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Opulence and luxury abound in this intimate space. Ollie's club is situated in the basement of the Merchant building in what used to be the old bank's vaults. The brick vaulted ceilings and the old granite walls add to the unique ambiance of the club. By virtue of the old catacomb of vault rooms, this 500 capacity club feels intimate and sexy with divided spaces and separate rooms to explore. As Belfast's most exclusive nightclub Ollie's has welcomed a host of celebrities, VIPs and socialites through its stylish doors.

Add to all these things the excellence of products and services, from mouth-watering cocktails to world-class DJ's, and you have the perfect recipe for the consummate club experience.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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35-39 Waring Street
Cathedral Quarter
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Great night I say a really great night really packed out on Mondays Music was unreal DJ Tez Best off Belfast :)

Submitted by Alison Harts on 20th June 2014

Love ollies! Ive never had a bad night there- the music is great, the cocktails are delicious and staff are friendly. The only downside is that it is always very packed. However I would certainly recommend!

Submitted on 24th January 2014

I've been to Ollies a few times and is always a good night! Thursday is the night to go!!! Although the music isn't recent still really good! It's really quirky inside and they usually have a guitarist in the smoking area !

Submitted by Michelle on 21st February 2013

Just reading other comments on here, and thought I would add mine. GO TO OLLIE'S. Definitely worthwhile! Bouncers are lovely and the atmosphere is fab!! Great music such as old school R

Submitted on 16th September 2012

this is the first review i have ever written but had to do it, from reading some of these reviews i would guess the marketing machine behind ollies is in full force! time for a reality check, i have lived in belfast for 15 years and never have i been to a bigger dive in my life. firstly those god awful bouncers, easily the most unprofessional and ignorant door staff i have ever had the misfortune to meet. these guys hate their lives and choices they have made and are determined to take it out on the customers. having travelled all over the world i can honestly say they are the worst i have experienced. i have been to it several times and it just gets worse, the set up is that of a dungeon like they decided to turn what space was left after they built the hotel into a nightclub. out of around 20 people i know through work and other things every one has nothing but negative things to say and it all starts with the door staff! part of a 5 star establishment? as they say in belfast, Mr wolsey, catch yourself on! steer well clear!

Submitted on 3rd August 2012

Five Star club Five star DJ Tez is right on the money with the Best off Belfast love this place Love the DJ Tunes

Submitted by Kevin Matthews on 30th May 2012

Have not been here before had worked all weekend and after trying a few different clubs on Monday evening went here !!! What a night this place and the dj well i can only say was amazing !!! Best DJ i have seen wicked awsome !! ollies you do have the best DJs in Belfast Thank you for a great night will be back and will be following Tez

Submitted by Laura on 30th May 2012

Obviously the anonymous self proclaimed nightclub manager below is showing serious sour grapes and no idea of music! The night in question, Ollie’s ‘Secret Society’ was a fantastic night for 99.999999999% of the guests. You can’t please them all but seriously; this nightclub manager hasn’t a clue what he is talking about.

All the staff were really friendly and dealt with a busy stream of custom all night.

The DJ played some quality tunes and as for the live element, I doubt whether Mr Anonymous has an ear for music. The Sax player was an amazing addition to the DJs set and as for the Bongo player, (Can Mr Anonymous count?) blended faultlessly with the beats and breaks all night long. As nights go, it’s up there with the best!...

Submitted by Fellow Musician on 15th May 2012

was in ollies on a saturday night on a small stag party, and i have never been in a more pretentious spot in my life. I myself am a nightclub manager but not in belfast so i am not trying to get one over on the competition or anything like that, we had had a great night in belfast and there are some lovely bars in the city its sad in a way that the one i feel compelled to write a review about is the worst one. overpriced, very slow bar staff,in fairness they were very pleasant but hired for their looks rather than their ability to serve a drink, hate seeing a VIP area in a club also to be honest. music is a matter of opinion, you can never please everyone but whatever you thought of the music the out of time bongo player and the ear piercing saxaphone playing live over the P.A was really bad!!!!!!!!! Not my style of place anyway and i would say most of the customers in there follow those jersey or geordie shore shows a bit too much, i have never seen so many men wearin fake tan in my life, horrible place hence we only lasted about an hour in there, and as for the security, doormen have a hard job anywhere and their job is to keep customers safe, part of their job is to make a judgement call on customers coming into a venue, however guys in this venue seemed to take a bit too much pleasure out of judging people in my opionion and seemed to forget that they are also the first point of contact for any customer and a smile and some customer service wouldnt go astray.

Submitted on 29th April 2012

Oliies is great, i cant say enough good about this venue! went on saturday nite and it was amazing! music great, bouncers friendly, which rarely happens in Belfast! keep it up!

Submitted by happy customer on 13th March 2012

Last night was the 2nd time Ive been there, same time last year, work Christmas do. I think the music is of great variety

Submitted by I dont do clubs but I think this place is class! on 4th December 2011

Ollies Has To Be One of the top hotspots going around the belfast area. the club inside is nice and nice decor. the staff are really really pleasure, and extremely helpful. i did my lose my mobile there last weekend, the guy at the front hall, extremely pleasure and has really good manners , asked for me and eventually i got it.the bar however is ridicous, took approx 45mins to get a drink, work need to be done here,I like this club due to the fact its honest and nice experience to it!

