any good reason as to why I would even consider this place for a night out.

Submitted by Samantha on 4th February 2011

one of the worst places you can go to. The bouncers are brainless, They d'ont know who the right person to let in is. If you want to be told "sorry not tonight" for no apparent reason then go here. Same as the last viewer never been knocked back in my life always go to the best places in belfast but went here with a few friends for birthday knocked us back from just getn out of a taxi couldnt believe it.

Submitted by Martin on 24th January 2011

hate this place! never been turned away from anywere in my entire life but on saturday night i was turned away with a few friends for no reason at all!! and as we walked away the same thing happened to a few other ppl....how is this place still opened!!

Submitted on 17th January 2011

been to rain a few times had ok nights in the place nothing special. went last week n noticed differnt doormen on sorry boys. got in ok but couldnt beleive these young guys puffing there chests out, especially the wee fat one. bar staff are still as lazy as ever and the toilets are still stinking, but like i said before, still had an ok night. its better than most places in belfast which isnt saying much.

Submitted by big P on 8th January 2011

FAR TOO CROWDED, in dire need some some ventilation on the upstairs dancefloor because the music is actually of a good standard, just too warm and packed to dance properly. Depending on what night, can also be full of pretentious wannabes, which kills the mood. friendly enough doormen, bar staff can be quite rude at times though. Overall quite an average club, has more potenial if not as many people were let in..

Submitted on 19th December 2010

People complain " its overcrowded, its a health risk at times", how do you think it would be if the bouncers let every single person who tried to get in, in. People have to get turned away or there would be fights all the time, provided people could even move inside with the amount of people that would be there. And for people that say they are well dressed, thats a matter of opinion

Submitted on 26th November 2010

terrible place , staff are indeed poor and i am only going on what i could see and hear for myself , doormen picking on customers (powe trip)

Most of the bar staff are slow and cant figure out whos waiting longest and are happy to serve friends over the paying customers.

Under age being let in mainly girls ( as per with bfast )

Poor location

Definately wouldnt go back

Submitted by srw on 25th November 2010

Hi, I am a respectable married mum of two. On my birthday last week, my husband took me out to dinner to Malmaison and then we fancied a wee dance afterwards. My hubby is a gentleman and was wearing a suit - we had a bottle of wine with dinner and were certainly not drunk. He had a very short hair-cut and I can only surmise the bouncers were intimidated by his size - he is a muscly brickie. On approaching the door staff, one guy announced "Not tonight". We enquired why we were not allowed to enter, clearly the club was not full, they had let people in in front of us. We were informed then that it was regulars only. I was absolutely disgusted - this was probably the third time we had been out this year and the attitude of the staff was shocking and disturbing.

Submitted by dani on 11th November 2010

All this slaggin off towards the doormen - ever wonder why there's hardly ever any trouble inside the club? They must be doing something right.........

Submitted by paul on 31st October 2010

For those who say they dont turn up drunk or are not wearing appropiate clothing, that is probarbly your own opinion. Some of you criticise the floors, but for every spill cleaned, there are bound to be two spills somewhere else, plus wet ground from outside, floor staff really do try their hardest, but its not helped by customers dancing and standing on floor staff and annoying them when their trying their utmost best. Iv seen this happening. So to rain floor staff, keep up the hard work. Floor staff I have noticed are prob the hardest workers in that place. Also remeber doormen refuse entry, because if customers are drunk before entering its both customers and floor staffs health and safety which has to be taken into consideration. Iv seen floor staff lift up empty bottles of vodka which customers have sneaked in. It really is a great nightclub and every night is something different. And again for those customers that are complaining the club must be doing something right to be voted nightclub of the year and the go awards 2010! To many more great nights out RAIN staff!!!

Submitted by Rain Partier on 27th October 2010

Hate this place got turned away on saturday night the reason regulars only how do you have regulars only in a city centre nightclub?? And i have been here a good few times. Its not like am a trouble maker r anything i have a good job wear smart clothes when i go out, doormen our a joke.. And like the person below said �£10 enter fee and the drinks r so pricey and also bar staff soooo slow, wont ever be back.

Submitted by Boycott Rain on 25th October 2010

An absolute embarrassment to Belfast. There is nothing good about this place. The bouncers are easily the worst around. They're turned away so many people for no reason, and yes, people who are dressed appropriately, sober and friendly.

Avoid at all costs.

Submitted by Ryan on 23rd October 2010

I absolutely hate this nightclub...I have been allowed in everytime ive been but the fact that people are being turned away for no apparent reason really annoys. The majority of people that go out in Belfast go out to have a good night and im sure being turned away for no apparent reason puts a dampner on the whole night..The majority of the staff r pompous and the place is dirty and highly over priced....seriously...�£10 in on a satand no drink promos????

Really would nt recomment it

Submitted by victoria on 21st October 2010

im a city centre doorman, ive been 2 rain n had my own altercation with these so called doormen! i could feel they were intimadated by my presence as i am fairly big. when i asked why i was refused not 1 of them could look at me or answer. these guys r putting doormens reputations back 20 years, we r not all like these part timers. they have an attitude of if u think u cant deal with him dont let him in!!! if u think like that u shouldnt be on the door lads!!

Submitted by big paul on 20th October 2010

Louise, Bar staff and door staff are advised by the trading organisations such as the FRLT not to give reasons for refusals of service and entry in case the disgruntled party finds offence and a possible slanderous comment. I know that it's not nice to be refused entry but door staff are told not to give reasons. It stops any chance of legal action. Sorry but it's true.

Submitted by Belfast Barman on 20th October 2010

We were going to Belfast to celebrate a birthday and pre booked seats in Rain and called the day before to confirm the booking only to be told at the door that we would not be getting in. The entire party was well dressed and sober as we were coming from a 5 star restaurant, when we asked for a reason, we were told 'we do not have to specify reasons to anybody refused entry' which basically means there was no justifiable reason. Was very annoyed by this and as a result would not recommend it to anybody as the door men, one in particular, are on complete powertrips.

Submitted by Louise, Derry on 18th October 2010

were do we start....1.poor ,in expierenced doormen.2.fire hazards all around.3.very slow, in-experienced bar staff.4.poor management,who cant deal with simple situations.5.floors are a nightmare,spilled drink etc,poor floor staff,yet again down to management. could go on n on!!!! wont be back! def belfasts WORST nightclub!!! (thompsons garage anyday)

Submitted by pooorrrr on 14th October 2010

I frequent rain on many a night but was disgusted by a member of the floor staff who i was pushed into by a busy crowd and then apologised that 'i was f**king lucky that i wasnt on a night out or id be gettin hit'

customer service at its finest i see -it has certainly done very little to encourage me to come back!

I was approached by many angered onlookers to report her to her manager; however I was on a staff night out and looking to enjoy myself. Its just a pity certain members of your staff don't realise its not the managers that pay their wages its the customers that supply money so that the managers can pay their staff and with attitudes like that on their payroll i hope they cut their numbers soon.

Submitted by annoyed in belfast on 4th October 2010

How can anyone who is trying to entertain citizens and visitirs to Belfast justify the damage being caused in the centre of the city by Rain's promotional material.

Every bin, lampost phone box and available window are plastered with promotional posters and I am sure this is not only becoming an eyesore but is also costing Rate Payers a fortune to remove.

Surely there must be a better way to attract partygoers.

Submitted by Citizen A on 1st October 2010

The doorman's review is pretty stupid by the way. He's saying even if your sober and nicely dressed, AND THEN you get knocked back, your expected to say thank you? lol give me a break

Submitted by Anonymous on 24th September 2010

Ive met bouncers on a power trip before at The Box. I didn't even get a word in before I was rejected and left feeling negative thoughts about my self. Some people are obviously not good enough for these mighty clubs.

Submitted by Martin Conlon on 24th September 2010

We Doormen do not have to give you a reason for being knocked backed! You say your dressed well and sober etc, well thats your opinion, end of the day its our opinion counts wether you will get in the club.

Wee tip: if knocked back, say thank you and shake hands and move on, 90% of the time the doorman would reconsider, manners go a long way.

Submitted by Doorman on 19th September 2010

I have never had any problems getting into Rain and neither have any of my friends. Their A Level Results Party was the best night out i have ever had, Rain really know how to put on a show! Fire Dancers, a Snake, competitions and games etc - it was abbbbsolutely excellent. The staff always seem to work as quickly as they can to relieve the queues at the bar and i wouldn't be waiting for longer than i would in the likes of the Stiff Kitten. I love Rain on a Tuesday and Thursday in particular, it's just a brilliant club with a variety of music to suit everyone.

