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Made In Belfast ......with DJs, Cool design and cute waiters its Belfast's new place to hang out and being that its secretly hidden down a side street off Donegal Square West you'll not get the usual crowd but a mixture of Urban trendies, Suits and the odd celeb taking The Times in the corner, definately a place to eat, drink and be seen...and for the single girls in Belfast most definately a place to check out the boys, we noticed on our last visit that to every girl there was 9 boys....MADE IN BELFAST...MADE IN HEAVEN

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Wine Bar
Units 1 & 2 Wellington Buildings
Wellington Street
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food ok (burger with 2 slices of bread bit strange!) but seating diabolical! everything different shapes, sizes and heights. not very comfortable having to look down/up at the person directly beside you. don't honestly think i'll be back and wouldm't recommend. sorry. sort out your seats and i'll maybe reconsider. there's quirky and then there's just uncomfortable!

Submitted on 20th September 2011

left a comment card but noone replied...not a big issue with this place as it was nice though my wife had a problem with a dish and as it was very busy we couldnt reach contact with anyone in charge as we couldnt distinguish who was who?? Everyone looked the same. Also needs more staff for busier times.

Submitted by patbrowne on 17th August 2011

Fishy pongs usually come from a restaurant that serves fish, funnily enough! Food is good here and service nice and low key, recommend for lads beers and steaks.

Submitted by Liam H on 21st June 2011

Horrible place - very over priced - poor quality food - no beer on Tap, there is a fishy pong in the air when you first enter that is not nice, but good location and staff were friendly but would not recommend or consider going again - not good value and certainly not good for a special event as you will leave feeling let down -

Submitted by Catherine on 18th June 2011

Walked in last night with no reservation after it was recommended by our hotel. Its down a side street but in a very central location. We both had steaks which were amazing and the staff were lovely giving us some good ideas for where to go for a post dinner drink. Highly recommend this quirky little place!

Submitted by James on 14th April 2011

I absolutely had the best time ever in here on Saturday night, brilliant atmosphere, food and service.

My fave belfast restaurant!

Submitted by Maggie on 4th April 2011

Love this place - we use it for team lunches at least once a month and always rave about the food. Not the cheapest option but you get what you pay for!

Submitted by June S on 30th March 2011

Went here about 3 weeks ago with my girlfriend and left without even eaten, we were waitin to be served for at lest 10 mins and not one person came near us so got fed up and left. And went to joy inn !!

Submitted on 28th March 2011

was in last sunday for lunch - was not too busy really relaxing vibe about the place. I had the nicest mussels ever and hubby had a burger, while not being the cheapest was well worth it for the quality received. Agree with the ethos of the restaurant as explained by the friendly staff they always try to use locally sourced produce organic where possible. Was refreshing to see staff who obviously take pride in the place in which they are employed. We will definately be back to sample the dinner menu :)

Submitted by mrs brown on 1st March 2011

Bad service

Naff decor

Average food

Long waits

Wont be back.

From reading the other comments on here, its clear that the staff are posting comments in an attempt to make up for the majority of bad comments. Id say discount any comment with any reference to "hot boys" or "sexy waiting staff", what has that got to do with a review ??

Submitted by Bert on 16th February 2011

Absolutely love this place was there wednesday night for dinner the food was amazing and the service was great will definately be back soon!

Submitted on 7th January 2011

visited made in belfast on tuesday night with the family for the first time and have to say we all absolutely loved it. the staff were more than helpful and the food was great. A great night was had by all and we will definitely be back!!

Submitted by p.gorman on 5th January 2011

i cant believe all the bad reviews on this, i love this place the food has always been amazing and the staff friendly and helpful!!

Submitted on 3rd January 2011

I have to say I was in here last week and had a great time - thought the staff were really helpful, even though they were so busy - really enjoyed the starters and mains, only slight let down is the desserts, had a choc log that tasted like a swiss roll you would buy in a shop!

They used to have a lovely chocolate dessert on the menu - where did it go!

But would not put me off going back as at the end of the day it is a unique experience in Belfast.

Submitted by Kate on 14th December 2010

Was there last friday with a large group and although there was a Â�£24 service charge on the bill the waiter did not return with our Â�£10 change and was very rude when asked for it, the service was definately not worth the Â�£24 charge never mind another Â�£10 on top of it, we were constantly reminded they needed the table back after two hours which was very unwelcoming and the lamb shank was not great, did not come off the bone easily, will not be back, I see alot of other comments about change being kept, def something they need to look at!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted on 8th December 2010

Always love this place - quirky decor and love the fish finger sandwiches

Staff always good fun and friendly

My fave belfast restarant at the mo!

Submitted by amy on 7th December 2010

Went there with a group off 10 on sat, food was nice, good price, and quick though unfriendly service.. Main criticim was, that although we paid over �£20.00 service charge, which is fair enough, we had to ask for our change back �£8.50 as the waiter said it was the tip, and where we sure we wanted it???!!! No one had told him to keep it, as his tip had been included, and we were left EMBARASSED because of it!! NOT COOL GUYS!!!

Left a bad taste in our mouths, sort that out, its called theft!!

Submitted by MMhhhhh on 4th December 2010

Was in with my boyfriend and another couple on Saturday night. Had the best night's craic ever!

Waiting staff were lovely and on their recommendation we all had steaks - not the cheapest thing on the menu but omg worth it for a treat!

The lady who served us also let us know there is another restaurant in Cathedral Quarter owned by the same person - if its half as good as made in belfast I cant wait to go!

The waitresses who served us went out of their way to accomodate our requests - even getting the chef to make up pepper sauce which was not on the menu and it was lush!

Just loved the random feel of the place and the atmoshere was great - the only problem was it was a bit cold at the start of the evening but a few cocktails warmed us up.

I think it also shows an attention to detail when they said they could make our boyfriends up white russians which were also not on the menu!

Thanks for a lovely evening!

Submitted by Claire on 29th November 2010

Was there today with a party of 18 and although i've never written an online review before, i couldn't not review this restaurant. We waited an hour for our food, which was just ok, the staff were quite unfriendly and the bill was extortionate for lunch (�£12 for burger

Submitted by disappointed on 26th November 2010

dined there last week (tuesday i think). just popped in with a friend. we were without a reservation but got a lovely corner table. our waiter was amazing, really down to earth and helpful. had the squid for starter, the mussel's for mains and a choc- pot for desert(on recommendation) which was out of this world, heavenly to say the least. we went out for a cig after starters and our waiter came and got us when our mains were on the table which i thought was lovely.

anyway... down to earth, well informed staff, exceptional service and dont even get me started on the magical food!! we made gluttons of ourselves, and if going again i definatley would only get 2 courses cos i had to go to bed after that feed!!


Submitted by brid on 18th November 2010

We would have walked past this place had we not been recommended by our hotel. So glad we took them up on their advice! On a quiet Tuesday night in Belfast this little gem was busy!

No reservation but a friendly waitress greeted us at the door and said she would set us up a table in no time at all. Myself and my colleagues took her recommendations and ordered the steak, may have been one of the best I ever had. Followed by a chocolate dessert with ice cream which was equally as good.