Submitted by Annmarie McCluskey on 3rd November 2011

They call it a 5 star club but I guess anyone can call their club whatever they want these days. I didn't see anything that could justify calling it a premium club as it is just like any other club in Belfast, just that they charge more for exactly the same drinks. The decor is not great and the toilets are the usual horrible place with floor covered in urine. The cloakroom closed really early, even while people were queuing to get in. A five star venue with no cloakroom facility? Speaking of the queue, it took forever to actually get into the place. Standing in the cold is not an enjoyable experience. I don't think I will go back to Ollies. There are better places in Belfast that don't pretend to be 'five star'

Submitted on 31st October 2011

went out for friends birthday 8 of us on Monday nightin May/2011 and had a superb night DJ Tez has the place rocking all night outstanding club will def be back if I get a tuesday off work. Friday or Saturdays would be great.

Submitted by Kirsty S on 5th July 2011

This would be a complaint against Oilies as me and my friend were refused to get into the bar. I come from Newcastle in South Down which is 30 mile from Belfast. It was my friends birthday, who was already in the bar. I heard someone say on the walkie talkie that the one in the white shirt was drunk. I was wearing white i had one pint in another bar, waiting for my other friends to arrive into Belfast. When they arrived i told them we where on our way to go on ahead in. When we arrived the bouncer looked at my ID looked away and said not tonight lads. I am a 25 year old man and was really upset with what he had said. We tried to explain we where here for a birthday and weren't from around here he said piss off. I just left and had to miss my m8s birthday. This is why i would have to not recommend this to anyone who is outside Belfast as two boys behind me where allowed in without being asked for ID, must have been regulars.

Submitted by Jack Jones on 28th February 2011

Ollies totaly rocks!! i should know because i work there as the hostess, for all those great comments - thankin you :) sometimes it does get quite busy but this all adds to the great party atmosphere..... woop woop! if your hittin the town - get yourself down to ollies and you'll have a grand night out!!! yeeeeooo! send me a message on face book and i should be able to get you on the guest list, if not ask for me on the door :) ..... be there or be square!! xoxoxox

Submitted by Ashleigh Johnston on 28th January 2011

Good club but staff leave alot to be desired - rude

Submitted by Funky on 19th December 2010

people should relise that it is not that easy working in a nightclub as i work in one myself, the hours are awful, no wonder the staff are gumpy, as people push you about and dont not appreciate the work you do.

Customers are also rude to saff also.

I think that ollies is an outstanding nightclub.

Submitted by Emma H on 19th June 2010

Awful. Staff are so slow. I have been here twice now. And both times the experience has been awful. No exaggeration, it has always taken an hour to get a drink. There is not even alot of people at the bar. The manager should be fired.

Submitted by Joey on 14th June 2010

i think is a average club there a few down fall with this club. i see some barstaff are very young and not skillful enough which is awful. they ran out of glasses and 11.10pm at night and wasnt really busy. also there a young wee girl in the cloakroom black hair, was extremly rude to me and was very unhelpful. then went i went back for my coat out for a smoke, she recharge me �£4 for a coat and a scraf in the inside of my pocket. this club has alof down falls. price in this club ridicious! i was told rain is better!

Submitted by charlie on 30th April 2010

This place is terrible. It's full of trash who think that going here makes them glamorous. It's pokey, it smells, it's not in the least bit cool, nor is it edgy, although clubs that refer to themselves as 'exclusive' and 'VIP' never are. This place is pitiful, the music policy is horrendous. Do not go here, it has NO redeeming features. If you want to go to a club that had a little more class, go to Slide. It also has a door policy that doesn't cater to chavs in All Saints tops.

Submitted by James St James on 28th April 2010

Me and my girlfriends came over from Liverpool for a hen. Great night and got chatting to a guy who looked just like Mark Webber! Cant wait to go back x

Submitted by Glitter on 23rd April 2010

Well, as I'm not from Belfast, I would say this club is above Belfast's average. I'm still having in my mind the definition of 'Belfast average' in terms of English standards - it's obviously a difference of a class.

Here I was disappointed in particular with the bar staff. Very young and very inexperienced, not friendly. They run out of clean glasses and stopped serving for a good few minutes! Ridiculous! Anyway, there was an enormous queue to the bar all the time. The cloakroom staff - no customer service skills, especially a teenage girl is very rude. When I went to leave my cardigan and I asked it to be added to my jacket which was already in there, I was charged again!

Also, I found it bizarre, that the door staff allowed a few scally lads to get in!

Submitted by Martin on 12th February 2010

Illiterate gimps for bouncers, overpriced crap wine and about as exciting a rice cake when inside- this is what one of Belfast's more exclusive clubs has to offer?! please! I would rather poke myself in the eye that endure another nite there! DON'T WASTE A NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE IN THIS CLUB!

Submitted on 1st January 2010

I am from Liverpool and visited Ollies recently with some friends.

Really dissappointed, a comparable

"exclusive" club in Liverpool would focus much more on improving the experience for the customer.

The staff in Ollies came across as sullen and grumpy, ordering a drink was therefore abit of an ordeal. I am also used to a good nightclub aiming for a happy, friendly and energetic crowd. On this occassion all I met were pretentious, tedious and unfriendly people who were more interested in pouting and making ridiculous impressions of appearing hip.

Maybe I visited on a poor night but I think this club really can't credit itself with having a supreme status among nightclubs

Submitted on 16th September 2009

If all the deluded rejects from the X-Factor where crammed into one small space I would imagine it would would be something similar to Ollies on a Saturday night

Submitted on 30th August 2009

Club for wannabes and try-hards. About as cool as the temperature after the bouncers have finally packed the club beyond capacity. If I end up at a loose end in Belfast again and someone suggests Ollies I will get a taxi home.