Submitted by A on 14th September 2010

All of those edgits who are saying they are getting knocked back for no reason need to wise up. these people are probably rocking timbos and t shirts. There is a dress code most of the night. If you do not dress to suit the night you will not get in, simple!

If all of you are so respectable you should go to another club or sit in the merchant and sip green tea or something posh like that.

And another thing, plastic cups. If customers in the slub dont throw there glasses on the ground then there will be no need for disposable ones. Ifthe glasses are put on tables or ledges they will be cloocted and washed so they can be used again. If they are lying on the floor or hidden throughtout they will not be collected and there will be no glasses to collect.

The bar men arnt slow, then people order 8 strawberry decreys its takes the barman a while to finish the order. And the bar man isnt being helped by people jumping up and down waveing money about. If this is done the bar man will not serve you. And we pull in a huge crowd every night. Then there is going to be ques for the bar and there isnt going to be much room to move. If you get down early you will be able to get a seat. If you have a seat you will not have to worry about the crowds for the bar. R

Submitted by Rain Worker :P on 9th September 2010

Its a good nightclub and one off belfast best.. But its a nightmare to get served at the bar the bar staff are sooo slow the quickest i got served was 15 mins and with only two small bars in the hole place it is truly a nightmare, by one in the morning it gets really really busy and ur packed into the place not nice.

Submitted by Belfast_Lad on 5th September 2010

Unless you are weedy,look and speak with a posh accent and wear checked shirts you wont be getting in here. Terrible door staff and a fire hazard on most nights

Submitted on 25th August 2010

Woul not recognise this club at all, i was there two nights ago and i got turned away, despite my appropriate dress and sober state. my friends later informed me it was probably because i was taller and better built than the bouncers, who were horrible in their approach.

Submitted on 12th August 2010

Seriously would not recommend any Guys who look like he can half handle themselves(even going as a couple with your other best half) even if u look good and sober as a judge to try get into this club have no chance getting through front door-door staff have such a stupid stinking attitude which will sooner or later get these guys in serious trouble themselves they are very easily intimated

Submitted by Big Dave on 6th August 2010

Nice place, never had any problems with the door staff, but the place on a Thursday night is far too packed up to a point where it must be a health and safety issue. Was there about 3 weeks ago and was trapped in the smoking area for half an hour and couldn't physically move due to so many people being there. There was obviously a lack of communication amongst the bar staff and bouncers, people were still being let in when there was no space for them. Never managed to reach the bar either due to the crowds. I will avoid Rain on a Thursday from now on I think.

Submitted by Alex on 4th August 2010

My friends and i have been turned from rain the last three times trying. They never give us an explanation, they intimidate you and try to get a bad reaction from you which isnt on when your only there for a good time. I'll not be trying again and neither will my friends.

Submitted by Rik Brady on 22nd July 2010

bouncers had an absoloutly terrible attitiude! myself, my boyfriend and his two brothers got out of a taxi and walked up to the door, none of us were drunk and they told us not 2nyt and the place was dead! absoloutly disgusted!

Submitted by stef on 20th July 2010

went to rain last nite b4 10 to be told by bouncers it was full house!! wat! we were told when rang up to be there before 10 so we did

Submitted by disgusted on 18th July 2010

It's the worst bar I've been in for a long time. Packed, cant get a drink at the bar for ages, queue for the bathroom for ages, queue to get in for ages...and for what? Music is rubbish, floors are soaking with drink and there is no craic whatsoever. Weirdos more interested in pouting and looking odd rather than dancing, singing and having a good time. If you've no personality, Rain is the place for you. If you like to have fun on a night out...go somewhere else!

Submitted by Marie on 8th July 2010

I have friends who are doormen and bouncers from various clubs and I've never seen worse doormen/bouncers in the whole of Belfast. They give Bouncers/doormen a bad name. Truth, though it's not so much of just the doormen at the door. The place is probably just poorly managed or follows a serious outdated set of rules that do not respect Individual rights. They really need to realise they are in the worst run club in Belfast. Respecting Different Cultures is a serious problem in that club. I respect the fact that every club has the right to have their own rules and guidelines. They need to respect the fact that I've just black flagged them. N I will also tell everyone I ever meet from now on to avoid the place and to go to a decent club that is properly managed. It does not matter who or where you come from regardless of how big or small you are. They will disregard you. I've been loads of times with various groups of people from all walks of life. I’m not just referring to one unique separate incident. Each time I've been I've noted everything they do. They give not only Door Staff a bad name but BELFAST NIGHT CLUBS A BAD NAME.

Submitted by Conor James Cregan on 19th June 2010

Bad mannered door-staff and an understaffed bar with supervisors and managers caught up in some surreal sense of self-importance. To make matters worse, this nightclub is dangerously overcrowded on certain nights, in general it's just a horrid place!

Submitted by Mike on 18th June 2010

Bouncers are just sooooo bored they get their kicks out of turning people away not a great idea..... looks should have nothing to do with people getting in know both beautiful and so called un attractive people that are lovely usually a mix of different people that makes a nite, and if so called chavs have the money to get in they should be able to do so just like everyone else. Legit reasons like trouble maker is fine as far as ive heard nobody has been given any sort of respectable reason for bein turned away.

Submitted by catherine on 14th June 2010

ridiculus that people are sayin only old ugly people being turned away im not a chav and always told im beautiful never been turned away from a club until i went to rain a few weeks back my friend and i have both done modelling guess dat disproves dat theory... music good but the boucers need to get off their little power trips and stop giving the place a bad name!!! period

Submitted by rains a gd name 4 dis club.... on 13th June 2010

Rain is a pretty awful nightclub in most respects but does well because of its late night bar. The Bouncers are awful too but only ever been personally refused once and for a ridiculous reason. I have waited in the queue plenty of times though as other groups (always girls) happily skip the queue and have the door thrown open for them.

Bouncers in the UK are supposed to have an SIA licence to operate and I was told before many Rain bouncers didn't have this which might explain the lack in standards. This was a year ago so things might have changed but who knows.

Submitted on 12th June 2010

I'll be visiting Belfast in a couple of weeks. Can someone please tell me what music is playing on Tuesday and Wednesday nights? I'll be grateful for all your helpful comments! Thanks.

Submitted by rain newbee on 3rd June 2010

Was there the other night, had two drinks in Rain and two before I went, so pretty sober. Fell down the three steps from the balcony onto the upstairs dancefloor...the floor is such a disgrace, it's just soaked with alocohol! I ended up with a fractured wrist and disjointed bone, but when I fell, no-one even batted an eyelid because its so commonplace. Truth is, most people who are in Rain should be in their beds already because they're so well on. I know of a lot of casualties, drunken and sober, and quite frankly it beggars belief how the place is still open. I will definitely not be back!!

Submitted on 28th May 2010

Was just out of the jimmy carr show and headed round to rain for a drink was only 10pm went up to the door n for no reason bouncer said not 2nite m8 i asked for a reason why i wasnt getting in he said didnt have to give me one not very nice i wont be back!

Submitted by Gary on 24th April 2010

Best nightclub in Belfast. Every Tuesday night is fantastic. Never have any problems with the bouncers. Just dress to impress and you should have no worries about getting in. It's a classier place than other clubs, so standards have to be maintained. Best night out in Belfast.

Submitted on 22nd April 2010

bouncers are generally grumpy pricks but to be fair iv witnessed sum people give bouncers horrible abuse in many places in Belfast maybe we should think about how it is in their shoes, if uve every gone to a club stone sober ya no how annoying and rude drunk people can be

Submitted by dave on 21st April 2010

no club can please everyone, but rain do a pretty good job, nice to keep the chavs out and it cheap drink during the week!!

Submitted on 21st April 2010

I don't understand how people aren't being allowed into this club. I have been and there have been people of all shapes and sizes and ages in there. There are some people who I even wondered how they got in!

Before I went for the first time I read the reviews on here and was a bit worried about not getting in but I've been fine each time. I agree that the bouncers are complete pricks but they must just pick people at random not to let in because I've seen some beastly looking old guys in there.

That said, I love the music upstairs on a Saturday night and that's the ONLY reason I keep going back.

Submitted by Nat on 19th April 2010

very good club, never been turned away,place is always full but plenty of bar staff on, so no problem getting a drink! no chavs running around which is great!

Submitted by spugsy on 9th April 2010

Bit of a hit and miss with rain - never any trouble with the bouncers but sometimes the club is waay to packed and the drinks are completely watered down..also the toilets are horrible! However have had one or too good nights here...have to be really drunk to enjoy yourself here in my opinion!