One of our group left their phone behind and a guy (manager I think) answered it and said he would personally look after it until it could be collected the following day, a lovely touch I thought especially as there was some extremely important contacts on it. All in all an outstanding experience overall and we will definately make this a regular haunt should we be back in Belfast.

Submitted by Steve on 10th November 2010

First impression was awful, meet and greet was unproffessionl plus untidy. Lacking experince and unpriotised (he was flirting with customer already dining). He made the customer wait for him instead of him waiting on the customer. The food was great, but the service was appauling and lacking the edge that menu provided. Atmosphere and price was reasonable.

Submitted by david rankin on 9th November 2010

Great first time last Saturday nite, on the way to see Sunshine on Leith at Grand Opera House, so time for longer stay not possible. 4 of us hungry souls. Advised upon entry that table would be required @8. Not a problem as we were dashing. Informed waitress of our plans and as if by magic, food appeared promptly and was wonderful. Took or theatre seats on time. Thank you MIB, a great start to a great evening. We are making plans for a return.

Submitted by David on 13th October 2010

Love this place, staff so friendly and big portions of belly grub! Sadly its never got any hot boys in it...:-(

Submitted by Elly on 4th October 2010

This is a place that you'll either love or hate. Personally, I hated it.

Food over rated and expensive for what you eventually get.

Style over substance.

Submitted by William on 2nd October 2010

Have to say I have been to this wee place a few times now and it has always been great - especially love it on a friday after work as there seem to be plenty cute girls in!:)

Really love the way there is no pretension just friendly service a cool place to hang out and nice big portions so never leave this place hungry lol

Tried the new one in CATHEDRAL QUARTER and its great also :)

Submitted by Stephen on 1st October 2010

Was in last tuesday night. No reservation as it was an impromptu work celebration. A very friendly lady greeted us at the door and we were lucky enough to get a cancellation.

Enjoyed champagne and lovely freshly prepared food - the squid in particular was excellent.

Both food and service were of the highest standard and we had a lovely evening.

Thank you we will return!

Submitted by Keema on 30th September 2010

Hi. 5 of us went to your restaurant last night the 25/09/10 to celebrate our friends birthday,

The food was excellent, The quality and atmosphere was excellent. We had decided to book our x mas dinner there, but what happened next put us all right off. we got our Bill and it said Â�£105 20 and underneath was Â�£125.20. we did think why different prices. We gave the waitress 130.20. waited for our change but never came back. We then asked for our Â�£5.00 change. The waitress then came to us and said thought that was a tip. I then question the extra money on our bill and she said we charge service charge over 6 people. There was only 5 of us .She then said oh i thought there was 6 people,( she set our table for us with 5 chairs) we got our 15.00 back .Very disappointed as it looked like they were trying to pull a fast one, that we would not notice. yes we were having a good time and enjoying our selves but we are professional people and do not like been treated like fools.

Unfortunately that has put us completely off going back there because of that . And i would not mind but food and service for our meal was excellent.

Very very annoyed customer.

Submitted by brid sweeney on 26th September 2010

I had such a great night in made in belfast last weekend. Its a lively atmosphere and I found it to be great value for mammoth portions of food. The staff are friendly and efficient with out being in your face. Try the cow pie it really would feed desperate dan!

The only gripe I would have is that you have to book far in advance for the weekends and I am not always that organised!

Submitted by Pat on 1st September 2010

Really disappointed with this place. I went with two girlfriends with no idea of what to expect. The decor as first seems quite charming but on closer inspection it becomes pretentious and fabricated. The food was thoroughly disappointing and definitely overpriced for the quality. The staff were very friendly and tried their best but they can't possibly make up for the poor food. I wouldn't feel the need to go back here again.

Submitted by Claire on 30th August 2010

I have been to Made in Belfast several times now, both for lunch and dinner and it has never disappointed me. Quirky decor, friendly staff and I have never seen the same menu twice which proves how committed the owner is to using fresh, seasonal produce. There is always a good choice but the menu is not too extensive either. I think it's very reasonably priced for the quality of the food and the size of the portions. Most popular restaurants in Belfast require you to book in advance, I don't understand why people have a problem with this? And for those complaining about the long waiting time - if you want fast food go to Mc Donald's! And the toilets aren't that bad; how long will you spend in there anyway?! For anyone who has had a bad experience, I would say give it another go, I have always found the staff to be very friendly and welcoming. Made in Belfast is now my favourite restaurant, I have recommended it to many friends and colleagues who have all loved it. I can't wait to try the new restaurant!

Submitted by SM on 4th August 2010

Went with a couple of girlfriends, and food was really delicious. Best sticky toffee pudding I've had in years. Slightly disappointed with the wine list, however this wouldn't put me off returning. The one thing that did irritate us however, happened right at the end of the night. The bill arrived and our party paid cash, but the waitress didn't return with our change. I expect it was assumed we would want to leave it as a tip. We had fully intended to leave a tip as the service was great, but it was the presumption that this was the case that annoyed us. In any case, the waitress short changed herself as we were intending to give her more!

Submitted on 1st July 2010

Absolutely lovely place - I like it cos its casual so you are not afraid to have a good laugh with your friends. Food always tasty and plenty of it!! Would definately reccommend - top tip book ahead!

Submitted on 23rd June 2010

Can't stand the way everything comes on a massive slab of bread, really ruins the meal

Submitted by L on 18th June 2010

Made in Belfast is definitely the place to be in Belfast... The decor is incredible to be honest... It is one of a kind! The food is amazing and you never get the same menu twice... The second restaurant Hooligans has opened on Talbot Street and it certainly does not fail to satisfy...

To those who said about being turned away at 5.30... I would suggest that they book in future because from previous experience they are normally fully booked for a 6 o clock sitting so don’t feel like you are being treated poorly use your brain and book... You normally need to book three weeks in advance at least so don’t be a hater!

The staff couldn’t be more helpful and I have already recommended both Made in Belfast and Hooligans to all my friends and family who all love it too :)

To Paula: The "girl" that bugs you is the owner

Submitted on 9th June 2010

I am a fan of this restaurant, went as a group mid week for my friend's birthday and we all loved it (we're all early thirties). Definitely heading back soon.

Submitted by Tina on 14th May 2010

I love it!!! Ive so many fun nights out with my friends here, and the food is yum too :) I can't wait til they open there next restaurant, saw it written in the window the other day. Does anyone know much about what the other place will be like?

Submitted on 7th April 2010

Absolutely loved it, 2 teenagers, hubby

Submitted by keelan on 6th April 2010

This place has a fab wee atmosphere and the food on the whole is good. A few sandwhich options at lunch time would be nice.

Something that bugs me about Made in Belfast is the most times I have been in there is a girl sitting at one of the tables doing all the restaurants paper work/accounts which I think looks really unprofessional and takes away from the atmosphere if you happen to be placed at the table next to her. Behind the bar or in a small office somewhere would be a better place to spread out all the paperwork.

Submitted by Paula on 12th March 2010

I have been to made in belfast twice and am going again there this week!..the restaurant is so different and the food is amazing..i do agree that maybe there could be a bit more in the side orders but other than that the food is amazing! I had the mussels last week and the portion was massive and delicious. And the burgers are so tasty: cooked to perfection in my opinion. I recommend it to everyone!

