Love And Death (CLOSED)

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Music Hall on the top floor.

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10a Anne Street
County Antrim
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Went along on saturday night and had my coat stolen. After four telephone calls and attending this place once I have now managed to get an answer. Was told various versions by various members of staff about its whereabouts. Found them to be very unhelpful and dismissive.

I will not be back. Very disappointing place.

Submitted on 26th March 2013

I havent been to Love and Death inc yet, going next week for a meal and cocktails? Are they strict with ID at the bar?

Submitted on 20th September 2012

Myself and my girlfriend when for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. very dissapointed waited 40-45 mins on our LUNCH!! when it finally arrived they were poorly sized portions, very bad customer service, we both sat with empty glasses the whole meal and not one person came near us, and what was even more shocking was the bill at the end. we will not be making a return to love and death any time soon!

Submitted by Mary on 14th July 2012

Well, it is a lovely place to go into... And the prices are ok... But the food was a let down. Had the Club Sandwich and chips. Took approx 40 mins (there was only two other people in the place on a Saturday afternoon) The chicken was way too salty, and the chips were raw. The other people also made a complaint about the chips and whatever else they had... I wasnt too keen on my food being served on a dirty looking wooden chopping board and chips in a tea cup, but it is different I guess. I will go back to give them another try... Hopefully this was just a bad day, as everyone else seems to like them :)

Submitted by Leanne on 16th April 2012

was here on saturday and had a great night, had to laugh at the girl below complaining about bringing her own drink upstairs....would love to be in the nightclub that provides waiter service! DJs were fantastic and crowd had a nicer older vibe, will be back soon!

Submitted on 2nd April 2012

Went there one Saturday night, staff were rude and unhelpful.

We told at the top bar if we wanted cocktails we would have to go to the lower bar and carry them up the stairs - ridiculous for girls in 6inch heels. My friend ordered a cocktail with Amaretto and was told (10mins after it was ordered) they ran out of Amaretto on the Friday night - we failed to see how this was an issue as surely they should have gotten more stock on the Saturday.

Not good at all, will never be back.

Submitted on 20th February 2012

Great club with some very different music styles played. Always an interesting night out with a different crowd than the standard Belfast scene (which I personally hate). Doormen are brilliant, unfortunately bar staff's ego's get the better a lot of the time, and drinks are very expensive upstairs. Still one of the best venues around Belfast.

Submitted on 10th January 2012

Unfortunately I have to disagree with the majority of the reviews on this site.

I went to this restaurant with my wife for the first time on Friday 6th January. I had heard very good reviews and the menu looked interesting. I had scallops followed by fillet steak. My wife had goats cheese followed by Dexter beef. I was extremely disappointed with both the quality of the food and (eventually) the service. Obviously this is not a budget restaurant - Â�£8.50 for scallops and Â�£20 for Fillet steak. The scallops were fine(not fantastic) but they were served with the yolk of an egg in a sugar basket.I didn't think this went very well together but no big deal. The main course however was very bad. I told the waiter when the food arrived at the plates were cold and he told me that's how they normally served medium rare steak. The steak was just about warm enough but the vegetables and sauce were cold. My wife's dexter steak was also cold. We just ate the meal as we didn't wish to make a scene or send it back. After paying the bill I explained to the waiter(s) and I told about the cold plates and he proceeded to tell me how a medium rare steak should be cooked and served on a cold plate in case the stake over cooks!(very pretentious). He said if we had told him earlier he could have sorted it out. But actually we did tell him and he didn't. He never offered a discount. Bottom line is we eat out quite a lot and very occasionally have a problem. Normally the restaurant will offer a dessert or a discount or some gesture. However it seems this restaurant is happy to serve below average food for expensive prices and totally disregard the customer experience. A very poor customer experience overall. Â�£60 for a meal for two with one drink each demands that the food and service be better than this. It is not good enough to have a wonderful sounding menu and average or below average food.