Submitted on 30th August 2009

Please be aware the club gets packed very quickly and the girlfriend and 3 mates probably didnt get it because it was full, if more people had been let it then everyone would have been bounced around like a pinball like the person below. You should have came in with your girlfriend or else you run the risk of this happening. As for people throwing drink - this is hardly the fault of the club, if you get stood on then get up off the floor. If the bouncers were to get at every single person who was enjoying themselves then nobody would have a good and time and more complaints about the supposed jumped up arseholes would ensue.

It's simple, if you out of town people can't handle a 5* nightclub with people drinking alcohol (come on there are bound to be a few messy people) then please don't come again.

Submitted on 7th August 2009

I've been once and will never go back!! Doormen are idiots and it gets too packed, by the end of the night you can barely move. There is always a huge queue for the ladies toliets and some of the other customers have no manners. I got bounced around like a pinball, got stood on and a drink thrown over me while someone was "dancing!"

The prices charged are supposed to reflect the exclusivity of the club, however it obviously hasn't worked....

Submitted on 5th August 2009

Staffed by a bunch of jumped up arshholes, will never be there again in my life. Do the people who run this place really think its classy. Theres an hour of my life i cant get back. Me and a mate got in ok but my Girlfriend and 3 mates were turned away 15 mins later . too many of them apparently. From out of town so had my id checked (hasnt happened in ten years of going to clubs and bars). the girls were made wait for ages then the bouncer on an obvious power trip said " not tonight girls better luck next time, off you go home " what a prick. Fully expect this place to be closed the next time im past it. far too expensive as well. went across the street to the pothouse where the staff were courteous and friendly and ended up having a great night.

Submitted on 3rd August 2009

Far too crowded sometimes. Air con needed big time.

Submitted by regular on 18th June 2009

�£23 for a botte of rose, nuff said

Submitted by karen on 25th April 2009

Great atmosphere, great music (old skool) great club!!

Submitted on 15th April 2009

Was there on saturday nite. The bloody dance floor was like a sauna. I think they need to sort out the air conditioning. Apart from that I had a great nite.

Submitted by Sandra on 9th March 2009

Without doubt Belfast Top Spot. I have been going for the last 2-3 years and never have any problems getting in. The doormen are by far the best in belfast, so professional and courteous. Especially the Head Bouncer always chatty and friendly. Superb Spot. Definetly reccomend.

Submitted by Paul on 14th February 2009

I wonder if any of the people who run these places in Belfast ever read these reviews because there never seems to be any improvement in the venues - if they do I wish they would leave some feedback. My friends and I spend a lot of weekends over in Newcastle Upon Tyne and always have a ball there. Over there you can more or less walk in and out of any club at anytime without all the 'regulars only' rubbish that you get here and it's far better for it. the music there is a mixture of chart and dance classics along with the odd oldy, not the obscure DJ's personal favourites or repeated 70's-80's CD they seem to always play here and in general the service and atitude of staff is far better. I wish clubs here would take a look and realise what it takes to create a thriving nightlife.

Submitted by Tony H on 5th February 2009

Belfast will never have either cool or class, and this place sums that up perfectly. Tacky, cheap, superficial and crap.

Submitted by Franky on 28th January 2009

You mean the hostess???? Shes a mate of mine.......

Submitted by Kev on 24th January 2009

Good bar, waited a while but to be expected in a busy club. Got so packed even the tall chick in the black dress had to serve and did it well....Anyone know her, tall long dark hair????? Whats the deal with the red rope area anyway???? For knobs most likely!!! Apart from that I would go back it was a good nite.

Submitted on 19th January 2009

have been to ollie,s a few times and hate it more and more every time i go. doormen rude, bar staff lazy and rude, drink over priced, 10 pound in ott, and they pack 2 many people into the place, the waitin time at the bar just seem,s to get longer and i won,t be goin back and advising friends to do the same

Submitted by alan on 16th December 2008

Great once we got, had to stand outside 4 an hr even though we were at the front of the que (bouncer said they were full)

Submitted by N/A on 30th November 2008

same old story with greedy club owners letting too many people in so there is problems from queuing 2 get in, queuing all night for a drink and then queuing all night for a p**s, the girls were queued halfway into the club from their toilets, from such a supposed classy joint i don't like the rancid stench of the toilets all around me when i'm in the main club, when i'm paying the sort of cash in here for drinks, entrance etc i'd expect a little more for my money, milk was the same when it opened, now it's a dump, so to whoever it may concern, get ur act together and straighten this place out for some longevity!!

Submitted by saul hudson on 27th November 2008

In reference to the comment about the serving of cheap rum. I used to work there and Ollies house rum is Havana Club which anyone who has a clue about their drink will know is a premium rum and in no way 'cheap'. It is a much better quality rum than Bacardi however this is ultimately down to preference. The house vodka is Stoli which again is a premium russian vodka and of much higher quality than popular brands such as Smirnoff. I do agree however that if you ask for Bacardi you should be served Bacardi and if they dont sell it there shouldnt be a bottle on display and staff should make customers aware of the better quality alternative. Just pointing out that they are not trying to rip you off - there products are 5-star!