Submitted on 22nd February 2010


Whats with the bad reviews... it doesn't make sense!? Different strokes for different folks i suppose.

if your like me, go because....

1. the food is organic/locally sourced/tasty as


2. its not fine dining.

3. its got a fantastic atmosphere.

4. staff are unpretentious, chatty and warm.

5. decor has a wow factor. dodgy in places but no ones



Submitted on 9th February 2010

My friend Liz and Ilove your funky

restaurant food is good staff very

pleasant. Only wish you would put a picture of the interior up so we can show our friends in England. Keep up the good work.

Submitted by junegreen on 2nd February 2010

i absolutely love this place, food is always excellant and the staff are always so friendly, it has a very welcoming atmosphere. I have recommended it to many friends who have all loved it aswell!

Submitted by cathy on 25th January 2010

Reading these comments makes me wonder if the people of belfast know how a restaurant is actually run. Ive worked in many cafes and restaurants is various places, here and abroad. If a restaurant doesnt open until 6pm then it is quite reasonable to assume it would be empty at 5.30, also a friday and Saturday night would be a restaurants busiest night in any city, so maybe you should have phoned ahead and booked a table, dont blame a waiter for turning you away at the door if they are booked out.

Submitted by she wolf on 18th January 2010

ate here on saturday night was lucky enough to get a cancellation @ 6.30. The place was already packed (it opens at 6pm. Could not believe it! had fishcakes and salmon - both top notch. My other half is extremely fussy eater and had the steak and he said it was the best he ever had!

Great lively atmosphere with friendly waiters nothing to much trouble - they even booked us a cab to head on to the merchant for cocktails at their reccommendation. Fab night - thanks Made in Belfast!!

Submitted by Ann S on 18th January 2010

I have never read such opposing views about anything in my life. It seems that one half of the comments are laughing at the other half. I can't decide to try it or not. What's going on?

Submitted by mike on 17th January 2010

I have never read such opposing views about anything in my life.How does one form an informed opinion about this restaurant, when one half of the comments are laughing at the other half. What's going on?

Submitted by mike berry on 17th January 2010

My boyfriend and I went in without a reservation at half 5 on a saturday, the place was deserted and the woman took one look at us and turned us away claiming that we needed a reservation I looked at the empty tables and decided I'd never go back there on principal. Its hardly a good sign if the staff are stuck up, foreboding what the service will be like before you've even ordered a drink.

Submitted on 17th January 2010

i have mixed feelings about made in belfast-love the decor and layout-its exactly how id like my house but the food is not great. i ordered the salmon on colcannon and found it very salty and dry. my mum had to send her food back to be reheated. the staff are a bit hit and miss, sometimes really friendly other times a bit ' cooler than thou'

Submitted by kerrie on 29th December 2009

I've just stumbled onto this site when looking for the Made in belfast website and I have to say I am so shocked at the things people are saying about this restaurant. Finally someone has the creativity and vision that belfast needs to open such a funky place to eat. I have never seen a place so constantly busy. The staff are so much fun and the food is yum. For those who slate the decor and style of service etc are just being rediculous. If you went on a city break to paris or london and had dinner out in a similar restaurant you would come home telling everyone about it because it was a different experience. People here can be so stuck up sometimes that they cant enjoy them selves when thrown out of the comfort zone of yet another canteen style restaurant, which seems to be one of the only alternatives in the city. Loosen up and have some vision belfast!!! :)

Submitted by bobby the cat on 25th December 2009

had heard loads about the place, so went with my boyfriend the last time we were in belfast. loved the place, decor was fun, service was good, friendly staff. food was lovely..risotto yum yum. boyfriend had the angus burger..was unbelievable. liked the presentation, something different.wasnt worried about chips being served in a tin cup bein unhygienic..thats wat the enviro health inspectors are for. didnt do us any harm :o) will be back in three weeks for sure

Submitted on 3rd December 2009

I LOVE MIB...I LOVE MIB........I LOVE MIB!!!!!!!

Submitted on 25th November 2009

Na have not worked there although have worked in restaurants both here and in the States.

Organising our office party and phoned the restaurant looking for group of 30 - no joy!

Could you post when your cancellation was for? I have had no luck with trying to book....

Much appreciated! :)

Submitted by JM on 25th November 2009

i get ur point about the lunch menu, though this is xmas dinner...and should really be a step up> plus we were told we cant order off the dinner menu as we are a large are missing out on such delights as steak and languostines!! maybe it would better to book as two small tables to take advantage of the better menu.... presuming u work there as on reading this website after every bad comment appears a very good one as a direct reponse to the complaint made previously!

Submitted on 24th November 2009

I also come here regularly for lunch and Maybe i am wrong but its always had burgers and chicken and chips on the menu?

Big Portions no pretension - stuff the turkey this xmas and be merry!!

Happy days will be on the phone trying to get that cancelled spot before its snapped up - had been trying for weeks with no joy thought i was going to have to subject my colleagues to the same bought in reheated variations on "turkey and Ham" that you can find anywhere...............

Submitted by JM on 24th November 2009

i love this place and come often for lunches. was delighted when we got as spot for christmas dinner but was very disappointed to hear that as we had a large party we had to do the set menu...this would have been ok but the set menu has items such as 'burgers', 'turkey sandwiches' and 'chicken and chips'!!...for 30 pounds a head i expected something more imaginative for a place i love so much!!......we cancelled our booking and went elsewhere.

Submitted on 24th November 2009

Its so different from anywhere else, I was there last Sunday and found that it was the perfect spot to chill after a hard afternoon shopping. Nearly impossible to get a table on a weekend night and my experience on Sunday - gorgeous steak and chips massive portion made me realise why!

Service was not in your face, but they were there when needed - cannot reccomend this wee place too much..

PS was chatting to the waiter and there is rumours of a second restaurant - cant wait to check that out!!

Submitted by JM on 19th November 2009

I have been to Made In Belfast 5 times. I really really want to love it (hence returning several times), however im afraid it does not make the grade. I have only ever had one really nice meal - which was essentially chicken

Submitted by CT on 17th November 2009

Have ate here a few times now and each time it never fails to impress! The food is always great and the service excellent. prices are reasonable for Belfast and the decor is fab, love it!

Submitted by Sinead on 5th November 2009

Emperors new clothes comes to mind - all surface no substance - really, the food is average.

Submitted by JFK on 23rd October 2009

My hubbie and I ate here at the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! Food was fabulous and the service top notch. The decor is like marmite! You either love it or hate it! We loved it. Different and quirky. Will def be back.

Submitted by Bee on 22nd October 2009

Loved this place! had walked passed it a few times and always meant to go in, and although it always looked very busy, the handpainted front to the restaurant made it very interesting and made me want to see what inside was like. To bite the bullet, my Husband and I decided to go a couple of saturdays ago, and we were certainly not disapointed. For about the first 10/15 mins, I just sat and looked at every detail inside,( i actually think i could have sat a whole lot longer enjoying the art used to decorate the inside, if my Husband hadnt made me look at the menu to decide what to eat!). Each light shade is a different colour and style, ranging from plain and traditional, to wild and wacky, and with mirrors, artistic purposeful grapheti on the walls, and a funky 70's style fridge, we were both very impressed. We ordered chowder, which was really very delicious, and filling, served with large slices of wheaten bread. The chowder was served in a tin bowl, (old fashionde style), and the bowl was set on a wooden board, holding the bread. presentation was lovely, and the general busy chatty atmosphere was really lovely. Would love to try their desserts as they look very tempting, and also their fish and chips, as it appears to be gourmet fish and chips, they looked very tasty!! Definately will be back!