Submitted by Jim on 9th January 2012

been there twice now on a sat night. we went predominantly due to having a large group of mates, everyone is vastly different in music and scenes and this place is a great middle of the divide for us all. The atmosphere is great craic. everyone is friendly and the staff are a good lot. nothing on draught up stairs but that aside i cant find a fault with it. been there both times with timmy stewart and lyndon stephens/stevens (not sure of the spelling. the music that was played was pretty close to brilliant. also good to see actual djing and remixing/sampling on the fly in a wee club and not robots firing out chart nonsense. i would recommend anyone going there for a good saturday night out. also it was half price entry before half 10. 3 quid entry into a club in belfast, on a saturday? bargain! go and check it out.

Submitted by the man with the red face on 8th January 2012

What can I say this is one of my favourite bars/restaurants in Belfast. Have been for food only once so far and Ive never tasted anything as amazing as I experienced that night, so will need to try it again.

As for the drinking aspect I would usually pop in a few times a month to get the odd cocktail or two, reasonably priced, full of flavour and the guys certainly know what they are doing, they will even make cocktails that arnt on the menu for you, service is always top class and they will bring the drinks over to your table for you.

Submitted by All love and no death except the next morning. on 13th December 2011

was in this bar for the first time a few weeks ago and had a great time. they put on some excellent gigs and i was lucky enough to see the answer do a special show after their gig at the ulster hall.The only thing i have complaints about is the price of the drinks and there also isnt much choice. also the guy on the door taking the money for the gig was a bit grumpy..i will be back though....

Submitted by okim on 21st November 2011

I am in love with this bar, Loveand Deathinc where have you been all my life!! I went last night to the Last Resort night where they played rock, dubstep, hiphop and pop. I'd never been there before so I thought id give it a chance! And I have to say the place looks amazing! The staff are lovely I wanted to keep them ^_^ they make you feel really welcome, the sound system is epic and the craic was brilliant! Will def be going back :)

Submitted by stephenie on 28th September 2011

This is a Class venue, i have heard alot about this place through friends, reviews in papers, etc and thought id check it out.

The Service was great with the friendly atmosphere from the staff. The food was delightful, the ham shank fell apart in my mouth and the champ was beautiful.

10/10 for food, service, drinks.

P.S From all comments below i can see apart from 1(which seems like rival bar/Resturants)its very consistant with food, service and drinks.

Submitted by Paul on 13th September 2011

I have to strongly disagree with the comments below, i have never experienced anything other than an excellent experience when at this venue. I attend Love and Death Inc on a frequent basis, im very picky and fussy on what venues i frequent. Love and Death Inc ticks every box, from friendly staff, good food to excellent music venue. I have to say this is without doubt one of the best venues in the Belfast market. Excellent team of staff and calendar of events to cater for all. Will be back soon the type of atmosphere you want on a night out.. Def filled a void in the city!!

Submitted by Rachel on 8th September 2011

Totally disagree with the last review sounds nothing more a jealous competitor - eat there regularly food is amazing drinks are fantastic and have nothing but praise for their friendly and knowledgeable staff which the venue in its self are known for through out Belfast is a credit to the city.

what is surprising is that the last reviewer went to the trouble of posting this one three other sites (yes i checked) says it all really thats someone would write suit tings about a new business in Belfast doing things a little better and a little different - shame on you!