Submitted on 7th April 2010

Think its funny that the bouncers hold themselves in such high esteem when they are working at what can only be described as a job fit for the less intellectually minded members of the human race....and its hilarious that they should turn anyone away cos of looks when theyre the ugliest bunch of misfits ive ever clapped eyes on.. seriously

Submitted by Tinkerbell on 6th April 2010

LOVE Rain....amazing night club. Just have to say that the people that usually get turned away by the bouncers are under age or not wearing the proper attire. I've never been turned away. Such a good mix of music and amazing that its open until 3! plus friday nights are over 21s :). I would say that if your not a student then stay away on thursday nights as it will be packed out.

Although i am glad to hear that their toilets are refurbished. Everyone has their own personal opinion and if you don't like rain then go somewhere like the beach club---where trackie bottoms and trainers seem to be the norm these days with under age 15 year olds.

Submitted by fiona on 20th March 2010

worst bouncers in belfast

Submitted by henry on 17th March 2010

Thers new toilets in and ther gorgeous:)

Submitted by alana xx on 16th March 2010

A night is only as good as you make it...I've had some brilliant nights and some reallllllllllly awful nights in Rain. Same anywhere.

My only major complaint are the women's toilets, they are FILTHY. Bring your own toilet roll and soap...make sure you practice hovering over the seat to pee.

The floor is soaking, most of the toilets are blocked, some without seats, doors minus locks and drunken crap written all over the doors. It amazes me that once the toilets would have been newly fitted...so what kind of minging women manage to get toilets into a state like that?

Submitted on 10th March 2010

Music is a bit crap but you can still get served after hours which is class:D

Bouncers are a bit up themselves but they don't kick you out for having fun like they do in Mandella hall!

Submitted by Philly on 5th March 2010

I agree Louise!

It's fabbbb :)

Submitted by Mel on 27th February 2010

Well they must be doin something right nicole if that many people wanna cram in:D yeoooooooooooooooooo

Submitted by Louise:D on 11th February 2010

I went too rain loads over the summer, only good point was the sand pit outside because thats where all the extra people went to so therfore it wasnt crammed. now though its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo packed and standing in sucha long queue would make u sober and not impressed! like everyone else is saying the bouncers are AWFUL! and the staff are soooo farr up themselves! the toilets are usualy blocked and toilet roll lying everywer, not to mention THER IS NEVVVVERRR ANY SOAP, the club is cheap and tacky and theyve obviously try hide this by hiring such ignorant people. The music isnt anything special and they 100% need to not let as many people into the club!!!! the hallway to the toilet is frustrating as its so tiny. prices are also ridiculous.


Submitted by nicoleee (: on 11th February 2010

Over 21s on a Saturdayy.

Submitted by Ollie on 5th February 2010

Haven't been as yet - from what has been said here it sound seriously pretentious and my only direct experience is parking outside it one night and seeing victims lying pissed all over the street, neither of which would inspire me to go. But my main complaint is that the website gives no indication of what sort of music is played, what DJs are on etc. Now maybe I am wrong and nobody else cares about music anymore, but I would have thought that sort of information would be the most important consideration when deciding whether to go to a club or not. I was a big fan of milk (although not in its last few years) but it was always music first, crowd second, anything else not really that important.

Submitted by Mark on 4th February 2010

i want to know is saturdays over 18's? i want to go this saturday the 6th. ive never been and would love to go and see what it is like:)

Submitted by rachael on 3rd February 2010

Was there last night. Very young crowd, queried age. Quite rough. Bar staff rude, uncooperstive, slow and the place is generally dirty. Where else would you pay a tenner in to have your hands dried with toilet roll? Music not bad though.

Submitted by Undisclosed on 24th January 2010

Dislike the way the door staff delt with you? JOIN http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/Boycott-Rain-Night-Club-Belfast/254226619544?ref=nf

Submitted on 10th January 2010

I had the best New years eve ever at Rain. It was my first time there and it was fantastic! Music was great, the crowd were good too. Was such a good night even though I got fake snow in my drink lol.

Submitted on 8th January 2010

These review are rediculous! I LOVE rain :) Since starting queens im there at least twice a week :D Tuesday and Thursdays are the best!!

Always there in groups, usually 7-10 guys and girls and no-one ever gets turned away.

Inside theres rarely any big old ugly people so thats obv u lot who are being turned away..no offense.

Bouncers are lovely, just doing there job to keep the chavs of Belfast out :)

See youu guys tomorrow,whoooop! x

Submitted by Poppy on 7th January 2010

i think from what i heard his name was michael, lots of people have said that his music was amazing, cant understand why he left?

Submitted by rebecca on 6th January 2010

I fink iz names paul??? The dj on friday nits is realy good:D

Submitted on 5th January 2010

why oh why cud rain not bring back the dj that used to play upstairs on sat nights when it used to be milk

Submitted by rebbecca on 2nd January 2010

Really cool club! Went for the first time on new years eve and it was awesome :-) They had balloons everywer and snow flying in the air with a countdown to the new year quite different but fun! Service was very quick which was definately a plus side tho it was a bit expensive. But it was a great night and a great club!

Submitted by jordan on 2nd January 2010

1 thing i have to say is that the door staff are to up them selfs, they thinkthey own the club, i bet u if all the lads when up to the club with a short dress on they would get in, they don`t think with there heads just with there D**ks an thats what there are. am 27 an not bein funny but look about 40 an they asked me 4 ID. sorry but won`t be back

Submitted by phil on 1st January 2010

Dreadfull club! too many people! unkind and very rude staff. Will definitely be taking my custom elsewhere! never got my jacket back after leaving it in the cloakroom. suprised it's still open.

Submitted on 30th December 2009

Have been a few times and its the same with any new nightclub in Belfast because its the new place to go everyone tries to go meaning the bouncers can pick and choose who gets in and who doesnt.

It was the same when Precious closed and Box opened at first. Been and gotten in a few times and turned away a few times as well, both times Ive been turned away I was driving and therefore sober, on the last occasion the reason given was because my boots were 'chavvy'. Needless to say I argued my case and the manager was extremely rude.

We ended up in Ollies that night which is probably the most upmarket and clientele picky (and by that I also mean pretentious) nightclub in Belfast. Had no issues about me wearing tan boots.

Needless to say its put me right off Rain and there are better clubs in belfast.

Submitted by Thomas on 29th December 2009

turned away on fri 18th dec! bouncers words no not tonight!!!bouncers need some inter- personal skills... blokes who cant get a job anywhere else and can only use no not tonight!!! wouldnt go near the place now!!!!

Submitted on 20th December 2009

I agree with all the negative comments about this club. I am 27 and i went on saturday night and was refused entry coz the bouncers said they didn't like the look of some of my party. We asked what was wrong with them and were told they didn't need to give a reason. It was embarressing and i won't be returning again. Alot of friends are boycotting the place because of this. They might be busy now but wait till after christmas when it is dead and all the people they have refused don't return.

Submitted on 14th December 2009

i would have to agree on the door policy absolutely rediculous. have no idea how you are supposed to get into this club. the door men dont do the club justice. i would put it down to the owners inexperience.six doormen on the front door and still more brains on kurt cobains garage wall. time for a recommended change if this venture is to sucseed.

Submitted by stuart on 11th December 2009

Best Club in the world... For the friday nigh heeelllll jeeebbb !!!!

Submitted by LC on 10th December 2009

best of club in belfast i love rain!!!

Submitted by Ercan Jay Aksoy on 26th November 2009

Me and 6 of my friends went to Rain for my friends 21st! As soon as we got to the door they said not tonight and turned us away! We are all girls and were well dressed, it ruined our night!

As we walked away they turned a couple away and said not tonight.....there is no excuse for this!!

Submitted by Robyn on 26th November 2009

Not geeting great publicity guys. http://gaaboard.com/board/index.php?topic=14609.0

Submitted on 24th November 2009

LOL @ the woman who hurt her foot and blames the club.Love its your responsibility to go to the hospital,not the clubs to take you there.lol @ these comments

Submitted by Potter on 19th November 2009

best nightclub of the year in da go awards kemaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted on 14th November 2009

Lovin the vip balcony . does anyone noe how to get in vip???

Submitted by Laura on 13th November 2009

i went to Rain just before Haloween with a group of my friends... bouncers took one look at us and said not tonight girls...i must have argued with them for about half an hour to get a reason ...they turned my friends away for being spice boys and another mate for being like a size fourteen...place is an absolute joke as is the first aid in it......i got a comnplete sliced and diced foot one night from a girl in heels.....all they did was pop me own in one of the busiest areas people bumping into my foot and gave me toilet paper...it needed hospital attention.....this place would need closed down or better staff...complete and utter joke,.....at the end of the day its always been a dive and you cant shake that reputation by being picky about letting the pretty girls in first!