Submitted on 19th October 2008

My friends bf and I were in ollies on Fri nite, the next day my bf was telling me that, he had ordered a barcardi at the bar, he could see the genuine bottle of Barcardi sitting on the counter behind the bar man, however when the bar man was pouring my bf's drink, he used a cheap bottle of 'white rum'. My BF said excuse me I ordered a barcardi, bar man pointed at the bottle and said this is Barcardi, my bf said thats not barcardi and he pointed at the genuine bottle behind the bar man and said 'thats Barcardi - use that' the bar man said 'we are not allowed to use that' but John kicked up a fuss so he was served it in the end. Then later when he came back to the bar he said he was being served by an older guy not wearing the uniform so he was obviously the bar manager, he asked again for Barcardi and was again poured cheap white rum, he pointed to the bottle of barcardi sitting on the counter behind the bar manager, and was told that no they wernt allowed to serve that!! For the price that ollies serve their drink at they should be serving Genuine Labels, i've have not noticed if they sell cheap vodka but Ill be looking out the next time Im poured a drink!! Its also misleading to the customer when they keep the genuine bottles in full view of the customer, and then pour cheaper labeled drink under the counter!!

Submitted by Leo on 13th October 2008

Im surprised by the amount of negative comments here. Generally, I think ollies has a lot going for it.

To those who havent been, Ollies is a bit 'different'.

�£10 entrance fee is what Ive come to expect from most clubs these days so I cant really see what the fuss is about there.

its quite dark and full of little corridors and it has two bars. If the smaller of those is supposed to be members bar its news to me cuz Ive been in there a few times and been served without a problem. But yes, you will have to queue a while. You will also have to pay a lot for it. our rounds (4 people most on spirits with mixer) were �£35.

There's nice leather seating with modern lighting and an area with dimly lit alcoves (all good if you pull I guess) the dance floor is big enough for the size of the club. Ive always found the music to be pretty good. the DJ has certainly always played my favourite 'at the time' bouncy tunes and the dance floor is always full to capacity.

�£2 is too much for the coats. The girl in front of me had to pay �£4 because she put a cardigan and a coat on her hanger - not very fair.

the bouncers have never been unpleasant to me and i was swiftly rescued from some idiot who lifted me up over his shoulder by a bouncer. they arent meant to act like santa claus, theyre meant to keep the peace.

The toilets are faaar too small. but the smoking area has patio heaters!

lastly, its a good bar for those of us who dont want to be surrounded by 18-23 year olds but rnt yet ready for places like Bar seven.

thats my lot xx

Submitted by Wee Rascal on 6th October 2008

travelled 40 mins to come to ollies after being told me n my mates were on the guest list,arrived only four of us(2 boys both aged 28) and my mate n me (we are 26 and 22). there was no queue and the bouncers turned us away claiming regulars only and the place is over 23's??? they claimed are names were not on the list? and as we walked away NOT DISPUTING it we were called arseholes by the doorman who then tried to start a fight with my bro in law! total twats! then my 3 friends (all girls) aged 21 got in and it was there first night going! so dont think i will be attempting to go there again!!

Submitted on 29th September 2008

Definately not the place to go for a good night out in Belfast. This place is like a dark pit. Too over crowded. Definately won't be back and would'nt recommend anyone to go to it for a night out. �£10.00 to get in que at the bar to get drinks then to turn around and get them them spilt over you absolute waste of time, would have had a better night sitting in the house.

Submitted on 22nd September 2008

decent enuf place, wayyy overpriced, but its good cos only rich guys go so they buy me drinks anyway.

but face it ollies... ur prob the best place in belfast but u are a LONG way off the clubs in liverpool/manchester etc...

belfast keep up and open somewhere decent

Submitted by Emma on 6th September 2008

Can somebody explain me what is the meaning of "check me outs", because i cannot understand it. Thanks

Submitted by Veronica from Argentina on 31st July 2008

not my scene but a hell of a lot better than the pothouse

Submitted on 25th June 2008

liked hot n steamy dancefloor and interior. music gud but 20 minutes to get served at a tiny bar? forget about it. barstaff too slow and not very "upbeat" or customer focused....have had much better service at similar venues in liverpool and manchester. belfast still needs to get its act together with regards to good bar staff. pity.

Submitted by SSb on 3rd June 2008





Submitted by offical ollies nightclub on 2nd June 2008

Always has to go one better than everywhere else. 2 pound to leave your coat in the cloakroom is a bit OTT!

Submitted by Simon on 1st June 2008

An excellent night out in ollies last friday, took about 5 mins to get served at the bar but hey its a busy club....so to be expected. Great atmosphere, great music and pleasent staff who are willig to have a laugh and not take themselves too seriosly, unlike some of the clientele!! Strict dress code and scary loooking door staff! Otherwise a fabulous night had by all!!!

Submitted on 16th March 2008

Seriously....employ decent door staff!!! The girl taking the �£'s at the door is rude, some of the door staff obnoxious....the lovely female staff in the Grande Dame bar were more than lovely...and very hot i might add!!!! Good night had by all all the same!!!!

Submitted by Mark on 3rd March 2008

A gorgeous bar with a friendly atmosphere, however it seems the only way to avoid queing for a drink for 45 mins is to know a member of the bar staff or be a regular. Its been my worst experience of going to the bar in 10 years.

Submitted by Emma on 20th January 2008

overpriced, run of the mill music, clostraphobics beware.

Not a particularly good value for money club. A lot of the usual pretentious wannabies from Belfast (EAs, 2nd rate Models, and hair dressers). Drinks over priced.

Its startin to get a bit rowdy now theres less people going (saw a few fights). Theres better craic to be had in Belfast than this.

Suits the credit card, "New Belfast" crowd though.