Submitted by Joanne Dougherty on 18th October 2009

As a farmer I really appreciat the way someone in Belfast is making a statement with rare breeds and freedom farming, I would add to say if you want cheaper food go to chain! P.S complaint about Rarebit, look up the recipe, it is Cheese on Toast, uch the joys of the Belfast population x

Submitted by Mark - Skintown on 23rd September 2009

Place is cool and something really different for Belfast. Reminds me of the Northern Quarter in Manny. Don't get the whingers on the boards, BUTCHERS USE THEM, germ free! Can agree with getting a table here, book a year in advance! Love all the quirky detail and the way it comes together.

Submitted by Dee on 23rd September 2009

had lunch there lastweek. Altough the service and atmosphere was good i was very disappointed with the food (which was highly recomended by one the chefs relatatives i know). i had rarebit, basically cheese on toast! my husband ordered the blackpudding and finished it in a manner of seconds!! our friend ordered crab,again tiny!if these are starter portions u should let customers know! all in all a very disappointing lunch that Left us hungry after we left!!

Submitted by francis p on 22nd September 2009

Love it! Always something different to look at when you go in. Food can sometimes take a while but is definately worth the wait was in last night with work colleauges and everyone really enjoyed it!

A pleasent change from some of the more formal restaurants in Belfast and we found the staff to be friendly and efficient

Can't wait to try it again soon!

Submitted on 22nd September 2009

We dined here on Saturday evening, though dining would be a strong word for what we experienced, probably the most disorganised and unfriendly place we have ever been to. The staff need serious training, though the food was reasonable if not over priced, Our waitress was the most ignorant server and the manager (i think ) was just as bad.. there was 6 in our party, we will not be returning any time soon

Submitted by susan on 21st September 2009

I absolutley love this place!! If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, a little bit quirky with friendly staff this is the place to be!!

Don't listen to the whingers try a steak - the best in town at the mo!

As someone else said my only gripe is trying to get a table in here at all sometimes as it's so busy!

Submitted on 11th September 2009

Having been to m.i.belfast twice b4 I was confident of a nice enof time, how wrong was I! 6.15 on a Sunday night and they have ran out of chicken.As 1 of our party only eats chicken as her main course and there wasnt any other substitute offered we were in a dillema. Not to worry she had chip,s !!Next problem ordere champ, chef pass,es off spuds with something else as he has ran out of scallions. Food returned, it now takes almost half an hour to come back, no real apologe offered they did how ever not charge for her food , big of them I thot. Not to mention the waitress when taking our order one of our party laughed to which she enquired rather hostilely Somethin funny? Awful staff awful service wont be back .

Submitted by sep 09 on 6th September 2009

This place seems a bit too cool for school, though it was nice to go somewhere a bit different. The staff were very friendly and efficient. However, my meal was very poor. I ordered the cardonara, thinking you really can't go wrong. Well it was pretty tasteless, apart from the ridiculous amount of parsley through it. I could knock up a tastier carbonara myself in 5 minutes. Perhaps I was unlucky.

Submitted on 4th September 2009

Love it!! Was in last night and had a great evening - staff could not have been more helpfull!

Food was fresh plentiful and of the best quality that I have had out in some time. I dont understand the bad reviews on this side - I guess its just you get it or you dont - a refreshing change from all the so-called "style" bars in Belfast.

Only gripe is that its hard to get a reservation at the weekends as its so busy, guess I will have be more organised.

Submitted on 7th August 2009

Absolutely love this place amazing food, amazing decor and amazing staff!!!! Will be back very soon!

Submitted on 5th July 2009

I adore this place, different, quirky and a fabulous place for visitors and locals alike. Gorgeous food, waited a bit for it but well worth the wait. Staff are v friendly and polite.

Not suitable for people who arer unwilling to open their mind.......

Submitted by April on 2nd July 2009

Such a sweet lovely place, never a dull moment and cute boy staff. x

Submitted by Beckyboo on 11th June 2009

These comments are a bit odd. People seem to either hate this place or love it. I personally loved it. Maybe all the negative comments are from local people who hate anything quirky, clever and urban. If you like pretentious - go to The Apartment or The Potthouse.

I Went their with my partener and his mum and dad. Had a blast! The food was lovely. I didn't have a starter, so went straight to main; had the duck (rare) - wonderful. I especially liked the dessert - mixed berry crumble with fresh cream. Then the four of us shared the cheese platter. I recommend getting a Dirty Blonde cocktail, it's delicious. Mind you, so was the waiter mixing them! ;)

I would give this place 8/10. I didn't give the full 10 as the toilets were not great. Too small, but hey ho.

Submitted by Darren on 2nd June 2009

So nice something so different has come to Belfast. Had an amazing meal and the staff were lovely, if not slightly eccentric! Sadly our meal was slightly ruined by a bunch of very drunk hens, who thought they owed the restaurant, spoke to the staff like dirt and proceeded to run mad in the place. Word to the staff take no crap of anyone, throw those kinds out in future if you want the nice people inx Cocktails to die for!

Submitted by Jenny on 21st May 2009

I have been to the restaurant a few times and generally enjoyed it. Today however I was spoken to by a very arrogant and rude member of staff who clearly thinks the restaurant doesn't need to make an effort to bring in customers. Very disappointing!

Submitted on 21st May 2009

I was so disappointed in the lack of friendliness by the waiter, and the decor was so crap. Art students who haven`t got a clue. Food was great but pressure to leave the table by 8 was rubbish. Wont go there again.

Submitted by bobbi on 21st May 2009

Ok get this straight chairs should be comfortable no matter what size (or origin) yer arse is this place is definitely different and a bit funky or should that be junk-y shabby chic or just cheap? Food is just ok not too bad but definitely not warranting the high prices charged - agree with all previous comments about chipped crockery and wooden boards these are not hygienic wait for the scores on the doors folks - my overall opinion good for a night out to watch all the tourists (London Visitors) thinking they are cool and paying handsomely for the privilege

A one off venue

Submitted by Seedall on 19th May 2009

The decor is....different. I can see what they were going for but they didn't quite hit the mark, it was ok, but the overuse of spraypaint gives it a kind of grubby feel to it.

The menu was great and the food was delicious but I am not too happy about the fact that it was served on a wooden slab with nothing between the food and the wooden slab than a piece of paper, very unhygienic.

Also the chips were served in a mug that was full of chips and cracks, again, not too confident about how clean this is.

