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formerly called The Parliament beside Dunbar link

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2-16 Dunbar Street
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I agree with John's comments and also could not get served at the bar on Belfast Pride day. We've been going to this place for over twenty years but they've obviously forgotten about their own customers. We ended up having to leave after 30mns because they wouldn't serve us even though the crowd around the bar was one or two deep. This bar is no longer gay man friendly so if you fit into that group try the Foxes Den or Union Street... much better.

Submitted by IAN on 7th July 2013

Best place to go to on friday and saturday nite , especially Yello. Staff and bouncers are friendly and good drinks offers as well .

Recommended 8.9/10

Submitted by Sexy Phil on 23rd August 2012

Hadn't been to this place in a while and went last night. What has happened to this place? It was never amazing but always good for a late drink. Where has everyone gone. The place was completely deserted, like virtually empty. Maybe the fruity disco music is to blame. Whatever it is i won't be back.

Submitted by BIg Ian on 20th May 2012

i called in to get out of rain and a gin and tonic was two pounds I was paying four sixty five in the Ramada Encore just before

Submitted by DES on 25th June 2011

what a borin dump, better nite sittin in :-/

Submitted by rosie on 26th October 2010

not impressed at all with this joint. I see a 160 votes saying its a 5.5 but no one write a positive review. suspect if you ask me. poor service and expensive drinks. maybe the staff are to busy voting for this bar and dont have enough time for the patrons.

Submitted by Robert Timms on 27th June 2010

Not worth your time, full of Chavs and crap help.

Submitted by Mic D on 30th March 2010

I agree with eamonns post this junk hole has to be padding its own votes. terrible service and overpriced drinks from rude help.

Submitted by Paul C. on 25th March 2010

looking for a good nite out defo go the this place !!

Submitted by Hanna on 5th March 2010


Submitted by whitney murray on 12th January 2010

Either this bar is padding its own votes or 100 People are idiots cause this place is over priced and not worth anyones time.

Submitted by Eamonn M on 8th January 2010

Me and my boyfriend have been going there for years, to be honest we used to love it, it was a great wee spot, we're both straight but we liked it best when it was a gay bar, there was no trouble at all, good staff, good bouncers, good crowd, we did love it. We hadn't been in a while and went last night, what a disappointment, I was one of about 5 girls, it was like a sardine tin full of straight, "desperately seeking" men. I felt so uncomfortable, I didn't know where to look, didn't get up for a dance or anything. Very disappointed, not the same. We won't be back.

Submitted by S on 3rd October 2009

Tuk da bird to Yellophonic last night as she loves Groove Aramda. What a disaster. Place wuz open from 3pm and wuz still empty at 11pm. One of da roomz closed and still empty. Dey also let loads of drunk peeps in 4 a tenner which wuz annoying as i paid �£55 for two tix. Loads of fights. Bouncer laughed when i asked for refund. Def won't be back now.

Submitted by Grahamers on 4th May 2009

*** AVOID MYNT ***

Mynt used to be a brilliant place for a night out that is until the new door staff have taken over the upstairs club in the last year. The door staff are aggressive bully boys who are on a power trip

Submitted on 1st March 2009

Empty during the week and full of chavs at the weekend for their druggy dance music club. Avoid, Belfast has way more to offer than this hole.

Submitted by Lolence Banon on 28th November 2008

Barstaff rude, Door staff rude, owner rude, dirty toilets, dirty floors, dirty glasses, music rubbish, all in all, a horrible place!!!!!

Submitted on 8th October 2007

I go to mynt regularly and enjoy the music and atmosphere,the people(customers)all seem very friendly.But i also have a problem with the bar staff to be exact very rude and unhelpful on one occasion i reported my unhappiness to a senior member of staff, but this does not seem to have worked as on my next visit nothing had changed.

Submitted on 1st August 2007

Have been once and quite liked it, although very small! Was not keen on the overly camp music (I am a straight female). Would def prefer the Kremlin for a night out anytime!

Submitted on 23rd February 2007

having been there a number of times and on different nights of the week i found the door staff to be friendly and the bar staff ok,they could take lessons of the door staff on how to smile and be pleasant.on sat the 10th feb my friends and i found the barman upstairs to be very unpleasant and rude on several occasions and there was no need for that level of rudeness. if he does not like his job he should not be there and let someone with better people skills have the job. overall the music was brill and the atomsphere fantastic.

Submitted on 23rd February 2007

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