Submitted by top_dag on 4th January 2008

Hot bar staff, if the orange party girls let the men down just drool over the bar girls...... Roisin and Angela, rock my world.....................................

Submitted by Neil on 29th December 2007

Apparently, i was too drunk to get in...

Despite the fact that a group of staggering women holding eachother off the floor got in about 30 seconds before that.

Bit silly.. i was 100% but the doormen wouldnt see reason. Maybe if i had a miniskirt on and a pair of tits i'd have been alright yeah?!

Submitted by Tomski on 21st December 2007

Went to Ollies for my first time on saturday nite. �£10 in is a downside as are the quite expensive drinks. Russian vodka and no smirnoff ice........what's that about? Brilliant music, good atmosphere, not over crowded and everyone seemed to be having a good nite. Would definetly go back! Had a great nite!

Submitted on 9th December 2007

Stayed in the merchant hotel, and decided to go in for a look. Bouncers led us straight in the door past the q once they knew we were staying in the hotel, which was brilliant! Went to pay to find out it was free for hotel guests...happy days!!! Club is brilliant, not too big so it means it doesnt get too crowded, gud selection of music, wee bit pricey, but friendly staff! Have been back few times since and love it everytime!

Submitted on 27th November 2007

i think this is a very excellent bar to go to as the customer service is excellent and there is always a crowd when you go into it. i would always recommend ollies to any of my friends.

Submitted by sandra on 16th November 2007

just read through all the comments and im surprised at how many negative comments there are! I really enjoy it! I do however agree with people sayin its a bit expensive and staff can be a bit cheeky at times, but on the whole i think its a great place for 23 year olds and over and i love the music.

Submitted by laura on 4th November 2007

was there last night for first time and i had a blast. the music was great, service was good and crowd was friendly. only downside is the �£10 admission charge.

Submitted by tel on 4th November 2007

was in ollies last weekend, and i must say, i think the place has improved. was greeted nicely at the door and the bar staff seemed to be doing their best to provide good customer service.

would most certainly go back, and as for atmosphere, in my opinion, everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves....

Submitted by Gemma on 1st November 2007

i was at ollies on sat 21st october,i had a brill nite,10 pound in is a bit expensive but ya gt a nice crowd not like else were,where its free into and ya get all the hoods of the day that causes trouble!!!!

Submitted by stephanie on 21st October 2007

take that wer in ollies last friday!! omg

Submitted on 18th October 2007

There seems to be alot a negative comments on this review site. However you cannot dispute the fact that dispite alot of people having the same grievances in Ollies, it is still full house every friday and saturday night so they must be doing something right!

Submitted on 18th October 2007

To Siobhan D

"to be served by a ignornant member of bar staff because I asked her to give me Snirnoff not cheap crap vodka"

You will find that Ollies house vodka is Stoli. This is a premium russian vodka and is of a much purer and higher quality that Smirnoff. Ask any expert bar tender and they will tell you the same.

Of course it is customer preference but Ollies does aim to provide it's customers with a better quality selection of drinks than most nightclubs across Belfast.

The rest of your comments are you own opinion but I felt the need to clairfy that Stoli is not a 'cheap' or 'crap' vodka.

Submitted on 18th October 2007

Bring back Laura the hot hostess!! Absolutely stunning

Submitted on 19th September 2007

Ollies as a venue is quite plush, with velvet drapes and nice, comfortable seating. The music is cheesey, with mainly 1990s dance chart songs, not very original. Drinks as already stated are expensive, �£3.20 for a pint of Carlsberg and �£3.30 for a bottle of Bud, it can also take ages to get served at the small crowded bar.

I agree with one of the last posters about the attitude of some of the clientele, who can be extremely rude. The guy who removed and nearly broke my glasses as a joke was very lucky that he didn't have a �£200 bill to pay for a replacement pair. Yery funny!

Submitted on 18th September 2007

Went to Ollies on Sat 15th Septemner.Definately not worth 10 in, felt like a complete mug handing it over.Que for the bar spilled on to the dance floor, I think I waited for about half an hour to pay for a very expensive drink and to be served by a ignornant member of bar staff because I asked her to give me Snirnoff not cheap crap vodka.

Music was ok as it brought me back to my youth, Kellys, The Helmsman etc

So dark I couod hardly see anyone. If it wasn't for the good company I was with i would have left and gone home!

Submitted by Siobhan D on 17th September 2007

The place has no atmosphere will not be going again agree with all the reviews below AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Submitted by chanelle on 13th September 2007

What a class facade. Belfast has gone wrong. This isn't just a in terms of taste. It would be easy enough to post an opinion here based on the type of people, or music I like, so this is an unbiased opinion.

Decor and music aside I felt that the people who frequent this place were totally ignorant and unpolite. I've been to alot of clubs and bars and I mean alot, highclass, all the dives etc. I have to say that in my experience the more decorative a place tries to look the greater the attraction for total dunderbrains and ignoramus's.

Sorry but this place sucks, bug time.