Submitted on 12th November 2009

I went to Rain a couple of weeks ago. It was my first and so far, my only time in the club. My four friends were already inside and one of them came out to get me. They all got in fine and when i walked to the door the Bouncer just looked at me and said "Go on ahead love."

Now, I'm only 18, and have only been 18 since February. I'm a size 14 and I'm not particularly good looking.

So you people who are complaining about not getting in? It must be something about YOU and not the doormen.

I love the music on a Wednesday, which was the only night i went lol, with the indie downstairs (my personal favourite) and the R'n'B upstairs, good once i got drunk and needed to really dance.

The only complaints I'll make about Rain are that the line for the toilet is always WAY too long and I don't like the only spirits after 1am thing. I don't drink spirits so that kinda sucks for me.

Submitted by Becky on 8th November 2009

i think the bouncers only let people in who they are not scared off lol...

Submitted on 4th November 2009

Complete Joke!! Bouncers havent got the wit they were born with.... so closed minded its unreal. Come on owner or manager. get it sorted lyk

Submitted by Nicki on 29th October 2009

I actually really like rain, I dont see a problem with the decor inside, and im quite impressed with the VIP room upstaires! the staff are friendly and fun, and get involved with the customers, except one girl with really short blond hair who needs to crack a smile every now and again!

i like the dj's and the prices are really good, usually good drink promos on! ive never had a problem getting in and have always had a brilliant night in it, as has my friends! i would recommend it :) x

Submitted by me on 28th October 2009

Well obviously the fact that use say its too busy!! Proves its a great club then and that thers no problem for that lot gettin in ur just not the right clientel:)

Submitted by Geraldine Rooney Castlereagh on 22nd October 2009

its a crap club, too expensive, too packed, not enough craic.

Submitted by Wee Gerdy on 16th October 2009

I agree with most people on this page, bouncers are ignorant and quite intimidating because they stand in a group of 6 outside the door. Showing no standards when letting people in, for instance they let in groups of guys with trainers and t-shirts and then didnt let my 26 year old sister and her husband in. Who found themselves going round to Ollies (quite a prestigious place) and having no bother there. If it was an age matter there should be an upper age limit because no matter what they say, it's some kind of discrimination. not only was it the bouncers who wouldnt give me an answer as to why they werent being let in, I spoke to a man in a red tie who claimed to be 'management' who had nothing to say apart from...'speak to the bouncer'...needs a lesson in customer service if you ask me.

Wouldnt rush back, music is bland and if you go in a crowd theres no chance you'll see anyone in your group after half an hour becasue its so busy.

I thought on the re-opening of Milk, management might try to be a cut above the rest...clearly not what they're going for unfortunately.

Submitted on 16th October 2009

For the people who didn't get in, I wouldn't loose any sleep over it. Its a total dive inside with awful dj's playing the usual cheesy rubbish.

Submitted on 15th October 2009

the bouncers are what let this place down they are a pack of ignorant so and so's i went on sat nite well dressed only to wait in the queue for 20 mins and then to be told not tonight and given no reason for non entry i pitty the person that owns the place cause its them thats missing out on the money nearly every review on this page relates to the ignorant bouncers and its the truth my advice employ new and pleasant bouncers and your club will go far.

Submitted by anom on 6th October 2009

Been to rain once and i wont be back. Had no problems at the door but a few guys i know got rejected for no reason the same night! inside it is sooo tiny and its just so plain. the people are so far up their own arses and think they are sumthing. Its soo overpriced for a drink and the toliets are stinkin. music is crap too! avoid...

Submitted on 29th September 2009

Been down to rain three times now, each time we didnt even make it past the door. Bouncers are an absolute joke! Each time got the "not tonight mate" and then when questioned why, "I dont have to give you a reason, now move to the side." The aggression off them was shocking. Ive heard decent things about inside from friends but I cant even go as I know they wont let me in which is ridiculous. Seem to let the usual girls in, short skirts, low cut tops etc. Pull the over 21 - which I am and student card - which I had. It was a friday, saturday and tuesday night I went down although not to late on each occasion. On the friday and sat I ended up going to Yellow which turned out to be decent nights and the bouncers were polite and well mannered, the way it should be!! Good luck to you all on making it past the bouncers!

Submitted by Michael on 26th September 2009

Great club!! Ive always had super nites at rain its probably one of the onli decent spots around at the minute ther and maybe say the parlour or scratch sometimes box!! ... Have to disagree with the comments on people bein underage its defo never full of young ones and thats one my favourite things about it. Always busy and musics just rite majority of all genres of music. The toilets arent the tidiest but the rest of the clubs dead on in my opinion! Bar staff r really quick too wich is good in a club because i cannot stand ques. Not really fond on it being spirits only after one but thats obviously because its illegal to serve after one so i guess we can count ourselfs lucky to receive any alcohol lol so i dont mind on that matter! Get yourself down to rain for a good wee nite!!

Submitted by Joanne H on 17th September 2009

i go to rain every week because its open late and serves drink late i get in everytime the bouncers are sour bakes, nasty to some customers i always c bt nt to me and pick girls that are the right sizes they only let bigger girls in sometimes but thats so people dont think this. once u get into the club its a first good impression but once u start to walk around the club u realise its falling apart and needs done up again after only being open for a few months. i have to say milk had more of an atmosphere and better music there was different sorts of music up and down stairs but now in rain u cn b upstairs then walk down and the same song could b playing. the toliets in rain r reli bad with no toilet seats and flooding toilets but i would like to say that the staff try there hardest to keep them clean as some girls r dirty bitches if ur in the club watch some girls there. the bear garden mayb one of the best beer gardens in belfast its big has lots of seats and umberellas to stand under if u ever go there thats wer u will find most people. i was there on the night of the foam party in the beach and it was brillant and had reli gd crack which i hada new and would have brought extra clothes u might have got covered in sand and soaked bt that made it even better crack even the staff wer in messing about having a bit of crack. over all i wouldnt say this is a reli good club and milk was perfect just needed to keep out some of the scumbags instead of changing the hole thing and refusing access to old milk customers

if u wana have an ok night with mostly grumpy staff screaming etc but opens to 3 in the morning and has cheap drink to 1 then this is the place for u bt in my opinion there is well better places out there. u need to check it out ur self and ur opinion wil more in likely be the same of most of the peoples comments on this

Submitted by split opinion on 15th September 2009

completely astounded at even one poster maintining the bouncers to be "polite and well mannered"... anything but if you ask me. never had any problems getting into nightclubs before until me and a friend one night went to the rain to see what it was like. outright refused entry. when asked why, the aggression from one of the bouncers really surprised me. i'm new to Belfast and this certainly didn't give me a good first impression. suffice to say i'll never darken the door again.

Submitted on 14th September 2009

First thing you notice walking through the doors is an overwhelming stench of vomit. Clue number one that this place bites. They also have that ridiculous policy of not serving beer after a certain hour that a lot of pretentious nightclubs in Belfast seem to favour. So unless you like to get plastered on spirits whillst hanging out with a bunch of twelve year olds, I would seriously give this spot a miss.

Submitted by Box Letter on 12th September 2009

Door men turn you away for no reason, the back stairs are a dangerous ( steep with drink spelt all over them

Submitted by Sammy on 7th September 2009

Pissed rite off. it was my bday Sat nite half my party didn't get in, the boys were told " not tonight lads" even though there were only 3 of them and 12 girls. (We weren't drunk either) .( Rain lost �£150 at that point) We've never had bother getting into places. The bouncers are discriminating and it's not a positive image they are setting for the club. I'll never attempt to ge again as I wouldn't waste my money and I'll certainly not be recommending it to any one else. The management need to get their act together and have a word with their door staff.

Submitted by Susiegalore on 4th September 2009

ive noticed that the people giving rain a good reveiw are the people who work in rain, just like there bebo page. the best PR team??? the best lying PR team in belfast and they are the box staff that are working in rain.

Submitted by the ships captain on 2nd September 2009

Rain on Mon night is gd... not a problem with anyone, partially because of Gay night, but still a gd spot to chill, i work in a nightclub and no how it feels...x

Submitted by danni on 1st September 2009

Was at rain last week and had a great night.

franky from radio 1 was excellent and rocked the place and the staff were in great form..great buzz all night..