The waitress service again was not the best, they tried to clear our food away twice when we were not finished and we had to go to the bar to get drinks ourselves as the waitress never came anywhere near us when we needed her (They werent busy, there was only two other tables there)

Submitted by Sandy on 18th May 2009

Could not wait to go to 'Made In Belfast' as many of my friends were raving about it, It was just ticking all the right boxes for me. So off our party of three headed into town. Firstly, I loved the decor as there was no two items matched, it was funky and bright but of course not too bright. The atmosphere was very relaxing and the staff were highly attentive. I adored the music by Madeline Puree as I felt I had been transported to another place! I ordered the stuffed Sardines which were beautiful, although they could have done without the bones. The house burger and presentation was exqisite and I literally 'died' eating the chocolate brownie. Overall it was a fabulous lunch.

Submitted by Anna Sloan on 27th April 2009

Well, I read the reviews and knew that the restaurant was there but never ventured in however last night I delved in. First impressions of this place is that it is definitely different, slightly of the wall and edging new Belfast cool ! A very laid back vibe with good music in the background to help with your culinary enjoyment. One downside was that that the waitresses must have apppproached us at least five times in five minutes to ask if were ready to order. I did not even have time to get a drink ! Anyway, apart from that there was nothing to moan about. The ribeye steak dissolved in my mouth and my partners Duck main course was excellent. Chips being served in a cup was another touch of eccentricity that adds to the vibe of this place. The cocktails are also something else. I had a Black Russian which consisted of vodka, Tia Mia, Coke and Guinness !! Believe me it was good. It was a good night and enjoyed by my partner and myself. Also saw a woman wearing the tighest pair of shorts ever that night. I nearly choked on my ribeye. GO AND ENJOY

Submitted by Kevin on 26th April 2009

Worth a visit for sure. Food always great, service pleasant but not in your face and surroundings seem to change all the time, so there's always something new to look at, a real gem for Belfast. Hope it stays.

Submitted by Kerry on 21st April 2009

Starter and desert was lovely.

We got duck for main course, the duck was fine but it came with a tiny portion of rice. My friend said to the waitress who just laughed and walked away. Very disappointed with customer service.

Submitted by Mary on 20th April 2009

Had my first experience 2nite,great food,great staff,great atmosphere.just wot Belfast was crying out for! something to stand out from the crowd.well worth a visit.

Submitted by donna on 7th April 2009

LOVE this restaurant. Have been there 3 times and recommended it lots. Food is gorgeous and menu changes often enough to stay interesting. Cocktails to die for, though not cheap. Try a wiggle. Should be renamed a hangover as some sick character decided to put gin and wine in the same glass!!!! Works though, tastes YUM. Will def be back *****

Submitted on 2nd April 2009

Place doesnt look that good and seats aren't that comfortable, cheap glasses, plates and cutlery but the service was excellent and the food was the best I have had out in some time.

Submitted on 1st April 2009

This place is GREAT!!!

Drove all the way from Stroke City to eat here.

Yeh have to admit the toilets ar'nt great,but who does have good toilets??...

The food was cool and the vibe was rockin!!

Can now understand why you was voted Belfasts COOLIST restaurant..

Submitted on 27th March 2009

Always a pleasure, never a problem

Submitted on 21st March 2009

All I read is that the chairs are really uncomfortable in this place. Well, as a London lady our arses aren't as fat as you local girls and boys so we were extremely comfortable and love that fact everything is so different...but agree if the food is too expensive try McDonalds, its the big yellow and red place with burgers, mayonnaise in sachets NOT SHOT GLASSES (I mean what were they thinking SHOCK) and you can get a whole meal for �£4.95, which means you can get a cab back to the Country where you belong......Leave MIB for the chilled gringos...x we miss you pornstarx

Submitted by Romster... on 20th March 2009

I loved this place best looking waitresses in belfast! Food is great, service is great very laid back, will definately be back!

Submitted on 20th March 2009

Best looking staff ever, foods nice too xxx

Submitted on 18th March 2009

Just been reading the comments.I'm shocked!!

This place is amazing.Its doing something and this shows,every time we walk by this place is bunged to the rafters.i reckon most of the bad press is coming from people who have never been to London or NY.These citys are full of places like this.

Belfast and a majority of the people are so so behind the times.Do yourselves a favour get a cheap flight over the water and get clued up.You all rave about the Lisburn Rd(yr Bond st??),theres no takeaways in Bond st.It seems to me that yr so bhind the times.You guys want silver service everywhere you go.Times have changed i'm afraid..

Submitted on 16th March 2009

Just looking at the reviews before I called the restaurant to book - disappointing overall I think and will therefore not bother to call - think it would be useful if there was a section for the restaurant/owner to reply to the neg comments - ie the toilets, the cutlery, the service. I work as a Business Improvement Mgr and feel that as long as some action is taken to address issues that customers note then that helps to reassure the dissatified customer/potential customers that issues are being looked at and action is being to Lolita in Stranmillis instead.......

Submitted by Marion on 6th March 2009

i have read many of the comments below and have come to the conclusion that most of these guys are either deluded or just haven't a clue what a nice resturant actually is (you guys need to get out some more, prefarebly outta belfast), my god i was there last nite, nice quirky place at first, cool decor, funky eatery, first the bloody cutlery and tableware was out of ikea (i know most of us are new to ikea, but you could spot the crap anywere), i thought how cheap, cause the menu aint, but anyways i ordered the breads for starter, which was grand, came out on a wooden board, a kinda chopping board, i thought was kinda rustic and cool, then we ordered the burgers, well out came the burgers on the similar chopping boards, i thought germ city here i come, a lump of meat between two hand cut (was going to say wedges, but they weren't) lumps of bread, i thought germ city, eating of a wooden chopping board ,i thought they've run outta plates or they are doing it for a laugh,like you'd never in a month of tuesdays find a wooden chopping board in a professional kitchen, the local IHO office would have a feild day,so eventually i got over it, asked for relish for a burger as you do, nope no relish..just good old ketchup (thats red sauce for you's below)..chips came with the burger, well i nearly fell of my f**king deck chair, they came in a small chipped, verging on rusty enamel coated tin friend asked for some mayo, yes certainly no problem replyed the waiter, who i might add had a really pleasent attitude and prompt service, i think he was a bit scundered by the whole set up, ( dressed like he was heading out into 6ft of snow, dressed in a woolen coat and a hat),but anyway up came the mayo, in a shot glass, i had given up by now, what a kipp i thought, the bill came, a cheek i thought, what am i payin for,can't believe i even subjected myself to it all..its totally cheap, yeah cheap looking, not in your pocket.. but i won't be revisiting..

Submitted on 25th February 2009

Food super, good value and tasty. Staff friendly and helpful. Pleasant surroundings. I had to go and the toilets were OK!! We'll be back.

Submitted by Tony on 19th February 2009

Food not great and a bit pricey for what you get. Staff ok, decor ok but seats are a nightmare. Toilets ...don't go there. Don't think I'll be back !

Submitted by Arny on 13th February 2009

i went last night with a friend. Food was very nice and a good feel about the place. Our waiter was good and helpful and the presentation of my friends huge portion of fish and chips was unique. I would go again. One criticism, my knife was blunt and the neighbours tables knives looked the same!

Submitted by beth frazer on 1st February 2009

Went there last night with friends. Had to wait 30 mins for food although we had advised staff that we were in a rush. Over priced for what you got. Toilets shabby and disappointing compared to the interior of the restaurtant. Unisex toilets not a good idea! Window seating very uncomfortable. Not informed that there would be 10% service charge added to bill. Would not rush back.