Submitted by Shane on 3rd September 2007

What a joke this place is. Another failed attempt at trying to produce a night club. The bouncers are a joke, which to be honest is expected in Belfast.The music is laughable at best and the crowd is full of pretentious tasteless wanabees.Is it just me or does every bar/club in Belfast plays the same annoying funky vocal dribble?It would be nice to have a little bit of variety with music, with DJ’s that have knowledge about music (not just one crappy genre). After all this is what a club is supposed to be about. MUSIC!!!!!!My advice is to give this place a wide birth

Submitted by dave on 12th August 2007

the bar staff are hot

Submitted on 27th July 2007

horrible place, horrible staff - I agree with comment about private member lounge, served by ignorant Millies with no idea of taste or manners

Submitted on 27th July 2007

I was at Ollies one Saturday and must say I had a horrendous night! We were in the so called private members lounge which was full of sleazy old men with plenty of money and no manners. They were being served by girls which in my mind are nothing short of Belfast Millies! One of them was slow in serving us our drinks and when she did she got the order wrong.Anyhow, the music was awful....cheese like my younger brother would listen to when he goes to the beach club and I would not reccommend it to anyone!!!!!!!!!!! GO TO THE POTT HOUSE ANYDAY!!!!!

Submitted on 24th July 2007

Great venue. Only minus was the DJ.

Submitted by Mick on 23rd July 2007

Grim nite out, ignorant staff, expensive drinks. If I can stop one person wasting their hard earned cash in here my work is done!

Submitted by Charlie on 6th July 2007

Where is the hot brunette hostess???

Submitted on 2nd July 2007

have to disagree with easter monday..jay kay plays his own so called remixes which are quite poor. the resident plays the same cheesey house set every saturday night. u could write down on a piece of paper the tunes he is goin to play from 11-1

dont go here

Submitted by danny on 25th April 2007

Hey mate, gotta disagree with ya. Was in Ollie's on Easter Monday and had the best night ever. Jay Kay played a blinding set along with a live percussionist. The place rocked...brilliant atmosphere, loads of good looking stylish women and to be honest thought the bar staff were very quick considering how busy it was....yeah there is a bit of a wait at the bar but its only to be expected with any busy nightclub. Best night i've had out in a while and will be returning this week to check out the talent!!!

Submitted by Mark on 18th April 2007

Where did all the hospitality go in the hospitality industry?

I've been to Ollie's twice now, and I feel nothing but disappointment and shame that this is one of Belfasts, let alone Northern Irelands, "premier clubs"!

I worked in a few bars, and some nice hotels myself when I was a student (only a couple of years ago), so I can truely say I know what it's like to be on both sides of the bar. Anytime I ever served someone, I and my colleagues, at that time, offered customers respect, efficiency, and where possible a bit of humour (if not for good manners, it was a great way to rake in tips!!), but in Ollies the bar staff seem to take great pride in being rude, and very pretentious. This fact is somewhat frustrating when you have waited for 20 minutes to get served in what I can only describe as an incredibly poorly designed bar area (where everyone is pushed into a bottle neck in one room).

Of course, it wouldn't be the complete Ollie's experience if you hadn't been (as pointed out by others on this forum), heavily scrutinised by the door staff, forked out ?10 to get in, listened to the below average music (in my view), and pay exorbitant prices for the drinks. Oh... and don't be suprised by a bit of over charging here and there... obviously to make up for the lack of tips being offered to staff by the hacked-off customers.

From what I know of the manager, or should I say the Godfather, who insidently is the owners son (so no actual bar/ bar management experience required), the attitudes towards you as an individual and as a customer comes from the top.

As I said, I have been twice to Ollie's, but in future I'll know once bitten twice shy!! (If only my cliche laden chat up lines were as good)

Go anywhere but here!!!

Submitted on 15th April 2007

Imagine the worst wedding disco ever, well ollies is worse.

Submitted by Paul Tebot on 5th April 2007

just another one of belfasts great 'attempts' at a nite club.. have been several times in the endless pursuit of findin somwhere to go ..fruitless though cos belfast is rubbish and has no discernible nightlife to rate.. anyone who hasnt got in for any reason can experience the bliss of their ignorance.. anyone who thinks this place is 'exclusive' is hallucinating!(these clowns really need to look in the mirror and slap their silly little heads - and get out of belfast more) fact is.. ollies is just more of the same old crap! its just no good.. music is not good.. crowd is not good.. bar service is not good.. just count yourself lucky that if you never go again you wont get accosted by has been's, never were's or wannabe's ..or get chatted up by your mum's mate ha ha

Submitted by l'attaque des clones on 25th March 2007

Why oh why are bouncers such tossers? And why do these clubs keep on hiring them? And no i'm not a chav, i dress smartly and i don't land there completely wasted but my mates and I were turned away last week cause it was supposedly full? Then a few blonde chicks walk right in??? Ah whatever! Bad door policy!

Submitted on 23rd March 2007

Went to Ollie's last Friday night and had a cracking night. The music was a complete mixture from dance to r&b, rock and pop. It worked really well. class atmosphere - plus we got a free cocktail on arrival. Definitely 5 star service in 5 star club.

Submitted by Sarah on 21st March 2007

Ollies nighclub is one of unadulterated elegance and sophistication, its classy nature simply cannot be disputed. All those condemning it to the depths of pretentiousness and self posture need to realise its patrons are individuals who work hard, play hard! Was there at the weekend and cannot praise the staff more, bar, door etc, dealt with a stunning brunette hostess who was simply adorable and clearly intellectual, a far cry from the ?Robert Palmer girls? description!

Submitted on 26th February 2007

Ollies is excellent just what Belfast needs.

to all the ppl who wrote bad reviews, should perhaps try the m club i hear its very welcoming to millies an chavs type of crowd! try again next week if yas tidy yourself up! x

Submitted by zoe on 19th February 2007

went to ollies's on saturday night for the first time and it was brilliant, had a really good night, was very expensive for drinks though, and needs a few more toilets for the girls as the queues were mental, but most definately will be back.