Submitted by Deborah Ives on 19th August 2011

A recent visit to Love and Death ended in disaster, disappointment, dire food and service. Our party of 30 had been booked for at least a month before, invites sent out and menu choices agreed in advance, this is where any sense of organisation ended. On arrival as agreed at 7pm, the staff were unaware of our booking the room that was booked was full of people not connected to our dinner party, the manager was not on site or contactable. Just after 7pm, the manager arrived to proceed to kick out the drinkers who were in our room and were no doubt none too pleased to be asked to move elsewhere, the manager proceeded to very hastily arrange the tables hap hazardly with no organisation. When it was pointed out to him that the lady who was arranging the party felt let down, he showed no interest whatsoever and stated that “it was only booked for 7pm”. There was one bar person behind the bar who was either on their first night behind a bar or was just totally incompetent. At the start of the evening there was no lime cordial behind the bar and on repeated requests there was always ”someone away to the shops to get some” , it never arrived. After the starters, when the main courses arrived they were taken away nearly as soon as they had arrived, the explanation given “the chef has put sugar instead of salt on the chips”. The main courses returned with the chips covered in salt, obviously to mask the underlying sugar, the plates were mixed up with different diners getting other diners meals also the chips were so salty they were inedible. At this stage the bar began to run out of one brand of beer, closely followed by the next best alternative soon after. After settling up our bill our very disgruntled, dissatisfied and disappointed party left to go elsewhere to enjoy ourselves. Love and Death, one to be steered well clear of.

Submitted by Nightmare food and Service on 10th August 2011

I recently had dinner there and when I first arrived I admit I was less than impressed with the décor. However, the friendliness of our server and the quality of the food more than made up for this.

I started with the fishcake which was light, full of fish (rather than potato) and very tasty. The tartar sauce was lovely and tangy. For my main course I chose the ham shank. I don't normally eat pork but I took a notion for this and I was not disappointed. It really was a carnivore’s plate…there was enough meat to do me a few days normally...which was cooked to perfection. The meat almost melted in the mouth, the champ was creamy and light whilst the cabbage al dente. The broad bean sauce was delicious with it. Once I'd eaten all of this I had no room for dessert.

My companions had no complaints about their food. A couple had steak which look fab and did not leave any whilst the summer risotto, which was huge (a bit too much), was a great hit with the veggies in the party. Again, those who took dessert were very pleased with them.

The price was standard for nowadays in Belfast (starters �£5-7, mains �£10-�£13, dessert �£5.50). I would not describe it as inexpensive but it provided good value for dinner on a Saturday night. I am just never going to warm to the décor!

Submitted by Anagasna on 17th July 2011

have to totally disagree with mac dawg, loved the relaxed and friendly attitude of the bar staff, we went with a group of 3 girls and 2 guys past saturday night and despite being very busy for such a small bar the downstairs staff took the time to explain ingredients and make recommendations, while all the guys in the upstairs bar had us in stitches but were still quick to spot if anyone needed served when the bar was a bit quieter. a quirky, different bar enhanced by the staff and we'll certainly be back

Submitted by Jill on 6th July 2011

you will love it. full of pure partyville people well up for it.talent good also (if looking lol )have had ball every time i go. funky sexy cool. very refreshing for belfast and you wont feel like the oldest swinger in town if you in ya thirties. happy days

Submitted on 5th July 2011

totally agree with mac dawg. This place seems to exist so the 'cool cats' that work in the clothes shops in vic square have somewhere else to work/parade their latest generic fashion, knobs

Submitted on 2nd June 2011

Definitely the best food in Belfast and at a fraction of the price of the 'real' restaurants out there. Amazing night with plenty to eat and drink, great service and world class atmosphere / buzz and only cost us �£50 per couple...will be back soon :)

Submitted by might Mac on 24th May 2011

This place is let down by bar staff who think they are hipsters and drink coronas and shots when they should be serving customers. Not being a local to belfast, these guys have a lot to elarn and shouldn't be so concerned with looking cool (which, by the way, just becasue you wear flat caps, have beards and wear skinny jeans doesn't make you cool in any way, just generic) and more concerend with service. Shame really as the interior upstairs is actually pretty good.

Submitted by mac dawg on 6th May 2011

Went recently on a Friday evening for drinks and dinner with friends. The bar staff were lovely and very attentive. There was one in particular who was just great craic and brought us down some free Wasabi Peas after being there for a few hours. The interior was great, I loved all the action figures (especially the little smurf above the bar!).

The drinks were good although I thought the cocktail menu was maybe a little bare. My boyfriend also noted the small choice of beers, I realise this is a cocktail bar but not everyone wants to necessarily drink them the entire time they're there and Corona and Coors Light just don't cut it for some people.