Submitted on 30th January 2009

A must in this wee city

Submitted by Pete on 23rd January 2009

Went there for the second time last night ... the food was great, the staff were very friendly, the decor is absolutley fab!!! Go there its a great place!

Submitted by Bob on 16th January 2009

i had a meal there a few nights ago with my girlfriend and must say the food was delicious and the staff excellent! would defo go back and would recommend it to anyone x

Submitted by jon paul on 8th January 2009

GREAT i met my waiter boyfriend Pedro there, and the food is gr8 and the service is fantastic and there is a v. friendly atmosphere and the deco attracts really friendly customers. I met my BFFs there, Lindsay, Marie, Siobbhann, Jodie and Mark. They were also customers. GO HERE!!

Submitted by Anna, Dunadry on 7th January 2009

This is the best place in Belfast!! have eaten here 4 times now, you will not get a better steak in belfast... really cool design... its reasonably priced for such great quality food. can't reccommend it enough

ps...the owner (emma?) as BEAUTIFUL as the food!!

Submitted by Richard on 30th December 2008

Best place in Northern Ireland. Hottest Staff in town. Pretty upset that the California guy left. He was the hottest and nicest one there. Great food good price and nice location. Its hidden away from the drunk kids. Love it Book in advance though.

Submitted by Claire on 15th December 2008

MIB made our winter break in Belfast. We found it on our second night and we kept going back! We preferred it to Paul Rankin's Cayane. It is the kind of casual dining you can't help but enjoy. All of the staff were attentive and friendly and a gluten free menu was no trouble at all for my friend. The Chef was on the ball with service and was very helpful.

Submitted by Alwyn Oakley, Devon on 9th December 2008

Totally cool!

Submitted by Kate L on 8th December 2008

Make sure you booked in advance this place is rammed on the weekends and goes on till late so expect a sore head!

Submitted by Sarah Louise on 26th November 2008

Is this place still open ? Walked past and there was noone in it, talked to a few mates and they were saying it had closed ??

Submitted by Walter on 18th November 2008

Nice that this places gets all crowds and not just for the trendies. Food always big and hearty and service with a smile. Best place in town right now.

Submitted by Chris on 17th November 2008

This place is as naff and out of date as it's name might suggest. Shambolic service, uncomfortable seating, very average food and way too expensive for what it is. Avoid.

Submitted on 16th November 2008

I love this place, totally laid back with the odd hint of eccentricity. I feel for the staff and hope it doesn't turn out to be another one hit wonder in Belfast where the locals turn it into another fast food joint as they can't wait for the food! Plus I love the fact the owner gave s**t to some horrid drunk stag doo when we were there, respect girlfriend! A must go in Bel City.

Submitted by Sazzle on 14th November 2008

A group of 11 of us went out to celebrate my wife's birthday last weekend and i wont be back. Firstly our starters came and we didnt have to wait for long on them, then we had to wait a full hour on the main course which is unacceptable. I ordered the steak asking for it to be well done, it came out red and the portion of chips (served in a cup) was a joke, a child would have wanted more chips. Overall i will sum it up as place that has poor service and very small average portions. Not a place for a ground of hungry men.

Submitted by J, Lisburn on 12th November 2008

Fantastic. outstanding. Would thoroughly recommend this restaurant for food and ambiance. I'll be back

Submitted by clare belfast on 4th November 2008

Just visited for a second time. The atmosphere is really chilled, the decor is really funky and the food is amazing!!!! Great value too. The staff are friendly and helpful. If there was a downside it would be the toilets.

Submitted by Nic on 30th October 2008

Having red the prev reviews I decided to head in for a birthday, not mine i may add, just one of the 500 others that people seem to be having here, after waitin about for an hour I couldnt see any so I had drink and left, where are all the fit bar staff and customers as billed ? Where are all the bday bashes that happen ? V V V disappointed

Submitted by Billy on 23rd October 2008

We went to made in belfast for a friends birthday. It was great. Food and music was excellent. The decor was ace. OK there was a wait between courses, but this gave us the opportunity to have a bit of criac, and for the previous course to settle. The staff were friendly, and did not look miserable grumpy like most places in Belfast. We are going back next week. Prices are very reasonable

Submitted by kaz on 22nd October 2008

Wellllll, i was recently in Made in Belfast for a friends birthday and it was absolutely brilliant! I loved the place, the food, the staff and the interior, bloody class. And yeah, everyones saying it, the male staff are quite delightful i have to admit. Will definitley be back there! Its just got such a lovely atmosphere and the musics good. Should really be Best in Belfast, thats the only dissapointing thing. Lovvve it! Yeeeeooooooooooooooow.

Submitted by yeeeah on 21st October 2008

The place looks funky and the food was good but the service was not great. We waited a long time for menus and for our food (arrived at 830 and didn't eat until 1030!!). One member of staff however was excellent and sympathetic. The owner, on the other need, needs a reality check. She stood and had a full scale argument with a customer in the middle of the restaurant!!! She needs to realise that that is NO way to run a business.

Submitted by MARIA on 17th October 2008

It saddens me that this place is getting such bad reports. Everytime I have been the service is fantastic and food great, just what the doctor ordered. The waiters are cute too, especially the barman. I would say to anyone to give the place a go, but book in advance as it gets packed out at the weekend. Nice change to the Belfast scene! Boo

Submitted by BooWoo on 14th October 2008

I'm totally in love with this hangout, the service is laid back but good, the food is always rated and everytime you go back something has changed! Only problem is it gets lots of large tables of a weekend (which feels like a Canteen) and the two words we all hate to hear - HEN PARTIES which is enough to put you off dessert! Apart from that, its the coolest place in town right now and the owner and posse are cool with a capital C! Shame the critics with no class seem to shout their horrid opinions too much!! If we all listened to them we'd be back in the dark ages of the Apartment and Potthouse, though seeing some of the clientele that ruins the coolness of Made In Belfast (luckily only on Sat nights) maybe they should go back there and leave this precious little unit of urban coolness alone. Viva Las Made In Belfast.....

Submitted by Claire on 13th October 2008

Went for a friends birthday recently- will never be back, service was some of the worst I have ever experienced and the food was just ok- a bit on the pricey side for burgers and chips!

Submitted on 11th October 2008

I LOVE this place. Visited last night for the first time and was v impressed - stylish without any sense of taking itself too seriously. Food was excellent - completely retro chicken and chips which were cooked to perfection, followed by jelly and ice cream - loved all of it. The host at the door let us know when the table was needed back at the start of our meal - we had buckets of time and didn't once feel rushed at all. Thanks for the coffee! The servers were all very friendly and clearly love working in the place - good vibe all round. Finally - really good value menu and well-priced wine list. Highly recommend it - I will be back!