Submitted on 19th February 2007

i love ollies the staff are friendly and know their stuff, the music is excellant on a saturday night! would definately recommend to anyone!!

Submitted on 14th February 2007

this place is vaguely reminiscent of the knightsbridge in newtownards. anyone remember it? it too revelled in mediocrity and attempted to rise above its station - another pretentious dive.

?10 in, which is 50p for every minute you get to wait to be served at the bar... (that's 20mins for all you who are under 22yrs). whilst any and every girl with a cupsize bigger than 30a gets served afore ye, irrespective of how long or short she's been waiting! and the drink's tepid... whoever thought to have the waitresses try to look like the robert palmer girls? it's like vicky pollard dressing up as diana. yet another bar boasting miniature toilets.

as above, takes forever to get served, can't have conversation because of the excessively loud 'music' - (save it readers, i'm not too old; call me old-fashioned and romantic, but i just like to have a little conversation the next morning) - which reflects society perfectly, all presentation and no substance. has to be said there's also a discernible gay atmosphere on certain nights. good to see people are happy.

on a general note, could someone define a 'superb doorman' please? is it one who doesn't growl at you/assault you/bar you from the premises, or is it someone who just occasionally acts like a member of the human race? things are bad when we have to remark upon a merely satisfactory performance; just shows you what a bunch of cave-dwellers most doormen are.

finally... exclusive? how so if i can get in? as grouch famously said, "i wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member."

Submitted by hugh cee on 28th December 2006

ollies rocks! no more needs to be said!

Submitted on 7th December 2006

Ollie's is exclusive???? Catch urself on, its a glorified Potthouse you silly boy, ur probably one of those "toff's" who stand at the bar spending mummy and daddys money....now that is comical!!!

I enjoy a nice club with top soulful house music, Ollies is pretentious, over priced and full of wanna be's!!!

and as for the doormen......what is their purpose again???

Submitted by Mummy and Daddy pay my way!! on 5th December 2006

I thought i was at the launch for Primark's winter collection when i was here on saturday, or was it Belfast Fashion Week sponsered by Dice i'm not sure, anyway overpriced and badly lit, ?20 for a bottle of house white, you would think they could whip up to b&q for a few lightbulbs! wont be back!"

Submitted by Jonny on 24th November 2006

anyone complaining either cant dress to impress or cant afford it, so my advice is to go to the back bar in laverys! ollies is exclusive!

Submitted on 19th November 2006

For once a city centre venue worthy to carry the tag 'nightclub'. The crowd was civilised and not a teenybopper in sight, thank god. Decor is a little unimaginative, but does have that intimate feel (very dark). Bar service was great, but the bar tab is exorbitant even if you do have a trust fund! Another major negative are the obnoxious bouncers, judging by the blood on their knuckles they had obviously only learned to walk upright that morning. To sum up, a worthy venue of the moment, but hardly groundbreaking!

Submitted by Michelle Curran on 13th November 2006

Ollies excells at what Belfast does best - blandness

Submitted by James De Beres on 12th November 2006

Went in Sept & we all had an xlent nite...but upon return a few weeks later bouncers were ignorant @?*&%"!!....to say the least. Ollies would be so much better if they had friendly & more respectful staff on the door...there is no need for such unprofessional behaviour. I would like to remind the bouncers that they are STAFF & dont acutally own the place...!!!!

Submitted by J on 9th November 2006

what a top night out.been there a few times now and everytime its been a good night out.me and my mate have both said what a great night it is.recommend it.the tunes were banging.dj on a saturday night is brill.thanks for a good night.service was good at the bar.

Submitted by kellie on 31st October 2006

This venue is superb, I had the most spliffing time with my young filly looking stupendious in her little blac dress and d&g shades. I will be telling all the chaps at the golf club about ollies and of all the folks similar in stature to myself who frequent this refined gentlemans establishment. bravo old chap bravo! :-)

Submitted by Rupert Marmiduke Quinten-Jones-Smyth 4th on 31st October 2006

went to ollies on sat 21 oct 06, nightmare, not worth ?10 bouncers are ignorant and think they are something. wouldnt go back, would rather watch newsnight

Submitted on 23rd October 2006

Don't waste your time going to this club. The bouncers' attitudes stinks and they think they are doing you a favour by letting you in to this club. I hate this place and it has put me off going out in Belfast ever again as the attitude by all of the bouncers in Belfast is so unecessary. The management team at the Merchant should consider their staff than considering their profits every week. This new "Prestige Venue" will not last as paying customers do not not want to be treated disrespectfully.

Submitted by Caroline McAlister on 23rd October 2006

Ollies is a club Belfast needs. It reminds me of clubs in London, unbelievable sound system, excellent music, and quick service at the bar. I'd recommend it bigtime

Submitted by James P on 20th October 2006

Horrible! The M club moved to the city center. Avoid!

Submitted by Andy on 29th September 2006

Ollies "new" sunday night lasted long, yes one week! So much for "real" music does make me laugh. Not the type of club to be hosting live bands

Submitted by Joan on 23rd September 2006

I love Ollie's Sunday club in particular. Why? They actually play *real* music, decent stuff like Queen, Elvis etc, that has actually stood the test of time and is liked by nearly all (whether they admit it or not). Enthusiastic, lively band playing this good music. None of this R n B or dance rubbish that takes half an hour's manipulation of computer software. They might have that on other nights, I don't know, but Sundays are brilliant. If you have the next day off, of course!

Submitted by Karen on 21st September 2006

Have been a few times to Ollies nice club but dont think it will stand the test of time, its not new enough to be anything long lasting, oh and the musics terrible, its kind of like a cheesy version of vocal house music. Not for me.