Keep it up franky dj!!!!

Submitted by paul drury on 22nd August 2009

Worst foam party ever, Beach club is much better!

Submitted by Paul on 21st August 2009

Bouncers were an absolute disgrace, so rude I couldn't believe it, seemed to have a problem with everyone. Seriously they have such attitude problems and seem to think they're above everyone else.Club was ok, foam party was a bit mad because they put the foam in the sandpit and no one was able to get taxi's because of the sand. Drink prices were good at �£2 a drink though. Would go back if the bouncers sorted their attitude problem!

Submitted by Jennifer on 20th August 2009

I got denied at the door, so just started walking away and then the bouncer let me in. i was just stoked to be in belfast had a decent buzz so wasn't really paying attention to how ghetto everything was, girls didn't look that bad at the time

Submitted by Justin on 20th August 2009

i do bouncer in belfast myself..

decided to go out a night myself with 2 friends who i play rugby with... go up to the door and just get not tonight lads.. as a doorman myself the way i see it i understand if u come up drunk to refuse someone but when i was driving and sober and get turned away... rain is a hole.. its just whoever the bouncers fancy in terms of girls and they let in skinny spiceboys because they cant be bothered being intimadated.


Submitted on 19th August 2009

im anserin the review that mick c rote stating that the bouncers can see troublemakers from a mile off????? how can u make that comment when u dont kno as to who they turned away??? we came up from derry and were reccomended this club from a taxi man.... i have never been in trouble at a niteclub we all were in the age range from late 20s to mid 30s and wer dressed respectable and behaved in the way we always do which is a very gud manner we got out off a taxi and were told we werent gettin in... a bus load of drunk girls came at the same time and got entry most of which were underage...as the old sayin goes dont judge a book by its cover and the over all reviews proves that this niteclub isnt that great to go to or get into too

Submitted by michelle Derry City on 19th August 2009

Poor, have been a few times, music is just cheese, the place needs badly done up, (if you don't believe me take a look around when you aren't pissed! Its a dump) too small as for the "beach" it is like a builders yard. NOT A PROPER CLUB its for kids. No problem with the doorstaff, they seem to do a good job, I haven't seen any trouble in the place though there are a few dodgy characters that hang about at the "beach" offering to make your night better.

Submitted by Honest reviewer on 18th August 2009

myself and my 5 friends went to rain night club on the 15th aug, 3of my friends had got out of the taxi and b4 myself and my other friend had a chance to get out they were told not tonight girls, we asked why and they just kept saying not tonight, i think it was quite rude and arrogant the way we were treated, the door men r on a power trip, i would take note of the comments all written below and not go, i wouldnt be recommending this place to anyone and i certainly wont be back

Submitted by carla on 16th August 2009

doormen r bullies who pick n choose who can come in just for their own personal reasons

no management available and phone never answered no matter wat time it is rung

wudnt reccomend this place to anyone

Submitted by michelle...Derry City on 15th August 2009

lovin all the reviews on here about poor door staff, simply THE BEST door men in belfast, can stop the trouble makers a mile away no matter how they are dressed or act, congratulations on that and on turning a once dogy club into the best crowd in belfast, have seen only one fight in 5months and even that was cut out in seconds, only downside is that the toilets are manky, should get them sortd now whilst the builders are doing the VIP toilets upstairs...makes practical sense don't you think??

Submitted by Mick C on 15th August 2009

went to go into the night club last night and couldnt believe the discrimination of the bouncers. They have a pick and choose method of letting people in.

I was with a crowd of friends and with out even checking our id's told any of the lads (boys) 'not tonight', not letting us in. Querying why, they wouldnt give us an answer just constantly repeating, not tonight.

I found it suspicious that the only people they wouldn't let in in were, people not from Belfast! They even turned someone away after looking at his id! - again not giving a reason why.


Submitted by random on 14th August 2009

doormen r pathetic got knocked back even no we wer on the quest list went til ollies had great nite donno y we tried it never back !!

Submitted by random on 11th August 2009

myself and my friends went to rain night club on the 8th of auges which was recommended by a taxi man. so we decide to go my friends and i got out of 2 taxis before we even got to the door the bouncers jus said not tonight girl..... we asked why is that they just repeated not 2 night again and 2 of them said together we dont have to give you's a reason.. we just thought that the way we were treated was awful..... then a bus load from bally clare landed and they all got in without a bother which to me wasnt fair at all...... i read the comments below before adding my comments, dont you think that you's run ur club at all very well.....

Submitted by yvette carr on 11th August 2009

Myself and 7 friends got out of 2 taxis, and as we walked up to the bouncers they simply said ' Not tonight girls' we could not believe our ears and asked why we wre not allowed to enter the club more than 1 of the bouncers simply replied again 'not tonight girls' and asked us to move along- I have to say i have never come across such ignorence in all my life and will not be recomending Rain to anyone in fact i will make sure to advise anyone visiting Belfast not to go there.

Submitted by Charlene Nixon on 11th August 2009

Well, Ive said for ages that advertising that its funky house upstairs is wrong... Seeing as most of the stuff I play is pretty much orientated towards the commercial side of things...

As for the "does the DJ know what hes doing" comment

Yea Id say I do know what Im doing, better than most. Im playing whatever it takes to get the dancefloor bouncing, whether thats RNB or House music, either or I dont care. Id love to have house music all night long upstairs on a Saturday night, but unfortunately it doesnt work and when I play it I can see people start to move downstairs. Ive djed in Belfast busiest, biggest and arguably best nightclubs for the last 5/6 years so Id say Im pretty qualified to say I know what Im doing. If your looking for house music all night long your not going to get it in Rain. Its there for the masses... The Students... not for the minority of people in Belfast who dig house music (myself included btw as it is my personal preference) ...

Submitted by Ryan on 6th August 2009

After reading the bad reviews here i thought id give Rain a chance as it was my 25th birthday and wanted to try it out.

But as me my other half and a friend and her BF approached the door the door men just said not tonight! iv no idea why! when asked why they just said not tonight we where all dressed up and another 7 people would of been on their way. I ended up in M Club which i love

Id take note of the bad reviews on here about the door men and not waste your time even trying. Me and my mates wont be back near the place.

Submitted by Minx on 4th August 2009

wat a load of trollip, sexy funky house my arse, more like cheesy commercial crap, really thought i would be listening to latest tunes omg it was horrific, why oh why play rnb wen advertizing sexy funky house upstairs, does the dj know wat he is doin, wat on earth happened to the dj that used to play upstairs at milk, at least he knew wat he was doin an played really upfront along with classic tunes, ok milk was a bit rough but music wise it was spot on, change the music to wat it used to b an this club wud destroy other clubs in belfast

Submitted by alana myles on 2nd August 2009

Love love love! really needed a new club in Belfast. I find the doormen very approachable and nice. One or two are particularily hot ;) Thursdays the best nights, cheap in b4 11 and drinks are cheap, bar staff ae efficient even tho its so so busy! outside space is original and nowhere here like it really. Staff are helpful and happy to help you, ie take photos or wipe up spillages etc. Music is good and the crowd is always nice, no chavs etc which is proably the reason the doormen r picky wen letting certain people in and they can afford to be as its def getting more and more popular. Find it better than Box! Looking forward to 20th august :D Cya this thursday tho! :)

Submitted by Emily on 31st July 2009

This place is an absolute dump!!!!!!!!!!Bouncers are rude mofo's and are seriously lacking in the braincells department. Myself and 3 friends got in no problem but 3 girls infront of us got knocked back, 2 of the 3 where about a size16, they where dressed really well ( very fashionable ) and over 21''s, no reason given by the thick doormen!!!!!!

Once inside, the place was rotten.com and full of prats for staff and the toilets were stinking....clientelle full of posers, i'll not be back!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by belfast babe on 28th July 2009

door men n managers r not very nice people only let hot babes n there friends n after 12 sumfin needs da be done about it cause not very fair 1 !!!!!!

Submitted by random on 27th July 2009

1st night in rain on Saturday for me and my friends and I have to say I was reasonable impressed. Door staff were polite, (contrary to what others seem to be saying), Bar staff seemed efficient even though they were very very busy. My only let down was that I don't like RnB and thats what the DJs on both floors play. Give me some decent club tracks and I'd be 100% satisified!

Submitted by Kirsty on 26th July 2009

got turned away for having more than 2 in our party.....there were 6 of us....sober....dressed very well....rule for one, rule for all!

Submitted on 26th July 2009

bouncers are the most rude and ignorant people I have ever encountered!! They think they are someone. To be perfectly frank - I will be telling all of my friends, who have been and who have not, to not return or try it out.