Submitted by Belfastcaz on 11th October 2008

I had my wedding hen party here with a few friends. It was a lovely meal, service

Submitted by Carole Deery on 8th October 2008

what a joke ! a party of us were here on saturday night and it was absolute chaos from the start, there was 10 members in our party i personally booked it and confirmed booking later, thiugh when we arrived some door monkey said she didnt have our booking then we were interagated as to our validity ? ? ? ? after waiting 10 mins we finally get table if you could call it that, squeezed between two other parties we had to crawl under the table to get to bathroom or smoke ? ? ? ? disgrace ! further more the service if you could call it that was hardly professional everything had to be passed from the top of the table to the bottom, we should have been paid a wage, waiting 30 mins on order taken, 1 whole hour for food which was cold !!! Then to see the owner argue with not only her own staff but a paying customer (professional) glad i tried it will nnever be back !

Submitted by John on 6th October 2008

WOEFUL!! When we arrived the restaurant was practically empty but we still waited about 20 minutes for our order to be taken then waited 40 minutes for food, even though we had ordered ploughmans platters.... which are cold!!! When the platters arrived all they consisted of was a few slices of ham, a couple of pieces of bread and a chunk of cheese.... all that for �£9.95!! Impressed?..... I don't think so!!

The staff are rude and arrogant and the owner even had a row with one member of staff in the middle of the restaurant as the waitress had p*ssed off during there busiest time. Not exactly professional conduct!!

Submitted by Elaine on 29th September 2008

LOVE THIS PLACE, it reminds me of something in Mitte. Its underline cool and so friendly. Food is good as well.

Submitted by Nickie on 25th September 2008

been a few times now and enjoyed it greatly due the the fab unique and not so matched decor. the buzzing atmosphere is great at the weekends yet chilled during the wk. the food is straight to the point yet some dishes could have more flavour.if you order the mussels expect the most ever!!theres lots and they are yummy!one great waiter who made the evening even more tasty yet one thing my table agreed on was the choice of tunes.bit too commercial house in relation to the crowd and style that is portrayed.maybe more soul, jazz or chilled house would suit

Submitted on 9th September 2008

I had recommended Made In Belfast to a few friends, so 6 of us went for lunch on Saturday, and while the food was good, the service was so woeful. No one really cared that we had been sitting there for ages, and it wasnt even very busy. Our plates remained on our table for a long time after we had finished, we finally caught the attention of someone to order drinks, and the drinks never arrived. While the surroundings are very cool, i feel the need to remind the place that the service is just as important, if not more so that the food and the good looking staff.

Submitted on 8th September 2008

Food is klass and tunes run on the weekend, though you have to book. Waiters are cute, but seeing that I dig da ladeezzz, i'll have the tall blonde with the deep voice.

Submitted by Oisen on 8th September 2008

MIB is indeed a very cool place to hangout and the food is fantastic, shame the toilets arent up to much, borderline gruesome at times.

Submitted by Risha on 7th September 2008

Agree on the cutesome barman purrrrrrr. Don't remember the duck paw and coconut husk, though the fish finger sandwiches are yum yum. I'm a regular, so love this place.

Submitted by Sarah J on 4th September 2008

I was just passing by this great location, when i spoted a very hot hot hot bar man, popped in to see what the craic was, had a quick meal, pan fried duck paw and sauteed coconut husk, yum yum, would def go back.

Submitted by Crystal on 27th August 2008

Man..this place rocks!The decor,the music the people the atmosphere...the hot hot hot staff!!!!!!and lets talk about the food....great value for money,large portions and mouthwatering treats...I think anyone who misses out on this gem is truly missing out on a fantastic time in the coolest place in Belfast!

Submitted by Quinn on 27th August 2008

Can someone please give me the number of the hot waiter behind the bar, totally drool worthy and does the best Bellinis ever. If your a single girl this is the place to be!

Submitted by Sophie on 22nd August 2008

for a restaurant serving local food i was very supprised to find spanish and italian dishes and bombay veggie burgers...not exactly the local organic food which is supposed to be the main base for the place.the food was not good and the service ok but my white wine was warm and my glass was dirty. the owner felt the need to tell me about her troubles and seemed to be standing talking to people who just wanted to enjoy their food in peace. i would never visit here again or recomend it to any of my friends or collegues.

Submitted by janice on 21st August 2008

This place has the hottest waitresses in Belfast, makes waiting for a table worth while.

Submitted by Joseph on 19th August 2008

group of 20 on sat night, we were not disappointed the service and food was 1st class , have booked our next visit already !

Submitted by Susan on 14th August 2008

Had a great time here on Saturday night, DJ's and food were great, shame our waiter was perhaps the rudest person ive ever met! Saying that this place is fantastic and does the best burgers in town, its just a let down that some of the staff can't live up the coolness of the place.

Submitted by Darren on 30th July 2008

I love the random feel of Made In Belfast, its a great place to hang out and watch the world go by. Wish they had more sofas though.

Submitted by Amy D on 30th July 2008

found this place accidentently, me and five friends were here on saturday night and it was fantastic. service was great, food was really tasty we will be back

Submitted by john on 22nd July 2008

I was there with a group of friends on Friday night. Thought the atmosphere was lovely - it's a really stylish bar, however the service was very poor and some of the food was pretty bland

Submitted on 21st July 2008

A few exclusive friends and I went to Made in Belfast just after getting off a flight from New York and we had to reaffirm ourselves as to the location of this eatery. "Belfast" - we were told.

Submitted by Alexandrea Vincenzo on 9th July 2008

This place is one of a kind and its nice to see something new and stylish coming to Belfast, instead of all the other samey style bars! Really hope they carry on the good work!

Submitted by Jim on 8th July 2008

Had a hen doo here at the weekend and everything was just perfect, the staff and service were brilliant without being in your face, the food is big and hearty and the music is at a decent level, so at least you can talk. This is a fresh new venue to Belfast and definately worth a visit, shame it closes at 11pm, as I would have stayed on all night. Decor alone makes it worth a visit.

Submitted by Shelley on 8th July 2008

My best mate's one of the waiters here, so I've got to say it's got the best service in the UK, if not the Northern Hemisphere. Massive burgers too, I couldn't finish mine, but I did finish my beer. WOOPWOOP!!

Submitted by Toby on 6th July 2008

was there last night. service was very prompt and personalised. I suppose that happens when the place is empty!

Submitted on 6th July 2008

i was here over on a trip from Madrid and was recommended to this restaurant. It is cool without being pretentious and it is so laid back you would think ythat uour in a bar in Amsterdam instead off Belfast, it rocks.

Submitted by Dani on 3rd July 2008

The fish finger sandwiches are totally unique and yummy. Cool place to hang, wish they had more sofas though as you have to fight over the big comfy grey chesterfield if you want to watch the world go by.

Submitted by Andie on 3rd July 2008

I was totally disappointed with the food and the service. Won't be back there again.

Submitted by Career girl on 3rd July 2008

Disagree, we had a fab lunch, food was fantastic service great and it came out in 20mins, which is rare considering it is fresh produce and made to order. I really love this place and the fact that it is so different, pleased something new has arrived in Belfast and giving the big guys a run for the money.

Submitted by Clare on 3rd July 2008

Just back form lunch at Made in Belfast. The food was delicous - it's just a pity it took ages before the starters and mains arrived. You know when you go past the stage of being hungry because you are fed up waiting!