Submitted by Jill on 21st September 2006

Ollies is a fantastic night out with excellent bar staff and superb doormen. The music was first class and there were people from all walks of life in there all enjoying their night too. Talent was excellent! The craic was the very best and will defo be heading back. Some people just can't be pleased but we were most definately happy. Try it for yourself!!!

Submitted by Sarah on 17th September 2006

been to ollies about 6 times now and theres good reason for that. outstanding club and def a welcome adition to the city. talent top drawer. big enough to get lost in but you'll not stray too far from the dance floor in any case.. good service at the bar although can be a bit packed out. small price for a proper nite out!!

Submitted by ryan. bangor on 17th September 2006

I would really like to love this place but it feels old! the surroundings are nothing new but luxurious all the same its like its all been done before, the crowd seem old and doudy, music is tasteless, its kind of like a classy Wellie Park Hotel!

Submitted by Shane on 14th September 2006

A nice club you get good service at the bar, but crowd and music can be a bit tacky, lets put it this if your wearing shoes and a shirt you'll get in no matter who you are (primark own brands are dead on)

Submitted by Jim on 12th September 2006

Had a brillient night on Saturday Ollie's is great. Good music good talent. Jimbo needs to get a grip and relise Ollie's must be well out of his league as im not rich and only average looking and i found the surroundings beautiful and it was really nice to go clubbing around adults instead of imature kids. jimbo is probably better of in the potthouse with all the other kids.

Submitted by olivia on 24th August 2006

sometimes let too many people in but a great club all the same

Submitted by pk on 24th August 2006

couldnt disagree more had a brilliant night crowd was a good mix of people service was fast music was great if your going to vote with your feet where the hell are you going to go potthouse ai see you in the beano

Submitted by tom j on 14th August 2006

Probably the worst place to spend your Saturday night - please AVOID AT ALL COSTS - YOU WON'T REGRET IT I PROMISE. Unless your stinking rich, look like a model or you just love yourself so much (if you were a cake you'd eat yourself) and want to be seen go there but all NORMAL SANE people who just want a good time go elsewhere. If we all vote with our feet it should closed down in a few weeks. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Jimbo on 13th August 2006

If you're not on the list, your not getting in! If you are on the list, you're still not getting in!

Submitted by Karen on 7th August 2006

Went to Ollies last Saturday night. Fantastic is all i can say. Music was great service at the bar was fast, i waited no more than five mins for a drink. this club is the first for belfast it is stunning. There was 12 in our party and not one person disliked it. Ollie's and the merchant hotel have helped Belfast compete with the rest of the world.

Submitted by colm on 29th July 2006

had a great night here on sat cant wait to go again this week music and service were amazing!

Submitted on 27th July 2006

brilliant club, fantastic cocktails, unbelievable talent what more can i say

Submitted on 22nd July 2006

Deeply disappointed with this club. So much hype was given once it first opened and it was claimed the "place to be". On my first apperence I found the place was packed to the brim with "check me outs" and wanna be's posing at the bar with mummy and daddys cheque book, rather pathetic but also a tad comical. I'd rather spend my sat nite in the potthouse or la lea as dancing around pretentious gits just aint my scene. And as for the "size of me" doormen (what is their purpose again?) i find a joke. Standing in a mile long que to finally reach the front and get harassed by a "doorman" just isn't my idea of an ideal nite in Belfast. But thats my opinion. The only thing about this club I like is the music. Dont get me wrong the club is beautiful and DJ's are tremendous, which definately deserves a 10/10 for effort, but the doormen and bar staff are nothing short of obnoxious!!

Submitted by andy mac on 21st July 2006

what a club have been their a few saturdays music has been unbelievable good atmosphrere on the dance floor one week there was a guy on drums with the dj and the next week there was a singer and sax brilliant! Another good thing is the talent ridiculously good, great new club keep up the good work p.s go early to avoid dissapointment

Submitted on 20th July 2006

went to ollies last week and think its def a pleasant addition to belfasts tired club scene.

cracking layout of a club dedicated to the over 20's crowd with enough of the 'beautiful people' to go around. funky music and some visual effects thrown in. staff great and although drink a tad expensive its worth it.

Submitted by michael from bangor on 20th July 2006


Submitted on 18th July 2006

I can honestly say that I will never be returning to this venue - it is one thing to aim for a higher brand of customer with high admission prices and expensive drinks, but quite another to feel justified being rude to paying customers; at the very start of the night myself, wife and friends had our evening completely spoiled by the 'hostess' with the doormen (who's actual role i'm unsure of), who managed to treat almost every person in the queue with rudeness and a patronising, disdainful attitude that was nothing short of abhorrent. Belfast is a beautiful city, with some excellent bars, and I am proud to say that we are famous the world over for hearty welcomes and good nights out. Ollie's, under no stretch of the imagination, falls within these paramaters. Avoid at all costs.

Submitted by Jonny on 3rd July 2006

Ollies nightclub is amazing, exactly what Belfast needs! A little expensive but aims to attact that kind of clientele, if you have money its the place for you! abosolutly electric atmosphere on saturday night..when i was there it was a full house and a huge cue outside who were turned away! plays house/funky house music so cool! defintely worth going

Submitted on 19th June 2006

Same old tried and tested nonsense that we've had a million times in Belfast, complete with rent a crowd who will clear off as soon as the next new place appears on the scene.

Submitted by Ian B on 12th June 2006

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