They do believe they are someone that they are not. Customer service.....from where? Hell?

Submitted on 26th July 2009

i really cznt believe this place!! i have been five weeks in a row and last nite they said that apparently it was over 21's on a sat and the doorman was soooo rude!!! it was only when my friend said to the head bouncer that i was let in!!

its really goin to get a bad reputatuon if the door man dont stop being so arrogant and pompus due to the fact they have a little power and an ear piece in their ear!!! POWER CRAZY if you ask me!!

Submitted by victoria on 26th July 2009

rite laydeez n fellaz rain is pure sweet now, gr8 crowd n all the peeps dressed class like all that there river island gear n all, get urself there its mad! x

Submitted by jonty on 23rd July 2009

went to this club on a friday night, didn't even realise it was a 21, there was about 6 of us and some of them were only 19 but they let them in anway. I wasnt really impressed with the club to be honest, really bad music and therefore hardly anyone was up on the dance floor. I wouldnt recommend this place.

Submitted by b on 21st July 2009

Went to rain for the first time there since it re opened, had a fantastic night its definately a much needed improvement on milk, well the end of milk as the crowd/atmosphere was lets be honest was getting scummy and was putting people of what was a great club, great job and keep it up look forward to my return

Submitted by jj on 21st July 2009

went to milk every week without a miss luved it:)and so when rain opened i went and thought it was brill still go every week some times twice a week:) tuesday thursday and sunday nites are the best like a saturday 2...i do love rain but have to say milk was beter in ways...the music and beer garden and stuff is better in rain but the crowds and atmosphere was 10 times beter in milk...have heard milks crowds arnt allowed in..the bar staff are brill and door staff are nice to...

Submitted by d on 18th July 2009

The excellent reviews are obviously being posted by the employees of rain, lol ....... most disgusting trampy club in Belfast, needs an urgent makeover

Submitted by Ashleigh on 16th July 2009

Rain is awesome. Well better than box now. The new management have really done something special. all these idiots leaving comments about not getting in stop crying there is obviously a reason. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE LOSERS. The doormen are professionals they are looking for certain dress code and behaviour if your not up to the standard thats your fault.

Submitted by Ross on 15th July 2009

people are only saying its crap cos they dont get in its busier than box EVERY NITE OF THE WEEK now

Submitted on 10th July 2009

Amazing niteclub seem da be doin sumit rite !! Packed out every night im in:S!! Went lasnight with buddys for a graduation of theirs

Submitted by Michael O Kane on 8th July 2009

Worst club in the UK.

6 young professionals refused entry for no reason. had just eaten in the Merchant therefore dressed appropriately, not drunk or rowdy, aged 22-25. Dunno what sort of clientele theyre looking for but building a bad reputation for themselves.

Will never be back, rude, unhelpful, egotistical door staff who must hate theyre jobs!

Plenty better places to go in Belfast. Their loss.

Submitted by AMM on 6th July 2009

Used to regulary attent milk back in the day before it became a spidey under-age hole and havn't been back in a few years, however since it re-opened as Rain I decided to give it a second chance.

There were 3 of us aged from 23yrs to 28yrs old completely sober and well dressed ect... we queued for about 10min, when we got to the front the rather chubby ginger unshaven doorman asked us if we were with the group that went on in ahead of us and asked if it was just the three of us then telling us that we could not get in! when we asked nicely was there a reason he replied with a ton of attitude no!!!

As soon as we walked away a group of possibbly 7-10 girls, some of which looked under aged walked on in with no problem.

We wont be back!

Submitted on 5th July 2009

I attended rain and was disappointed from the outset - Firstly I was insulted by an obese bouncer who thought my aftershave was cheap (a perfect match for his suit i reckoned and the piece of spaghetti hanging from his ear!), Secondly I was told my footwear was unappropriate (whilst kids run by with holes in their trainers!)

Once inside the staff members were poorly dressed and lacked any real customer service skills. The beach area seemed to have subsided leaving dirty wet paving stones overlooked by poorly erected parasol's, leaving all the seats rather wet!, an hour later the crowd was so tightly packed I left. There was also broken glass and tissue paper all over the floors. Overall a very disappointing night.

Submitted by Neg-Rain Comment on 3rd July 2009

iv bin to milk loads of times then thot id try rain a nyt with a bunch of friends all over 20, we wer respecfully dressd and none of us had drank any alcohol. all of us had id and wernt roudy or drunk or out of place,the door men askd us all for id but we all had it then he said its over 21 tanyt but my friend who has been to rain on satrday nyts said im 20 and this is my 4th time here on a satrdat nyt they just ignored us to let a bunch of girls in wearing next to nothing and drunk,i couldent under stand because some of them diddent even look 15 never mind 21 abd they wer drunk and singing and falling all over the place with panties showing and tits everywer,they got in strait away no id questions asked,we wer realy anoyed,this place needs to stop thinken its a swanky top notch nyt club and relise its just an old backstreet nytclub in bfast. it will turn away all its customers and we will all just go ta the beach club...

rain is crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Zoe on 2nd July 2009

Must say, totally loving some of the comments being posted here...

Keep em coming.

Submitted by Ryan on 1st July 2009

I have to say ive never been to a worse club!!!, i got in free at the door at the start of the night, then i left the club and came back and on my return they asked me to pay in again!, however it was the same two people who let me in the first time! so basically they were just ripping people off, the club its self was an absolute shamble especially the toilets that need a complete makeover, not mentioning they were absolutely filthy too. i would definately not recomend this club to any.

Submitted on 30th June 2009

oh dear whats the craic with this place turing normal respectable people away??? its not exactly china white, laughable really seem to have lost touch with reality its a average nightclub not some elite club

Submitted on 27th June 2009

Wat sorta cup do u expect to get in a nightclub .. If it was glass and u got hit over the head or injured with 1 would ya be asking for plastic cups then i think you would!

Vodkas never total to �£3.50 !! Its �£3 for a double vodka n redbull on student nights or else on a standard priced nite i.e friday

Submitted on 26th June 2009

Saturday nite June 2009.

Staff polite and busy, DJ excellent however I couldnt bring myself to go back. �£10 admission at the door only to pay 3.50 for a vodka and have it served in a plastic glass that is well over due a trip to the bin-how they do this with a straight face is beyond me! overall a bit of a dive.

Submitted on 23rd June 2009

Was there last week for the first time and really enjoyed myself! Loved the atmosphere and especially the outside beach/garden area! Bouncers and staff were really friendly also... i will be back :)

Submitted by * on 18th June 2009

Went to rain for the first time this week and had a fabulous time. For the time being it is attracting a good upper-middle class crowd and i didn't see one chav/millie which was excellent. I am going to say it is the place to be in the summer. Did see alot of people being knocked back and heard the bouncer saying "over 21" but my group had no hassle, if you aren't right for the club there is a reason; don't be a hater.

Submitted on 14th June 2009

Well andy you're opinion of well dressed isnt the same as every1 else's maybe your just not wat the club is looking for! Ive got in several times and think its a top club !! They must be doing something right because every night of the week they are busy!! I went last tuesday and it was bunged thats a tuesday that says something!!

Plus if you know anythin free entrance stamps is a promotion!! Its a way of giving us customers something free for a change. Im not complaining! They obviously can afford to give out free stamps with the crowds they get then fairplay to them!

Just because you cant get in dont run a good nightclub down! I like it ! The box and rain my favourite spots:)

Submitted on 11th June 2009

Don't rate this place whatsoever. I just don't understand their angle, I've been turned away despite being 24 and well dressed in a group with one male and two females all well dressed and sober. Ive been in before and to be honest I wont be back.. Average at best, almost exactly the same as milk and you know what they say... you cant polish a turd.

On top of this willing to turn away decent paying customers despite running about the town giving out free entrance stamps....

My advice stick to the more well established spots for a better night.

Submitted by Andy on 2nd June 2009

That is the right contact number for the club!! If u cant get a hold of anyone on it call to the club in pr person!:) x

Submitted by . on 1st June 2009

This is not the right phone number for Rain, does anyone have any contact details that work, please.


Submitted on 1st June 2009

I would recommend rain, i thought it was far better comparing to milk as the crowd was really rough then.. far better crowd now and the atmosphere is good. although the drink is higher priced after 1 and it dosent say that on the bebo site so i was a bit dissapointed with that but anytym ive went ive danced the nite away. i would recommend giving it a try.