The food was reasonably enough priced. Small enough menu but good enough selection all the same. Found the menu slightly confusing as there was no definition between what were starters and mains. Good enough quantity of food too, wasn't stuffed but certainly didn't feel hungry after.

My friends and I met at six in the evening and the bar was pretty quiet. Started to really fill up from about ten and was uncomfortably full at 12 when we decided to leave. The crowd themselves were youngish, say 20 to early 30s. Certainly didn't feel like I was older than most of the patrons (at 24 in some places in Belfast you do!).

The bouncers were a delight. Showing me where to go to get to a bank machine and shop and were friendly and chatty when I came down for a smoke. (I understand that there was a dedicated smoking area upstairs but I was perfectly happy downstairs). I saw them refusing entry to a group of women who were still carrying drinks from a previous bar and they handled the situation in a friendly and professional way with no confrontation ensuing.

We didn't venture into the club upstairs as we had been in the place for quite a few hours and understood when to go home! I did see more mature people (20s, 30s, 40s) heading up to the club which is refreshing.

I would definitely go back here again but I think I would probably stick to the evening time as I don't like really crowded places.

I would certain

Submitted by Elaine on 27th April 2011

Recently tried this bar and the upstairs club for a Friday night out. Really interesting layout / decor but lacked atmosphere (that night at least)and wasn't much fun unfortunately

Submitted by Donna on 19th April 2011

Just been to Belfast and dined here. Don't be put of by entrance. Food was amazing and sadly just had no room for desert. Friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere. The best restaurant we went to.

Submitted on 13th April 2011

What a Beautiful bar, to b honest when first approaching the entrance not to mention the strange name it is off putting but once the stairs have been breached its a wondrous place .... and a name to suit just ask the staff they love telling people the story ... on the food, well it was exceptional and I do mean exceptional try the potted pork and the sharing boards. This only complemented by our server funny wee guy called Conor ( I think..) was great like fine dining meets rock n roll! This all topped off with some of the weirdest yet most amazing cocktails ever and coming home from working in London and partying in Shorditch in some of the more over priced bars restaurants around this is simply divine ..... don't know what JB meant bot the decor (maybe to many of the love and death zombies) but the spinning action figures and comic books that look like they are floating from the ceiling reminded me of when I was a child

simply sensational little bar cant wait to bring my london mates and show them a little bit of belfast they wont expect!

Submitted by Sarah McIntyre on 31st March 2011

cool set up, didnt have food, cocktails where average, more effort needed on the taste of the drinks rather than how airs or popping candy reads on the cocktail menu. pretty cool bar all the same.

Submitted by DD on 28th February 2011

Cocktails were good, bar staff and the interior pretty cool. Went upstairs and it cost �£10 in. It was a let down though.

Submitted by lolly on 14th February 2011

Loved it to death, Steve the barman was very knowledgeable, food was excellent and the ambiance top drawer, all 'n all a fantastic venu.

Submitted by Holly on 5th February 2011

Was there on Friday 14.01.2011. Drink is expensive, bar staff were normally quite quick.

Went upstairs, cost Â�£5, was not a big crowd in at all.

Submitted by dpok on 17th January 2011

Loved it. 'JB' must be too used to looking at the very minimalist McD's fryers all day? I found the décor quirky/kitsch, Staff were super-friendly and very attentive, even though they seemed a bit understaffed. Had great cocktails, food was fantastic-they really knew their products! (we couldn't believe when they served us the loveliest little pithiviers as appetisers!)

I had the soup, my companion the burger and we had two or three drinks each and it only came to around 35 pounds! Awesome night! *****

Submitted by FelloWaitress on 17th January 2011

What a steaming great jobbie of a bar, with the interior design layout as imagined by a sixth-form art student. FAIL. EPIC FAIL.

Submitted by JB on 10th January 2011

Fantastic place and the staff are great.

Highly recommend......

Submitted by Jonathan McVeigh on 23rd November 2010

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