I wouldn't recommend it for a work lunch unless you have plenty of time on your hands or arrive at 12.30

Submitted by Work Lunch on 2nd July 2008

Effortless individuality - glad it has Made it to Belfast. A long overdue addition to the city.

Submitted by Local Lassie on 1st July 2008

Well as an English sounding person, i'm pleased to say I love it here and pleased to see something new and avant garde in Belfast, and i'm not one of the 'distinct clientele' either!!!! Great little spot, with nice food, nice service and no drunks, apart from my hen doo party.

Submitted by Kate on 30th June 2008

Something abit different in Belfast and it gets a cool crowd. Drinks are cheap and service is fast, gets my thumbs up!

Submitted by Coburn on 30th June 2008

Really class inside and the service is some of the best in Belfast. Could do more beers, but like the fact its simplistic and not overflowing with tasteless alco pops. Gets a cool crowd, but doesn't get to crowded.

Submitted by Andrew on 26th June 2008

We had the most amazing time here on Sat night for Hip City. Flew in from New York, totally out of it and was given great service, great food and the music totally rocked. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new and funky place to dine that this is definately the place to be in Belfast City.

Submitted by Caitlin on 24th June 2008

I won't back here in a hurry. It was empty!

Submitted by Sandra on 21st June 2008

For Jane its just behind the Northern Bank where the old Bureau used to be. Note: book as it gets rammed, but worth it. Fish Finger Sandwiches are yummy

Submitted by Ellen on 19th June 2008

Agree this place is quality, food is great, service dead on and decoration is really different to anything in Belfast, definately go back and would recommend anyone to go for a good all round night out.

Submitted by Anne Marie on 19th June 2008

This restaurant is owned by a very good friend of mine and I haven`t even been yet but if its anything like the owner then its bubbly, wild, whacky and great fun and a must visit because she`s bloody brilliant at cooking too.... and looking at the reviews, I want to wish Emma ALL the best of luck with her new restaurant and I WILL be up to Belfast soon so get the champers out.....!

Submitted by Maria - Co Meath on 16th June 2008

Love it!


Submitted by Oscar on 11th June 2008

I had lunch here last week and the food was really nice. I would definitely recommend it and I can assure you that I'm not part of the 'distinct clientele'.

btw - it's located in the street that runs behind Skye bar, beside the Northern Bank

Submitted by Belfast Girl on 9th June 2008

Where is this place? I can't find it!

Submitted by Jane on 6th June 2008

Service needs to be a lot better, but great spot for parties and pre-club drinks. Agree on the cute barman!

Submitted by Aine on 3rd June 2008

This place must attract a very distinct clientele. Most of the reviews have the same tone, make the same comparisons and have the same Americanised / beaujois grammar.

A significant amount is written by English sounding people like 'Matty'

Submitted by Rab on 30th May 2008

Gang of us had dinner last night, menu is select, but all in all its really good food and the service was great, would advise to book as it gets very busy.

Submitted by Lucy on 30th May 2008

Not sure how any eejit can compare Kings Road to Camden or Shoreditch, thats like comparing the Falls to the Lisburn Road, seriously Keith, you should maybe go to London and check out those areas before you compare. Me and the boys from Hed Kandi checked this place out when we were over and we had the best craic, it was packed and the food wicked. Nice to see someone trying to make a change to the bar seen in Belfast.

Submitted by Matty on 29th May 2008

We had a Sunday session here and it was packed. Food is simple, but it does what it says on the packet, if you want Deanes, go spend more money! Defo recommend this place to anyone looking for something new in Belfast, its decor is fresh and something different, plus no queues.

Submitted by Paul on 29th May 2008

I really like this place, its really different for Belfast and has a great atmos. The service is good, drinks selection could be bigger, but could be because they've just opened? I was there on Sat night and it was busy, needs more sofas though.

Submitted by Keith on 29th May 2008

I think the place is nice enough. I only have 3 criticisms: needs more toilets; needs a bigger beer selection; and it has too many cheese-eaters in it.

Except for that it is a good place due to cleanliness, service, and the loudness of the music.

Submitted by Ross on 28th May 2008

yes the decor in this place is crackin, the menu is great and the whole idea of local and organic produce is a good one. but the food is just ok and the waitress who served us lunch was possibly the rudest i've ever seen, with the biggest attitude problem this side of the irish sea. let the place down big time. shame.

Submitted by alan on 27th May 2008

This place is so Belfast, nothing like Shoreditch or Camden or the Kings Road, it was empty at peak time on Saturday night, beer selection was poor to say the least and the wine list looked like it was printed on a dot matrix in 1982. Its not a bar cause its too like a restarant, its not a a restarant cause its trying to be a bar ?? I think id have had a berr time in the old Bureau with a carry out.

Submitted by Keith on 26th May 2008

It adotpts Herys Ford attitude to beer. You can have any beer your want as long as it is Guinesses or Belfast Larger.

Submitted on 25th May 2008

You can't find this restaurant number or address anywhere, but I think that it makes it even cooler. Looks very funky inside (bit Shoreditch) , bit out the way (where the old bureau was), but a good haunt for late night drinks, plus i've heard that it has a lapdancing poll in the bar for after hours! Does anyone know how you get invited!

Submitted by Will on 24th May 2008

I don't know why everyone is moaning that its hard to find, its smack bang behind the big Northern Bank off Donegall Square West, where the old bureau was!!!!!! Its great on Saturday nights, we had our hen do there two weeks ago and it was fab, music and djs where good, food was really well presented and very affordable and the staff are cute (if your a girl), mind you the buff barman was good eye candy. The decor in this place is what makes it so special, not a interior designer in sight, very mish mash.

Submitted by Anjelina on 24th May 2008

Food great, music's great and staff hot! only problem is you can't find any info on this new hidden restaurant. Its something new in Belfast thats for sure.

Submitted by Boo on 24th May 2008

I was in Made In Belfast on Friday night, service was good, food good, but i'd advice to book as its hard to get a table, everyone seems to book weeks in advance! Dj while having dinner is a great idea, plus you can sit at the bar after dinner and have a few drinks.

Submitted by Paul on 24th May 2008

Love this place, so friendly and packed with hotties, Saturday nights are good as well, though you have to book in advance to get a table. Food is good and staff really friendly, plus the bar staff are fit as, which is always good.

Submitted by Becky on 23rd May 2008

Not easy to find, as its just opened, but its worth the struggle to find, we went last night and it was heaving, food good, drinks cheap and something new in Belfast, at last no more brown sofas or aubergine walls.

Submitted by Ricki on 23rd May 2008

Oh my God this place is fab, plus its not the usual Belfast set, we came on Sat night and it was amazing, atmosphere cool, staff dead friendly, food big and filling, plus the male bar staff seem to be selected from a model agency, HOT AS HELL! This place has already got a reputation as a cool hang out for the hip kids in Belfast, and i know why!

Submitted by LouLou on 23rd May 2008

This place rocks, its like something from Shoreditch, nothing like in Belfast, totally unique and unpretentious in every way. Food is rustic and back to basic, affordable and the guinness is one of the best i've tasted in this place is full of some of the hottest chicks in Belfast, dark haired bar is to be lusted after....a place for the boys

Submitted by Billy on 23rd May 2008

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