Submitted on 26th May 2009

Rain is favourite nightclub atm, was there last night GREAT indoor and outdoor beach party, its own sanded beach with heat lamps and a Dj. OUTSIDE?!

Free Drinks just for going and then further drinks promotions for the rest of the night.

Best dressed won �£200 runners up won smaller amounts :D

(Might I add lots of talent both genders)

Submitted by K on 26th May 2009

Place is loada balls think box #2 (bt its cheap sluty sister!) sayin dat I fully expect this so cant really complain..Ive been a few times (peer pressure yano!) thursday, saturday n sunday..

Not really my scene tbh..

the girls as expected again are the girls that go for the jordan look lol (sorry)bt unlik her they dnt no wat a party is! haha kinda laughable no joke..and the lads lol dont even no wat ta say!..type a ppl all round who dnt no wat a real party is! are happy wit couple a blu wkd all nite and bein in bed for 2.. :(

The music again think top 20 chart hits..think freemasons, beyounce, britney, and the awl sing along classics! haha ccchheessseee!.

Club ppfffttt! suppose the fact they stand outside the oddesey every sunday nite stampin ppls arms to get in free speaks volumes about the lack of ppl though the door ;)

dnt go! think i'l stick ta stiff, thompsons, yello etc ppl who luv rain gd luck ta uas and place dnt strt goin ta the places I metioned, though use probley wouldnt get in :( joke! na ne how wouldnt b ur guys scene to dirty and ppl ther fulla ppl experiencein a real club wer yer meant ta get ur new topman plimsoles dirty haha!


Submitted by Dillion on 23rd May 2009

Fantastic sunday night past!!! Defo b back!!! :)

Submitted by Miss T!! on 20th May 2009

I love rain, have been a lots of nights and have enjoyed every one of them..to all you people that have been turned away!....thats why its a better crowd...your not let in......and as for all the negative comments on the door staff, their so called 'up their own arse behaviour' means there has been no trouble in or outside...I think they are doing a great job, they just need to keep it up...remember.... they are the ones who keep the place safe and get rid of trouble quickly.....don't let the negitive people in this world keep you away from having your own experience. I agree with Andy bet all the negitive comments are coming from either old staff or from other clubs, its as good as any other nite club....just go and see!!

Submitted on 30th April 2009

It Rains It Pours It Leaves Me Wanting More ......... Hence Why I Go 3 Times A Week

Mon Thur Sat :D

Laveeee It

Submitted by Alanha on 29th April 2009

If this is supposed to Belfast's most stylish club, the city is in for trouble. Pure tack.

Submitted by Jay on 28th April 2009

@ all the negative comments.... if rain is sooo bad then why o why does it have a massive crowd virtually every night????!!! fair enough the toilets def need a big revamp, altho saying that they don't get messy by them selves!!! as for the staff and doormen i found them to be exceptionally helpful and friendly, ive never seen any trouble, and im there 3-4 times a week!! i used to be a regular at the bclub but switched to rain cos the scum that get into bclub cos trouble everytime!!!!

i went to it when it was milk a few times and my god what a **** hole!!!

now that its rain and got rid of the all the scum, im proud to call it my local nightclub!!

personally anyone who rate the club with negativity are all former milk scum who can't take being told no and don't understand that the rest of the world doesn't revolve around them!!!

overall rating 10/10

Submitted by lonewolf on 27th April 2009

went to rain last nite for the first time was never outa the place when it was milk so thought id go

Submitted on 26th April 2009

went to rain last nice well tried is the word it was ma mates 20 birthday we were all 19 to 20 year old dressed nice our skirts werent flashin our underwear n r boobs werent hangin out our top the bouncers took one look at us n said not tonite ladies they didnt even ask us for id when we asked them y this bald ass says ya just arent, rudeness!! then a group of stick thin girls wif skirts that u dont wanna bend over in walked up n they let them in witout checkin id they looked lik 15yrs wen u asked y they got in the bouncer said they just did. aslo a group of fellas didnt get in either it was ridiculous. il never go again beach club better.

Submitted on 26th April 2009

I must admit most people on here r yaps .. Must say from start to finish i thoroughly enjoyed the club!

Greeted by smiles and friendlyness at the front door by doormen and the manager !! Very pleasant guys .. Did have to wait at the bar for a bit only because it was a very busy night which i believe speaks for itself showing that it's a popular club!!

Bar staff very pleasant was good to see that not only were they serving but having a bit of banter which brings the atmosphere out in the nighclub showing the staff enjoy their workplace.

Toilets a bit messy but afterall it is ourselves the public that mess up the toilets leaving r drinks around etc .. No clubs perfect so id say the toilets can be the downfall of this club

But like i said frm start to finish .. Greeting .. bar service .. Music .. Leaving to go home!!

All in all a great place for a great nite out !! :)

Submitted by Anna on 17th April 2009

Was at an upper 6th formal last night with no after party so a whole group of us decided to head to Rain after we had are dinner and a wee dance at the Hilton. When getting out of the taxi at rain the bouncers looked us up and down and when we approached them they said "Not tonight love", when i asked why? we just got told to go away, ruined my night. Not be going there again! And as for the bouncers, perfect gentlemen my arse!!

Submitted on 17th April 2009

These reviews are all pretty harsh! I've been on a variety of nights and I'll give you the toilets; they are vile and really let the place down but the music is great and I've never had any problem with staff (bar or door). In fact, I find the door staff friendlier than most! There's a great atmosphere, I've never seen any bother in it and even my mates that tell me they "don't dance" have found themself boogying. I think it has a great balance- a bit up itself presentation wise but inside it's pretty chilled out. Definately worth a shot if you've not been yet!

Submitted by Naomi on 16th April 2009

Rain Nightclub rocks mi sox:D

Havew been to rain many of occasions and have a wonderful night because both the atmosphere and the company i was in. The music was great and the staff wer always very friendly and helpful.....

i myself work in a bar and no from experience that not all customers are pleasant and are not very nice to staff, treat others the way u would like to be treated. As for the toilets they might not be the best but at the end of the day its the girls who go into them that reck them and throw the toilet roll all over the floor.

Overall i had plaesnant visits to rain and would recommend it 4 agd nite out......check it out ;)

Submitted by Lullabella on 16th April 2009

In reply to claire ... On the first nite that was most peoples first night behind the bar working YES we had been trained .. But may i inform you its not the speed of the drink being made its how the drinks made;)!! U would complain if it was thrown at you quickly!!

In reply to jen .. Our cocktail lists have been made by experts .. The way we do our cocktails also! .. Its up to us what ingredients go in the drink!

And the topless guy was not a barman he was hosting .. and dont judge a book by a cover he does not think he's god's gift to women! He was doin what he was told to do for his job!

So save your breath:D

Submitted on 15th April 2009

Went to Rain on Sat night with my friend. I will not be back - you couldn't pay me to cross the threshold again. It was disgusting! Toilets (ladies) were unpleasant, sticky doors, broken toilet seats!! The bar staff didn't know the most basic of cocktails (more ridiculous given the names and ingredients are listed on the numerous cocktail menus littering the bar) and took a life time to sort out any drinks. Walking across the floor was like trying to walk over warmed up blue tack. Do they actually ever clean anything in there? Music was poor and the atmosphere was grim. It wasn't very busy either. Also saw the half naked man - if I wanted to go to a strip club, I would've. A bit tacky, literally. Tried to speak to the manager - outstandingly rude. This place has no class whatsoever. It is a total dive, in fact, I've been in better dives. Also noticed the 'no refunds' sign. Must get asked for them pretty often!! Decided to cut our losses and headed round to Ollie's - had a great night after all!!

Submitted by Reb on 15th April 2009

i have heard a lot of mixed reviews about Rain. I have only been once, the VIP night before the launch and to be honest, i was a bit let down. NO locks on the toilets and the 'amazing outdoor party garden' was simply an entry with a couple of plants, not even anywhere to sit! The drinks were an absolute fortune and the barstaff didnt have a clue, the girl who served us was very slow and she did apologise, wasnt her fault, her boss should have trained her properly! Overall i did have an alright night simply because of the people i was with and the music was good! I'm going tonight for Rainbow, i have convinced a lot of people to go so i hope we all get in and i hope it's not a let down!

Submitted on 13th April 2009

waste of time!!

me and 3 friends went on easter saturday...we walked up, said hi to the bouncers and started to pay....then one bouncer tapped my bf n went 'not tonight mate' and wouldnt let him in???? AFTER we had already walked past?!

dunno what the problem was...it was 10mins after opening time, we were all dressed really nice, werent even drinkin before.

And then they let in some random girl with a huge black mohawk after us. If thats the crowd they want, we wont be back!!

This isnt the first time its happened by the looks of these reviews....


Submitted by claire on 13th April 2009

awful place!

went with a friend last night, paid �£10 in....toilets were filthy, broken seats etc. Went to bar and asked for two mojitos (on their cocktail menu). the barmaid looked absolutely blank. she wandered off and eventually came back, asked what a mojito was, looked at the ingredients and then said there was no sugar syrup (should be made with cane sugar anyway, no?) wandered off again to get manager , to fidn out what cocktails she could or could not make. EVENTUALLY managed to order two brambles instead, which the bar manager (quite polite, actually) took a good five minutes to make. With vodka, as it turns out, instead of gin. They were vile.

All the tables were "reserved" , we were informed by a sweaty, rancid topless barman who obviously thought he was gods gift to women - yuck!

By this stage, we decided to leave - there was a pretty horrible atmosphere. On the way out, i asked to speak to the manager - we had paid �£20 between us for 20 minutes trying to get a drink! I very politely began to explain to him why we were leaving and he quickly butted in with "No refunds, reet, it says so on the wall". Obviously not a man of conversation. the very fact that there appear to be hastily written "no refunds!" signs on the wall says it all, really....

so, we left. went to ollies and had a great night! :-)

Submitted by jen on 12th April 2009

I must say there is aloft of negative comments on here, I myself have been to rain on a number of occasions and really liked it, especially the fact that you don't have to be constantly looking over your shoulder to see if there is a glass or bottle being thrown in your direction which was the case in milk also both door and bar staff are very pleasant.

Personally I don't like the box or pothouse as that crowd in up themselves so in that sense rain is far better. I agree the prices maybe abit much after 1 o'clock but it is still alot cheaper than Thompson's and alot better in terms of music and space plus its cheaper than the Hatfield also the ladies r of a much higher standard to what milk had to offer. I would recommend it to anyone whether your with your mates or you girlfriend.

Submitted by .... on 9th April 2009

LOL at all the comments from people tryin to stop people goin, they all obviously work for other clubs. Rain is actually really stylish, clean and the bouncers wer actually very nice to me. I was certainly happy with the drinks offers goin on, sorted me out anyways. i had a really good night out in rain an ill definatly be back! Ths is a true comment from someone that dosnt work for a bar and just wanted a good night =]

Submitted by andy on 7th April 2009

wel wat can i say, went n at 11oclock to find 10 people siting... not the best start to a night out, but it seemed to get worse as the night went on, drinks promo said �£3 admission, �£2 drinks and �£1 shots.. it was �£2 a drink and �£2 a shot, misslead there already with the shots being double they shud have been, then it got worse. from 12oclock, they stopped serving beer, only spirits, and at about 1oclock it got even dearer, maybe they think everyone was drunk and thought they cud get away with it. i got charged �£2.80 a shot after 1oclock... faulse advertisement, r staff taking the piss!!!!! wont be back, worst night ever... i reccommend that the management get it sorted...

Submitted by paul.. on 6th April 2009

Rain is an absolute dump.

Full of slappers and chavs

The doormen and staff are up themselves

Music is old and outdated

Toilets are stinking, broken locks and filthy

Mirrors on the walls have big cracks and cellotape holding them together, Ew wont be back, overpriced as well

Submitted by KerriAnne on 2nd April 2009

I was not that impressed by Rain. Admission - �£8, �£4.40 for a vodka / orange, no toilet roll in the loos. I could go on and on. There was about 80% girls and only 20% fellas which was a bit crap. I wouldnt waste my time goin back, I couldnt believe it when the staff were out cleaning and polishing around people, can they not clean when the place is closed during the day? Hated it and will not be going back. I always have more fun in the Box or MClub

Submitted by Pauline on 2nd April 2009

Went to Rain on Monday night and Ii have to say, ut was a really good night overall. the doormen greeted us with a smile and asked us how we were etc... Went inside and there was a decent crowd for the time we arrived at, and it got busier. The drinks were a reasonable price, only a double v. n red bull was �£3, u coudnt go wrong on that!... Both floors were opened, the only bad thing about it is the gay girls that walk around and think that they own the joint when its just opened! Wise up!... Good wee night, if u dont wanna go then dont, but id give it a try :-D

Submitted on 1st April 2009

Simple Summary:

Good Effort but it's still Milk.

Same people, worse music.

Submitted on 31st March 2009

Im going to Rain tonight for my first time so hopefully its worth my while :-)

Submitted on 30th March 2009

the doormen at rain are pathetic, wud not allowed us enrtry for no reason, did not ask for id, just sed not tonite even i previously went to the vip opening. complete jerks who think they are someone they way they treat people.

Submitted by anoymous on 30th March 2009

Nice club, great music though i did see the doorstaff trail someone out by the hair and throat a bit heavy handed as i think the lad just had too much to drink.Would go back again but maybe a good idea would be to not get drunk or look at the doorstaff!

Submitted by Saz on 29th March 2009

Great club, and what belfast needed.Had been to Milk previously and didn't like it.....the crowd, atmosphere and just the overall feel. But thought I would give Rain a chance before putting it in the same class as Milk, and I thought it was excellent.The doorman were well dressed and courteous to me and my Girlfriend which was a great start.Inside it had a much better atmosphere than previous. It's a more spacious and the prior crowd I had experienced on my visit to Milk were non-existent.Overall it was great night, would recommend it as somewhere you could go with your girlfriend or mates and you should try it.

Submitted on 28th March 2009

Well, what was all the hype about? I've now been every night of the week just to see which was best and to be honest I liked none of them. The crowd is stuck up and far too busy looking at themselves to notice anyone else. Monday night, has to be the worst of all, "Rainbow", the dress code and door policy musn't apply to that night and they let anyone in. I've never seen them turn anyone away. Music, is just ok, nothing special. Bar service, is ok, they work by they better looking and the more of your body they can see the quicker you get served. I stood for nearly half an hour a few times and ended up not even getting a drink because I was fed up waiting. The bouncers are good fun, they may be rude to certain people but they are there for a reason and apart from a monday night there is a good crowd inside the place. The toilets are the best in Belfast and that is the highlight of the club, so that's saying something.

So, needless to say I won't be back and I will advise anyone not to go as it is a waste of money and you can have a far better night in the Beach Club or even Potthouse!!!

Submitted by Party Animal on 28th March 2009

Milk ? Rain ? Cant tell the difference really, same old same old im afraid, id give it 3 months and it will be back to the same old crowd, pity, it had potential but I fear its too late already.

Submitted by Boris on 24th March 2009

Wuz down in belfast for a concert with my boyfriend, thought wud give here a try..Wen we walked up till the door there wuz a group of about 8 bouncers standing looking pathetic..Were told "sorry, not tonight", they never even asked for id or anything! Wont b back near the place again n will b telling anyone that is thinking of even giving it a try 2stay well clear!

Submitted on 23rd March 2009

went to rain on friday nite and it was no better than ok!!! the price average the boys average and the doormen idiots... although my friends and i had no problems getting in the doormen refused entry to many girls and lads... i over heard the doorman call a few girls ugly as he stood at 5'11 tall and wide and bald... how dare he

Submitted by miss retro on 22nd March 2009

Fantastic..... just like everyone else wasn't sure what to expect but I have to say, it was a great crowd, thanks to the 'lovely' door men!!! (keep knocking back the 'lads') the bar staff were friendly, the music was super and I definitely will be back, would recommend it to everyone! Open 7 nights? well student loans don't go that far but keep the drinks on special offers and I'll be there....get yourselves a beer garden!!! mmmmm.

Submitted by Poppy on 19th March 2009

Not happy with the door staff. was out for a good night out was wanting to see if rain was any good. turned up early and waied around. all the doormen arrived. we decided to go a walk to wait till it opened we came back and said is it open yet and the bouncers said aye. so went up and they said na your not getting in. I wasnt even asked for id. We were outside waiting for 20mins all they had to say was sorry lads not tonight.

Submitted on 19th March 2009

still felt like a chav crowd, needs to be the way milk was about 5/6 years ago, but in saying that cant see any way back to much bad chat about the place already and its just opened!!

Submitted by X on 17th March 2009

Had a brilliant night on saturday for the opening. I had doubts about the crowded changing, but the only hoods in sight were the ones walking away from the doors after being rejected. The crowd inside was brilliant. The doormen were gentlemen to be honest. Great night had by me and all my mates. Def reccomend Rain to anyone. Belfast needed somewere new and its just the place.

Submitted by Claire Beuford on 9th March 2009

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